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Added by Texal on 2 Mar 2021 07:19

Best flags of the world

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My flag

Dominican flag
The cross symbolizes the struggle of our liberators to bequeath us a free homeland.
In the center the coat of arms
The colors represent:
Vermilion Red: the blood shed by the patriots in the battles to achieve the independence of the Nation.
Ultramarine blue: the sky that covers the Homeland, that God protects the Dominican nation and the ideals of progress of the Dominicans.
White: Represents peace and union among all Dominicans.
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The best flags in the world according to vexillology: these must follow the principles of simplicity: that it can be drawn by anyone
Symbolism: it has to represent the nation or a distinctive element
Colors: few and well combined
No additions: no letters, shields or stamps
Distinction: It must be completely original, not derived from another.
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The flag complies with all the rules, currently they can be confused with other flags, but those are very new. It was used during the 19th century on the flags of daimyos and samurai during the Meiji Restoration, the flourishing of Japan. The red disk represents the Sun and the white one symbolizes the integrity, honesty and purity of the Japanese people.
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One of the oldest flags in the world, its colors and structure inspired many flags around the world. It is also a flag with excellent 2: 3 proportions. It has its origin in the French Revolution: its red and blue colors are from the city of Paris, after the storming of the Bastille, it was agreed to unite both colors, distinctive of the patriots, with white, which was still the color of the dynasty. reigning, as a sign of union between the people and the monarch.
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It is the second square flag in the world. The flag is in perfect proportions. Its official ratio is 1: 1, the size of the cross in relation to the flag, the width of the margin separates the cross from the edge of the flag. The flag was inspired by the insignia of the Canton of Schwyz, which received a silver cross in commemoration of its fight alongside the troops of the Holy Roman Empire. Its colors mean:
Red: the blood shed by warriors who sacrificed for their country to defend their freedom.
The white cross in the center symbolizes Confederate unity.
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The Maple Leaf

Another very functional flag. Its leaf is represented even more simply than its original form, the leaf is a symbol of nature and the Canadian environment. Its colors come from its two colonizers: red, from the cross of Saint George (England) and white, from the French royal emblem used since the reign of Carlos VII.
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The Broken Trident

Unlike the rest of the Caribbean, it uses a very distinctive flag without having many elements. The trident in its center represents democracy: government of the people, government for the people, and government by the people.
Blue: represents the atlantic ocean and the sky
Gold: the sands of the Barbadian beaches.
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Bandera de Chile

It is a perfectly proportioned flag. The Chilean flag is 2: 3, being divided horizontally into two bands of equal size. The lower sector is red, the upper sector is subdivided into a blue square and a white rectangle, whose lengths are in a 1: 2 ratio, respectively. The star is located in the blue center and is made on a circumference whose diameter corresponds to half the side of the corner.
The meaning of its colors are:
Blue: the sky
Blanco: the snow-capped peaks of the Andes Mountains
Red: the blood shed by national heroes in the war for independence
The star symbolizes the three powers of the Chilean State (Executive, Legislative and Judicial).
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Calanka Soomaaliyaa

Unlike the rest of the flags of the African continent, this one complies with all the rules. Its light blue color is the same one used by the United Nations, this was done in order to offer recognition to the international organization for the help provided in its independence process from Italy. The five points of the white star symbolize the five areas inhabited by Somalis: Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti, Ogaden (in Ethiopia) and the Northern Border District of Kenya.
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Tricolor Nacional

Originally from the disappeared state of Gran Colombia, from which I form the current Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama, with the exception of the latter, all have a flag with those colors. This style was also used by the ephemeral states of Spanish Haiti and the Sovereign State of Panama. Its colors mean:
Yellow: represents the wealth of the Colombian soil, as well as the sun, source of light, and sovereignty, harmony and justice.
Blue: represents the sky that covers the Homeland, the rivers and the two oceans that bathe the Colombian territory.
Red: represents the blood shed by the patriots on the battlefields to achieve freedom, which means love, power, strength and progress.
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Union Jack

Another of the oldest flags in the world and is present in many colonies and former colonies. The flag is the combination of the crosses of the patron saints of England (Saint George), Scotland (Saint Andrew) and Northern Ireland (Saint Patrick) three of the four countries that, together with Wales, form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Wales was excluded because at the time the flag was created it was already part of the UK.
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The oldest flag in the world, it is also the one that originated the Nordic cross used by its neighboring countries among others. His colors are: white: peace and honesty, red: toughness, bravery, strength and courage.
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Personal favorites

List of flags that I like.
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List of proposed flags that I like for their design.

The best flags in the world according to vexillology and also my favorites.

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