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Review of Cabin Fever (2016)

I mean if you have seen the original then I'm sure you have already basically spoiled it for yourself.

Thoughts Before I Watched This:
1. So when I saw this was coming out I was intrigued.
2. Then I found out they used the same exact script, but changed the deaths amongst a few things.
3. So to see for myself I decided to watch the original as well.
4. This has to be a new level of laziness too to make such a recent film as a remake and to top it off using the same script.
5. Travis Zariwny has only made one other movie so far which isn't helping.
6. Randy Pearlstein also works the script here after being only absent from part 3.
7. The actors from the original were much more well known.
8. In fact I only know 2 of the 5 main from this one and all of them from the original.
9. Eli Roth I enjoy your work, but this is probably the silliest thing you ever did.
10. Well let's see if this was worth it.
11. Oh also how is this even longer than the original?

Thoughts While I Watched This:
1. This one starts sooner than the original.
2. The opening scene is very similar, but still a bit different.
3. "Pancakes!" lol
4. That scene I would say is a bit gorier this time around.
5. Ah the kid scene was cut.
6. They don't seem quite as excited as the original.
7. So far it seems that besides the situations of scenes and set ups it's somewhat different.
8. This one moves along much quicker getting to things.
9. It seems this one is trying to be a bit more graphic with it's happenings.
10. Well yep besides a slight difference that was basically the same.
11. Some people have different lines or have lines the other characters said.
12. Aw that wasn't anywhere near as amusing.
13. So the nice guy jock personality is replaced by a nerdy meh character okay then.
14. I definitely hope this goes differently because the Rider Strong replacement character is pretty lame so far.
15. Are they trying to make this one more serious?
16. I mean some of the fun of the original was the silliness of it all.
17. Black Ops 2 really??
18. It's 2016 which means Black Ops 3 lol.
19. Okay that scene was much funnier.
20. Why start a fire if you're just going to leave?
21. Not really as much of a montage as the original.
22. Also they got rid of Paul's turn on lol.
23. Oh it seems they are changing the order of some scenes as well interesting.
24. That was almost exactly the same!
25. Gosh some of these lines sound so pitiful this time.
26. Also that fire was nowhere near as crazy as the original.
27. Um so they cut out the visuals during the campfire as well as the added little thing of the bald employee wow...
28. Wait so that role wasn't just put in there for Eli Roth?
29. This version of Grim is more creepy than funny.
30. See in the original I believed in Bert not so much in this one.
31. No offense do Dustin Ingram though he just doesn't have the look.
32. So it seems they decided to cut out the more explicit dialogue seeing as Bert's dog story gets denied here completely.
33. See that's what happens when you don't do something you say you will.
34. I guess since it's the same they expect you to know that's not good?
35. Well the hog didn't look sick to me, but then again I'm not sure how it was meant to look.
36. So far everything has gone pretty much the same more or less.
37. Damn okay these two scenes while the same dialogue are still quite a bit different from the original.
38. Okay now that was definitely different.
39. Yeah felt like another meaning since it was a female cop this time.
40. And now we return to rehashing.
41. Haha that was an interesting change.
42. Now I like that they did something a little different with the dog.
43. I don't like her face, but wow that body haha.
44. So they decided to do something different with the whole bunnyman thing?
45. Lol who doesn't love pancakes.
46. At least they cut that nonsensical flipping the kid did in the original.
47. Oh wow unexpected!
48. That scene not as disturbing just way more bloody.
49. Damn!
50. Okay I thought the deaths would be different hers was the same!
51. Nevermind!
52. Oh God!!
53. Dude WTF!
54. Alrighty then!
55. Well that was not as I expected.
56. Lmao who is the idiot?
57. Yeah that scene took another route.
58. That was a lame retouch...
59. Well the ending was slightly different I guess.
60. The extra scene was new for sure.

Thoughts After I Watched This:
1. It's like watching a play or a movie based on Shakespeare's plays just not as fun.
2. Everything is basically the same exact thing except for maybe some dialogue here and there, the order of scenes, the look of the settings, and altered scenes.
3. The execution is so poorly done.
4. The actors even the ones I have liked barely ever do well here sadly.
5. Maybe it was the fact that they just didn't fit the roles they had.
6. I mean I usually like Dustin Ingram, but in my opinion he was the worst idea for Bert.
7. The lead guy who played Paul was nowhere near as awesome as Rider Strong.
8. The stuff that made the original amusing were cut or altered entirely to where they didn't happen or just came off as creepy.
9. I was at least hopeful for an Eli Roth cameo, but nope not even that.
10. I'm not sure this is even good on it's own.
11. Just skip this one and stick to the original.
Added by BAMF
2 years ago on 13 February 2016 05:28