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Added by SuperAmanda on 15 Jun 2010 12:30
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Katy Perry Stuffs Her Bra

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Average listal rating (951 ratings) 6.9 IMDB Rating 0

Can Katy's fans who defend her bogus chest explain 1:01 to me?

If Katy Payola had even slightly bigger than average size boobs no dress would flatten her out as the one she chose for Sesame Street or the gray trashy one below does. Later on Saturday Night Live, she stuffed enough padded gel inserts in her bra to put Dow Corning into Chapter 11.

Katy Payola Perry: Stop denigrating women with breast implants and who have "small boobies" with your catty quips and stop lying to little girls, tweens and teens about your bogus cup size and how superior it makes you. Instead, donate some of your Proactive/spot infomercial fee to Breast Cancer research.

And keep your malodorous kinder whore self away from children.

Trashy fraud.

SuperAmanda's rating:
Average listal rating (146 ratings) 7.7 IMDB Rating 0

SuperAmanda's rating:

Sophie Howard's all natural set look supported and comfy, while Katy's "boobs" look like smashed bakery road kill.
SuperAmanda's rating:
Average listal rating (210 ratings) 7.8 IMDB Rating 0
Katy Perry frequently compares herself to Bettie Page, it shows how delusional and inept at pop culture references she is. Most who grow up as borderline psychotic religious freaks like Perry did, never come to truly understand the levity and freedom in secular entertainment. They see it as a means to strip mine underground culture and blatantly steal ideas.

No photoshop on Bettie.
SuperAmanda's rating:

Liz at 22 and Perry at 22.
SuperAmanda's rating:
Average listal rating (602 ratings) 7.2 IMDB Rating 0

No contest.
SuperAmanda's rating:

SuperAmanda's rating:
Average listal rating (228 ratings) 7.7 IMDB Rating 0

Katy had not been padding and hyping her boobs at this point in her career.
SuperAmanda's rating:

SuperAmanda's rating:

SuperAmanda's rating:

SuperAmanda's rating:

SuperAmanda's rating:

No comment.
SuperAmanda's rating:
Average listal rating (1214 ratings) 6.7 IMDB Rating 0

SuperAmanda's rating:
Average listal rating (291 ratings) 7.8 IMDB Rating 0

SuperAmanda's rating:
Average listal rating (522 ratings) 7.9 IMDB Rating 0

Someone had "like ya know passed away on the plane, so sad" and Katy was very worried her rubber dress might not make it in time for her to act like an inarticulate prat on James Corden's World Cupshow. Because someone dying can be "like a bummer like ya know..."

Too bad Katy Perry's dress did not come with Kelly Brook's figure, waist or charm.
SuperAmanda's rating:
Average listal rating (274 ratings) 8.1 IMDB Rating 0

SuperAmanda's rating:

SuperAmanda's rating:
Average listal rating (118 ratings) 7.3 IMDB Rating 0

As far away from Catwoman as it gets.
SuperAmanda's rating:

SuperAmanda's rating:
Average listal rating (1105 ratings) 7.3 IMDB Rating 0

SuperAmanda's rating:

Katy Perry is to bra stuffing what Paris Hilton is to mandatory valtrex prescriptions.

Enough chicken cutlets to put J. Edgar Hoover to shame at the yearly FBI Bureau Christmas bash.

SuperAmanda's rating:

Would would Russell Brand do?

SuperAmanda's rating:

In this blatant rip off, Katy's obvious padded bra failed to give her the all over curves and hip to waist ratio apparent in Scarlett's Johansson's far superior bra-less shoot for Allure. Katy Perry looks a 700 Club escort.
SuperAmanda's rating:
Average listal rating (180 ratings) 7.7 IMDB Rating 0

Lynda Carter at 24. Katy Perry at 24.

Can't see Lynda Carter OR Wonder Woman pretending to be a little girl in a sexualised version of Candyland.
Wonder Woman isn't always trying to please the boys and be a "hot bitch."

Wonder Woman has self respect.

SuperAmanda's rating:
Average listal rating (769 ratings) 6 IMDB Rating 0

No wonder Katy Perry is so jealous.
SuperAmanda's rating:
Average listal rating (480 ratings) 6.8 IMDB Rating 0

Talk about the failed Christian girl with no ideas stealing from everything in sight! It's common knowledge that after first failing as a Christian singer, then at bad imitation Emo and still floundering as a lead vocalist for a fake rock band, it wasn't until becoming Capitol records copy of Lily Allen and acting really sleazy that got Katy Perry attention.

All of Lily Allen's pics below, PRE-date Perry's. It's as if she simply stole her entire persona. Once again this just shows what a blatant rip off Katy Perry is-are ANY of her style ideas original? Sorry, you may BE an ass but you can't be Lily Allen without having a really good one.

SuperAmanda's rating:

Sad, tone deaf Katy can cry and cry and sing like a banshee in a microwave and have the photoshop people leave a huge fake mark but Mr.Pregnant got his talent the hard way-he earned it! And he's much bigger and nicer ones!

"Boo hoo, hoo, hoo I can't sing and the photoshop guy only blew up one boobie, sob, sob, wanna hear Firework again? I only sound half way constipated..."

No photo shop disaster retouched boobs for Mr.P, no auto tune!! It is all about the coconut bam bams and little Katy Perry is just weak to compete with the his Pness!

SuperAmanda's rating:

Little girls are targeted by Katy Perry's ONLY message , her so-called "big boobs.." Eyes don't lie even if Katy Perry does. I'm assuming her fans are too stupid and manipluated by the media to know what really big boobs actually look like. In the business of sexualising children's imagery and aiming raunch at under age audiences, Katy Perry is given a near free pass by the media. Her falsely touted "DD's" are front and centre of her borderline agenda. A grown, woman with TRULY large breasts and an hourglass figure would never make it on to Mtv or children's TV dressed in toddler motifs-parents would flip out.

To Katy Perry fans: You may want to examine why you are defending an adult woman who sells sex using small children's imagery and who puts fie year olds in cup cake bras and walks them down the red carpet like dogs.

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Posted: 8 years, 1 month ago at Jun 16 0:24
Wow, brilliant!
I don't really loathe Katy Perry, as you may; but she's definitely nothing special... or anywhere in the vicinity.

I am surprised by the first reaction on here, Pinder has an incredible body. I'm not sure how it's possible to think otherwise.
Posted: 8 years, 1 month ago at Jun 16 0:28
I agree completely with this list! Katy Perry is so over-rated. All of my friends think she is so fit but that is only because she is talked about more than the women on this list, therefore people see Katy Perry more and don't have anyone to compare her to. If they actually saw more women they'd forget all about Katy Perry. Thank God you made this list to prove it.

I disagree, Blue Pineapple. Lucy Pinder is far from skanky. In fact she is one of the least skanky of all British supermodels (Now Katie Price is what you call skanky!) lol.
Posted: 8 years, 1 month ago at Jun 16 1:24
Wow SA, you must REALLY hate Katy Perry! LOL! In any event, I agree; you are on point with -all- of these comparisons. You've got my vote, honey! DOWN WITH PERRY!!! She's overrated, under-talented, and her figure isn't... ...-always- that great to behold without help from her garments.

P.S.: Anyone claiming Lucy Pinder is 'skanky' should consider LASIK.
P.P.S.: Anyone claiming that Katy Perry is "way prettier than all these women of the list." should take the advice above.
Posted: 8 years, 1 month ago at Jun 16 2:38
"therefore people see Katy Perry more and don't have anyone to compare her to. If they actually saw more women they'd forget all about Katy Perry. Thank God you made this list to prove it."

straight up! Agreed. Cheers!
Posted: 8 years, 1 month ago at Jun 16 5:36
I was just watching Katy's stupid new music video today for "California Girls" (which I refuse to spell with a U, I mean really) and found this list.
I've read the dumb things she's said, and lied about really. I don't like her much, her music, style or anything. So good list!
And yikes, at the end of the music video she was wearing a really, really padded bra and had like cream or something squirting out of it and it was awful really. So ha, if you need more ammunition there it is, you must watch it.
Posted: 8 years, 1 month ago at Jun 16 5:41
AH, and what is with these awful colored wigs she has been wearing with the bangs. Yikes again.
Posted: 8 years, 1 month ago at Jun 16 6:11
still not sure who Katy Perry is, but the pics are fantastic. Of the other women.
Posted: 8 years, 1 month ago at Jun 16 13:03
Obviously Pinder doesn't compre to Johansson in the pictures because Johansson's is a fasion shoot and Pinder's is a paparazzi shot. Like I said, Pinder is far from skanky and is probably one of the more natural looking of all British supermodels. Even her nude shoots aren't skanky. As far as I know, Sophie Howard and Lucy Pinder have not had breast implants.
Posted: 8 years, 1 month ago at Jun 16 13:49
Hi Fanciful,
Rossjm is correct. There is no silicone on the entire list. Many of the top Page 3 girls in England, if you choose to research, are simply naturally very well endowed and very firm looking as are many of the Eastern European busty models.

I actually have almost zero silicone or any implants on my lists as policy. The ONLY list of mine you'll find them is:

and only be default because it's more of a nostalgic list.
Thanks for the vote! KP's body is not the problem it's who she is inside that's offensive and it manifests itself in this narcissistic PR blitz about how and how she is obviously to ripping off people for ideas left and right which is why I made this list. If she was not such a bitch it would not matter.

Thanks for your comments!
Posted: 8 years, 1 month ago at Jun 16 14:05
And Christina Hendricks is real-100%!! As real is as it gets! as is Pinder, Howard, Marshy, and yes Peta Todd.

CH is is very well endowed and has a style that involves creating a pushed up bosom to give a super lifted look to her style in black tie clothing.

In more casual dress you can see the difference:

If you are tall woman with a DDD body you need to really accentuate your bust and waist or the camera makes you look much heavier than you. CH is a very trim woman
Posted: 8 years, 1 month ago at Jun 18 0:39
Many of the top Page 3 girls in England, if you choose to research, are simply naturally very well endowed and very firm looking as are many of the Eastern European busty models.

//light bulb flashes in head// ... and there's my idea for a list! Thanks SA!
Posted: 8 years, 1 month ago at Jun 18 1:03
I started one but you really need to be a straight guy to do that one justice. This straight female who loves boobs can't wait!
Posted: 8 years, 1 month ago at Jun 18 18:32
I read on the internet somewhere that Katy Perry is actually an a-cup, it really pisses me off that she claims to be a DD. It really puts natural DDs and hourglass body's like you and I to shame.
Posted: 8 years, 1 month ago at Jun 18 18:35
I LOVE IT!!!!!!
You forgot Elizabeth Taylor, who I've heard her compare herself to on at least 2 occasions. Yeah, if I hear her harp on her "busty hourglass figure" one more time, I'll scream.
The only thing is, you can have big boobs that look smaller than they are. I'm a 32 G, and I know they don't look as big as they are unless I'm wearing a tight shirt, which I don't very often.

That said, Katy Perry is a C cup at most. She claims DD?
Posted: 8 years, 1 month ago at Jun 18 19:19
Oh of course Liz!!! I will get on that vraifriandise. Yes, first she said she "you just can't mess with the 32Ds" after pointing out that another girl's "boobies are smaller" than her's. That was at a BREAST CANCER CHARITY event. That is when she became the brunt of my anger. Exploit what you need to just don't use breast cancer! Now this past year, she's started claiming DD which is a 100% lie. Even a small DD is not her size.
Posted: 8 years, 1 month ago at Jun 20 3:48
Yeah, agreed. And I see you added Liz! This is my new favorite list.
Posted: 8 years, 1 month ago at Jun 22 12:36
Great job!
Posted: 8 years ago at Jul 17 20:03
Thanks, SuperAmanda for showing us what a liar KP is! It pisses me off that she said she's a DD on Stern. Yeah right! There are ways to make ones breasts bigger than they are. I'm a fan of your list! Keep up the good work!
Posted: 7 years, 11 months ago at Jul 30 5:30
I created an account just to comment it.

Girls, do you know ANYTHING about bra sizing and fitting bras? It doesn't really seem so. And it's quite a shame.

Yes, she can wear a D-cup. Like 30D, I can believe that. Cup sizes depend strongly on back size. 34B is smaller than 40B (go check at your local store). 28D is smaller than 36D. There is no such thing as constant cup size!

And no, having DD+ or even G+ bras doesn't mean you grow melons on your chest.
Posted: 7 years, 11 months ago at Jul 30 15:16
Hi Ellenn: The only reason there is a not a constant cup size is because of bra manufactures but in the public's mind there IS. In the united states and in the public consciousness, a Dcup and a DDcup are big even BEFORE you are going into a 36. People hear "D" and "DD" and think it means big.

In the UK a Dcup at nearly any band size is quite small (closer to a modest US C cup), as is a DDcup because UK bra sizing is incremental and much more precise. Bra fitters here in the UK will put a 36D who is bulging out into a 32E or EE because a smaller band size and a bigger cup has been determined to encapsulate the entire breast and give it more support within the bra. As someone who wears and buys bras for a living, I've found this to true much of the time. Once again, all bra makers fit differently too so is the fact that each body and set of boobs is different.

A US DD Cup Old school (pre-2000 or so) was huge and old school cup DDD, if you could find it, was massive. This was because that was as high as bra sizing went before you went into custom made bras or were searching for that one store in the county that carried truly big sizes. Often large busted women who should have been wearing a G or bigger would simply cram their boobs into a DD and make the best of it.

A true/old school US DD is closer to a EE or small F cup in the UK. Which is about as big as Diora Baird or Kate Jennings. A Gcup is closer to Regina Spektor. Katy Perry is not even remotely close at all to the sizing of all three of the aforementioned.

Katy Perry could easily wear a 36B, 34C or a new school 32D (closer to a C ). She is too small to wear an old school "D" at any back number. Someone with bigger than average boobs, even with a tiny back, can't fit into such small sizing as she clearly could.

I am commenting on what the terms "DD" mean in the media and despite the fact in bra sizing speak THESE days it can mean in actuality small or modest breasts, traditionally in the media and how that vapid media whore Katy Perry uses the term, it means very big boobs which she does NOT have.

