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Crépuscule [ 3 Steps ]

Beauty list created by G̲lσb̶∆L J̅∆zZ∆l!s̲↱ Avatar

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Approximative circular causality simplified in a linear causality chain of photographs with a little touch of hope at the end but forget it, don't waste your time ...;)

A few keywords describing the situation and our most of the time unknown
new deep inner self,
fun ...:
Systemic ( Complex systems - Cybernetic - Superior systemic network - Lower systemic networkS + level of intrication or entanglement ), Pluridisciplinarity,
Transdisciplinary vision ( Fusion on fission -  Zoom out/zoom in ),
Structural determinism, Ecosystem, Nexus, Biosphere, Chain reaction, Multifactorial, Exponentiality, Self Feedback, reinforcing feedback loops, Threshold effect, DIALectic, Disruption,
Collateral damages ( what kind ?, how much ?, how many ? ), Probability rates, Tendancies,
Radical = back on roots of things ( but not on quantic semantic dirt = sophism = void ),
Massification of individuals,
Surgical paedophilia ( circumcision ), Cerebral plasticity ( neural network ), Body interface,
5 senses, Relationship to pleasure and pain, Induction,
Sensitivity to multifield information, Empathy, "Pleasure of giving", Curiosity, Creativity, Sociopathy rates, Obsession/compulsion, harassment
[ Destruction/"creation"], Spirit phenomenology, Sadism, Masochism,
Almost instantaneous neuro-biologic alienation,
Social mimetics ( mimicry ), Social engineering, Subconscious/unconscious/conscious,Viralization, Viral marketing, Proxy, Mediation, Inversion, Pavlov, Orwell, Huxley, [ Alienation > self alienation ], School programs, Intergenerational transmission, Mass medias, Newspeak,
Brain hacking,
Systemic corruption, Cognitive bias, [ Censorship > self censorship ], Management, Propaganda, Consent manufacturing, double ethic, Manichaeism (< Grey zone), essentialism,
Cognitive dissonance, Double bind ( contradictory or paradoxal injunction, deliberate or not ), Conditioned reflex ( deliberate or not ), Integration, Management, Nudge

Overton window, social norms,

Fetichism, Denial, Chimeras, Schizophrenia ( > alzheimer ), Hysteria,
Massification ( of individuals ), Soft power, Cognitive war, Collective death wishes,
Trans-humanist financial product fraud,
Blind relay of propaganda ( idiot repeater ), Disinformation, infantilisation, 
Levelling down (
race to the bottom, lowest common denominator ),
Instrumentalisation, Triangulation, False flag, Structural state terrorism,
Horizontal conflict, Diversion, Divide/conquier,
Strategy of tension (
Repression by : police, delinquency, terrorism, Virus, Chaos, Next step : Energetic black out ( + internet ), artificial food crisis, exchange market inflation ),
Representative Democracy fraud ( choose between shit and same shit ),
so-called democrats, so-called republicans, 

Neo Pravda, Globalized Wealthy Communism, Neo-feudalism,

Method of monetary creation,
Free of state USURY, Relative surplus value,
Weak State ( never where it's needed ),
Framing, Floating monetary exchange ( or fixed ),
Only financial "liberalism" or "conservatism" ...,
Monetary standard ( gold stallion, work stallion, silver, infrastructures,
raw materials, "none" ),
FED/BCE, Private banks consortium, Copyright, Financial control, Social class warfare,
Systemic piracy, Oil financial geopolitic, Hybrid 3rd world war,
Predatory socio-economic structure, Configuration,
Lowest social bidder, Lowest ecological bidder, Competitivness, profitability (
annuitants ), Cuted down incomes ( low ), Concealed slavery, Financial acceleration, Financial speculation, Short sale transaction, Business founded on Chaos, Tax money laundering,
nsurance company quoted on the stock exchange ( That's a fun one !),
Share owner's luxurious unemployment and retirement benefits, Fake job,
Human objectivisation ( commodification ), Use value, Exchange value, Financial product,
Stock market casino, Gambling activities, Markets levitation, Quantitative easing,
Money "printing" press, Systemic failure, Mathematic aberration, Ponzi,
Economic fact ( credit- debit ),
Economic "sciences" ( another fun one ),
Double inflation, Structural unemployement,
Piracy, Debt, Communicating vessels,
trickle down economics ( up ), "Perpetual" systemic crisis,
Profits privatisation/debts socialization,
Exploitation/Redistribution ( > social relationship > social structuration ),
Level of
extortion of surplus value,
Profit rate trend decrease ( machines, robots, mass production ),
Markets saturation, 

