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Ridiculous, but fun

Posted : 3 years, 7 months ago on 18 March 2016 11:35

There is a tendency for video game sequels to rely on formula, essentially recycling the format of the previous titles in the series with some minor changes to certain aspects of the game. This is essentially the approach taken by Resident Evil: Revelations.  If you have played any other release from the RE franchise then you're probably expecting it to include some of the following: a virus which turns people into horrible mutations, a conspiracy, a lab, a boss fight with a gigantic beast.  This indeed is what RE: Revelations has to offer.

This isn't really a bad thing.  From the start of the game I found this to be pretty compelling to play.  The storyline is completely ridiculous, as usual, but it's undeniably fun and it moves along at an impressive pace so that it never becomes dull.  The gameplay is very much in the style of Resident Evil 5 with the characters being easier to control than the older RE efforts.  The emphasis is firmly on action.  Revelations never really tries to scare the player much but aims to offer exciting action and on this level the game is certainly successful.  As with RE5 you are accompanied throughout by a companion which lessens the sense of isolation but ups the action quota, with both characters blazing away and whatever monstrosities the game throws at them.  A selection of weaponry is available which offers a nice tactical element to play, as some weapons seem to be more effective against certain enemies or in particular situations.  Also missing is the old inventory management system which is a boon in terms of keeping up the game's pace.  You can carry anything you can come across with no problems (though there is a cap on maximum amounts) and you never have to mix up herbs to create a stronger concoction.  There is only one type of herb this time and it heals all damage sustained.   This time the game switches between various characters and times in the story which was an interesting and enjoyable innovation.

Most of the action takes place on an ocean liner but unfortunately the game never really fulfils the promise of this setting in the same way that the old PS2 title Cold Fear did.  There are only a couple of moments where any attempt  was made to portray the sensation of the boat rocking about in reaction to the movement of the sea which was disappointing.  A later level also drew on disaster movies like The Poseidon Adventure but the results were less accomplished and striking than those achieved in a similar setting by Uncharted 3.

Presentation-wise Revelations was a pretty smart looking title.  The character models are well realised and the settings are generally impressive with some nice lighting effects which added to the atmosphere.  Sound design was also well crafted with each monster making a distinctive unpleasant moaning noise which helps the player to identify the source of a threat.  The musical score was also accomplished and used a more cinematic style than the more off-kilter melodies of the original Resident Evil.

Once the campaign has been completed the usual New Game Plus option is on offer allowing you to keep weapons gained throughout play for a second run through, as well as the option to change your outfit if you so wish.  This adds good replay value to a campaign of moderate length.  You are also scored in ranking system on how well you did on each level, a spur to improving your performance which was a nice touch.  In addition to the campaign Revelations also offers a Raid mode which takes sections of the campaign which you can play through either Solo or cooperatively online.  This is as much fun as the campaign, offering plenty of options on characters with skills in certain areas and a multitude of weapons and modifications available.  As with the campaign you are scored on your performance.

One RE tradition which makes a comeback is the hokey plot accompanied by wooden voice acting and terrible dialogue.  Personally I find this to be all part of the entertainment and I was laughing out loud at such gems as 'these tentacles are really annoying'!  The story doesn't really hold water in terms of logic but does work in terms of keeping you interested in how things will play out.  This is a game where a shipwreck resting at the bottom of the sea still has a working electrical system and ocean liners have rooms which look like those from a mansion.  If you embrace this ridiculous style then you will enjoy what the game has to offer.

Overall, Revelations is a pretty good RE title.  If you disliked the more action oriented RE style since RE4 then this won't be to your taste as it isn't really a survival horror title any more.  Otherwise I can highly recommend that you check this one out.

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