My point is that its clear to ANYONE that knows big boobs, has big boobs or even bigger than average, Katy Perry is average to below size, especially for her height and frame. Lower numbers in a band size don't make her what a TRUE D or DD cup is in traditional pop culture sense which is synonymous with truly big boobs.

Little girls and teens who are her core audience need to look at her and realise that she is all hype. Young kids, very young, can't see the reality of padding, photo-shop and the constant hype. Little girls think they need to have "DDs like Katy Perry" to be ok when in reality its all a PR blitz.

You can see her before she started hyping and padding and most likely doubling her dial pack along with her atrocious singing voice here.(1:01):

Edit: 7 years, 11 months ago
Posted: 7 years, 11 months ago at Aug 2 10:30

I've signed up only to post a comment :)
SuperAmanda, on one side I do get your point - Katy shouldn't lie about her breast size. Who knows? Maybe she has some complexes about her breasts, or she knows that "sex sells" (to say so) - and enhancing her breast size artificially helps her image. Probably both? I don't know...
From the pictures I've seen here, I think clothing plays a major role in this "boob size" problem - sometimes her breasts seem big, other times she seems almost flat. Depending on what she's wearing, and how, I'd say she fluctuates somewhere between a B and a C cup. My sister has boobs as big as Katy's when she's wearing that red bikini - and my sister's boob size is 90B (40B in UK I believe).
Personally, I'm a tiny girl - as constitution. Not the skinny type, but tiny for sure... and maybe I do have some "air between my legs" too :) - it doesn't mean that all women have to be well built. I measure 32 inches around my boobs and 24 inches around my ribcage (right under my boobs). I wear B cup bras because my boobs look smashed in A cups, or they always come out of the bra.
Should I have a conclusion now? Haha - On one side, I don't believe Katy's boobs are a DD either, and most important, she shouldn't lie about her size - but on the other side, she isn't completely flat chested, or completely hideous. I don't like her, I don't like her face... but I've seen worse... so for me Katy's body is an average one; nothing extraordinary, but not something I'd run away from.
Posted: 7 years, 11 months ago at Aug 3 11:29
"Why do you think the fashion magazines NEVER get it correct in boob and buxom body articles?"

Quite simply because they don't care about getting it correct. I've seen what some of these feature editors look like and many of them look nothing like the women they praise in magazines everyday. I've seens loads that have proper big boobs and these are the same people that will lable J Lo and hourglass! Their aim is the entertain not educate. They're thus lazy with words and use whatever sounds good. I will only ever believe a celeb's measurements and weight if I see them taken live. I wouldn't use fashion mags as an example.

In any case my colleague is a very buxom lady and she's adament that i have big boobs when I am in fact medium. so go figure!

Posted: 7 years, 11 months ago at Aug 3 16:03
(I too just signed up to post this comment.) I just wanted to say thank you so much SuperAmanda for this list. It is so refreshing and frankly a relief to see someone that not only can be so well-versed on bras and the history of bra sizing, but the cultural politics of bust lines.

It's so important that you are articulating the difference between old and new bra sizing as well, and are trying to put into context the ridiculous lie that Katy has embedded at the heart of her persona. Although yes, she's definitely recently enhanced her natural size through hormone pills. We never hear her state her actual measurements do we?

I, for instance, am 38"-26"-38" w/ 30" ribcage and have been since I was 14 and I have struggled with embracing my body. I've been all over the map on bra sizes and have been told I'm various sizes. I'm also 5'8". (I've heard Katy fudge about her height at times as well, adding an inch or two.) After over 15 years at this size, there has been a sea change in bra sizing and when I was really young, had I not turned to classic film stars and realized that I was fortunate, I would have had a reduction or an eating disorder. I can definitely say that Katy uses the padded bras that teenage girls wear now that are half full of air or gel. But it's not, as you rightly point out, just a matter of the fact that she is lying about this and other things, like she's lying for the sake of lying.

The most pertinent point that you highlight (for me) is to question what role she serves in the industry and why this central claim is at the heart of her agenda. The fact that she claims to be buxom, yet in reality has a boyish figure, is that she can be marketed to children to serve the pedophiliac agenda. If she was truly voluptuous, parents would find her off-putting, but her appearance (including her doll-face) allows her to gain acceptance as, she claims, an innocuous 'cartoon character' that nullifies the fact that she is almost 26. Everything this woman says is contradictory, double-talk, which intentionally confuses and distracts, and her good-girl facade, and surface idealistic, romantic mottos are what gets her past the censor so that she can atrophy young girl's minds with her real vacuous, sexually objectifying message. Those 32DDs are front and center in this, the symbolic lie that unlocks her marketing strategy.

We've all known this girl. She is the girl in high school that would go up to the smart, talented, pretty girl and insult her dress, only to appear the next day in the same dress and claim that the girl copied her and that she was the one being bullied. I feel bad for young teenage girls because I think this is more powerful than the way Britney was portrayed when she was 17. Even though Katy is to me the most obvious absurd fraud out there, she seems to have hit on what is actually quite a sophisticated ploy.

Thank you once again for those of us who are truly irked by this fallacy and thank you for taking it seriously in all its dimensions.

Posted: 7 years, 11 months ago at Aug 3 21:26
Lovette: Thanks for adding a comment, I think Rebekah's comment is actually the best response I could give to your opinions. Cheers :)
Posted: 7 years, 11 months ago at Aug 4 22:29
The woman in your photo looks bigger than a double.

I think the pic of KP is a candid but maybe it has been touched up a bit.

I any case I posted it to show that though she doesn't have huge boobs she's not flat chested. To be honest you seem to view boobs as either huge or flat. Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz; that's flat chested!
Posted: 7 years, 11 months ago at Aug 5 3:37
No, I actually don't that would be Katy Perry. That's the point of this list. Remember this is a list specifically taking the piss out of Katy Perry and HER created hype. Doira Baird is a USDD (UK EE to FF), get the difference? DD IN THE STATES synonymous with very boobs which Baird has and Perry does not. Perry knows this. I'm calling the game.

Cameron Diaz is not as modest as Kate Hudson. Both, especially Diaz are insanely fit.
Edit: 7 years, 11 months ago
Posted: 7 years, 11 months ago at Aug 5 11:50
I get the difference. You have not, from what I've seen, clarified whether you are talking about US or UK sizing. I'm from the UK and Doira Baird being a UK FF makes more sense.

Well in any case, my point is that I don't think Katy Perry is flat chested. Though really I couldn't give a damn about her boobs.

Then, I am religious so I'm probably psychotic, right?!
Posted: 7 years, 11 months ago at Aug 5 14:58
And my point is that in some of these photos she is nearly flat and why, after trying for over eight years to make it music did she suddenly start to hype them when she needed to stay at Capitol Records who were going to drop her? Desperation?

Many of my friends are religious and believe in Jesus, God and or Buddha and the Koran, Taoism etc . If you grew up like Perry singing outside abortion clinics and speaking in tongues at right wing Jesus camps or as other have, calling for a fatwa on Rushdie then yes, you are psychopathic.

Religious people who take it that far have gone from having their own beliefs into oppressing and invading the personal space of others. That's why her Tweet about Lady Gaga using "blasphemy' showed she's bordering on unintelligibility.

Part of religious tolerance involves accommodating freedom to constructively judge religion, and even if those critiques are too sophisticated for Katy Perry to comprehend, they simply do not constitute blasphemy. Perry maintains one day that she hates religion and sex "mixing in entertainment" and the the next day sucks on a cross while posing nearly nude.

"Blasphemy" is more like tattooing Jesus on your hand as she does and holding that as some sort of talisman to ward off the fact that you're not staying true to your values. There is nothing sacred about Katy Perry, she is nothing but profanity without sensuality , suffering epidermal suffocation via MAC whilst sexualizing CandyLand board game (the most popular US child's board game of the past century) ala Joe Francis, and stuffing her bra. Most of Katy's act and the things that she says are far more compromising and offensive than second hand religious shock imagery of Gaga, which Madonna and many others before madonna had being trading on for years. So yes, her brand of religion is psychopathic and hypocritical.
Edit: 7 years, 11 months ago
Posted: 7 years, 11 months ago at Aug 5 16:40
For those that insist on more empirical evidence that SuperAmanda is making a fair judgement there is a very good video posted by RollingStone of its photo shoot with Katy posted on youtube (in the black bikini top towards the end.)

There is nothing wrong, of course, with Katy's body. She is relatively healthy looking and slim. SuperAmanda is simply trying to point out, (counter to literally every dominant media voice out there,) what a curvaceous, sophisticated woman looks like, and the more important question of the underlying aim of reiterating that she has 32DDs when she does not. When we lose perspective of what traditional women's bodies look like and are told that boyish, almost childlike bodies such as Katy's are voluptuous, we should question what agenda this serves. Ultimately, I believe, it is to promote the sexualization of younger and younger girls.

Katy has also denigrated girls that go under the knife for having implants, while she simultaneously portrays that there is a superiority in having large breasts and an hourglass figure. This is yet another one of Katy's catch 22 statements for young girls to ingest, and very few of which have these measurements naturally. If you have a natural hourglass, you should be proud, if you are slim and athletic, you should be equally proud of that body type. Most of us would love that we could somehow shift between these various body types depending on our lifestyles and stage of life. I certainly wish I could be less voluptuous on some days. If she were interested in promoting a positive body image, she would make claims similar to the ones I have just made, but she doesn't.

Katy's media strategy is to disparage other people's right to freedom of speech, or her peers on their style choices on Monday. On Tuesday she claims she never said any such thing. On Wednesday she does very thing on Monday she said was wrong. And on Thursday she returns to criticizing her peers once again and seems to have an answer for why what she did on Wednesday is an exception. This is the cycle. It keeps her in the headlines, but it is purposely disorienting for her fans. It means they have to suspend their natural logical impulses in order to accept this routine.

I personally find Katy's representation (or her performance) of the feminine to be grotesque and offensive. Her breasts, when through smoke and mirrors are 32DD, do not look natural at all. The CandyLand video (what a friend has called, "CandyPornia") should make most woman sick to their stomachs that this poison pap is fed to young girls. If this doesn't fill you will horror, you have been profoundly desensitized.

SA: Yes, thank you for the additional above analysis, which is, in my opinion, absolutely correct. Sadly, this should be self-evident to the average woman and teen. I hope for there to be a day when these ideas are not dismissed or ignored out of hand by women who will one day instead choose to dismiss and ignore entertainers like these that structure their careers around negativity and the degradation of women, and by extension, men as well. Katy is the personification of the madonna/whore complex, the perpetuation of which is damaging to both genders.

Posted: 7 years, 11 months ago at Aug 6 1:29

"Katy has also denigrated girls that go under the knife for having implants, while she simultaneously portrays that there is a superiority in having large breasts and an hourglass figure. This is yet another one of Katy's catch 22 statements for young girls to ingest, and very few of which have these measurements naturally"

Yes, very well put. its been pathetic to witness her inane comments on "like those girls in LA who get breast implants right off the bus and who are like just bitches..." Why is it relevant? To draw attention back to her own body?

I think NKE, that you may not be aware as Rebekah and I are being parents, that the majority of Katy Perry's fans base is under 18. Katy endorses women (and more obviously actual pre-adolescent girls) constructing themselves to cater to a paedophilia, Lolita-inspired aesthetic of sexual objectification, in addition to plastic throwaway consumerism. My question is how long will this continue? Actual porn stars have more professional credibility than Perry.

Her newest video looks like a Spring Break casual sex VD fest meets a very bad imitation of the Abercrombie catalogue. Its as if she missed 1999 to 2003 when A&F and Captain Stabbin porno Bus had it's heyday.

"Katy is the personification of the madonna/whore complex, the perpetuation of which is damaging to both genders."

What is sad is that she's not even that complex though that is how she's officially being sold now with Rolling Stone deeming her a (barf) "fallen angel..." I don't think anyone raised with zero secular culture as she was can slip comfortably into any pop culture double standard without failing to deliver the camp factor.

That's a similar persona and reason to why I don't care for Dita Von Teese. Though her knowledge of fashion and pinup history is arguably one of the most vast of any celebrity, she has stolen much of her work and packages herself as "old school." Yet she's done hardcore porn and comes off more BDSNM (a subculture which I think is fine but which I also believe should not be mainstream or sold to children as madonna first did) than wholesome pin up.

Bettie Page (who Dita as well as Perry has stolen left and right from) had very small breasts and when she did her racy/soft core stuff it was for a specific type of fan not for mainstream. Most importantly Page created her own beauty without anything but her raw material and modest makeup. Despite being the least busty, hourglassy or even blond of that entire era, she now personifies it. She's now deservedly a feminist icon because women can see the realistic body, the real hair and the mint original spirit.

My biggest question still remains though: why it took her so long (about eight years or so) to get sleazy and start the sex-hibitionist shtick? It would have kick started her career years earlier. it's as if she's just a shell for really bad corporate costumes on to be put onto. Such as:

A constipated Banshee singing contemporary Christian:

Bad Emo for DefJam which dropped her:

Really bad attempt as fronting a band/Columbia dropped also her:

Edit: 7 years, 11 months ago
Posted: 7 years, 11 months ago at Aug 9 11:28
I think this list is ridiculous. Katy Perry is really pretty, and clearly has no need to lie about her bra size or wear padding, since she has awesome boobs. I actually think my figure is pretty similar to hers, though I am a bit shorter. But I also have DD's and comparing my profile pics to pics of her, you'll see they look about the same as hers, and I don't go anywhere near any padding, or heaven forbid chicken fillets like shes been accused of wearing. Thin girls with big boobs like Katy and myself always end up with someone hating on us, but believe me, it's 100% boob, 0% bra inserts! =D
Posted: 7 years, 11 months ago at Aug 9 14:22
@Amelia: The photos pre-fame and without photoshop of Katy Perry don't lie, she's not that busty and she obviously stuffs even if you don't. Personally what is there looks pathetic as my opinions are based on how much of a media whore she is not on aesthetics. There are women I know with smaller breasts who are much sexier and naturally beautiful. Perry's skin is in really bad shape as well probably because she wears far too much makeup so I'm not a fan.

