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An average movie

Posted : 5 years, 4 months ago on 23 July 2013 11:52

Since I didn’t like much the first installment, I didn’t expect much from this sequel but since it was on TV, I thought I might as well check it out. Eventually, I have to admit, it was not worse than the first movie, but it wasn’t better either, that’s for sure. Of course, this time, the victims were girls instead of boys and there you had the first issue. Indeed, how do you attract some girls to a remote and lugubrious Slovakian village? By promising a spa and a lame festival! I mean, come on, does it really sound exciting to you?! Not really… At least, in the first installment, even though the execution was terribly lame and underwhelming, the whole concept of some horny boys being lured by the idea of some huge sexual orgy was actually rather believable. The whole spa thingy was kind of hard to swallow though. Still, there were a few good ideas like, for example, showing the whole process from the other point of view, from the perpetrators’ side. Unfortunately, even this was poorly developed and, in my opinion, they should have dropped the whole story of those girls ‘going to the spa’ and focus on those two buddies going for some hunting trip. So, I didn’t like this flick so much and, personally, I think that the whole Hostel franchise was a huge step down for Eli Roth who actually impressed me with his directing debut ‘Cabin Fever’. Anyway, after 6 long years, Roth is finally coming back with a follow-up feature called ‘The Green Inferno’ and I wonder if it will be any good. To conclude, I didn’t care much for this sequel at all and I don’t think it is really worth a look, except maybe if you are a huge fan of the genre.

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A great flick if you really like this stuff

Posted : 9 years, 1 month ago on 20 October 2009 07:12

The first Hostel was gruesome, sickening and disgusting. Yet I enjoyed it's superb craftsmanship and surprisingly good charecters. It's pretty much the same thing here, except with more plot. Hostel 2 goes in-depth with the whole technical aspect of the torture business; We see how the clients buy their victims, how they are treated upon arrival to Slovakia, and also some rules of the torturer alliance are explained. And instead of using the directorial trick Roth used in the first film, to make us believe we're watching a comedy for the first 50 minutes and then punch us in the face by showing a severed head, here he starts off with that severed head-type of feeling. We still do get a lengthy set-up involving a group of vixens partying and talking. Thank god for the fact that Roth didn't go the Tarantino way and make them talk about popular culture. Instead they just talk bullshit about their friends, just like in real life. And Roth is a good dialogue writer otherwise too, all the dialogue we get here feels spot-on and something that actual human beings might say. When it comes to the torturing scenes, I won't spoil anything. They are extremely creative, but besides a little scene around the end, they're almost goreless. In a movie like this you would expect a whole lot more of torture and such. But on the other hand two side characters, two torturers to be exact, are shown having some very interesting ethical conflicts with each other, and the transformation they both undergo as humans is rather interesting to see.

The performances are also rather nice. All the women are hot as hell, except for the have-to nerdy kid with the gigantic gums and teeth. We ALMOST get some HLA, but it turns out to be Roth teasing the living shit out of us. I don't like that too much, but there still is a rather large amount of nudity here to please... Well, just about anyone. The technical side is magnificent here, sporting truly disgusting special effects just like the previous movie. The score should also be noted to be great, even managing to add some drama into a scene that would contain none whatsoever withou the music, but the music still doesn't steal the attention away from the movie itself, which really is a rather interesting thing. That's exactly what movie scores should be like. The problem here is that besides the two torturers we never really go above the good movie-level. It's good all right, but Hostel Part II never really manages to rise above that level into greatness. Nonetheless, I doubt that we will ever get a better movie in the torture-genre than this.

But do you really want to see people get tortured for 30 minutes, and an hour of partying? If you can take it, Hostel: Part II is definately worth seeing. Otherwise, don't bother.

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Not Like The First, But Loads Of Fun.

