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Review of Batman vs. Superman: The Greatest Battles

The heavyweight title bout between Batman and Superman is a smash to the senses lust for power about to be consumed… Such a Lust For Revenge! Batman’s lust for blood typically aggro-muscular AFFLECK AND CAVILL COMPETE FOR THE MOST SHREDDED PHYSIQUE. THE DARK KNIGHT POSSESS THE IMPOSING, POWERFUL LOOK OF AN MMA HEAVYWEIGHT. Bruce Wayne, in a perpetual state of testosterone fueled anger and fear, is on a mission to destroy Superman. Ben Affleck is a really well-balanced Bruce Wayne and Batman. He is fucking huge and intimidating.
Main activity of alpha men :guys hitting each other, intense relationships between men. That’s exactly what happens in Dawn of Justice. The lust for fight and blood is the reason for Superman to fly off and fight Batman. Batman is obsessed with Superman muscle power. The real reason the two have to fight is that they have to settle supremacy.
These superheroes enjoys the pain from combat wounds, both their own and others'. When cut, stabbed or shot, they moan in ecstasy and lick the blood. After harming an opponent, and especially when they take a life, the sensation and expression on their face is orgasmic. Their battle style is intense, and they efficiently kill enemies in the most painful way possible. If there are enemy survivors they gonna squirm by sticking fingers in wounds or shooting/stabbing them some more.
The two have to fight because fighting is the way alpha males express their testosterone and stamina. When they finally meet—and fight—it’s equivalent to a hate fuck. Snyder’s Batman with his five o’clock shadow, as well as Superman. Thanks to Cavill, Snyder’s Superman looks to be in perpetual tumescence. Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent clash, because they share a testosterone rivalry. They look good together because Affleck’s manliness and Cavill’s virility. Massive Cavill wears the Superman uniform like a second skin. Superman suit is successful fetish gear—textured fabric invite you to touch those muscles. Batman is a man who laces up in dark black Corinthian leathers, taut muscles exploding with power beneath his sweat-filled costume as he takes to the late night streets of Gotham’s moonlight to only have his body ravaged and torn by the whips and whims of burly villains, all sweaty and musky as their grueling battles leave their thighs quivering in exhaustion upon collapse.