I think you are missing the point of the list, namely that Katy Payola Perry IS the hater and a stupid, inarticulate c***. I never would have noticed her if she had not been so catty and self aggrandizing coupled with the fact her music stinks and she can't sing for toffee. Don't delude yourself and think you are in some "hated on sisterhood" with someone who could care less about you.

That said, proven from your pics and as previously stated above, a DD here in the UK is MUCH smaller than in the US. Once again if you read or skim the comments thoroughly this is explained in great detail. THAT is the crux of the discussion here. You'd be a medium to small Ccup IN THE STATES in regards to old school sizing and not even close to a D much less a DD. There is nothing wrong with but this is about media perceptions and the analysts response to pop culture. You are slim and you bust is in proportion to your body like Perry's but not outsize or big. In the recent rolling stone pics you can see how childlike Perry's body and image is. Once again, not a bad thing but when bodies like Perry's are called "really voluptuous" and "womanly and curvy" it is a bold faced lie by the media. It also sells her to little girls and her parents better, as Rebekah succinctly points out, than a truly mega DDD/FF cupp stacked hourglass body like Hendricks or Sophia Loren would.

As her target audience though it is specifically set up that way for you to ingest. The more blatant it is the harder it is for you to see. The "it" having nothing to do with boob size.
Posted: 7 years, 11 months ago at Aug 26 5:52
Agreed. And why is she on the cover of 17 magazine? She'll be THIRTY in about four years!!
Posted: 7 years, 11 months ago at Aug 26 15:30
"Back problems???!!" ahahahahahaha!!!! hahaha!!! Oh my!!

Thank you Pin Up girl, for the laugh. It is most appreciated! that's like Heidi Montag saying "all those Mensa and quantum physics classes ruined her social life as a teen"

hahaha "back problems!"
Posted: 7 years, 10 months ago at Aug 31 22:40
@pIN UP GIRL: I am to a certain extent an expert, yes. I have opinions that come experience and film and media history. Every pair seems to be different. No clear time-line, though from what I hear from massively endowed women I know (H cup and over), is that they mainly developed very early or suddenly before about 18.
Edit: 7 years, 10 months ago
Posted: 7 years, 10 months ago at Sep 1 22:06
RACE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BUST, BREAST SIZE! As tempting as it can be in certain circles,I highly advise that you never believe or generalise that "most" of any race is a certain way, as its invariably never true.
Posted: 7 years, 10 months ago at Sep 4 18:31
Don't worry about having small boobs. Small boobs never sag and when and if you have kids you'll get to experience bigger boobs when you breastfeed. I'm assuming you are a teenager? You are not even done growing until about 23/24 so just stay healthy and exercise and be happy!
Edit: 7 years, 10 months ago
Posted: 7 years, 10 months ago at Sep 5 18:34
woah, you seem to dislike her much :D
i agree with you and actually this is the first list i read through the end! ;)
Posted: 7 years, 10 months ago at Sep 5 19:21
haha! Cool. thanks for the vote. i dislike female misogynists. They deserve misogyny in return.
Posted: 7 years, 10 months ago at Sep 22 21:10
Wow. Just wow. You have a completely irrational obsession/vendetta against Katy Perry. What's up with that.

You're list is also very decieving. Boobs tend to be flexible, and can be made to look larger without padding, or at certain angles can look smaller. For each of the women you choose in juxtaposition to Katy, I have seen photos with them looking less than ample.

The point is you chose the worst pictures of Katy, and the best pictures of the other women. Disingenuous much? Not to mention your absurd framing of Katy copying Lilly Allen, relying on crap like her wearing similar sunglasses two years later. sigh.

She might not have a super curvy body, but she is attractive. The reason guys finder her attractive is because she seems down to earth, and seem like an ordinary girl, with bigger than average boobs. Yes, her costumes may do her a lot of favors, but even in her bikini shots, she still looks very attractive.

Your vendetta here is irrational, dishonest and only ends up making people wonder about you, more than Katy.

Fail, aside from some nice pictures to look at.
Posted: 7 years, 10 months ago at Sep 23 4:12
To Josh,

"Good fa you defwending katy from da big bad gummi bear men in da candywand game and help her wid da whip ceem bra so she can defwend Elmo on sesame street too! bah bah goo goo ba ba.."

It can't be that much of a "fail" if you joined Listal simply to comment on this little list and defend the corporate swill, which is in this case a woman wallowing in regressive adolescence and bad vocal techniques.I could honestly care less what you think about me and my freedom of expression in speaking out at stupidity.

In regards to boobs being "flexible" you are like Ashlee Simpson blithely attempting to lecture Pavorotti about singing. But since you mentioned it, a TRUE measure of this flexibility is that when one DOES have really huge boobs (or even just VERY big) is that they never vanish and can't be hidden unless you wear a tent. Katy Payola lies about this all the time and is not a DD or even a small D.

Little girls, tweens and teens hear this and don't think they measure up; they read this and they get the truth.

Many boys need to defend this media feed bag ethos that "any airhead with tiny features, glued on hair and lumps here and there is a good airhead". That's NOT my agenda.

"The reason why guys find her attractive..."

I have yet to meet one person, man or woman, with any class that finds her attractive. You may be different. In about five years she'll be a total has-been anyway and in ten she'll be long forgotten. There will then be a new litter of corporate zombies in bad clothing to take it's place. Perry is all tired clothing ideas stolen from others and thick makeup with nothing remotely intelligent or political to say.

Down to earth is a point of view. I guess in your mind it equates with talking about farts and mcnuggets while speaking in baby talk and tweeting about blasphemy? I know from experience that anyone who grew up with religious extremism (not simply religion) can never be "down to earth", as they were bred to be phony and anti-individualistic.

Not true at all about the women in these pics looking LESS ample, name ONE. Perry is just average with corporate backing and tired girls gone wild/pussycat dolls/raunch culture sleaze which she sells to little girls. She's doing a song with Selena Gomez? When you're 26? Why? To keep the gravy train of money and low self worth going you need tween attention.

Yes btw. She stole Lily Allen's entire image it was why she was kept on at her label and not dropped. In a way she had no choice because her other incarnations as a ballad singer and fronting a rock band ala paramore failed. There are actually more pics of her rip offs on a website that someone else manages. To include them all would have taken too much time

Stay on the evolutionary path and don't defend this garbage. Truly, one day you'll be surprised you ever did.

Edit: 7 years, 10 months ago
Posted: 7 years, 9 months ago at Sep 27 22:06

The fact that you had to resort to baby talk to respond already shows you don't have much of an argument.

It was effortless to join listall, and I felt this crazy obsessive list felt deserving of a comment. Besides, I haven't had a good argument with a crazy person in a while.

I have no idea what you're blithering on about in regards to Maxim...some idiot strawman it seems. And yes, boobs are flexible, its one of the things that make them distinctive from fakes.

To support your argument, could you provide some quotes of Katy perry "lying", i.e. stating her breast size? At the moment all you have are these disingenuous photo comparisons, which is about as reliable as a michael moore documentary. Although, I guess you probably enjoy watching his films.

So, you don't personally know, or have not personally met anyone who finds her attractive. Funny how you left me out of that statement, but nevermind. I'm just glad to see you know how stupid it would be to place your meaningless anecdotal evidence above the overwhelming objective evidence that guys find her attractive.

BTW, she didn't steal Lilly Allen's "image", you're grasping at straws, and it's pathetic.

But hey, keep trying to sound smart while appearing increasingly crazy. It's working for you.
Posted: 7 years, 9 months ago at Sep 28 0:12
I am not a fan of Moore.

Here is Perry without a bra, padding or photoshop. The dress is supporting what is naturally there:




and here she is on SNL:


Katy Perry stuffs her bra. No debate. Case closed.

Katy Perry has small breasts. She always claims they are "D" and lately "DDs", in fact if you scroll above there is a link to a video where she complains about "backaches as a teen."

Total fiction.

If you are a male then you do not know female breasts like women do and do not know what it is to have them.
Posted: 7 years, 9 months ago at Sep 28 11:49
Alright, after reading this ridiculous article I too feel the need to sign up and say something. Everything thing that Just Josh had pointed out is spot on.

For starters, you appear to have some kind of belief that the only good kind of tits are big ones, which is ridiculous. Furthermore, you seem to be disgusted by the idea that a woman approaching 30 is still popular amongst the media, which is once more ridiculous.

And to top it off you imply that due to the inadequateness of her breasts she will be forgotten within a few years. Now, she probably will be, but not for that reason. Most of these musicians with pop hits on the radio will be forgotten soon, and that includes Lilly Allen and Lady Gaga.

Oh, and your comparison between Perry and Gaga? Very amusing. Lady Gaga is not attractive in the least, whilst Perry is extremely, even in your "flat-chested" pics. On top of her looks, Perry also has a likeable personality. I must say, I was quite disturbed by your statement that anyone from an extreme religious group is insane. What's wrong with wanting to devote a lot of your time and energy towards your faith?

I fully agree with Just Josh about the flexibility of breasts. Yes, I'm a guy, but I'm sure my female friends would agree that they're not quite as impossible to comprehend as you might think.

And her complaints about back pains. As you can see she's pretty slim so no doubt she would more discomforted by the pains than your typical broad-backed busty girl.
Posted: 7 years, 9 months ago at Sep 28 16:25
hahahaha! you should include a side-by-side comparison of when she wore that elmo t-shirt with all the cleavage compared to her sesame street appearance, it's obviously stuffed and arranged.
Posted: 7 years, 9 months ago at Sep 28 21:43
@Blink: Harris:

Firstly, I think small breasts are SUPERIOR to larger breasts if i had to be honest in fact a pear shape is the best of all. I have a buxom hourglass figure with naturally big breasts so I am not bias aganist any body type only dumb people.

We agree to disagree but Katy Perry's boobs are a total PR scam created by her, she is NOWHERE nearly as big as she says she is. No debate unless, that is you simply do not believe your own eyes and let the media see for you. No truly big breasted woman would look so flat and average often and then so stuffed the next.

"Furthermore, you seem to be disgusted by the idea that a woman approaching 30 is still popular amongst the media, which is once more ridiculous."

No, not at all! I'm disgusted that this woman acts like a blithering idiot and a dumb bimbo at her age in a glaring attempt to retard the pop culture ageing process by attaching herself to equally processed Disney celebs teen. This is so she'll appear younger like Taylor Swift, Beiber and Gomez and she can keep selling to tweens and children. Who in the hell at 26 years old wants to be 15 again and talk in baby talk with candyland imagery?

But yes, those who go to US Jesus camps like Perry did and are coming from a hateful and foul background. They are not "embracing their faith", they are imposing it on others. I have zero tolerance for the people she comes from.
I lived among them as a teen in rural California for a few years and they are some of the most dangerous psychopaths in the US and have killed abortion doctors, Gay people and birth control providers legally practising and upholding the rights of women in the name of "Christ almighty God."

Finally, if a 32 B/C can give you back aches then she needs to written up in medical journals. That was a fake and tired plea for big boob cred that little girls don't need to be shown. A mind f*ck by a dumb f*ck.
Edit: 7 years, 9 months ago
Posted: 7 years, 9 months ago at Sep 28 21:44
Virafrandise: But of course!!!
Posted: 7 years, 9 months ago at Oct 20 7:06
You guys are retarded. She is definitely a 32dd. How do I know? I wear the same size as her and my breast looks the same as her. Although its a DD, it's not exactly that big because a 32dd cup is actually smaller than 34dd. Similarly, a 34dd is smaller than a 36dd. 32dd cup is actually equivalent to 30f, 34d, 36c and 38b cup.

I used to wonder why I wear 32DD too because some celebrities also wear DD but theirs are obviously bigger than mine. I went to a bra shop and they finally explained it to me.

Don't you guys know math? It doesn't mean that 32A cup and 38A cup is the same. Her band size is small, which makes her cup naturally smaller. Can you imagine a fatter person who has the same boob size as her? Naturally it wouldn't look like a DD on a fat girl. It would look more like a B.

We all know that petite girls wear 32 band, normal girls wear 34 band, chubby girls wear 36 band and big girls wear 38 band and so on. Or it depends on their bone structure whether its broad. So it all goes by proportion. A cup = +1, B cup= +2, C cup=+3, D cup = +4 from your band size.
I'm not a fan of Katy Perry and I admit her outfits are actually quite slutty. However, I'm very sure she's a 32DD.

And yes, Kat Dennings is also wearing DD cup. But as you can see she's chubbier at every part of her body. So I estimate that she wears a 36DD. A 36DD cup on a 32band body like Katy's is actually a 32G cup. This means that if Katy have Kat's boobs, she'll probably wear 32G cup. Which is definitely too big and not proportionate. When you go down 2 sizes on the band from 36 to 32, you must wear a bra 2 cups bigger.

And I always have back problems although my boobs aren't exactly that big. I only weigh 99pounds and that is why it is heavy on my body. And what is wrong with wearing padding? Even girls with big boobs need padding to support their breasts and prevent sagging. Smaller girls use it to enhance the look of their breasts. We all agree that a little padding would make our breasts look firmer and nicer.

Of course, girls with bigger breasts don't need too much padding. Katy's breasts are obviously enhanced but it looks nicer and more appealing to everyone. She's a star for god's sake.

Do you guys understand me now?

OH YES and I'm Asian and I'm definitely not flat. Not all Asians are flat. I have busty friends too (: I have to point out that you are definitely busty. But that doesn't mean that everyone must be as busty as you are.

Every girl is special in their own way. Tall, short, skinny, curvy. Everything.

You wear a 36DD to 36EE bra I suppose? Oh yeah and if you don't believe you can go to a bra shop and check the bras out. You will see that a 32D bra is definitely smaller than a 36D bra.
Posted: 7 years, 9 months ago at Oct 23 3:21
@honeylovee: I completely respect your post and understand where you are coming from.

I would like to say something that I think many people have mentioned before: there is obviously nothing wrong with Katy Perry's body. She is of a slim, healthy-looking build.

