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The 200 Most Iconic Comic Covers Ever

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Star-Spangled War Stories #138

by Joe Kubert
May, 1968
DC Comics

DC had several great war titles during the "silver age," the Enemy Ace arguably being their most compelling character (only Sgt. Rock would be competition). Kubert was the master of war comics in this period.

Tales From the Crypt #41

by Jack Davis
April, 1954
EC Comics

In the 1950s, the popularity of superhero comics was on the wane, leaving room for the rise of horror, war, crime, sci-fi, and western comics. Jack Davis was among the most successful artists of this period.

Daredevil #1

by Charles Biro
July, 1941
Gleason Publications

Captain America wasn't the only superhero who took the fight to Hitler during the "golden age." The boomerang wielding original Daredevil got in his licks too!

Wow Comics #38

by Jack Binder
September, 1945
Fawcett Publications

This Mary Marvel cover was a triumph of bold, simple design.

Justice League #12

by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Alex Sinclair
October, 2012
DC Comics

Superman and Wonder Woman have had some pretty hot moments together over the decades, but with this cover Jim Lee kicks the superhuman sexual tension into high gear.

The Amazing Spider-Man #4

by Steve Ditko
September, 1963
Marvel Comics

A Ditko doozy from back when comic covers gave you a hefty sampling of what was inside and, after seeing this outrageous challenge for Spider-Man, who could resist buying?

Adventures of Superman #424

by Jerry Ordway
January, 1987
DC Comics

At a time when DC was looking to modernize Superman, Ordway actually harkens back to the golden age with this gorgeous cover.

Airboy #5

by Dave Stevens
September, 1989
Eclipse Comics

I had to include Dave Stevens somewhere. He didn't do much for the big two companies, and this is one of his most..ahem.. impressive cover contributions for the independents.

X-Men #100

by Dave Cockrum and Danny Crespi
August, 1976
Marvel Comics

Pick your side! It's the original X-Men versus the classic 70s team in this 100th issue anniversary cover.

All-American Men of War #94

by Russ Heath
December, 1962
DC Comics

My very favorite of Russ Heath's many incredible war covers for DC. This image makes me want to duck every time I see it. Nobody used perspective to more dramatic effect.

Civil War #7

by Michael Turner
January, 2007
Marvel Comics

A memorable cover for the memorable conclusion of a memorable Marvel crossover event. An image later imitated in the excellent "Captain America: Civil War" film.

Green Lantern #49

by Darryl Banks and Romeo Tanghal
February, 1994
DC Comics

A classic good guy starts to get really scary in the "Emerald Twilight" storyline.

Heavy Metal, September, 1981

by Chris Achilleos
September, 1981

Probably the best-known cover of the long-running sci-fi/fantasy comic magazine, featuring the female heroine who would later star in the animated film of the same name.

Captain America #332

by Mike Zeck and Klaus Janson
August, 1987
Marvel Comics

Zeck was one of Marvel's very best in the 1980s. His covers just made you want to open the book and see more!

JSA Classified #1

by Adam Hughes
September, 2005
DC Comics

Does anyone illustrate good girl comic covers better than Adam Hughes? I'll answer that one for you. Nope.

Uncanny X-Men #142

by Terry Austin and Danny Crespi
February, 1981
Marvel Comics

"This Issue: Everybody Dies!" What better way to hook a reader than that?!?

Uncanny X-Men #173

by Paul Smith
September, 1983
Marvel Comics

Wolverine was fast becoming one of the most popular superheroes of all-time when Davis captured him in all his fearsome badassery with this cover.

Amazing Spider-Man #70

by John Romita, Sr.
March, 1969
Marvel Comics

This image of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man as a cornered outlaw remains one of the most imitated of the character's covers.

Crisis on Infinite Earths #8

by George Perez
November, 1985
DC Comics

For many, this issue will forever be remembered as the one where they had to watch their favorite superhero make the ultimate sacrifice.

Power Man and Iron Fist #50

by Dave Cockrum and Irv Watanabe

Because John Byrne penciled the interior pages, he often gets undeserved credit for this powerful (pun intended) cover when another well-known X-Men artist, Dave Cockrum actually did the layout.

Strange Adventures #207

by Neal Adams
December, 1967
DC Comics

A simple but dramatic cover from back when Neal Adams was almost single-handedly revolutionizing the medium.

Captain Marvel Adventures #6

by C.C. Beck and Pete Costanza
January, 1942
Fawcett Publications

One of the most popular superheroes of the "golden age," Captain Marvel takes to the skies before the six immortals who were the source of his powers.

Man of Steel #1

by John Byrne
October, 1986
DC Comics

What better way for DC to kick off its controversial post-Crisis reboot of Superman than with a comfortingly familiar symbol?

Action Comics #484

by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Dick Giordano
June, 1978
DC Comics

Few artists were as good at drawing Superman as Garcia-Lopez and this terrific cover for his 40th anniversary displays that perfectly.