The fight between Batman and Superman. The biggest reason why people will and are watching this movie. 'The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world': Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill clash in epic showdown. Of course some guys would have put a drastically different finishing: it would end with Superman ripping Batman’s spine out of his freaking back !! The fight between Batman and Superman. The biggest reason why people will and are watching this movie 'Fight night. The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. 'Son of Krypton versus bat of Gotham. God versus man.'
Superman faces Batman, Batman is standing closer now, showing that they are roughly the same height.Superman's jaw tightens and the veins in his neck pulse outward… THE BATTLE BEGINS! Armored Batman is BIG. Armored Batman stands taller than Superman and is most certainly wider and with scratches and dings in the heavy armor. Boots have spiked tread soles and the helmet is agro type. It’s a real heavy body armour, full-arm-gloves, and a utility belt visible below.Batman's armored suit allows him to pound Superman's face. What’s surprising about this battle between them is the amount of quality shots Batman lands on Supes, some of which even draw blood Batman is equipped with those lethal spiked gauntlets: the spikes that shattered Ra's al Ghul's sword in Batman Begins and damage Bane's mask in The Dark Knight Rises.
Batman is able to throw Superman through walls, but Superman fights back and throws Batman around as well. Batman has an amazing armor, but Superman is able to tear apart the armor, grabs Batman and begins to fly straight up. If he wanted to, Superman could have ended it there. Bruce was vulnerable for a few moments, but instead of killing him, Superman's taunt him. This is a fight that has the epic double page spread of Batman punching Superman in the face, dominating the fight, but Batman is in trouble. At one point, he mentions that one more punch will break every bone in his hand and he notices that Superman is holding back a lot. Batman brought in his strongest armor which had traces of Kryptonite to level the power difference. Batman was able to not only stop man of steel's punches but was able to make him bleed. Superman slowly realized that the suit was the reason that's making him weak and so with all his strength he started ripping off the suit from the Bat. Without his suit Batman knew his end was near if he doesn't do anything, Superman will crush him like a bug ! With every blow that Batman took, he could feel his bones breaking.
Batman manages to get back up fast and throw Superman to the ground from a few floors up, bringing him down hard. Batman ties Superman's feet together and drags him a spot where he plans to impale him with the Kryptonite spear.Batman is the victor of this battle, using carefully set traps, kryptonite-enhanced weapons, and his incredible reinforced suit and steel toed spiked boots to beat Superman. And when I say beat, I mean that literally. Batman basically pummels Superman into the ground and stomp him bad, crushing his face under his hobnailed heavy boot sole. Batman, wearing his heavily armored suit, including those spiked boots that will help Batman crush Superman’s perfect face. An engineered killer’s boot, stepping on Superman’s face, forever pinned down under the boot of Batman. No blood, no dismemberment of organic beings, only trauma allowed is blunt-force
After a brutal and intense fight for both the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel, Batman holds Superman down with his spiked boot at his throat. It's an iconic scene straight out of The Dark Knight Returns and it feels just as intense
Superman's face was torn by horrible slashes, and part of his upper lip was gone. ... out with the heel of Batman’s boot The Dark Knight (Ben Affleck)—in his armored Batsuit—with his left foot placed upon the throat of Superman (Henry Cavill), who is lying on his back. Batman's cowl is damaged, exposing half of his face, and his teeth are gritted as he looks down on the Man of Steel. A tall Batman, and Affleck, at 6’4” (6’6” in boots) In order to face Superman on a more equal level, Batman will don that Dark Knight Returns-inspired armor, but it’s going to take more than a giant boot to the face to beat the Kryptonian. he apply his big, spike-layered boots to Superman’s throat. Batman kicking Superman in the jaw with his spiked boot.
One of the best moment was when Batman picks up an almost unconscious Superman, lifting him right over his head to throw him down several flights of stairs. The battle ends when Batman stands over Superman holding a long, pointed, phallic Kryptonite spear. “You’re not even a man,” the Caped Crusader growls, in case we were in any doubt as to who was topping. Too much tension needs to explode. This supernatural battle , this epic collision is tensed muscle. Batman takes down Superman with a boot to the face and his hands wrapped around Superman’s neck – it’s a climax, like an orgasm!There’s a clear sexual tension between Superman and Batman .Cavill and Affleck are great at playing off each other in their alpha male, dick-measuring contest. Batman v Superman is a story of two alpha males fighting for manly warrior supremacy.
Superman quickly recovers and start beating Batman up pretty badly when he get shot with a Kryptonite arrow, by Batman. Superman was then utterly crushed by Batman, who viciously attacked him with all his might. With Superman bleeding profusely from his mouth, Batman grabs him by the throat and with the weakened Superman in his grasps, Batman delivers the Alpha Male Statement: “I want you to remember, Clark, … In your most private moments … I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you.”
But at that moment, Batman has a heart attack and dies!!! Batman, after years of planning and intense workout, gets his ribs broke, his leather suit torn to shreds, suffers a heart attack, and ends up in the ground!!

Superman manages to fly across the battlefield carrying the kryptonite spear, driving it straight into Doomsday's heart and shoves that phallic spear through Doomsday. It’s the end, a climax with much grunting, grimacing, and endless roar of violence. Doomsday strikes back by impaling Superman in the chest with one of his spikes. Superman pushes the Kryptonite through Doomsday's body, killing him for good. Superman is there, impaled by Doomsday with the Kryptonite spear through the monster chest, and just stays there while he goes deeper with the spear at Doomsday's chest!
During his training, Doomsday's interest was with the most violent wrestling competitions which appealed to his blood lust. Doomsday developed a strong desire to murder Superman. Of course, Doomsday's not going to go down easy, and stabs Superman with the jagged spike jutting out where his hand used to be. Superman, struggling against the pain of his wound and the effect of the kryptonite, levering himself up by the spike, forcing the spear further into Doomsday's torso. Superman's Heroic Sacrifice. He had impaled Doomsday with the kryptonite spear, and the latter had also impaled him through the chest with a bony fist blade. What does Superman do? Grab the blade and pull it in to drive the spear further through Doomsday! A manly fitting end to the Alpha Male Superhero.The movie ends with the death of Superman rivalry between them is furious, fueled by bitterness and revenge .The hero and the monster mortally wound each other in a moment of sacrifice and self-destructive rage.
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