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Stargate SG-1 review
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From Colorado To The Stars

I used to watch this show religiously....The overall concept was very simple and easy to understand, but although there were many things that were relatively stable and unchanging, generally speaking, it did not feel repetitive, because there was always more for the team (and the audience) to explore and discover. It also had a way of taking themes and situations that it had already used before, and continually remaking them--creating experiences that were familiar, yet unrepeatable. And the characters were just wonderful and loveable.

(Update: N.B.: *But*, I also wouldn't like it as much anymore.... I mean, I (almost) hate to do this, but.... Nowadays, I'd really just rather go from Colorado to Aspen, you know? Lol, sry....

Because people say that Aspen is expensive, but with the money it takes to keep the *Stargate* open for, a minute, you could stay in Aspen for.... Ever!

And now *there's* a fantasy, eh?

*chuckles* Sry.)


{Instead of only being able to alternate between the outer galaxy and Washington.... the military wilderness and the capital, you know....}

Wouldn't it have been better if they had made a show about The Beatles and Ed Sullivan?

Ed Sullivan: That was very nice.... That was very very thoughtful of you guys, to prepare that for us, incidentally, 'Hello Goodbye' is their latest hit record....

(Holy shit, it's like Jimmy Fallon, only he's white!)

*blinks* They weren't on the show, were they? As late as 1967? I mean.... they're all.... different.... {I thought that 1965 was it, you know....}

*shrugs* Anyway, this is as good as "Downton Abbey", even if it isn't as good "Abbey Road", or....

.... Or Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

The British military was much smarter in the 60s/70s, you know.

Do you know what the British military was up to in the 60s/70s?

*shakes the CD* *Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band* *shakes the CD*

Teal'c: I believe the year was 1969, Daniel Jackson.

{Korean War doc tagline: They would show the world that bravery was not, like, one single race.... *drama voice: off* specifically, not, like, the pink race, right.... oh, no, wait.... it was also almost the last time we went with the Brits, since it was a UN-thing.... yeah, during the 60s, Britain was slowly de-colonializing and the world was slowly thawing, and large, special different America was taking its large weight and its uncertain differentness into a totally different place.... whoops, what happened to the Korean War doc drama voice?.... Well, maybe the Koreans are more like the British, Gangham Style.... the Americans aren't as much like anyone sometimes.... so important and different, but then, so, why.... .... .... *I don't know why you suck, America, I'm an English dude....*}

Daniel Jackson: Ah yes, that was the year that me and my friends in the *British* military--

Richard Dean Anderson: Shut up Sheldon, you don't have friends. *That was the year*, that me and my friends (east of Suez), heard "Strawberry Fields Forever", only it's too bad that we didn't have, uh, a piano or anything.... And then later, we got "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", and that's when we got a deck of cards and started the Hearts club, except it was really Sgt.-- *has a flashback of this other guy, a young muscular 20-something American army guy in that green thing they used to wear, *in that slightly less military way*, sitting around the campfire, looking down and grinning, with a copy of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", by the English rock band, the Beatles, and he says, 'How did they manage to use military themes in their new outfit to make themselves look even less military than they did when they all civilian and shit....'* (£) *Richard Dean Anderson smiles*

Samantha: Hey, guys, I made cookies! I've been watching Rachael Ray and everything.

[(£)-- And do you have any idea how difficult that is-- that's the problem that I have with, say, "Vanity Fair", among other things-- Rebecca *Sharp*: Oh, whatever, Charlotte Lucas, I don't care one bit if your husband Sheldon gets ripped to bits in some little hamlet that we've not ever heard of, whatever. Charlotte Lucas: *runs off crying* Rebecca Sharp: *shrugs* What. I have no feelings. I have no soul. *Arnold Schwarzenegger appears out of nowhere and handcuffs her to a corpse* WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?]

Teal'c: I love cookies.

Samantha: Good. So lose the weird alien weapon, *takes the weird alien weapon*, uh, *Tom*, and, here, *hands him the cookies*, *puts in Beach Boys CD* *starts dancing* Wouldn't it be nice if we were older....

Richard Dean Anderson: That's what I told my granddaughter the other day-- wouldn't it be nice if you were older.

Samantha: *starts laughing*

Tom: That was quite a funny joke, Richard Dean Anderson.

Daniel Jackson: Stop talking like that.

Richard Dean Anderson: That's right-- listen to Sheldon!

Samantha: I have to go.

Richard Dean Anderson: I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello.

.... But, whatever.

It could have been way better. IMO. In a different world.... {I mean, there is still the thing about the military wilderness and the capital.... I watched this while coloring in maps from history class, (with different kinds of pens), you know.... so that's why it's fun, and that's why it's only got that one kind of thing, lol....}

It's as good as "Downton Abbey".

(George Harrison: *does not sound like George Harrison* Hello Goodbye Hello Goodbye, Hello Goodbye, Hello Goodbye. *Ed Harris pops out of nowhere* Hey look, it's George, son of Harris. *grabs him* C'mon, let me show you around Jersey, we can DO/AC....)

And, unlike "Battlestar Galactica", (which sorta takes the Richard Nixon POV on the John Lennon point-of-view, if you notice), I, yeah, can actually say that it's better than average, kinda, without that being, a problem or anything.

That was very nice....

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7 years ago on 19 August 2011 02:43