As I believe has also been mentioned by multiple posters, there is, obviously, nothing wrong with small breasts.

My "problem" with her comes from many things I discovered about her since the advent of her popularity, most actually having nothing to do with her music (which is adequately decent for what it is: bubble gum pop) or her hyping of her body.

I have noticed that, yes, a 32DD looks smaller cup-wise than a 36DD, but even a small 32DD is not her size. I was somewhat willing to believe her when she claimed her size was a 32D, however doubtful I was; Katy was even a little heavier back when she was claiming a 32D. However, a 32DD just doesn't seem to be her size. And somehow, even with pictures of her unretouched with no padding compared to photos where she has obviously been stuffed and arranged seem to make it LESS obvious to people that she is lying about her cup size.

Her lying about cup size wouldn't even annoyn me as much as it does if she didn't go around acting like a "busty hourglass" (her words) size queen. Katy Perry HERSELF goes around (not ALWAYS, but enough to notice) stating that her "large breasts" and "hourglass figure" make her somehow better than other women, when she doesn't even HAVE either of those physical qualities.

Completely unrelated, but: Her whipsawing child/whore complex makes her very annoying too, as does the fact that she actively plays the part of a teenager at the age of 26, behavior I previously assumed famous women abandon around the age of 22, MAX. It's also annoying how she dogs other performers (i.e.: Beyonce, Lily Allen, and even Lady Gaga, who Katy Perry actually kissed in Paris. I know that because Lady Gaga mentioned it in an article back when she was just crossing over from the dance charts, and even said she had photographic proof.
I thought maybe I was just nitpicking with my irritation about her, but apparently many people feel the same way.

P.S.: A 32 band body with a G cup is not automatically "not proportionate" as you are suggesting.
Also, it is not necessary for a larger chested woman to wear padding to support her breasts. A good bra will do that.
Posted: 7 years, 9 months ago at Oct 23 3:43
Heck, her marketing herself as a kid wouldn't bother me so much if she didn't seem so intent to also hardcore market herself as a sex object.
In fact, if her body actually was a "busty hourglass like Sophia Loren" (again, her own words), she would never get away with marketing herself so heavily as a kid to kids.
Just try to imagine Sohia Loren as Katy Perry in the CandyPornia video. Wouldn't work.
Posted: 7 years, 9 months ago at Oct 23 6:19
Vraifiandise: Thank you. Without a hint of my pretentiousness you nailed what I've been trying to say wonderfully. I know after her trashy wedding she's going to start the downward ascent back to her religious roots and away from the mainstream media. Amen!
Posted: 7 years, 8 months ago at Nov 1 23:18
Oh wow. YOu are actually updating and maintaining it. This wasn't a rant, it's a vendetta. Aren't there more things to be concerned about?

Anyway this image shows her without a bra [Link removed - login to see]

I have no problem believing she is a 32D.

If you are annoyed at her for various personality reasons, I have no problem with that. But going out of your way to discredit her for lying about her tit size by using extremely selective images just makes you look bad. Not her.
Posted: 7 years, 8 months ago at Nov 2 0:12
You REALLY do NOT know big boobs but then few whiny boys like yourself ever do.

"Aren't there more things to be concerned about?"

Answer your own question!

That picture just proves how smaller than average and how high waisted, non-hourglassy she is. A pvc dress is much tighter than a bra and adds weight on camera. If you look closely there IS seaming and small padding sewn in as well. NO one with a true hourglass could get away with one but a thin and small chested woman like Katy can. No crime but a total lie regarding her self hype. My images are not that "extremely selective" either, I just show pictures with no padding or/and photoshop which is the truth.

This is a TRUE old school 32/34DDD

This is a TRUE old school 32DD:

and a TRUE Old school 32D

Those are women who have naturally big boobs in the TRUE old school D and DD traditions. Sized in TODAYS's sizing Digard, Webber and Meyers would be H, G and FF cups respectively.

32 and 32DDs THESE DAYS run so small that they are closer to B and C cups which is fine but not what she claims which is an attempt to use the terms "D" and "DD" for trade on old school street cred value. I sell bras so I know these things apart from having very big boobs myself. Payola Perry would need to be a 32GG or H to be truly big. Even if she was shorter she's still not even close to big.

Once again, its no crime that Katy Perry has smaller than average chest but little girls and tweens/teens can't see through the photoshop and hype which is why this list is of such so importance in the nihilistic feminist tradition. I just had a 14 years old girl from South America write me a few days ago and thank me for this list. Girls as young as 15 get breasts implants in the country the letter writer lives in often to mimic the famous. If only ONE teenage girl sees this list and realizes she's not inferior to this talentless fake then it's well worth the ego bruising it may have caused her fans.

Edit: 7 years, 8 months ago
Posted: 7 years, 8 months ago at Nov 3 23:28
Best list ever!!!
Posted: 7 years, 8 months ago at Nov 3 23:28
Best list ever!!!
Posted: 7 years, 8 months ago at Nov 15 20:09
@JustJosh: It was somewhat believable when Katy said she was a 32D, but now she's claiming they've miraculously grown to a 32DD, despite photographic evidence to the contrary.
Even if she wore the cheapest Walmart bras (which we all know she doesn't), a 32DD is NOT her size.
Posted: 7 years, 7 months ago at Nov 26 3:39
Hah! I am so glad I am not the only person who sees right past Katy Perry's "curvy" figure. So many of my friends lust after her claiming she's a "real woman" because she's so curvacious. There's nothing wrong with her figure & she is quite pretty, but there is no substance whatsoever. She really is just a dumbed down, cheap, talentless copy of Lady Gaga.
Luckily KP will definatley fade away within a few years (hopefully with a childish tantrum)& some other boring clone will take over.
Also, it's easy to tell her breasts aren't as big as they seem because in the phots where she does have cleavage, it's massive & ridiculously long just like the majority of Victoria's Secret models.

Ooh, and about the whole Deschanel thing.
[Link removed - login to see]
KP's floppy boobs fall flat AGAIN.
Posted: 7 years, 7 months ago at Nov 29 15:07
I just thought I would ad this link again showing that she is in fact a 32D, and is not the skinny flatchested insecure liar you for some reason are set on making her out to be.

[Link removed - login to see] Note the acurate use of the word topheavy

You only have to look at gaga in the Alejandro video to see she is significantly smaller and skinnier than Perry. That aside, I'll take a mediocre pop singer any day of the week over a talentless attention whore like gaga who won't be around that much longer anyway.

@vraifriandise: Looking at several pictures of women with size 32dd breasts, I really don't see much of a disparity between then and Perrys apparent size, in the majority of the pictures she appears in, even in this woefully misleading list. [Link removed - login to see]
Posted: 7 years, 7 months ago at Nov 29 16:06
Justjosh! hahahaha!

You. Do. Not. Know. Big Boobs.

You are a PR flunky.

That is yet another example of how to get attention because she cannot. hahaha "Top heavy" rotflmao! Katy Perry HERSELF requested that her tiny norks be "downsized" , it was NOT at the request of VHI or the event planners it was a lame, foul attempt for attention- what a PR joke! And you bought it sucker!hahahaha!

Her molehills into mountains PR is growing old as a discarded pair of chicken cutlets on a drag queen's dressing room floor. Time for her to take a few voice lessons perhaps? Perry's appearance on Sesame Street where she's unpadded shows that clearly she is not a large breasted woman, even for her fit and slim body type and this endless hype is embarrassingly obvious. ANYONE with even a little savvy knows that this is how the media now sells its own sexual imagery; they can't do it straight any more, so they pretend they're sending it up, 'pushing boundaries' or being 'cheeky' (the most overused word on television right now- English television, in any case).

Defenders of Perry like you who do not know the ways of boobage at ALL are no better, responding with either a hip shrug or sexual-liberation self-righteousness, but similarly turning a blind eye to the fact that this is a 26 year old woman wearing and sexing up toddler imagery (candyland, Gummi bears, gumballs, cupcakes) and is selling it to kids.

"Perry wanted a reduction at 12 years old" and "Katy prayed to God each night for big breasts." Everything that seems to come from her PR "machine" and her own mouth is contradictory. Why she was even invited to a tribute to the troops is a mystery as well.

But all and all-the first pics in this list do not lie. Unpadded and unphotoshopped Katy Perry has small boobs.

She should be proud as small boobs are great and stop lying.

Edit: 7 years, 7 months ago
Posted: 7 years, 7 months ago at Nov 29 16:14
"You only have to look at gaga in the Alejandro video to see she is significantly smaller and skinnier than Perry. "

I was comparing Gaga's fine booty to Perry's flat as a board behind-not boobs. Two entirely different bodies and talent levels!! Perry can't sing to save her worthless life. This is about an hourglass as much as boobs. Perry has almost no hip to waist ratio as well.
Posted: 7 years, 7 months ago at Nov 29 16:18
Posted: 7 years, 7 months ago at Dec 1 18:33
To Bizzeebee who deleted her comments:

I don't want to talk to any of your exes honey, if I want to see an awesome rack I can look in the mirror or log onto to Polish Busty. I'm also nearly 5'10, NOT petite but Amazonian and have a 34GG (42inch bust), 26 inch waist and 39 inch hips so you are like Ashlee Simpson lecturing to Celia Bartoli about how to sing. If you are so confident about your icons' "assets" then why are you writing a tome? I only compared Slag Perry to the people she's compared herself to, those in the same vein to or those she's slagged off.

Bizzeebee wrote: "As for sesame street? I'm sure the people in charge of wardrobe there attempted to do the opposite and minimize the size of her breasts"

"Minimize?" Are you on drugs? Minimize is covering up and binding, not putting someone bra less in a dress where there is zero padding and the true size is clear and on display, out there for all to see. That is her TRUE bust and she is simply a small chested woman. Once again not a crime, small is superior in many ways but totally a fraud given her endless hype. She chose the dress as well which shows she's even less intelligent than I initially thoughtful. She's even deflated on the left:

and not even meeting the sides due to a glaring lack of side boobage. She's too small breasted to fill it out:

Bizzeebee wrote: "I just find it odd how you basically obsess over hating her. Do you hate her because you think you deserve the spotlight more than she does? "

I find it odd that you'd defend a low life skank who sells porn to kids, dresses like a toodler and who is apolitical and exploitative. I hate the MEDIA. I think you are, in a blithering misguided sense of "justice", confusing personal opinions and the deconstructionism of media low lifes for "jealously." She can't sing, she's not original or smart and her husband is walking turd/sex addict meshed with with Jesus freak stupidity. That is something to point out in disgust not to ever be jealous of. Tough luck if you don't like reading and seeing with your own eyes that it is not what it says it is.

This is the Wikileaks of boobage lies!

And until I see a photo of you, you claims about your own body are meaningless. You claim you sold bras? Well if you sold in the US then you do not know bra sizing as US bras are inferior to the what they sell in the UK and the "fitting" in the US with the measuring tape is a joke. And I suggest you read the above comments as I do not want to explain old school and new school sizing to someone who has zero knowledge of the nuances and pop culture references YET AGAIN.

Bizzeebee wrote: "Stop saying she's (Katy Perry)flat. Stop saying she's small. She's not. She's got large breasts. They're not as large as the ones you so prominently display in your profile picture but they're still bigger than average. "

Wrong as a novice can be. "Large?" Large is MANY CUP SIZES beyond Katy Payola:


Google Peta Todd, Gianna Michaels and Jana Defi. Now THOSE are three tall women (over 5'8) with large breasts. Perry is barely 5'7 anyway. Not tall.

Do not tell me to stop saying anything either. If you can't deal with my opinions, the UNRETOUCHED proof above (the paparazzi retouch as well) and this list then there is nothing I can do for you.
Edit: 7 years, 7 months ago
Posted: 7 years, 7 months ago at Dec 2 2:43
To Bizzeebee who deleted her comments:

Where did i say that "every guy fetishizes or even likes large breasts?"

Perry looks small chested in ALL the SStreet pics. If you were to read many of the comments by non fans on a non celeb websites who had never heard of her when the story broke, most were surprised and stated they thought she was small chested so "why the fuss?" Those opinions represent the non Perry fan base who had not been sold the hype:

"What cleavage?" and "She's only about a B cup so why the controversy?"

I found this one by a fan particularly illuminating:

"The thing that offended me about this video, is that the dress makes her chest look smaller than it really is."

(Translation: That's as small as she really is because there is no padding, pvc or inserts)

The IMBD has bogus information as most celebrities/models lie boldface about measurements, height, weight and bust size. It is a PR given that most stats are fiction.

I have full breasts for my height and body type and I'm well above average but not I'm not large at all.

"However, the American public is generally not conscious of this. So going by 'standard american sizing' is clearly most logical."

Going by standard American sizing, Perry is a small C cup at the most. A typical D in states is Salma Hayek, DD in the states is Sofia Vergara's cup size while Christina Hendricks is a triple D US sizing. Katy Perry is not in remotely in their size range. All three woman , in the UK would be F, FF and G cups respectively. Katy Perry attempts to trade on that same mega-buxom league when she's not even close to being in it.

Average US cup size is a DD. That factors in all weights and heights. In many of her pics she does look flat, which once again is not a crime. Flat is beautiful too.

"Something that directly impacted US diplomacy in a very negative, serious manner should not be compared to a bra size debacle."

Oh please...it's the greatest thing to happen to the free press and anti-fascism since the International brigades defended Spain aganist Franco.
Edit: 7 years, 7 months ago
Posted: 7 years, 7 months ago at Dec 2 4:01
To BizzieBee: Here's a picture(NSFW) of what real 32D's look like: [Link removed - login to see]

Are you serious?! Those look like A cups. I honestly don't think you are a 32D, honey. Keep dreaming and maybe the boob fairy or in your case, a plastic surgeon will bless you with some because you're not a 32D...maybe a B but that's pushing it.

And this message is for Honeylovee: Watch who you calling "retarded" b***h! Calling someone a retarded is like calling them a clueless idiot, with no state of thought, it's extremely hurtful if you mean it. BTW, you probably wear a 32DD because you're fat.
Posted: 7 years, 7 months ago at Dec 4 0:33
*sigh* Katy Perry doesn't have big breats or an hourglass figure. I do not completely dislike Perry, but she doesn't.