Foreign investment ( suction, interference ),
Trusts, "Philanthropy", NGO, Pyromaniac firefighters,
Phony internet, Filter bubble, Internet transparency's myth,
Neoconservative geopolitics funded on Neoliberalism and political commissars at key posts, Golem,
Paid web indexing ( marketing ) +  Tax fraud in exchange of web censorship to do not not compete with mainstream medias and support financial dictatorship and its fake democracies all over the world ("1 million "views" maximum"...),
Inversion of the natural evolutionary process,  Primordial soup, Level of incompetence, Anthropocene, Entropy, Telluric force, 6th mass extinction, Prolifération, Multifield pollution, 
Quantity VS usefullness, Deviance, Pornography, Alcohol, Drugs, PTSD, Dissociative post traumatic amnesia, Autism, Systemic multifield violence,
Obsolescence planned consciously or not, at the source of the system ..,
End of the bourgeois exploitation cycle ( "war"/liquidation/reset > reconstruction > trade balance readjustment > commercial war > "war"/liquidation/reset > ... ), Ouroboros,

Capitalistic "thermodynamic" > Energetic thermodynamic > Socio-ecologic "thermodynamic",
Triangulation : cost of life, wage level, money value,
New markets exponential growth VS finiteness of spaces available for new markets, Ouroboros, "Creative Destruction" designed for profitability and specific interests (share owners usury),

Woman treatment ( human ), Bourgeois feminism fraud, Forced sexualisation,
Gestational surrogacy ( human flesh (poor women's uterus) quoted on the stock market exchange), 
A.I. commercial fraud,
Algorythms, Quantic calculation, Capital control ( regulation, legislation ), Empirical basis,
Inertia, Prospective, Reticular logic, Hydrogen, Thermodynamic, Complex tangle of simple elements,
Big picture, Balance, Mecanism, Physical sciences, Biomimetics,
Competitive complementarity ( competing synergy ),
Direct democracy ( 3 levels, liberalism, blockchain, from 30 years old to 65 ),
State fundamental basically strategic services ( water, energy, web indexing, to be defined ... ),
State companies (
interior Quotas, Accounting Law, no patent, no export, no trusts ),
State mass retail company,

Strong democratic state
strong private sector ( monetary creation sharing )
Ultra conservatism
Ultra liberalism,
≥ vice,
Salaried non-military service ( youth, dirty jobs ),
Potentially dynamic landlocked sociologic retro-virus,
Birth control ( not death control ), Symbiosis, Negentropy, Unalienated generic being,
World federation of direct democraties, End of antiquity, Modernity,
Space and time,
Basically ...


Bear in mind that human species isn't "an astral cancerous metastasis on legs" by nature.
This self-destructive behaviour is a by-product of negative fractals such as surgical paedophilia (neuro-biologic massification) and bad economic structure's configuration controlling the deep state controlling the visible state programming massified us
( old testament free of the new one = conversion by the market = Systemic corruption = so-called liberalism/conservatism = social class warfare + long time evolution ),
the guys of the deep state and their puppets being like us : nothing, drones, probably less and worse because of the nature of their capital and the way they have been "made" closer to the financial "vortex" (psychotic obsessional humanoid creatures).

The principle of money gambling activities involve the possibility to corner an existing value without any work performed by the gambler, this existing value having been valued by more or less concealed slavework ( unframed usury = financial speculation = money gambling = slavery = anti-democratic state ( bad debt ) = social class warfare ).