Tales from the Crypt #22

by Al Feldstein
February, 1951
EC Comics

Al Feldstein created some truly shocking, disturbing covers for "Tales From the Cypt" which helped establish the series' reputation as a leader in the horror comics field.

Spider-Woman #1

by Joe Sinnott
April, 1978
Marvel Comics

It's the debut of Spider-Woman's first solo series, and her back is already against the wall in this '70s classic.

Journey Into Mystery #89

by Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers, Stan Goldberg, and Artie Simek
February, 1963
Marvel Comics

This wasn't Thor's debut, but the cover pretty much defines the classic Thor look and attitude.

The Savage Dragon #1

by Erik Larsen
July, 1992
Image Comics

The Dragon is coming right at you, reinvented for the '90s by creator Erik Larsen.

Detective Comics #408

by Neal Adams
February, 1971
DC Comics

Things get intense for Batman, and especially Robin.

Aquaman #30

by Nick Cardy
November, 1966
DC Comics

A dramatic and solemn masterpiece from the late, great Nick Cardy.

Creepy #27

by Frank Frazetta
June, 1969
Warren Publishing

No one made more impressive fantasy and horror comics than Frazetta - ever! This one happened to combine both genres.

Green Lantern #52

by Gil Kane
April, 1967
DC Comics

Admittedly, there's probably not enough Green Lantern covers on this list. Gil Kane was at his best when doing GL in the 60s.

Ms. Marvel #1

by John Romita, Sr.
January, 1977
Marvel Comics

Girl power gets the Romita treatment in this busy, eye-catching cover.

Flash #105

by Carmine Infantino
March, 1959
DC Comics

The first of many dazzling covers from Carmine Infantino to appear on this list.

Wolverine #17

by John Byrne and Glynis Oliver Wein
November, 1989
Marvel Comics

John Byrne did a lot of great covers featuring Wolverine. This one is arguably the most iconic.

Harley Quinn #1

by Terry and Rachel Dodson
December, 2000
DC Comics

Harley Quinn finally got a solo series, and the cover was done by Terry and Rachel Dodson, perhaps the most successful husband-and-wife duo in the business.

Batman #189

by Carmine Infantino
February, 1967
DC Comics

It's easy to see why Carmine Infantino was DC's go-to guy for top-selling comics during the "silver age."

Captain America Annual #8

by Mike Zeck and John Beatty
September, 1986
Marvel Comics

It's adamantium versus vibranium as Wolvie and Cap face off for the first time!

Batman #197

by Carmine Infantino and Mike Esposito
December, 1967
DC Comics

Ladies, ladies, there's plenty of Batman to go around!

Amazing Spider-Man #100

by John Romita, Sr. and Frank Giacoia
September, 1971
Marvel Comics

Everything about this cover was bold. The perspective, the color, the use of negative space. Just terrific.

Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1

by Jim Steranko
June, 1968
Marvel Comics

The first of several eye-popping Nick Fury covers by Steranko.

Superman Annual #7

by Curt Swan
DC Comics

This cover, celebrating the Man of Tomorrow's 25th anniversary, pretty much defined the silver age DC annual issue cover, back when annuals were simply collections of past stories.

Daredevil #189

by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson
December, 1982
Marvel Comics

As both writer and artist, Frank Miller focused on Daredevil's ninja skills, making him a whole helluva lot more interesting than he had ever been before.

All-Star Superman #1

by Frank Quitely and Jamie Grant
January, 2006
DC Comics

A contemplative but thoroughly classic Superman watches over us from on high. A beautiful cover that captures Superman in a rare, calm moment

Amazing Spider-Man #33

by Steve Ditko
February, 1966
Marvel Comics

Marvel had some really pioneering covers, particularly with Spider-Man in the 1960s. While DC showed their heroes in classic poses or in increasingly cartoonish situations, Steve Ditko gave us real emotion and drama on his covers. And this is only a sampling of the tremendous visual story-telling he displayed in the story inside, perhaps Ditko's finest hour.

Star Wars #1

by Howard Chaykin
July, 1977
Marvel Comics

Maybe not as iconic as the original movie posters, but certainly a noteworthy cover and issue for both comic fans and Star Wars fans.

Avengers #223

by Ed Hannigan and Klaus Janson
September, 1982
Marvel Comics

Ant-Man is about to go for a wild ride in this cover that was later the inspiration for one of the funnest moments in the "Captain America: Civil War" movie.

Wolverine #27

by Jim Lee
July, 1990
Marvel Comics

Nobody - nobody! - drew Wolverine better than Jim Lee.

Web of Spider-Man #32

by Mike Zeck and Bob McLeod
November, 1987
Marvel Comics

Easily my personal favorite Spider-Man cover. Part of maybe the darkest of all Spidey storylines, "Kraven's Last Hunt."

Crime Suspense Stories #23

by George Evans
June, 1954
EC Comics

"Jolting Tales of Tension" indeed!
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