Part of the problem is that people defending Perry believe that those of us stating the simple facts are in some way trying to insult her, which I'm sure most of us aren't, and i know I'm not. It is just an inocuous, factual statement: she doesn't have large breasts or an houglass figure.

Because of hype, and the fact that she has lately been wearing corsets as well as padded bras, make it hard for people to see the obvious. Another reason people seem to not see the obvious is that she is not COMPLETELY flat chested OR pin-thin skinny, AND that she has an inflection point at her waist. Having an inflection point at one's waist doesn't automatically give one an hourglass figure.
Having larger than A cup breasts doesn't make one's breasts large.

The problem is the lack of middle ground in the Perry supporters' argument. Her breasts are bigger than an A cup, so they're big?? Her waist is more noticeable than a few other people's, so she's an hourglass?? She's not pin thin like we're used to seeing, so she's curvy?? That is not logical.

Another problem is people seem offended whenever a woman who thinks she's hourglass figured is told she isn't. This is an attitude that needs to change: all body types are beautiful and have advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes I'd like a smaller-breasted, slimmer-hipped physique like Perry's; it's why she looks so good in so many styles of clothing.

If you still think, "just because she's not as voloptuous as Sophia Loren doesn't mean she isn't hourglass," compare Perry to Halle Berry, Brigitte Bardot, Ava Gardner, Dorothy Dandridge, Diana Dors,April Scott, and other curvy women on the slimmer side of the spectrum, and you will find she still doesn't measure up.
Posted: 7 years, 7 months ago at Dec 5 0:15
Actually there is no real sizable indentation at Perry's waist without or even with photoshop. Most of the above pictures illustrate that clearly.
Great observations as always though.
Posted: 7 years, 7 months ago at Dec 8 3:26
Who cares if she wears a padded bra? The media has put such a big emphasis on physical appearance and having big breasts, skinny waists and a sizable butt, that it's hard for normal girls like me to feel pretty. What with my small boobs and flat butt would you make a list insulting me because I don't look like Lucy Pinder?

and you talk about Katy being photo shopped in some of her pics to look better, well news flash, honey, hardly any pictures these days AREN'T photo shopped. In fact, some of the pictures you have on this list of other women besides Katy Perry are completely and obviously photo shopped. I should know because I work a job photoshopping images. I know computer-enhanced breasts and hips when I see them.

Besides, no one is perfect. Let her try and be happy the way she is. As far as I know, Katy never even stated that she was DD cup and I have met HER in person and she is very sweet and good-natured, simply adorable and very pretty. Her boobs were not gigantic and her butt and hips weren't as curvy as other womens, but she was very beautiful in her own way.
Posted: 7 years, 7 months ago at Dec 8 3:50
Hi Rocker Chick, Thanks for your well thought out opinions. I'm a lifelong Rocker myself, The Who and British invasion and metal being my life.

Firstly, I make it clear throughout that smaller breasts, even being flat is superior, in MY personal view, to having large breasts. I also make it clear on my blog and on other lists here on Listal that ALL body types are wonderful.

AND if you read the concept of this LIST carefully this is about reverse female misogyny aimed AT a female misogynist who targets children with messed up mixed messages and mainstream porn dressed up in gummi bears and baby talk. Is this list nuanced sisterhood feminism? No. It's third wave anger at the corporate media and one of their drones. Is it important to state these cultural (or LACK of culture...) criticisms unpleasant as it may read? Absolutely!

Perry not only has stated she is a "DD" (on Howard Stern) but she exploited a BREAST CANCER event to whore herself while she was trying to become famous. How much lower can get one get? What's next exploiting the Holocaust? Murder victims? Exploiting Seasme Street? Oh yeah, she did the latter. She pointed at a plaster cast of another participant at said charity drive and said "her boobies are smaller than mine...you just can't mess with the 32ds..."

My grandmother DIED of breast cancer, Elizabeth Edwards just died of breast cancer and thousands of women (as well as men) will be diagnosed and fight for their lives this coming year so I don't find Katy Perry's 6th grade style PR stank like that funny nor quirky and "..ah she's just being free and herself."

Nor do I find it cool that she's constantly denigrating woman with smaller breasts and who have breast implants. Culturally wrong on many levels when her target audience is under 18.

Katy Perry is a catty slag and she deserves it right back in her makeup pore-choked face. Sorry, but NO one from that kind of psycho-religious background can never be good natured as well. They are bred to be tax exempt "robots for Christ" stalking abortion clinics like her parents reputedly have making true Christians look bad. If women don't fight back aganist this type of corporate whoring then there will be even less talented and worse examples of humanity on the charts in a few years than Perry all aimed at little kids! Yes, impossible as that sounds given her glaring inability to sing or even speak well.

"Let her try and be happy the way she is. "

I'm curious, please explain that above statement.

Finally which images on here that are not of Katy Perry would you call heavily photoshopped?
Posted: 7 years, 7 months ago at Dec 8 4:37
Alright, I confess, I didn't read the list all the way through. But really you could say the same or similar of many artists and/or actresses. People lie about themselves and act like bitches and well, get famous for it.
I don't really consider myself knowledgeable on Katy Perry, but I do enjoy her music even though she may have a messed up life.

My husband had cancer and died 3 years ago. It was very hard for us when we learned he only had about 6 months left to live. He was really hard on himself and really felt like shit through the useless chemo, when I watched KP's music video for Firework it really touched me and I actually cried (something I rarely do anymore). Yes, Katy may be a lying jerk and whore-like appearance, but her music is moving.

As for obviously photoshopped pics, I mean't that I could tell they were fakeish. Some of Lily Allen's pics are enhanced, Kelly Brook is hard to miss and Scarlett is definitely photoshopped.
Posted: 7 years, 7 months ago at Dec 8 6:03
May your husband rest in peace. Agreed, all music has its place because it means something different to everyone. My husband had to break it to me that he likes "California Gurls" (although he thinks little of K.payola and he originally thought it was Ke$ha singing!)

Peace to you and happy holidays.
Edit: 7 years, 7 months ago
Posted: 7 years, 6 months ago at Jan 16 3:25
I think what people are not getting is that Katy is an AMERICAN. A DD in America is a UK E. People are entitled to their opinions just as Super Amanda is, and whilst some may not consider her 'flat-chested', it is UNDENIABLE that she is NOT an E. In un-retouched pictures and un-padded garments her breasts look about the same as mine - that is a UK 32C and US 32B.

The issue isn't ACTUALLY her breast size - it's the fact that she is deceitful about them which is hypocritical to her religious background as well as damaging to the self-esteems of the young women who idolise her. It also suggests to women all over the world that an average or smaller breast size is inadequate - "if you're not big in the breast department you should be stuffing or upping yourself by about 3 cup sizes!"

No point arguing with some people though. They keep their brains in their penises so not matter how hard you debate or try to re-phrase your points all they can scream out is "you're just jealous!" which is probably the most invalid, lacking in substance argument one could ever use. A woman doesn't have to be 'jealous' of another woman to dislike her, just like a man doesn't have to be 'jealous' of another man to dislike him. Pathetic that that's all people can pull out of their arses these days.
Posted: 7 years, 6 months ago at Jan 16 7:22
Agreed. She's turned out to not be that much fun to send up anyway. I do think the stupor and wonder that grips people when they see repeated images is odd to behold. Once she fades the next batch of Disney/corporate types should be interesting. Thank goodness for the UK, Kate Nash, Eliza Dolittle and others plus Amy's getting it together and should be back-finally!
Posted: 7 years, 5 months ago at Feb 12 14:26
The way you obsess over your hatred of a singular person concerns me.
Posted: 7 years, 5 months ago at Feb 12 18:01
The only obsession is yours, I'm just calling the game.
Posted: 7 years, 4 months ago at Mar 15 21:40
I remember when I first saw Katy Perry her boobs were not nearly as big as they are now! I actually remember thinking to myself how flat I thought she was. If you look at some of her bikini pictures she looks more like a b-c cup and deffinately not a D or DD. I was a DD when I was 14 and my boobs were way way bigger than katy's. Her breasts size seems to change and get bigger every month which clearly indicates she is stuffing. Just look and compare her old photos to her new photos from this year, her breasts have grown up to 2 cup sizes and after 18 your breasts do not increase that much unless you have had a baby or have gained a large amount of weight. Katy is only doing this because she feels insecure and feels pressured to have big boobs because lets face it society and hollywood like big boobs.
Posted: 7 years, 4 months ago at Mar 15 22:23
How is she able to stuff in these pictures?

[Link removed - login to see]

[Link removed - login to see]

In a body cast:
[Link removed - login to see]

How can you stuff a body cast?

I am not arguing with you. I just think she might be a 32D which is equivalent to a C.
Posted: 7 years, 4 months ago at Mar 15 22:25
Another one:

[Link removed - login to see]
Posted: 7 years, 4 months ago at Mar 15 22:42
Katy Perry is small chested in all those pics. Once again, nothing wrong with small. I think small is in many ways better but she is using it to mind *** little kids. Anyone's appendages are going to look big with white plaster on them and the black dress is padded. In that sleazy "let's exploit breast cancer for quick fame before I'm chucked off another record label" video she just looks average. She looks really small in that purple guttersnipe dress as well. The point is that the reputation and perceived prestige of an old school D or DD that she's trading off of is a lie. remember, this is a twit who issues statements that she's had her "breasts reduced" in a proportional pic "for being too big" when she's not even remotely approaching being bigger than average.

Women need to mock her rubbish!
Posted: 7 years, 4 months ago at Mar 15 22:53
Oliva: Yes, all very true however I don't think it is out of insecurity, I think it is clearly out of sheer crass commercialism. If you are dressing up in cupcakes and sugar pops and other little baby/toddler motifs all the while squawking about "how big" you boobs are incessantly, it is more conniving than anything else.
Posted: 7 years, 4 months ago at Mar 18 19:46
Wow, eff off. Katy perry is BEAUTIFUL. She might not be a double d, but she is DEFINATELY not small chested by any stretch of the imagination. I am a 32 B (in amercian sizes) and her breasts are far larger than mine. And there is NOTHING wrong with her body, she is beautiful just the way she is. And just because she was raised christian, doesn't mean shes 'super crazy religious'. Her parents? yes. Her? not so much.

This is why young girls never feel good enough. Because when you go around insulting a goddess like Katy Perry, how would you feel about a normal girl?
So screw you.
She hardly has a sausage wasit, either. a 26 inch waist is quite thin.
Posted: 7 years, 4 months ago at Mar 18 22:44


You do not know what a Goddess is so do not use the word. Katy Perry is the one you should be spamming not me. If you believe a dumb talentless apolitical corporate shill who sells sex to little children and dresses up her backup in clothing with candy and cupcakes on it is worth spending the effort to defend then you are LOST. KP's shitty exploitation is what distorts minds like your own and sexualizes little children and young girls that is the point. If you are a 32b then someone like Katy Perry IS hyped to you as big or even bigger than average. She's not. Nor does she have an hourglass figure or a waist to hip ratio as she continually claims. That's my point. You have nothing to worry about apart from the fact that the more blatant her type of misogyny is, the harder it is to see.
Edit: 7 years, 4 months ago
Posted: 7 years, 4 months ago at Mar 19 6:03
Thank god I'm not the only one who thinks this about Katy Perry, I just stumbled on this article today, and before I read it I thought I was the only person who knew Katy Perry had ridiculously small boobs and she lies about the size all the time. People just need to watch her I Kissed A Girl music video, her boobs are as flat as pancakes, and people need to see that she just has a "MEH" body, nothing amazing nor pretty about it, it's quite shapeless. Thank you for making this post, I rather enjoyed it :D
Posted: 7 years, 4 months ago at Mar 19 15:39
Agreed. If she did not act so one-track/broken record, and so false about her norks to the point where SHE ISSUES A STATEMENT that she had her own chest visually "reduced" for an advert because she claims "they are so big," no one would notice.
Posted: 7 years, 4 months ago at Mar 19 21:22
Thanks for explaining it SuperAmanda. I totally agree with you. I think she talks about the burden of big boobs so she can get people to look at her slightly bigger than average boobies as she dresses up in latex. It (somehow) gives validity to her singing career... it's PATHETIC!! P.S. I was LMAO about her toning down the VH1's Divas Salute the Troops poster because it was "too big" lol *rolls eyes*
Posted: 7 years, 4 months ago at Mar 19 22:16
It is funny yet little girls can't see the reality behind it.The fact that she claims to be "really big" and "buxom", yet in reality has a an average figure, is that she can be marketed to children to serve the paedophilia agenda. a truly big busted woman would intimidate.
Posted: 7 years, 3 months ago at Apr 4 4:38
I must first say that I think you're great. I found you, your lists and your article today and must say that all of the above thus far are right up my ally.
I am a believer that there are many different forms of beauty. I don't believe in lying about that beauty, accentuate and enhance sure, but flat out lie about it no. A woman shouldn't have to lie about her body, she should own it for exactly what it is. She should know what clothes look the best on her and how to use what she has to her best advantage.
For instance, if someone were to ask me what I thought a woman, a truly knock out embodying femininity bring a man to his knees want to look like that woman should look like there is one thing that really sticks in my mind. The first time I watched Grumpier Old Men.
I didn't know who the actress was at the time, or for years after-wards, but if I saw a picture of her I had to take a second long look at it. Sophia Loren, going out in that red dress, she wasn't young, she wasn't a broomstick or blond. She was a woman, she had hips, thighs, knockers and a defined waist, she had purpose, drive and knew just what she was planning to do. She felt guilty about it afterward (the character anyway) but that character and her figure, was an image that you didn't have to be hard to be strong. You can be confident, angry, capable and still be feminine.

Thinking about it I think that perhaps Sophia Loren helped me love my body. I don't have as awesome a shape, I'm over-weight and I have no illusions about that, I've recently gained weight so my 38DD bras aren't fitting quite as well as a few months ago, but I do love my body and typically dress it to it's best advantage (there is no way to look like a knockout in scrubs, not unless you tailor them).

