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Added by Katherine Fell on 22 Sep 2013 01:01
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Reapers...Scary Just Got Sexy

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According to Supernatural

Reapers are children and servants of Death. They assist in maintaining the Natural Order, and are completely neutral, not aligned with Heaven nor Hell nor Purgatory.
Characteristics and History:
Reapers are required for death to occur, they wait till a person meets the end of his or her life (either through accident, or simply the natural end point of that person's life) and then touch the person causing them to die, they then escort their souls to Heaven or Hell. They do not however possess the power to force souls to go with them. It's unknown if they are required for death to occur to all beings or simply humans.
Unlike normal reapers, Rogue reapers ferry souls out of their afterlives and take them to a different one, for the purpose of profit, and usually work for higher beings. They also ferry mortals and at least one still ferried souls, at least those of ghosts put to rest, but on at least one occasion took a soul to the wrong place on his boss' orders. Despite appearing stoic at times, Reapers are apparently as capable at experiencing emotions as humans, as on many occasions Reapers have shown sorrow, annoyance, compassion and anger. They also appear to have free will, although they rarely act upon it.
It seems the Reapers have no sole shape, as some of them appear as ghosts, beautiful women or elder men in mortician wear or suits. Commonly though, they appear as elder men in mortician wear, often black. Despite this they do have genders, as Tessa was repeatedly referred to as female - even by Death himself, and Tessa was her actual name.

After a ghost is put to rest, Reapers take them to their final resting place. In this instance they may take them against their will as many ghosts would still want to remain on Earth but are still taken to their final destination.
Powers and Abilities:
Invisibility - Reapers are naturally invisible to the naked-eye, unless they are dealing with the deceased, or if they choose otherwise. Beings with supernatural perception like angels and demons are capable of bypassing this skill and see reapers with clarity.
Supernatural Perception - They can see ghosts, especially the ghosts of whom they are about to reap.
Teleportation - Reapers can appear anywhere on the Earth, including in human minds. They can also travel to Heaven, Purgatory and Hell with ease. It is also possible for them to take living humans with them, although it runs counter to their role in the natural order, and is therefore offered only by rogue reapers.
Resurrection - Reapers are capable of reviving the dead, though their dedication to the natural order usually prevents them to.
Cosmic Awareness - Reapers are incredibly knowledgeable, aware of at what point all people are supposed to die, as well as what lives are going to be created. They also understand many concepts, including the limits of power.
Time manipulation - Reapers are able to stop time, causing objects that measure time to permanently break.
Astral projection - Reapers can project their astral form, similar to the angels.
Superhuman stamina - Reapers do not grow tired, and will never leave their victims, unless a supernatural event disturbs them. However they do sometimes eat for pleasure.
Invulnerability - The only two known ways to kill a Reaper is with the scythe of Death and a special incantation or an Angel Blade.
Killing Touch - Reapers can kill any being by touching them, except more powerful beings (These beings including God, the Four Horsemen, the Archangels, or Leviathans).
Telekinesis - Demonstrated when Tessa knocked Dean back with her mind.
Immortality - Reapers are not subjected to hunger, disease, or age.
Flight/Levitation - In their true form, they have the ability to fly and/or levitate.
Perception Altering- By this ability, reapers are able to change their appearance before spirits to hide their true, more frightening form. This allows reapers to make people see what they want them to see, and enables the reapers to communicate more effectively with their targets.
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Disease/Death Transference - Reapers can use their powers to heal disease and injuries, however they have to give the injury or disease to someone else.
Memory Manipulation- Reapers can make mortals forget things and can also restore memories.
Intangibility - In their true form, they are like ghosts, and can phase through solid matter without any kind of injuries.
Electromagnetic Interference - The appearance of a Reaper can cause lights in a room to flicker or go out.
Wind Manipulation- A reaper's arrival can cause sudden gusts of wind.
Biokinesis - Reapers can manipulate human biology, one angry Reaper, once infected a person with a mental condition, giving them an early death in revenge.


