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BioShock review

Posted : 7 years, 8 months ago on 7 July 2011 12:06

This is the rare RPG shooter that gets everything right. The graphics are wonderful, the environment is memorable and the shooting includes strategic aspects that add a lot of depth and make each encounter memorable. There are also some light RPG elements here in the form of plasmids that alter your characters abilities. It's no Baldur's Gate but it does feed into my compulsive need to collect and see everything a game has to offer.

The real star here is the environment and story. The game takes place in an underwater utopian world that's essentially gone to rot. There are tons of unique enemies and individual environments and the story is effective at keeping you invested in the ultimate outcome.

Some of the Ayn Randish references would be distracting if the gameplay wasn't so bloody fantastic. Overall, this is as close to a modern masterpiece of gaming that one can find.

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BioShock review

Posted : 7 years, 11 months ago on 4 April 2011 07:20

Willkommen in Rapture. Bioshock ist ein Actionspiel, wie Sie es noch nicht erlebt haben. Auf dem Grund des Meeres erwartet Sie die utopische Stadt Rapture, zerrissen vom genetischen Bürgerkrieg. Entdecken Sie eine unglaubliche, aber tödliche Welt im Stil des Art Déco, finden Sie eindrucksvolle Technologie und treffen Sie faszinierende Einwohner. Ein komplettes Waffenarsenal steht Ihnen zur Verfügung - vom einfachen Revolver bis zum Raketen- oder Flammenwerfer. Widersetzen Sie sich den Regeln der Natur. Benutzen Sie Plasmid-Spritzen, um Ihre DNA zu modifizieren und übermenschliche Kräfte freizusetzen. FEATURES: - Biologiesche Modifikationen für Ihren Körper: Feuern Sie elektronische Blitze aus Ihren Fingerspitzen oder brüten Sie in Ihrem eigenen Körper Killerhornissen aus, die Sie Ihren Gegnern hinterher jagen können - Hacken Sie sind in Maschinen und Sicherheitssysteme ein, verbessern Sie Ihre Waffen und basteln Sie neue Munition - Alles wird zur Waffe! Ihre Umgebung, Feuer, Wasser, und sogar Sie selbst - dank diverser Gen-Manipulationen.

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Great game!!

Posted : 8 years, 10 months ago on 24 May 2010 06:31

I'm not going to spoil it for you but trust me is going to to leave you saying whoa!!

God the gameplay is nice and responsive, you press the button to hit that crazy insane guy across the back and BANG!! there you have it his dead lying before you in a pool of his own blood. So basically every thing about the control feels right and good, to believe it for yourselves. (P.S - you might want to change the mouse sensitivity if your not using a gamepad.)

Fuck everything looks great in the game, down to the last fucking dirt in the game!You won't be disappointed by the visuals.

The Game:
BioShock is a great game. Buy it or just download it if your a pc can handle the game. still its one game that going to be with you for a very FUCKING LONG TIME!!!

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Great game but not perfect

Posted : 11 years, 5 months ago on 2 October 2007 06:54

I've been waiting for this game since I saw it in Game Informer about two years ago and when that day finally came I was as happy as a squirrel with a sack of nuts.
I started the game and was amazed by the pure eye candy that was the graphics; the water effects looked better then any other game I've played before, level textures were great, and the only real graphics that weren't awesome was the faces.
As I continued on I started to notice what was the real appeal that drew me in to System Shock and F.E.A.R. which was the very atmospheric and creepy music and sound effects which scared me a couple times and the voice acting was also awesome and gave all the characters real depth.
The guns in the game felt great even though they were really standard for a FPS and the addition of Plasmids (genetic power ups that gave you lightning, fire, ice, telekinesis. etc.) were great at first but became a novelty pretty quick because I was really only using the lightning bolt the majority of the time.
Story is what kept me going (as it should have 'cause it is a single player game only) and getting the good ending, while short, was great and rewarding.
Over all it's a great game but not as great as say Half-Life 2 but a must buy/play none the less.

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BioShock review

Posted : 11 years, 6 months ago on 24 September 2007 12:45

After all the dust had settled, this game was just a solid FPS game that is there to keep you entertained for about 15 hours of your life. All of the hype suggesting it is the best game ever can only lead to disappointment. Its metascore is supposed to be the greatest on the site, but this game isn't anything ground breaking.

The team behind Bioshock are capable of genre-defining material, but this game isn't anything novel or profound. Playing the game I was immersed through the first two hours or so, but then they just stopped trying to scare and impress you and put the plot into auto-pilot. The thing I noticed with this game was how wonderfully developed it was. In fact, the surroundings were so intricately detailed that I almost felt suffocated at times. It is always the same when a game goes down this road, that something is left underdeveloped as a result. In this instance I thought it was the storyline. When you realise that you are going to have to fight your way through every single area of rapture, you start to get a feel of how cut and dry the game is. The fact that there are literally only 3/4 types of enemy in the game (who inexplicably get tougher to kill as the game goes on?) is a big disappointment.

It is wonderfully atmospheric, gory and genuinely unnerving at times, but it's most definitely not the greatest game of all time. I'd take Half-Life 2 over this any day.

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