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Top 10 DLC fighters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Black Mage (Final Fantasy)
There are many iconic faces from the world of Final Fantasy. You have the Moogles, Chocobo's, Marlboro's for better or worse. For many people that's Cloud, but for me it will always be the Black Mage. I was slightly confused at Cloud's inclusion since he was never on a Nintendo console, and since I never saw him as more iconic than the Black Mage. But given Final Fantasy 7's popularity, I shouldn't be surprised. The Black Mage however is a simple character: a mage that uses elemental spells. There's nothing much more to him, he literally uses magic spells. But in my opinion the Super Smash Bros games slightly lack Magic users, and what better way to increase that number than with one of the most iconic mages ever? For his final smash I would definitely pick the spell Ultima or Meteor, since both are considered amongst the strongest spells in the franchise. Or probably even a flurry of elemental spells? Anything is possible. I doubt this will ever happen since Cloud is already in, and we recently got another representative from Square Enix being the Dragon Quest hero, but if they ever decide to pick another Final Fantasy character, I hope it's the Black Mage.
Ratchet & Clank (Ratchet & Clank)
Ratchet & Clank is one of my favourite platforming series out there, and I would definitely love to see the duo get into Smash. I've placed them slightly lower on the list because there are some other platforming heroes I'd rather see that appear later on this list. But back to our intergalactic duo, as Ratchet and Clank are probably the best characters on here to pick a moveset for, mainly because their moveset is huge! Ratchet can do a lot of things with his wrench, and he can even ''use'' Clank for some combat related fighting, but he also has a huge arsenal of weapons. Every game gives us so many new weapons to choose from, so only picking a selection of weapons is both tough but very fun to do. He can shoot rockets, normal projectiles, fire, ice, bombs, turrets.. well, just a whole lot. For his final smash I would pick the most infamous powerful weapon of the franchise, the R.Y.N.O. But yet again, for a final smash there can also be a lot of variety, especially in regards to Clank who can mess with time or become huge. Coming up with a moveset for this iconic duo is a pleasure to behold.
Klonoa (Klonoa)
This is probably one of the less likely candidates from this list. While Klonoa is loved by many, it sold pretty poorly and I wouldn't be surprised if Bandai Namco saw this franchise as a commercial failure. Though to be fair, they have to thank themselves for that as well for not properly advertising this game. But let's not dwell on the past and instead look positively towards the future. Klonoa has an interesting gameplay mechanic, that being his Wind Ring that he can use to grapple enemies and use them to shoot them as projectiles towards other enemies or throw them downwards to launch himself slightly higher in the air. He can also use his ears to flap around a bit. There's not really a lot else that Klonoa does, but I'm sure Sakurai and his team can work out something for our platforming hero. They can make the Ice Climbers and Duck-Hunt Dog work, so they can definitely make Klonoa work.
Shantae (Shantae)
I would really love to see an indie representative in Smash. My first thought would be to take Quote from Cave Story since that game is basically the father of Indie games. But unfortunately I haven't played Cave Story yet and thus don't feel deserving enough to put him on here. I don't really think Meat Boy should get in Smash, and other options were Shovel Knight and the Hollow Knight, but instead I chose for Shantae. I am still conflicted on how this counts as an Indie franchise since Wayforward has been a development studio for quite some time now but I digress. Shantae has a very good moveset that could work in smash easily. Not only can she use animal transformations, but also purchasable items from the shop and even Risky's items from the Pirate's Curse. I could totally see her final smash be something very similar to Donkey Kong's final smash from Super Smash Brothers Brawl, where she have to do timed button presses on the beat of the music. And of course let's not forget her default attack of whipping her hair. Let her give Bayonetta a run for her money in a show-off of hair attacking!
Spyro (Spyro)
If they pick a Sony representative (which will probably happen sooner than later), they'll probably pick Crash. But spoiler alert: I don't really like Crash. He arguably would work better as a fighter as well, but I just really like Spyro a lot so I prefer the character slot to go to him. And what's not to love about a fire-breathing purple dragon? He can glide around, charge in on enemies and use one of his various elemental breaths to turn the tide of battle. He can even use his tail and ground pound enemies to oblivion. I am not too familiar with the Legend of Spyro series, but there's probably a lot to draw from there as well, including a dark form of himself that he could probably use as final smash. From what I've gathered he also uses a lot of melee attacks in that game, adding more to his default moveset. There's a lot to choose from, and Spyro would certainly make for a very unique character to join an already big roster of unique characters.
