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Added by Halogen

on 15 Jun 2013 08:26

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Creatures of Grimm

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(pronunciation: VAY-zin, Grimm: VES-sin; German "a being", here "creature" )is a term used to describe the creatures visible to the Grimms. They are the basis not only of the fairy tales that the Brothers Grimm have compiled, but also of the many legends and folklore from many cultures.


(uh-NOO-biss; Lat. Anūbis, from A.Gk. Ἄνουβις, from Egypt. jnpw, "god of the cemetery") is a dog-like Wesen.


(ah-SWAH-ng; Tag. "monster") or Tik-tik (tik-TIK; Tag. onomatopoeia) is a ghoul-like Wesen. They are indigenous to the Philippine Islands and exist within mainstream Filipino mythology.


(ɓaa-LAAM; Yucatec jaguar) is a jaguar-like Wesen.
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(pronunciation: BOW-ər-shvyn; Germ. Bauer "farmer"** + Schwein "pig") is a pig-like Wesen that are enemies of Blutbaden.


(plural: Blutbaden; pronunciation: BLOOT-baat, BLOOT-baad in Grimm; Germ. Blut "blood" + Bad "bath") is a wolf-like Wesen that is the basis of the fairy tale character of the Big Bad Wolf.


(koh-YOO-tuhl; Grimm: ki-YOH-tuhl; Nah. "coyote"; plural: coyomeh or cocoyoh) is a coyote-like Wesen. They are known for being mean, nasty, and all around bullies.


(CRA-shay mor-TEL; Fr. Cracher "to spit" + Mortel "deadly" or "mortal") is a puffer fish-like Wesen.


('alternate spelling Daemonfeuer; pl. Dämonfeuer; DAY-mon-foy-ər (Grimm: DAY-muhn-fyoo-ər); Germ. Dämon "demon" + Feuer "fire") is a dragon-like creature able to breathe fire and are among the rarer species of Wesen.


(Pronunciation: DIK-fay-likh; Germ. "thick-skinned") is a rhinoceros-like Wesen that are good boxers, and strong fighters.


(pronunciation: drahng-tsorn; Drang "urge, stress" + Zorn "wrath") is a badger-like Wesen.

El Cucuy

(el KOO-koo-ee; Span. El Coco "the Bogeyman") is a Vigilante-type Wesen with supersonic hearing. Its name comes from Portuguese folklore, in which masks carved from coconuts were used to scare children into behaving.


(pronunciation: EYES-bee-bər; Germ. Eis "ice" + Biber "beaver") is a beaver-like Wesen that are friendly and non violent, but are certainly very nosy.


(pronunciation: FOOKHS-bow, Grimm: FOOKS-bow; Germ. "fox hole" or "burrow") is a fox-like Wesen known for being extremely sly and cunning.


(FOOKS-toy-fuhl-vilt; pl. -wilder, Ger. fuchsteufelswild "furious as a fox-devil") is a goblin-like Wesen.

Gedächtnis Esser

(guh-DAYKHT-niss ESS-er; Germ. Gedächtnis "memory" + Esser "eater") is an octopus-like Wesen.


(plural: Geier; pronunciation: GY-ər; Germ. "vulture") is a highly sadistic vulture-like Wesen.


(GAY-loom-KY-dus; Grimm: GEL-um-KY-dus; Lat. gelum "coldness" + caedis "kill") is an alligator-like Wesen.

Genio Innocuo

(JEE-nee-oh in-NO-koo-oh; Lat. Genio "genius" + innocuo "harmless") is a tortoise-like Wesen known for being shy and reclusive.


(GLOO-ən-fohlk; Germ. Glühen "glow" + Volk "people") is an alien-like Wesen.


(HAYS-likh; Grimm. HESS-litch; Germ. "ugly", "nasty"; pl. -en) is a troll-like Wesen. They are large, and seem prone to violent acts.


(HEFF-tigh-ow-rohkh; Ger. Heftig "violently" or "severe" + "Aurochs") is a bull-like Wesen.