Posted : 9 years, 9 months ago on 8 March 2009 12:11

If you go into this film expecting it to stack up to the original, you will be very disappointed. Hostel: Part II was made for fun if you ask me. I am not saying it didn't have loads of hard work put into it, but this wasn't a film to be taken seriously in the first place. I think the original had a little more thought put into it, and that is why the story was more developed and more entertaining to watch.

The stories are very different in each film, with the original having three young men, all being good friends on a trip of their lifetime, and Part II having a few college girls, not really looking for much fun, but more or less study time. They get caught up in the "too good to be true" luxuries that the hostel advertises, which was very well put together may I add.

Hostel: Part II won't wow audiences, but if your a big Hostel fan like myself, than you will surely highly enjoy this flick. Very entertaining horror movie, and another good one from Roth and Tarantino. Loads of fun!


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To Health!

Posted : 10 years ago on 8 December 2008 10:30

The second chapter of the murder for money saga, and I hope to see a third one. This one picks up where it left of and cuts connections to the first like the Friday the 13th series. One survivor for the original, just to be killed ten minutes into the second movie. Brilliant. Following shortly after is a group of college girls taking a trip to prague for a getaway during a school break. Nothing short of gruesome and graphic, this film follows the tradition of the Elite Hunting Squad, and dives deeper into not only what they are about but also our favorite group of children.. The Bubblegum Gang. The main character is rich beyond what people could imagine, which saves her life in the end of the movie; let's just say she invests in the Hunting Company itself. In my opinion, not one expansion of character plot or specific dialouge bored me or led me astray from enjoying the film. It plugged in all the holes from the first Hostel chapter and answered pretty much all the questions I had when I left the theatre the first time. Also, the irony of the buildup from the bid in America to the actual job itself of killing the women that were won through bidding really won me over; how little nervous people end up being complete fucking maniacs when the right button is pushed. Anyone could amp themselves up about doing things, but when the weapon is put in their hands and the money has been payed.. Both men showed what they were truley capable of. Seeing the director of "Cannibal Holocaust" make a cameo as a killer who ate his victim while he was still alive opened my eyes so wide and made me crack up. Good shit Deodato. All in all, great sequel in my collection, and not at all a waste of time.

Drunk Italian: I knew you were a tease you fucking cunt.
Beth: What the fuck did you call me?
Drunk Italian: I called you stupid fucking American cunt!
Beth: Fuck you!
Drunk Italian: The train to fucking Prague is long you bitch! We'll come see you.

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Posted : 10 years, 11 months ago on 16 January 2008 01:33

I partially agree with user Danny. I have appreciated the first Hostel: it was gory, shocking and had a pretty good story, a sense of conspiration going on. I didn't expect much from a sequel, since I didn't think there was much to add to the storyline, but I was still disappointed.
There's not enough blood for the gorehounds, and nothing really memorable. While not a bad movie, it's so run-of-the-mill you'll most likely watch it and not talk about it after a first viewing. Just another one of those movies that try to sell themselves using Tarantino's name. Only it didn't work out on this one.

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Not even good for what you'd think

Posted : 11 years, 6 months ago on 14 June 2007 06:22

Let's face it: no one was expecting Hostel 2 to be a GOOD movie. What some of us DID expect was a fun, grossly inventive gore-fest a la Saw 3, where the acting is hilarious bad but the characters you hate are redeemed when they are offed in ridiculously silly/scary ways.

However, Hostel 2 couldn't even live up to those low expectations. There's no "fun" for the first 2/3 of the movie (except for a stupid quick prologue wrapping up a loose end from the first movie) and during that 2/3, the ONLY enjoyable thing is laughing at the bad dialogue and acting, which I hope was intentional. Dawn Matarazzo is HILARIOUS in how crappy her lines and deliveries are, and the sidekick friend is not much better. But, there's little blood and gore to be found, and what Eli Roth thinks are "plot movement" and "character development" are nothing more than a big waste of time.

That is, until the movie's climax, when... the deaths are ultimately disappointing and the plot developments are nonsensical. Really, all around, this movie was just a giant waste of time, and fun for laughing at (not with) and nothing else.

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