The only way to value a fake money "printed" from nothing ( end of the
Bretton Woods system 1971 = corruptibility increase, systemic poison ) to make "levitate the virtual markets", is by
lowering the monetary inflation/price increase ( cuted down local incomes --- international free trade/low cost slavery --- raw materials stealing by high altitude bombardments ( millions barrels of oil consumed each day at a low price = militarized petrodollar ) < coup d'état funding ( regime change )
+ economic blockade < indebtedness  = foreign economic predation ).
FMI or similar > CIA or similar > OTAN or similar + long time ( why South America isn't a big Spain ? ).
One current dollar represent 7 cents of a 1913's dollar.
After a long time of this economic configuration, the classic state methods of economic management don't work anymore
( negative rates < subprimes < economic "sciences" jokes ( insider trading offences ) < ... ).

Double inflation : bearish for the real economy (wages), bullish for the virtual stock exchange market
Communicating vessels - trickle down economics ( up ) ).

Triangulation: cost of life vs wage vs money value.

The current debt is not refundable, it's only a bourgeoisie accounting mecanism based on mathematic aberrations : a montage to racket and suck more and more work value until the liquidation ("war"/reset ).
So, whom and what absorbs the main debt, and what are the methods ?...
Currently, the  neobourgeoisie ( "1%" ) doesn't need anymore to possess the production tools:
Leasing - free trade ( slaves ) - internet - reference currency digital "printer" power
(unlimited chimeric credit) - police - military-industrial complex - justice - school programs - mainstream cultural medias.

Socio-economic containment (quarantine) =
indebtedness acceleration by proxy ( cash crisis > fake state "magic money" (no state central bank), to refund soonly one way or another, tax money laundering... ).

The "use value" represent the production's cost plus the benefit ( real price ). However the exchange value represent the "use value" plus the cost of market exchange ( parasitism - financial speculation ). In the realm of exchange value, the steak in your plate has not been made to be eaten but to be bought, sold, rebought, resold ..., the average is 18 times ... By coupling marketing and low cost workers you can find pairs of shoe with prices multiplied by nine.
Your steak and anything else ( yourself ) is a financial product, a temporary financial placement. By consuming, paying taxes, you are consumed by the share owner ( debt super mecanism ) and logicaly,
the products ( ourselves ) must be as poorly produced as possible to maximize the benefit : cheaper, quicker, easier, as less ecological as possible ........
Also a critical capitalistic mass can define the price by controlling the entire stock ("co-trusts").
Most of the time, this stock doesn't even move from its place.
The question is : from how many local unemployed workers, a Chinese laborer for example, cease to be profitable for the hedge funds and their share owners ? ( free trade/uncontrolled capital )

An exemple of financial speculative bubble : TESLA with a low production but a strong gambling capitalisation. Hydrogen is more realistic, but the goal of electric car isn't ecology (scarcity, financial product ...). One motor bi-fuel hydrogen car (no fuel cell needed...) : Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE that can switch on the fly from gasoline to hydrogen and back (2003...). https://youtu.be/BhU9ZF3MuE4

Real ecology isn't "share owners friendly"..: the financial structural determinism decide of everything as the only real massified investor (subsidising subsidised usurers, consolidated capital, censorship, propaganda, lobbies), while a state without money creation and commercial assets (corrupted empty shell) can't compete and make progress the socio-economic system witch dive little by little, decade after decade, pollution after pollution...

All this while most of the time, the politicians and medias fill your brain with crap.

Pretty ridiculous isn't it ?

The sum of activities necessary to the proper functioning of a society and dispatched naturally within it; doesn't generate enough economic activity to maintain the lavish lifestyle of a ruling class
( > usury, debt, chimeric credit, money gambling, stock market casino, fake jobs, more or less concealed slavery, overpopulation, pollution, tax money laundering, bribes and kickbacks... ).

Money ( quantification of everything ) = aknowledgement of debt
( driven subventions, loans, credits )
Monetary creation = power (control)

Universal Declaration of businessman Rights:
The "liberal" or "conservative" wealth of some ones crushes
the "liberal" or "conservative" financial powerlessness of all the others and whatnot.
It's about inequalities in equality ( double ethical joke ).

