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Spider-Man 3 review
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Here comes the Spidermaaaan! (For the th


Overall, this movie was ok. I'll have to watch it again at home to give my full review.

Well, Pros:
It has Spiderman, Venom, and keeps the line of the story pretty well. It doesn't add some lame bad guy, it keeps to the comic strips. The dialog is awesome, even FRIGGIN HILARIOUS at some parts. There's action, romance, emo hair, it's got it all. Then there's Venom. I honestly LOVED how they did the fangs, the screaming, the bell ordeal, and the whole "taking over" thing. Oh, and I love how Eddie got fangs too. I'm glad they waited until they had the technology to do it. I swear, though, if Venom is already frikkin dead, I'm gonna riot. And of course there's the waiter: Funniest character of the movie.

For starters, the camera was a big let down at some parts. One would be the fact that sometimes, it is literally the camerman just running alongside a sitting truck or something. Good for a documentary, not so good for an action movie. Way too jerky. You want to feel like you're 3rd person, not actually doing it.

Secondly, it would be the fight scenes. At some parts, it's extremely zoomed in, or too dark, so you can't really see what is going on. (Or maybe it was just seeing it in a theater, I dunno.)

Next, just the mere fact that they squeezed 3 villains into one movie. But when you think about it, they needed all three. The movie was about the black suit and venom. Now to get Peter to where the suit, he would need motivation. Hence comes Sandman. And of course Harry figured out about Spidey, so he's not going to sit around drinking whiskey and moping, he's got to take action. (Plus, who else could save Spidey's butt in a two on one?)
On to the villains. Now with Harry, they already explained basically how he would turn evil, but they really didn't go much into detail, or at least show him in the gas chamber.
Next we have the Sandman. True, they completely showed how he came to be, but it didn't really make sense very well. I mean sure they were "deatomitizing", but what were they doing it on? What was in there? Sand? They Deatomitized sand....into sand....ok....sure...I guess they could be testing the machine...
Lastly, there's Venom. He was perfectly well done, except for a few minor things that bugged me. (Later, under "small tick offs.")

And the last thing is that they basically just rushed the movie. I mean Peter is riding along and *SWOOP* he's picked up by Harry. There's other things too (none of which I can think of right now.) I think it comes from having three villains. But oh well. At least it wasn't an X3. ;) Still worth watching. A ton of things that make me go "Wha???" but I'd definately watch it again. And again. And again.

*MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!*

Small tick offs (in no particular order):
-That Harry basically flys around on a flying skateboard.
-That venom happens to fall from space (ok, believable) right into the park where Peter Parker is, at the exact time.
-That stupid line that Sandman said, "I'm not a bad person, I just had a bad chance" or something like that.
-That Harry didn't get a phsyco living in his head, even though he did the exact same thing as his dad.
-That Harry even got brain damage from that hit to the head in the first place!
-That the truck that the two policemen chase Sandman around HAPPENS to be filled with sand.
-That sandman grunts like a monster. Lower his voice, but don't make him a caveman.
-How big the Sandman's mouth is. (Ok, I'm sorry.....the thought just kept coming into my mind!!!)
-That they don't show Spiderman put his mask back on when he's down on the sand in the last fight and yells up "I'm coming Mary-Jane!" even though Venom clearly took it off of him, and did not even visibly throw it all the way to the ground (that I remember).
-That Eddie wants God to kill Peter Parker for stealing his job.
-That Eddie somehow figured out about Sandman's daughter and such.
-That Harry didn't totally get killed by that pumpkin grenade. (The one that scarred his face.)
-That Peter's professor isn't more suprised about an alien leech.
-That the Sandman wasn't amazed at his "slight change" at all.
-That Harry died. *cries*


So I basically give it around a 6 or 7. 7 because the ending won me over. 5 is like "eh, it's ai'ight" in my good. 6-10 is "I would watch it again." So basically, I give it a seven, because it had some 10 features (dialouge, comedy, plot fight scenes), and some 5 features (camera angles, back-story) . But still, watch it for the ten features, yall. :D


Added by DefenderOfKnowledge
11 years ago on 6 May 2007 04:00