All that aside I don't think I ever liked Catty Perry. For starters just not my kind of music. I'll dance to it when I'm out (which isn't very often) but not my choice of music. Out of curiosity I watched the California Girls video one day and I was thoroughly disgusted. I remember thinking that someone with half a brain would have issues watching the video....even listening to the song after watching the video. But live and let live, to each their own.
As she rose in popularity and I saw pictures of her and other things either out of curiosity or not by choice. I would think that(and I thought this about Lady Gaga as well until I met several people who had seen her perform live) That if you have to resort to costumes and props to distract your audience then you must not have very much talent and therefore be a product of the PR/media machine.

As for her Boasting about her big breasts and hourglass figure.....well, giving her the benefit of a doubt...perhaps she just doesn't know any better, is vision impaired or someone on her staff is drugging her?

On the other hand, she could just be an air head with a completely fictional body image. Any which way she should get her facts straight and if she's going to lie about any of them stick to the same story, not change it to sound bigger and better.

PPS: to the dude commenting on the flexibility of boobs. Real natural ones are flexible, bouncy and all those things that you boys love. Push up Bras, inserts, padded bras, two sided tape, duct tape and a variety of other things that I don
Posted: 7 years, 3 months ago at Apr 4 4:50
Don't think you want to know about can change the way a girls breasts look. Boobs can sit differently in different bras.
All that being said, if a girl had boobs that were big enough to warrant breast reduction she would never and I mean never go out (especially where her photo was being taken) without a bra. One reason is because it can actually hurt after a while, another is her boobs would be at her knees in the next 10 to 15 and lastly they would not look as good in pictures. I cannot and do not leave my house without a bra, hell most of the time I wear a bra anyway to hold off sagging(Halley Berry says she wears one to bed). There are pics here of Perry in public bra-less. If she had the cleavage she claims she would be worried about eventual boob saggage (like Berry) and wear a damned bra. AS it is she can get away without a bra and therefore does not have the cleavage she claims.
Posted: 7 years, 3 months ago at Apr 8 16:19
Thank you, Nica. she could not constantly go around braless as a DD of ANY band size. You can't change her fanboys' opinion of her (nonexistant) "voloptuous goddessness," though, even with photographic proof, because all they will do is bring up photoshopped pictures and pictures where she's stuffed her bra. I have to give Katy Perry credit, though--when people pointed out that stuffing her bra doesn't give her an hourglass figure, she started wearing corsets on the red carpet....

All that made it sound like i don't like her, and I actually do, but her hyping of her body is getting so OLD and TIRED.

P.S.: Did you know she got her image from studying Dominique Swain in the 1997 movie version of Lolita? That explains so much... and as far as that type of thing goes, not to encourage it, but it has been done before and done better.
Posted: 7 years, 3 months ago at Apr 18 3:03
I guess her chicken cutlets melted at Coachella since it was over 100 degrees LOL

[Link removed - login to see]

[Link removed - login to see]
Posted: 7 years, 3 months ago at Apr 19 2:26
I know it wasn't the intention of this list, but it made me feel pretty bad about my body. I guess I have what you'd call a "sausage waist." As much as I'd love an hourglass figure, it'll never happen for me. I have pretty narrow hips and not much of a defined waist. If I didn't have the big boobs and butt that I do, I'd probably have a pretty boyish body. But really, what's wrong with that? Yeah, Katy Perry doesn't have fantastic curves, but she doesn't have a bad body either. It might be dumb of her to lie about being curvy since, you know, you can clearly see she's not, but is it really a big deal? Women with less-than-hourglass figures can be sexy too!
Posted: 7 years, 3 months ago at Apr 19 7:37
Shayla, I agree and I envy women who have your figure because no matter how much weight you lose you don't lose your boobs. I do not preach superiority of ANY figure including having an hourglass. My point is to use the hatred of women (aka misogyny) that Katy Payola trades on and dish it right back. The only way to fight female chauvinism is WITH female chauvinism. Because her influence over small children, tweens and teens as a fake pre-fab celeb is reprehensible and foul she more than deserves it. Trust me, I'm being nice!
Posted: 7 years, 3 months ago at Apr 22 12:27
I don't think she is small or flat I think she's flabby. I think that's why her size seems to change all the time. She needs alot of support. Boobs are weird. Mine actually look smaller in clothes most of the time and I have broad shoulders and wide hips so nobody really knows I'm a 34D untill I'm naked. Not that I get naked alot but you know what I mean. Haha. I have a tiny ridcage. She's not hourglass though and no Sophia or Raquel. I actually find her shape odd because she not hippy and has no bum but has fuller legs and small shoulders. Just odd.
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at Apr 27 22:03
Katy Perry does NOT stuff her bra!
so who every made that fucken shit up you can get fucked coz Katy Perry does not stuff her fucken bra you fuck heads! the person who made that up and this whole fucken website can get fucked because Katy Perry has natural big fucken boobs and she doesn't need to stuff them. and i bet who ever made this up it was because you probably have fucken tiny boobs so you made a stupid fucken rumor about Katy Perry! so fuck you and fuck all the people who believed this!!!!
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at Apr 28 0:07
^^ Is that you Katy Perry? haha
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at Apr 30 7:22
Made up what? What one can see with their own eyes? Yet another squalling 14 year old who has been duped. Sad. The person who made this list (myself) knows what I'm talking about. I suggest looking at the avatar photo...
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 1 18:22
Katy forgot to stuff her bra yet again :D

[Link removed - login to see]

Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 2 8:07
I saw that...poor ManRay She looks embalmed!
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 11 0:54
look you asshole, tits are tits and they're all fucking amazing so why are you whoring on Katy Perry just because she isnt perfect. She cant help it if she doesnt have a perfect body.

You are a piece of shit :)
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 11 11:17
No I'm not scummy. Katy Perry is the piece of shit for doing exactly what you just wrote to other women and young girls by claiming superiority in having "enormous boobs" which she does not remote possess and being nasty to others and then claiming it was "hype" and then doing it again. Katy Pery is a dumb **** and so are you for not reading the purpose of this list.
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 12 9:10
lol, you must really really hate katy perry. Not my taste girl anyway, but i disagree with 1 thing...zooey deschanel and katy perry look ALOOOOOOT alike....so do ALOT hollywood celebrities tho, lol
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 14 23:46
Love you list!

How can one go from this:

[Link removed - login to see]

To this:

[Link removed - login to see]

[Link removed - login to see]

Now I know she does stuff her bra along with airbrushing to make her tits bigger.

[Link removed - login to see]

Katy Perry is full of shit!
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 16 0:41
Oops... From this:
[Link removed - login to see]

[Link removed - login to see]

To this:

[Link removed - login to see]
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 16 7:41
Who cares if Katy Perry has small boobs!!!! I love her just the ways she is!!!!!!! she is an awesome singer and a great role model!
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 16 8:11
katy perry is not full of shit no matter what you say bout her!!!! She is a godess to me and lots of other people!!! she is a beautiful woman who can sing!!!!!
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 16 15:48
Katy Perry is the lowest form of life.
Edit: 7 years, 2 months ago
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 16 15:49
Katy_Is_a _Liar: VERY true and great example. Though Vanity Fair is known for making mountains into molehills. Cheers!
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 17 2:57
[Link removed - login to see] [Link removed - login to see] [Link removed - login to see]
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 17 7:08
Sad and paltry example of side boob. She's more Gossip Girl and The Hills than anything else.
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 18 13:26
who fucking cares,yes in some of these pics she looks like she has smaller boobs than others and she might compare herself to other celebrities,but Katy perry is awesome and I dont care what you say!!!!! SHE IS THE BEST SINGER EVER!!!!!!
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 18 13:32
it seems that you compare yourself to pamela anderson with the big boobs and then theres you saying that small boobs are everything and they are better than big boobs,so who r u the one to talk!! and if you watch Gossip girl
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 19 0:01
Best singer ever? What are you? 11 or are you a fucking retard? Probably both...
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 19 12:24
im 13 actually and im only speaking my mind! bu still she is awesome and I dont give a fuck what you people say!!!
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 19 12:33
well you must be like 50-60 and only listen to hill billy music or your just a fucking dumbass
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 19 17:42
It's worth a vote from me for this comment alone:
"Comparing Zoey Deschanel to Katy Perry is like comparing Tori Amos to Ke$ha."

Check my list of uninflated infatuations here if you've a mind to:
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 19 21:49
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 20 10:24
Sarah: Let us all agree to disagree. You have to accept that morninghello and myself think Katy Perry is selling sex to children and using "oh my huge boobs" bulls*it to mess up the minds of kids and tweens. If you are a fan of Perry's then have the confidence to accept that many are not.
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 20 12:01
yup lets just agree to disagree!but still to me she is awesome!
Posted: 7 years, 2 months ago at May 21 8:50
r u people dead yet?? I am,I died 20mins ago!!!
Posted: 7 years, 1 month ago at May 25 3:37
Wow, this is one bizarre vendetta.

First, I don't care about Perry either way, but she does have at least C-cups, she is not "flat-chested". wtf?

Second, what an odd subject to devote so much time to. Are Katy Perry's breasts more damaging to kids and teens than a billion other influences? What is the real motivation behind this attack?

Such amazing hyperbole, hypocrisy, and irrational hate from the OP. Who btw has awesome breasts and at least from her profile, tries to feature them prominently in each photo.
Posted: 7 years, 1 month ago at May 26 6:09
Zoombie, Katy Perry is harming children by sexualizing children's imagery-what 27 year old dresses like a little baby in cupcakes and candyland and spends time/is marketed along with with Disney acts over a decade younger? Grown woman should not dress like four year olds. Simply put into context the ridiculous lie of her very average size chest that Katy has embedded at the heart of her persona makes her scum. I love boobs and campiness but I've never sucked on lollipops, played with teddy bears and talked like a baby to get attention on my blog or my you tube channel-I'm a WOMAN not a someone wallowing regressive adolescence. Perry was around for EIGHT years trying to get famous. If she had as big of boobs as she lies she would never have been dropped from two major record labels and ignored until Capitol needed a "clone" of Lily Allen. My motivation is to point out how evil the media is and how manipulative their sacred cows like Perry are which is a VERY important thing to deconstruct and no it is not "time consuming", it burns up about five minutes a week. Perry is a MISOGYNIST like madonna was when she was young enough to get away with it and you always fight misogyny WITH misogyny because feminism and the "sisterhood" does not work when attacking that kind of stupidity. It's been proven ineffectual because the paradox is the more blatant the anti-feminist and sexist a celebrity like Perry is, the harder it is for women, little girls and society in general to SEE it.

Teens and younger need to look at pics and KNOW what they are seeing is hype and photoshop but children can't distinguish as well as adults. katy's attitude and sleaziness including using a BREAST CANCER charity event to pimp herself (that is as low as it gets) excludes her from the kind of empowerment where she's called out gracefully.
Edit: 7 years, 1 month ago
Posted: 7 years, 1 month ago at May 26 6:57
I am a teenager and I know half of these pics have been photo shopped but I dont really care,im guessing she just wears push up bras to make them look bigger and I dont really care,its not like im going to go around doing what she does,us teens r who we r and it doesnt matter if we do decide to make them look bigger or not,so y would u care?
Posted: 7 years, 1 month ago at May 26 15:35
Sarah: I respect the fact you are a fan. I understand what it means to be loyal to a public figure you admire. I have also learned to hold the people I idolize to REALLY high standards. For instance even the most diehard fan will admit something stinks when their idol release a terrible disc , video or film. On Amazon, madonna's fans give all her failed awful films five stars which is a contributing factor to why she'll never succeed in film.
Posted: 7 years, 1 month ago at May 30 8:27
yeah Katy perry does have some bad songs like thinking of you,fingerprints and a few more but I like most of them and yes I do idolize her!! but I also idolize rhianna
Posted: 7 years, 1 month ago at Jun 2 23:18
Looks like the stupid fraud forgot her cutlets in Florida! haha

[Link removed - login to see]

I bet she caught some sort of STD's from him. EW!!
Posted: 7 years, 1 month ago at Jun 3 8:12
That is so funny!!! If they stay married, Brand is going to the Arnie of married actors but with more love children!
Posted: 7 years, 1 month ago at Jun 7 10:23
Hi SA! Totally admire your work on kp! Though one thing still puzzles me.
How come kp's breast mould looks like a 32D especially since she wasn't wearing a bra? U can actually see her nipples poking out so that has to be her real breasts right? Don't get me wrong. I don't doubt your list, but I'm curious about the breast mould /:
Posted: 7 years, 1 month ago at Jun 8 9:34

Hi SA Rocks: :51 1:01

a modern 32D US and in most of the UK and Europe is not that much different than a B or C cup.
My argument is that when you use terms like "D Cup" and "DDs" it is a PR scam most of the time. Stick white wet plaster on any appendage and it will seem sizeable!
Posted: 7 years, 1 month ago at Jun 9 22:24
Your such a jealous bitch. So what she lies about her tits? Shit loads of people are drooling over it and your just seriously wasting everyone's time. And your picture is probably fake too, just like this article. No matter how how hard you try to persuade these idiots, face it. 90% of people LOVE her boobs. Get over it you jealous twat.
Posted: 7 years, 1 month ago at Jun 10 4:18
I'm not only 100% real so this article. Deal with the fact Katy Guttersnipe Perry is human trash. Anyone who targets little children to sell sex to as she is should meet Bin Laden's fate.

"90% of people?" You have utter excrement for brains.

Flatter than Kansas.
Posted: 7 years, 1 month ago at Jun 18 0:41
DD's, my ass!

[Link removed - login to see]

Check out her psycho husband's eyes! Creepy!
Posted: 7 years, 1 month ago at Jun 20 7:25
Honestly, I think you need to get a hobby or something.
So what if Katy Perry stuffs her bra? So what if she lies about her cup size? So what if she makes bad music or dresses like a hoe?
Is it poisoning your food? Is it destroying your life? Is it affecting your life in any negative way ? (aside from this obsession) Exactly.