The most agressive and subtely malevolent in the same time psychopath socio-capitalist machine always win with time, one way or another, until the fall of its empire (loan, "clean surgical" wars, philantropy, GNO, mercenaries, disinformation, false flag, nice speeches, instrumentalised human rights, chimeric credit ...).

The financial acceleration induced historicaly by slavework is currently maximized by
the avening of "reticular numeric communication networks" ( internet proxy ) maximizing in turn
the autonomy of exchange value (globalized speed accounting machine / nanosecond / purchase and sell orders / accessible to anyone at home...).
Also, the mass, density and induced inertia of this new communication network maximize the spread of misleading rumours, the rumour becoming now unstoppable ...

Rumours, supply and demand...
So, the only way to manage intellectualy this new paradigm is by adopting the analysis methods of geopolitics coupled with a transdisciplinary vision of the study object in its suroundings and its pluridisciplinary consequences (array, probability rates, tendancies, nudge).

As well, consider A.I. singularity as already here while autonomous globalized finance express itself
at lightspeed through the heavy cybernetic of internet (capitalist process finalization, "the world after"  since the 90's) :
The natural evolutionary process of human species is finally totally inverted ( as the process of democratisation ),
6th mass extinction is ongoing,
Biosafety level 4 labs and GMO viruses (flu) flourishing everywhere on the globe ...,
loss of the natural ability of human population to self-regulate,
economy based on pluri-disciplinary pollution,
powerlessness (more or less masked financial dictatorships),
wholesale dumbing-down of the population including the secessionist "elites" and other drones of the superstructure ...,
the human word doesn't mean anything anymore :
This dumb A.I. is still an A.I., its basic programmation being only
short term profit and its securisation (< binary, yes or no), while finalized financial liberalism free it of any rules or counterpowers ( 90's, autonomization/self regulation, Lowest social bidder, Lowest ecological bidder, empty weak states, human scale's new horrible god ).
In consequence, the publicised speech has become nothing but the expression of financial interests circulating through the superstructure (charlatanism, quackery, interchangeability).
Basically, the human factor doesn't count anymore (no free will or democracy).

This so-called "liberal" parasitic financial exchange process is exponentialy and systemicaly catastrophic ecologicaly speaking (anti biologic massification - anti living - financial liberalism only).

Governments dont govern anymore (no money "printer", no capital regulation, no commercial company), they just manage a permanent systemic socio-economic crisis (pressure strategy, pluri-disciplinary repression) and are now only the empty appendixes of the liberated programmatic basis of globalized capitalism (profit and its security).

Money and our relationship to it (social engineering, disinformation, massified brain hacking) define alone from the base the social relationships inducing the social structure itself : balance in the cannibalism, vampyrism, zombification, robotization, piracy, alienation, nature of the capitalism, how we consume ourselves and the planet, racketeering, Level of extortion of surplus value, blood and sweat of the poors of the world.

Moderation cannot exist between extremes,
for example, feminism cannot exist between porn, burqa and slavery.

If i progress malevolently two steps further and move back a step to apologize, i've gone further by one step ...

If i do this a lot ...

There's no such thing as predicaments, only more or less problematic solutions

( Collateral damages : what kind ?, how much ?, how many ? ).

Death, for example, allows evolution.

The main characteristic of a sociopath, is a virulent inferiority complex subjecting him
(without even being conscient of it) to demean and lower by surreptitious unthought methods
the individuals of a group, with the unconscious primary purpose to integrate their circle.
This group being torn apart during the process while the cold, apathetic and empty instigator
of the discord, suffering of deep boredom, will take control of it almost unwillingly, making of his new subjects the undirects victims of the diverse causes of his mental illness, inhumanity and inability for life.