(HEK-sən-beest; pl: -biester Germ. Hexe "witch" + Biest "beast") is a witch-like Wesen that resembles a zombie, with visibly rotting or disfigured flesh.


(HØ-lehn-teer; plural: Höllentiere; Germ. Hölle "hell" + Tier "animal") is a hellhound-like Wesen.


(HOONT-yay-gər; Germ. Hund "dog" + Jäger "hunter"; singular=plural) is a hound dog-like Wesen that is fast, clever, cold and calculating, making them ideal for professions like assassinations and bounty hunting.

Indole Gentile

(EEN-doh-lay jen-TEE-lay; It. "nature" + "kind") is a sweet, doe-faced (innocent looking/not threatening) Wesen.


(pronunciation: YAY-gər-bar; Germ. Jäger "hunter" + Bär "bear") is a bear-like Wesen.

Jinnamuru Xunte

(JIN-nuh-muh-ROO CHOON-tay; E. Manink. jinnamuruxuntee) is a fly-like Wesen that hails from Kenya and South Africa.


(kahl-lee-KAHNT-zah-rohs; Greek Καλλικάντζαρος, indet.; pl. Kallikantzaroi, kahl-lee-KAHNT-zah-roh-ee) is a genetic disorder which affects a small portion of Indole Gentile children.


(KLOW-shtrykh; Grimm: KLOW-strysh; Germ. klauen = "steal" + Streich = "prank/trick" or alternatively Germ. "Klau(e)" = "claw" + "Streich" = "stroke") is an alley cat-like Wesen. They are typically known for being jerks in the Wesen community.


(KOE-nig-shlaa-nguh; Germ. König, meaning "king", and Schlange, meaning "snake") is a king cobra-like Wesen.


(KAH-shee; Rus. Коще́й "Koshchey", a skeleton-man in Russian folklore) is a radioactive skeleton-like Wesen.


(KRAAM-puus; O.H.Ger. Krampen "claw") is an anti-Santa Wesen resembling a wild sheep. According to legend he appears before Christmas and kidnaps naughty children who he keeps up in the tallest tree at the tallest spot. He does this with the intention of eating the children and then disappearing for a whole year.


(pronunciation: LOW-zin-shlo-nguh, Grimm: LOW-zin-shlong-guh; Germ. Laus "louse" + Schlange "snake") is a snake-like Wesen with forked tongues, slit pupils and scaly skin.


(LAY-bən-zow-gər; Germ. Leben "life" + Sauger "sucker"; pl. Lebensauger) is a lamprey-like Wesen.


(pronunciation: LØ-vin, Grimm: LOH-win; Germ. Löwe "lion", plural Löwen) is a lion-like Wesen.


(lw-EE-zah pesh-UR; Fr. luisant "shiny" + pêcheur "fisher") is an otter-like Wesen.


(lwee-SOH(n); Guarani "wolf-man") is a wolf-like Wesen.

Malin Fatal

(MAH-leh fə-TAL; Fr. Malin "malicious" + Fatal "fatal") is a boar-like Wesen.


(MAN-tə-kor; En., from E.Mid.Per. martyaxwar "manticore", a legendary Arabian cryptid) is a half lion, half scorpion-like Wesen originating in Persia.

Mauvais Dentes

(MO-vay don; Fr. mauvais "bad" + dents "teeth") is a saber-toothed tiger-like Wesen that is smart, swift and deadly.


(pronunciation: MOWTS-hairts, Grimm: MOWZ-hurts; Germ. Maus "mouse" + Herz "heart") is a mouse-like Wesen that are harmless and shy.


(plural: Mellifers; pronunciation: MEL-ə-fər; Lat. mellis "honey" + ferre "to bear") is a bee-like Wesen that exist typically as part of a swarm.

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(VOH-gə; German noun meaning a high, powerful wave of water; a large undulating mass of something). In the show, "woge" is the act of changing between human and Wesen form.

I update this list at the end of every season. If you find it's missing something then, drop me a comment. :)

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