Death - They are completely under their master Death's control. As Tessa puts it, "He calls us, we don't call him". As such, Death is the only known being who can stop Reapers permanently.
Higher-tier Demons - Powerful demons like Crowley, Azazel and Alastair can overpower Reapers, and in Azazel's case, even possess them.
Magic - Reapers can also be imprisoned, and warded off by spells (Enochian runes or symbols), however nothing other than Death or God can permanently stop them (except for killing them). Certain spells can also bind them, however this is very old, very dark and very strong magic.
Death's Scythe - Like most beings, they are vulnerable to Death's scythe.
Angel Blade - An angel blade can kill them.

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According To The Legend:

In the beginning, there was one universe which contained two dimensions; Hell, and Heaven. These existed long before time was even created; they were untouched and continue to be untouched by time itself.

In Hell, there was life; there were the lowly Demons and Specters, and the most evil being Lucifer. In Heaven, there existed the noble Angels and the Great Spirit.

Eventually when time was created, a new dimension was woven and was forced to abide by the laws of time; it was Ora. The first few millennia’s of Ora was full of emptiness, unlike the other two dimensions; this one had no life, until the life of man was created. When these beings where formed, one final dimension was created which was named Axiom. This dimension housed two guardians of time, the guardian of the beginning known as Life, and the guardian of the end known as Death.

As Life and Death watched time go its course, and collected lives as well as gave lives, a type of being arose in Axiom known as the blank reapers, they traveled to Ora through the Omphalos; this is place where each of the four dimension are connected, as well as the only place to travel to another one of the four dimensions, it was considered the center of the universe. However, it was restricted to Life, as well as Man when they are in their physical bodies. Since time does not flow in these dimensions, Life, a form of time could not travel through the Omphalos.

When the reaping blanks and Death traveled through the Omphalos, Life set up a trap and absorbed his brother, becoming a new being of Life and Death. The reaping blanks however would not follow Life’s orders of laws and keep death flowing in Ora. So he traveled through the Omphalos, and met a dying man named Azrael. When Life met him, he convinced Azrael to give up his mortal physical body to serve him and be free of death. But this came at a cost he would be force to carry out the duties of death and no longer live a pure life. Azrael took this chance to become immortal. He shook Life’s hand and in that moment, his skin melted, his muscle burned and fell to ash, his blood boiled and evaporated into the air, the organs inside of his body exploded with such power, that what was left of his body was whipped around and banged against the ground, the life was being pulled out of his body painfully, he screamed and cried wanting his life to end but it couldn’t, he died a thousand times and experienced the death that Death himself had to deal before being absorbed, then finally everything stopped. All that was left of his body was his decaying skeleton, anyone looking at this would have thought that this was the end for Azrael, however, Life bent over the remnants of a once honorable man and said “Awaken”, and Azrael rose.

When he stood up, smoky shadows, which spun around in the air like snakes covered his body until they formed a black tattered robe. Then, Life held out his hand and more of these smoky shadows gathered and formed the Death blade, a tall scythe that was black as night, and the blade formed a crescent moon that was half as long as the staff from which it extended. Life gently touched the blade to his hand and then pulled back as a black colored blood dripped down from his hand. He looked to Azrael in his new grim appearance and said in deeply dark but extremely tired voice “Take this scythe and cut down those whose time has run out,” and then he disappeared.

Azrael then began his duty and carried it out extremely well; he became feared and gained a new name as a result, “The Grim Reaper”. As time went on the Reaper grew very tired of following the orders from Life. The Reaper decided he would follow Life through the Omphalos, and take all the power that life controlled for himself. When Life came to Ora to give the Reaper more orders, he was attacked by Azrael. Life became very injured and tried to flee through the Omphalos, but was caught off guard and by surprise on the other side of the Omphalos when the Reaper appeared. The Reaper used his scythe to cut a hole between the universes and bypass the Omphalos, and was able to get to Axiom before Life. He then destroyed Life’s body and absorbed his power.

As the newly born Reaper absorbed this energy and power he laughed out a happy shriek of enjoyment, but then his boney body throbbed, the forces of both Life and Death could not be contained in his weak soul as well as Life’s soul could contain them and his soul shattered into fifty pieces ending him, and giving birth to the Ascendant. The Ascendant was a shade or a ghost who was the remaining power of Life and Death. However the Ascendant could not keep time flowing, he could watch life and deliver it from the creator, but not give death, so he gave one of the fifty shards of the shattered Reaper’s soul to fifty different families, and every Millennia they must fight and collect the shards from one another to become the next reaper.
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