Adol Christin (Ys)
I really love the Ys series, and to have a representative in Smash from my favourite video game development studio ever would be a dream come true. The Ys series has been around since the '80s as well and has been going strong since. The only problem with this entry is that I don't really have a moveset in mind for Adol. Let's not kid ourselves; Adol is a sword fighter more than anything. He has a good amount of unique techniques he can utilize but that's about it. Maybe he can use some of the items he obtains during his quests? They're primarily used for story progession but who knows, maybe he can use them in combat. He does also have some elemental moves however, to bring a bit of variety. Still, I would really want to see Adol added to the game.
Rayman (Rayman)
I am legit scared of this entry. Despite varying opinions on how Ubisoft currently fares, I do still believe that they too deserve a representing character in Smash. But there are two problems: one being that the Rayman franchise is currently on hiatus with Ubisoft giving us no update on the series whatsoever, and other problem that scares me.. the Rabbits. I would absolutely NOT want to see a Rabbit character in Smash, but with how they had a crossover with Mario as well as having replaced Rayman essentially, it's surprisingly likely. But let's stay positive and hope they actually pick Rayman. I still firmly believe that Rayman stands high amongst the non-Nintendo platforming icons, and that Smash also has a surprising lack of platforming icons to begin with. Rayman has an interesting moveset for Smash, being that he can shoot both his hands and legs, and can fly temporarily with his hair. He can even charge up said hands and legs for a more powerful attack. And if that wasn't enough, he can use random power tonics from Rayman 3 for other temporary power-ups. Electrocuting enemies or shooting a rocket in someone's face sounds fun to me. I don't really have any idea on what his final smash could be, but if they really wanted to use the Rabbits I'd say it's fair game to use them there. Would be really fun if they used the dancing minigame for that where Rabbid drop down from the sky on a succesful button input. Actually now that I think about it, the minigames are also a pretty good source for Rayman's moveset. Unclogger shooter anyone?
Lana (Zelda/Hyrule Warriors)
Lana from Hyrule Warriors will probably never make an appearance outside of said game, and that would be a real shame. Lana is easily amongst my favourite The Legend of Zelda characters despite not even being canon to the main series. She was a fun, energetic girl and important to the plot of Hyrule Warriors. But when it comes to Hyrule Warriors, the main element we think of it gameplay. And Lana has a lot of interesting weapons at her disposal, which they could easily make a Smash moveset out of. Her main weapon would be her trusty book, full of pages and white magic to attack with. But at the same time, she can use her Deku Staff and Summoning Gate for fun variations in attacks. For her final smash they could grab some of her special attacks from the book, but what I personally would really like to see is her summoning a bunch of boss monsters from the gate. How that would work without having the full screen filled by giant enemies no idea, but a man can dream right?
Lloyd Irving (Tales of Series)
I'm slightly insulted. Tales is one of the three giants when it comes to JRPGs in Japan, and the game is even co-developed by Bandai Namco. So why is there still no Tales protagonist in Smash, but Joker got in? Back on topic however. I've got to be honest: Lloyd is not my favourite Tales protagonist. That title easily goes to either Cless or Velvet, and even then there are some others that I prefer. So why did I pick Lloyd? Well, he's basically the face of the Tales franchise. The logo of the franchise is even designed after him. And for Velvet you can arguably say she has not been on a Nintendo console yet, even though that didn't stop Joker and Cloud from getting in. But what makes Lloyd also another great option is that while he is a sword fighter, he actually uses two. The only other character who fights with two swords is Pit, and he uses them way differently. And let's be honest: the gameplay of Tales transfers almost seemlessly into a Smash game, with every button and directional combination being its own attack. For the final smash I would obviously pick the Mystic Arte: Falcon Crest, which would have him jump into the air and smash down, instantly K.O.ing anyone in near vicinity.
Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
It shouldn't come as a surprise that the Hyperdimension Neptunia fanboy, who has designed his whole profile around Neptunia, to have Neptune as his first choice. I know that this idea is very unrealistic but on the other hand, Neptune is the face of the current animegames culture, for better or worse since that culture isn't exactly known for quality games. Neptune is a very fun character however, and rightfully deserving of being the face of said culture. She is yet again a sword fighter, of which we already have many in Smash, but I feel Neptune does enough crazy movements to be different enough from the existing swordfighters. She can even transform into a jet fighter, just saying. She also has some magic skills but prefers to rely on her melee combat. The easiest choice for her final smash would be for her to transform into Purple Heart or even her Next Form, but her special attacks give her enough variations in choice. Purple Heart could possible be even a normal transformation in battle, though I'll leave that up to the developers since they're way better at this job than I am. It's an unrealistic choice, but the choice that would make me the most happy.

These are the Top 10 characters I want to see as DLC in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. These are all my own opinion of characters that I would like, not based on popularity. Most of these are probably even unrealistic choices but it's fun to imagine how they would fit in the roster.

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