School and media-cultural programs conditioning family transmission induce social mimetics,

all this evolving under the empire of a pluri-transdisciplinary circular feedback mechanism conditioned itself by the planned obsolescence at the source of the socio-economic system (Overton window, massification, social norms, timespace continuum, massified share owner's liberal usury dialectic, systemic crisis, electro-cybernetic financial dictatorship, structural determinism).

A fractal is an upper level event in a causality chain or a system
(overdetermination, "pink or black swan"), a "fractioning" or fracking element multiplying chain reactions and feedback cycles (or historical constants) from the base (basic programmation), producing a endless array of events (positive and negative), exploitables by some "ones" or some constitutive elements, and undergone by the "others" (geopolitics), these events depending to some degree of its fundamental nature.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The world is a "whole" while science separates each discipline in distinctive fields, fusion on fission.
A complex determinist tangle of simple elements according to the scale of observation (zoom out = primary purpose), these elements being in direct or indirect relation to each other, by simple or multiple mediation, the prospective or retroprospective analysis of the system being possible only after obtainment of empiric data perfectly inaccessible trough the corrupted mainstream communication lines, under control of the omnipotent financial structure (self regulated).

The result of a mathematic operation cannot be modified without changing its arithmetic prerequisites.

The ultimate goal of monetary creation should be to materialize a sociologic system able to stop monetary creation.

A good transdisciplinary analysis needs for the observer to get rid of what makes himself or his ideology. Sociologically speaking, his own race, social class, religion, nationality .., must disappear during the observation, to get in some ways "naked" before the data and prevent any cognitive biases. So the cross referencing of informations happens naturally ...

The world is finished until the next second : one world, one empiric truth.

To finish, plots don't make history, but historical structuration give the possibility of the plot
(space and arrow of time, ripeness of the system),
the financial structure isn't good or bad, doesn't think or see in long time or plot stuffs, it's a pharmakon like language, scripture, printing, internet ..., a tool with no generic morality, acting through its programmation to protect itself :

It's self-regulated individual capital hoping for quick, easy, secure, strong growing
multiplied by the mass :

a free as a god entangled critical capitalistic mass,
hoping for quick, easy, secure, strong growing
whatever the real cost is,

trick or treating ...


Peut-être pas ...

( Petit poème en prose thanatonautique )

La tiédeur de l'obscurité m'engloutit peu à peu.
Drapé dans ses délices, je m'abandonne à sa faim insatiable.
Du dessus, je regarde mon corps absorbé par la matière noire.
Le temps s'est arrêté, suspendu à mon dernier souffle;
le vent, d'un simple murmure, m'emporte dans la nuit sans étoile.
Je suis sauvé.
Je ne suis plus là.


Some people say a man is made outta mud --- A poor man's made outta muscle and blood --- Muscle and blood and skin and bones --- A mind that's a-weak and a back that's strong --- You load 16 tons, what do you get ? --- Another day older and deeper in debt --- St. Peter don't you call me, 'cause I can't go --- I owe my soul to the company store --- I was born one mornin' when the sun didn't shine --- I picked up my shovel and I walked to the mine --- I loaded 16 tons of number nine coal --- And the straw boss said, "Well, a-bless my soul" --- You load 16 tons, what do you get ? --- Another day older and deeper in debt --- St. Peter don't you call me, 'cause I can't go --- I owe my soul to the company store --- I was born one mornin', it was drizzlin' rain --- Fightin' and trouble are my middle name --- I was raised in the canebrake by an ol' mama lion --- Can't no high toned woman make me walk the line --- You load 16 tons, what do you get ? --- Another day older and deeper in debt --- St. Peter don't you call me, 'cause I can't go --- I owe my soul to the company store --- If you see me comin', better step aside --- A lotta men didn't, a lotta men died --- One fist of iron, the other of steel --- If the right one don't get you --- Then the left one will --- You load 16 tons, what do you get ? --- Another day older and deeper in debt --- St. Peter don't you call me, 'cause I can't go --- I owe my soul to the company store



Édouard Debat-Ponsan - Truth Leaving the Well (La Vérité sortant du Puits) 1898....
Jules Lefebvre - Truth ( La vérité ) 1870.

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