I don't understand why you care so much. And if you're going to argue about it "brain-washing" kids, so what? It's just music, kids will be kids, and no one will even remember her in 5 years. Plus, "Firework" has a pretty good message.

(Sorry if some of my grammar is wrong, I'm on an iPod)
Posted: 7 years, 1 month ago at Jun 20 7:32
And along the subject of kids, most young girls I know just think she's pretty, they honestly don't give a SHIT about her boobs and whatnot.

Also, just to clear this up, I have neutral feelings towards her, so I neither like, nor dislike her.
Posted: 7 years, 1 month ago at Jun 20 12:50
The media and the people the media protects are negativity personified though. The media is responsible for propping up industries like plastic surgery and dieting which go into the HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars every year. No one was getting breast augmentation surgery before the media started hyping large breasts (or small breasts AS supposedly "large"). No one was buying diet products until the media started hyping diets. Perhaps pretend to believe that you and the small children you claim to know are not affected by the media in any way but you are lying to yourself. I for one always point out the bogus messages and falseness.
Edit: 7 years, 1 month ago
Posted: 7 years, 1 month ago at Jun 23 10:41
[Link removed - login to see] And yet again :S
Posted: 7 years, 1 month ago at Jun 23 18:53
BEYOND broken record at this point. She must have bad PR beacuse it is starting to backfire. And others are now totally backing up what I was saying all along:

Posted: 7 years ago at Jun 25 4:34
I can only assume whoever wrote this is an obsessed male fan, because many of the comparisons are unfair and are obviously explained by anyone with a little knowledge of women's clothing. For instance, corsets play a big part in many of the comparisons. Number 9, 10, 11, 13 and 26 all feature women wearing heavily boned corsets. For the ignorant, boning refers to the steel rods sewed into corsets that force a woman into a certain shape. Corsets were popular all the way up to the 60s, and wearing a corset regularly actually permanently deforms a woman's diaphragm whether she's wearing the corset or not. Betty Page is a good example of a woman whose shape has been permanently deformed by corsets. Her rib cage has been squeezed inwards, her lungs have moved slightly downwards to compensate, pushing her internal organs into her pelvis. The other pictures in this list can mostly be explained by angles of the camera, bras, and different fabrics. Also, regarding cup size: Cup size is not a measure of mass. It's the circumference of your ribcage as compared to the circumference of your ribcage plus breast. Basically, your frame affects your cup size, so just because one person's breasts appear larger, does not actually mean that they are a larger cup size. Now, you know, and knowing is half the battle.
Posted: 7 years ago at Jun 25 4:46
???? And fielding questions from the ignorant is the other half! The List was made by the woman you see in the photo, MYSELF Super Amanda aka Amanda Casabianca Whelan and you DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. AT. ALL. Betty Page is some you know ZERO about and I will not waste my time trying to educate you. Bra size and cup size are no longer measured in the archaic format you blurted out by anyone who knows bras and/or who is attempting to get a well fitting bras for big breasts. I have a 26 inch waist uncorested and when I was in my late teens had a 23 inch waist UNCORSESTED. You can have a small waist naturally! I know what I'm talking about. Katy Perry is a lying sack of rubbish.
Edit: 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago at Jun 25 4:51



Posted: 7 years ago at Jun 25 5:29
Lynda Carter in the posted image is clearly wearing a corset. You can see the seams for the bones in the bodice. Elizabeth Taylor is wearing a belt so tight that she is literally overflowing both over and under it giving herself a painful self-induced muffin top. Perhaps you should visit a tailor who could help you find clothes that fit you properly. I see many lower class women wearing clothing that fits them improperly because they have never had the means to afford one.
Posted: 7 years ago at Jun 25 14:03
"Lower class?" Like Sophia Loren who grew up poor? If you are fortunate enough to be upper class near third world poverty the last thing you should be worrying about is "if their clothing fits."

Once again, I'VE SEEN the actual Wonder Woman dress-SHE IS NOT WEARING A CORSET. And Liz did not become the most famous sex symbol in the world for having an average waist-she TOO LIKE EKBERG RARELY WORE CORSETS. This is 1975, YEARS before photoshop and computers:

That is her real waist. The belt ACCENTUATES her waist, neither "creating it or holding it in."


"Muffin top?" bahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 2 13:30
who cares if she stuffs her bra,kids just think shes pretty and that she is a good singer,I know this because as it happenes,I am a teeneger,I am only 13 and im pretty sure that everyone I know who likes her doesnt care bout her boobs,so how is she selling sex to little kids??

personally I just think she is a great inspiration and that she should never stop singing or dressing how she does,no matter what you people think.I don't understand why you care soo much about it? im sure lots of celebs stuff their bra's.
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 8 19:40
Wow SuperAmanda, do you really think women who possess an hourglass figure are superior to those who do not? I am astounded that you wasted so much time coming up with this list just to attack a woman's body, and saddened that women feel such a strong need to put other women down to feel better about themselves. This list is an incomprehensible attack on smaller-chested women, and it is absolutely absurd. It is a pity you did not receive any intelligence to go along with your big boobs.
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 8 20:22
Emma, wow! You are SO right! Like making fun of a woman's smaller breast size while you are at a breast cancer charity event? Or calling another woman "fat?" Or showing up on children's shows nearly naked? When Katy Perry does it, that's called "girl power" right? But I'm being "mean?" Why are you astounded that someone is stating their opinion (with photos to prove it) why? Because you can't deal with the truth?

YOU have the low intelligence Emma and I'm not going to bother explaining why anyone who understands how the media manipulates always fights a female misogynist (look up the definition) like Katy Perry WITH reverse female misogyny. She not only puts other women down but she is teaching little girls to do the same.

And no, she does not have, (as she shouts to little girls 24 hour a day/7 days a week), "huge boobs." Katy Perry has very small/average breasts and an average non hourglass figure. No crime as I've made clear but the media and dishonest PR freaks like Katy need to stop lying about it.

Pointing out the inexcusable retouching on models is fine so why are you so affronted when it is breast size? Why? Because you are taking it personally. Don't.
Edit: 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 8 21:19
I don't think you should call other women "hookers" when you take slutty pictures of your boobs and put them on public websites. You just keep proving how much you disrespect other women by valuing them only by their bodies.
Oh, and by the way, female misogyny (and no, I did not have to look up the definition as the term is self-explanatory to anyone with real intelligence--that obviously does not include you) is never an acceptable method of dealing with other women. I think it is clear who the real female misogynist is.
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 10 2:40
Emma, if you didn't take the time to completely read all of the comments up to this point then you missed out on some conversation points.
I have read Superamanda state various times in response to other comments that she does not believe that bigger boobs are superior, or that one body type is better than any other.
What she is pointing out is that many of Hollywood's starlets or singers promote their bodies as an ideal shape. Classically that is the hourglass because of it's symmetry. And in the name of "Girl Power"(and let's all take a moment to thank the spice girls for that term)they promote themselves and objectify their own bodies to make money and line the pockets of big bad corporations.

Now if Holly wood can make people look like robots and zombies and make it more and more believable by the day, and typically a lot of zombie effects are make up. Is it terribly hard for them to do the opposite? Is it really all that hard to make someone with an average sized chest look top heavy? Personally I know a few tricks for making it look like someone has a bigger chest. Wardrobe and makeup can do a lot to change someone's appearance (watch a makeover show sometime).

Near as I can tell, as someone who has read the entire comment page, the wrath towards Perry is not necessarily rooted with her body shape, or the size of her boobs. Instead it has to do with the false inflation of the above mentioned and even then it is more her attitude towards others and the marketing tools that she uses.

My personal problem is with a girl that small promoting herself as voluptuous and curvy. At size 14 and having to buy shirts a size larger because of my cleavage that is supposed to be my line. I can get up look in the mirror and say I'm over weight and that I love my body. I know too many women, smaller than I am, who cannot say the same. If one of my skinny friends says that they're fat I blatantly ask them "Then what the hell am I?".

So I ask the question. If Katy Perry whatever her measurements and bust size is considered voluptuous and curvy, me and my size 14 ass, my 38-40 DD chest are what? Morbidly obese? Chopped liver? At the smallest I've ever been I was size 10 and wore 36DD. If Katy Perry is curvy then what the hell am I?
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 10 5:29
Emma: regardless of what you may think none of what I have out on the net is pornographic and most importantly NONE of it is aimed at children. I've never felt the need to regress to a school girl, candyland game, Sesame Street, lollipop sucking lolita in anything I do or say like Perry does. How can you defend that? You clearly cannot see the difference. You also cannot see the difference between the "female body as is" and the "female body as is being exploited and sold ala Wal mart." You can disagree about how to fight female misogyny (as far as what is out there, this is VERY tame) but if you can't see the messed up reality of Katy Perry's Spring Break/apolitical airhead/Hills ethos and two faced hatred of women you are blind. In many ways this isn't even reverse Female Chauvinism, it is simply calling the game for what it is.
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 10 5:48
Nica, you raise a great point-I AGREE 100% and empathize. I'm shocked at how the lowest weight I've ever hit as an adult (140 lbs 37D-23-37 5'9.5) is considered VERY BIG by media standards. I was REALLY tiny.

This actually goes back to the early 80's when models like Cindy Crawford, Christy Brinkley, Claudia Schiffer, Evangelista etc and others were heavily padded and hyped as "real curves", "like Marilyn and Sophia Loren" and "have 1950's bodies." Breast implants sky-rocketed after only strippers had them and they were very dangerous (still are). Before this trend models knew their place and did their job as elegant long figures to put clothing on and date rock stars. They were all skinny and small chested (THEY WERE NOT MAJOR CELEBRITIES-NOT ONE OF THEM INFLUENCED HOW WOMEN LOOK). The average woman could look at an old school pinup or star and feel comfort in knowing she too was glamorous even if she did not see her body type in magazines.

Then suddenly models were both skinny AND "big breasted" and it became the ultimate mindF*ck. All of it smoke and mirrors just like Katy Perry's linear frame. Eating disorders sky-rocketed and things became even worse when madonna, a workout bulimic with bulging muscles was constantly compared to Marilyn Monroe!! Can you believe it? The media actually used to claim that she was Monroe's "double" and they are the opposite body type in every way. Madonna's "fitness programme" was pushed as the only goal attainable for woman.

Essentially hips did not reappear until Jlo and Beyonce hit it big and because the Black and Latino communities became major markets. There were no Black or Latino women on magazine covers or as mainstream Super Stars until the late 90's. Whitney Huston and Janet had hits but zero vanity Fair, Vogue etc etc magazine covers and ad campaigns. White women still can't really be truly curvy or like Christina Hendricks the papers will slam them for it.

A list like this allows people to understand how manipulative the media and their tools are.
Edit: 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 12 17:22
I'm always looking for the message behind something or the details that make it what it is. That is why I like this list. Trying to judge yourself by media hype is like looking in a carnival mirror, the image you get is extremely distorted.

My current weight is about 200lbs. I don't look it and I've been told that by people who have no reason to say otherwise. Point of fact one of them thought I weighed about 50lbs less. She was truly shocked when I told her the truth. What my weight is supposed to be for my height (judging by online bsi calculators) I should weigh 140-150lbs.

That figure doesn't work for me. Plus I don't agree in basing everything on weight. It should be by measurements and if you are happy and healthy where you are.

I love my body. I'm not happy with my measurements, I'd like them to all at least be under 40" and be in a clothing size smaller. That goal is probably 4" off of each of my measurements.

I wish I knew more people who can say "I'd like to be healthier and maybe loose a few extra inches, wear a size smaller, but even if I don't I still love my body. I can look in the mirror naked and list more things I love about my body than things I hate."

These things aren't just limited to women either. I have never met a man more trim and fit than my boyfriend. Sometimes he'll look in the mirror in the morning and say something like "I need to eat better and get serious about getting back in shape."
He could be a damned fitness model. He's in the kind of shape you see the guys from UFC in. He's a lean mean fighting machine and he finds himself inadequate.

So I would like to take the time to thank the world media for making everyone have a funhouse mirror body image of themselves.

I also would like to thank you SuperAmanda for showing people that they need to logically question the things that they see and hear in the media. Even if they don't want to hear the message one day it may very well click with them.
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 12 18:12
Nica, Thank YOU for reading my stuff! 200lbs may be your set point which is fine. You sound perfectly healthy at the weight you are. Anna Nicole Smith was very thin when she passed away and weighed 170, 6'0. Trim Spa, whom she was a spokesperson for was giving her weight at 138. The biggest problem in media body lies is that ALL women-regardless of frame, height, bone size and simply genetics- must way 130 lbs and under. This goes back to the stupid Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Weight Chart written by a MALE doctor! Only after an outcry where frame sizes added. Before that I was supposed to be no bigger than 130.

I'm 168 and at 5'9 1/2 with my frame, my waist size etc if I weighed 130-125, I'd be in the hospital on an IV. Katy Perry (of course) talked mournfully recently about once "weighing 145lbs" like she was formerly obese and ashamed. Courtney Love once mentioned on The View that she weighed 140 (she was VERY trim at the time) and the recanted her statement as a "joke." The media runs like it is God controlling everything. just inexcusable.
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 13 3:07
Awwww, Thank you SuperAmanda. That's very sweet of you to say and you're probably the first person to ever say that.

Now isn't that sad, in 26 years only one person has told me that there is nothing wrong with my weight. Point of fact after telling me that I was over weight several times, when I was a size 10 my mother said I was too skinny.(when I lost all that weight I didn't diet, I was just very over worked in an active job.)

I knew a girl. The DR TOLD her that at 130LBS she was OVERWEIGHT! When I met her she was 115lbs. She told me that she was over weight. She was TINY!!!!
She is shorter than me. She has a smaller build. Smaller bone structure. All applicable, but she looked GOOD! She looked HEALTHY! And apparently this fun cute little woman was over weight.

I was utterly outraged. What is this world coming to when the slim are considered, by medical professionals, to be overweight?
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 13 5:35
Well many doctors smoke so there you go! Be happy with who you are and how comfortable you feel. My biggest concern as a trainer is with people who feel they are 10, 20, 30 even 40 pounds over THEIR ideal weight (no one else's ideal) is that the stress and the confusion of not hitting that "ideal" number causes them to throw in the towel out of frustration. And when they reach a weight they are REALLY unhappy with, they are shocked to look at photos and think they were ever heavy. I'm shocked at how small I was in High School, it is insane that I was worried. At the rate things are going, NO ONE, save for a few celebrities and models will be what is considered "the ideal" as the size of the celeb body is shrinking and shrinking each year. the media is the enemy!
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 13 17:11
The media is EVIL! Evil, Evil, Evil!!!!

In my line of work I meet women all the time. I can easily meet up to 5 new clients a day. Every day or two I end up having at least one conversation with new clients about their weight, or what they do to loose weight. Like there is some sort of magic number that is going to make them happy.

I have no issues with someone trying to live a healthier lifestyle. But if you're not happy with yourself first then there is no magic pill or special diet that is going to make you happy.
Judging yourself by celebs is no way to be accurate. These days it's called Photoshop, camera angles, makeup and bust enhancing wardrobe.
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 15 9:00
Omg! SA, you should check Katy Perry's new video "Last Friday Night"!
There's a scene where she puts chicken cutlets in her top. Laughed my ass off! She finally admits her need for it!
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 15 13:19
Everything you say about miss P is true and I am so relieved to find others who have enough brains and where with all to see it. This piece of crap woman makes me sick. I hated Madonna because I could see right through her fake ass attention getting whore manipulations...but this one...this detestable thing is even worse....make it go away please! It sickens me to no end.
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 15 13:22
oh and BTW, I am about to be 49 years old, have average size boobs and I don't have to stuff my bra to be sexy...either ya got it or ya don't and no amount of makeup or bra stuffing is gonna change that.
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 15 14:25
What about that time a year or two ago she tried to sue a fashion designer for having the name "Katie Perry" claiming that she stole the name. Even though that is the fashion designer's real name and this Katy Perry's real last name is Hudson. What nerve! And why not post that early morning picture Russell Brand took? And look at Elmo in the first pic up there, you can see where he's looking at!
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 19 18:32
omg katy perry does not stuff her bra, shes stated in one of her videos that she is a 32D. and she has made a boob cast for a breast cancer awareness group that you can find on youtube, and it clearly shows that she is not flat and doesn't stuff her bra. and the girls that you shown with the "hourglass' figure, have definitely been wearing corsets, especially the vintage girls because a waist like that is not natural. At least not without waist exercises or something. Yes, in some pictures she is wearing a pushup bra, but what girl hasn't wore one before?
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 20 6:26
I think that a particular point in the matter that may be escaping the KP defense department might just be this: How many of those women have actually advertised their bra size?

If her breasts are as large and fabulous as advertised, why is it that they are being advertised?

Why is a girl from a strict religious family bragging to the world about her breasts? Why does she feel the need to defend them at every turn? Why is it that anyone who has heard of her knows her cup size? Or at least that she's supposed to be top heavy?

Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Personally I think this is a case of the lady protesting too much.
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 20 6:51
"Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Personally I think this is a case of the lady protesting too much."

The real people who REALLY have what their plug entails, rarely mention it. Sophia Loren probably talked about her bust once every ten years!

Anya: There is the proof above that she stuffs with shoulder pads and drag queen cutlets. She's VERY slight in that plaster video-ANYTHING stands out with a plaster cast on it! I am confused as to why you actually believe everything Katy Perry tells you and why you sound like her PR loop. Many women have all natural hourglass figures WITHOUT corsets, do much, much more research and get of the teen message boards. I hate to break it to you. Katy Perry is not one of them.

"At least not without waist exercises or something." Yes, the waist used to the focus of the workout not the abs and arms.
Edit: 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 20 6:55

Explain 1:01 please. Cheers!
Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 22 11:11
I get the impression you don't like KP too much SuperAmanda :D

Posted: 7 years ago at Jul 22 13:57
Hi Tilly, There is actually nothing about her to like or dislike-she's a blank slate which is typical of people from right wing Christian backgrounds. I don't like her PR mainly.
Posted: 6 years, 12 months ago at Jul 25 9:17
[Link removed - login to see]

It seems like lately she's been downplaying them ;)
Posted: 6 years, 12 months ago at Jul 25 19:43
Wtf? Is she three years old? "Wook at my smurf dess Mommy!"

Amy Winehouse rest in peace. Sad that the lovely, heartbreaking artists leave us and crud like Perry lives on.
Posted: 6 years, 12 months ago at Jul 26 20:34
Not to forget that she was at a premiere for a CHILDREN'S MOVIE, and just couldn't resist wearing a tacky dress short enough to flash ass. Who cares about ethics and morals when you have to be the "hot bitch" all the time? ClASSy.

R.I.P. to the Norway victims and Amy! It really saddens me when I read and hear such vicious comments about her passing, like on the daily mail for example. Firstly, its not a competition, and I think there should be enough compassion in a person to be able to show respect for both the Norway victims and Amy. Secondly, just because she was troubled and battled addiction, doesn't mean that she should be reduced to nothing and is "worthless". I swear based on the posts so many people wrote, one would think she was a killer/child molester :S
Posted: 6 years, 12 months ago at Jul 28 20:57
Katy was so foul talking about Winehouse too. Brand wrote his little photo op essay and she's sitting there with piles of makeup, her three year old Smurf hooker dress and orange hair like duh "....I did not knew(sic) her."

Amy's addiction was caused by depression over being abandoned. Male celebs have women who will be there for them 24/7. Female celebs with addiction issues get deserted.
Edit: 6 years, 12 months ago
Posted: 6 years, 12 months ago at Jul 28 20:57
Note to Katy Perry fans: please don't comment on this list just to ask why it is here or to protest. That is explained above as well as in the comments. If you leave a comment and chicken run after you delete it, I never see it. Listal is not like You Tube or Amazon where the comment is also separately sent in html form to your email. And you need to face the fact the women on this list who are not Katy Perry are all natural and do NOT stuff their bras or lie about their figures to screw with the minds of little children.

If you can't form a decent argument then please do not post here.
Posted: 6 years, 10 months ago at Sep 3 1:27
Just explain this photo to me, if you can i will agree, if not, i don't...
[Link removed - login to see]
Posted: 6 years, 10 months ago at Sep 3 8:04
Photoshop enhancing and resizing to the point where it looks nothing like her from top to bottom. You can clearly see where they enlarged if you look at that piece of black string.
Even paparazzi shots.
This is live:

Teenage Dream by Glee rocks though ;)
Posted: 6 years, 10 months ago at Sep 4 2:08
You are psyco, and if you see clearly in the video, her boobs are still big, but they aren't phused up, just simple as that...
And if I may say, yor picture looks retouched...
Posted: 6 years, 10 months ago at Sep 4 6:33
^^ OMGOSH! If that's your idea of "big" then you must be flat as a board. Look at these pictures when she was at the MTV Music Awards...if they are a size D why do they look so small? I'm surprised she hasn't been stuffing and showing them off lately. I think a lot of ppl are starting to see that she's full of s*** and is a walking contradiction. Quotes: "I prayed to God for big breasts" then months later, "I hated my breasts because they are so big!"

[Link removed - login to see]

[Link removed - login to see]

Posted: 6 years, 10 months ago at Sep 4 18:18
Trackedo: That video is what she really looks like. A big breasted woman does not flatten out like that in such a tight top form fitting one piece.

btw, my photos (apart from one where I painted on a bikini) are all CLEARLY unretouched, un-photoshopped etc All of my photos are unprofessional and amateur so people can see I'm not a fraud. You can see the texture of my skin and even a vein. That's what a real set of big naturally large breasts looks like. If you can prove I have retouched or enlarged my Listal personal pics in ANY WAY I'll personally give you 500 quid!

Katy Perry is average to small chested and that is ok. Nothing wrong with that. Small is great, so is average etc. My point is that she should not be claiming superiority in assets that she does not truly have-ESPECIALLY WHEN HER TARGET AUDIENCE IS UNDER 16. And as Morning Hello aptly pointed out, never shutting up about it.

If you need a fantasy and if you like her then fine-life should be fun and we all need fantasy figures but she does not have big breasts by any standards of reality-even with photoshop.
Edit: 6 years, 10 months ago
Posted: 6 years, 9 months ago at Oct 22 5:37
It's not a matter of hating thin people. It's not a matter of hate at all. It is a matter of truth.
You are right about a 30DD and a 40DD being very different sizes. But do you know why?
Do you know how cup size is determined?
Posted: 6 years, 9 months ago at Oct 23 17:52
Perhaps you're right,

It did take me at least three tries to read the post.

Why is it that the perry fan club abuses English so badly?
Posted: 6 years, 8 months ago at Nov 15 3:41
SuperAmanda is about right, methinks. I'm a 32C and Perry's tits don't look any bigger than mine. Oh and to the girl who said that 'petite' women wear 32s ... it's just not true. I'm not tall but at just short of 5'6" I don't think people would regard me as petite, either.

Big tits or not, no one can argue that Perry does not have very mediocre of not poor proportions.
Posted: 6 years, 8 months ago at Nov 15 4:01
If she were not so annoyingly obvious in her PR and such a bad singer I'd say she looks great. It is hard to compliment someone who is aiming such a ridiculous and blatant PR agenda at little kids. A grown up and can look at katy Perry or the Victoria Secrets catalogue and see retouching and padding but younger kids can't make that judgement.
Posted: 6 years, 6 months ago at Dec 28 2:34
[Link removed - login to see]

They look kinda big here and doesn't look padded. So weird how in some pics they look small and some are large.
Posted: 6 years, 6 months ago at Dec 28 14:42
Pathetic. Those pictures are so blatantly retouched and enlarged that they are more wal mart watercolours than photos.
This picture is another, more obvious and typical Katy Perry photoshop fail:

"Paprazzi" ALL use photoshop now. Katy Perry's bust is digitally enlarged in the current bikini pics as in the above photoshop fail. Her arms being so weirdly long are the give away. People are conditioned to think paparazzi swimsuit photos are "never altered" but beach pisc (bikini shots especially) are retouched and resized more so than even catalogue. She obviously had these taken and published on purpose because of the controversy over her endless insecure hype or the pap realized by blurring and digitally enhancing that she'd look bigger-which gets more money from the tabloids. Totally sleazy when the below is the reality:

Once again, katy flopped around Hollywood for over five years, was dropped by major labels and no one cared till she took off her shirt and got plastered which saved her from getting chucked off her current one. Girls with really big natural breasts don't get dropped from major labels even if they can't sing like her. Jessica Simpson too has zero talent (much more of a volunteer for important causes than KP is though) but her truly big boobs created an empire. Katy was around at about the same time and no one noticed. Without ENDLESSLY, incessantly talking about her chest and nothing else, stuffing her bra, relying on photosohop and hype aimed at girls under 12 she'd still be no one.

Edit: 6 years, 6 months ago
Posted: 5 years, 11 months ago at Aug 13 21:36
Hey Super Amanda, they look somewhat big here. Think she's stuffing again? haha

[Link removed - login to see]
Posted: 5 years, 5 months ago at Feb 22 3:24
Comment back on my profile, new friend!(: I agree! I don't think Katy is great. I frankly think she's not that attractive either. If I was a man, I wouldn't waste an erection on her. (; Haha! Thanks for pointing it out. I actually have 38D's and they look nothing like her's. They're way bigger as are the areola, unlike her. She's gotta stop lying to herself. She's the only woman besides Paris Hilton, I will never praise on any of my lists once I start making them! Good job!(: I'd also like to add that people are picking up on it too! There was a woman who did wardrobe for Katy and said "She's a 34B. Trust the woman who has seen her naked." Ugh. Loathe Katy Perry. If only Miss Marilyn Monroe were here. She'd show them all up. I'd also love, love to be friends. You're a true woman and i'm 17, getting into buying lingerie and things for myself and with my curves, you can help me find that! My body type is Salma Hayek, sort off. Just a bit taller. Thanks! Please, message or profile me back!
Posted: 2 years, 9 months ago at Oct 8 1:48
By this absolutely brain dead article you only prove what a stupid, ignorant, sad loser you are. You have absolutely no idea about Katy Perry whom I've met in person, and who has more brains in her pinkie than you in your entire head. What is the point in comparing her breasts to those of women who outboob her with their superior busts and on those grounds slagging her off and insulting her?? Her career has nothing to do with the size or shape of her cleavage, you're an utter dumbhead. Through Katy Perry I've learnt to meditate, read books you probably wouldn't understand, have found a lot of motivation and progress in life, and found friends which blew my mind. Perry writes and co writes, sings fabulously through gruelling two hour shows, and is in fact a competent show biz person and business woman who has worked for her huge success from zero, with no support from rich parents and other stuff. She is far, extremely far from being the fraud which you want to make her out to be. - So, she hasn't exactly got the body of a classic sex symbol - big deal! Did she ever say she had? She herself talked about women with 'better' bodies than hers; it's debatable because she looks fabulous, but you describe her as a stupid person which anybody who's met her knows she is not at all! She has a wicked sense of humour which unintelligent fools like you simply aren't up to. In your attempt to disparage her all you can resort to is pitting her against women like Lucy Pinder or Raquel Welch in a bikini and state the obvious - they've got bigger, firmer boobs; how sad are you! On the other hand, including Lady Gaga? - Please! Katy knows that she can't compete with women like Christina Hendricks in the boob compartment - the point is, she doesn't intend to, you just twist every word she says out of context and fail to understand whatever she actually means to say. But SHE is a fab entertainer who people look up to, who supports tons of charities btw of which breast cancer research is only one - you, meanwhile, are a sad nobody.
Posted: 2 years, 9 months ago at Oct 8 2:19
I've just glanced over your replies to the comments also - you're really the dumbest person I've seen blogging or what you call your small witted outpourings I've come across on the Internet in a long while. You are the one who indulges in misogyny while you have nil knowledge about Katy Perry, about her intentions, her thinking, her activities. You're exactly like an intellectually challenged 12 year old little hater posting hair raising spam on YouTube. A sad bitter, humourless, stupid female like you I can only either laugh at, or simply despise for being the dumb creature she is.

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