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Adding a bigger character limit for movie titles
Well just like the titles says we need to update the amount of charact
0 43 11 months, 2 weeks ago
by DuckNation
Can't set date of birth for Marco Polo Years only start from 1500.
0 21 11 months, 2 weeks ago
by The O.P.
Account username
I changed username on my profile but would keep the ancient
1 52 11 months, 2 weeks ago
by The O.P.
Problem with filters in list
Hi, It seems the filters in lists are having problems. If I try to u
1 45 11 months, 3 weeks ago
by Kouryu
How Do I Add A Person To Listal?
I haven't used this website a lot lately and I forgot how I managed to
13 150 11 months, 3 weeks ago
by Anautix
Image Upload Problem
I've been unable to upload images over the past two days. Whenever I t
3 51 11 months, 3 weeks ago
by Iceviper
What's the average number of listal's active users per day?
5 120 11 months, 3 weeks ago
by Reporting
Item loading problem.
Well i created a list and finished it, i tried to view all the items b
2 61 11 months, 4 weeks ago
by Tom
Can't add movie to list
It seems like I'm unable to search for, and therefore add, the movie "
1 55 11 months, 4 weeks ago
by DuckNation
Profile Layout Problem
It seems that the old save layout button has disappeared, and while it
3 69 12 months ago
by Onion Jack
I have had trouble with password since first signed up, but usually I
1 30 12 months ago
by dannyjai
Cannot add pictures from my profile to a list
Besides other problems I've been encountering, I find that I cannot ad
5 58 12 months ago
by Iceviper
I found two profiles with Pornographic profile pictures
I don't know where to post things like this, so I'm creating this topi
3 73 12 months ago
by Reporting
A question about images in the "update feed"
So when a image is replaced with a better quality image it makes all t
0 32 12 months ago
by DuckNation
Image Views Update
Can you update the amount of views that images were being uploaded?
0 40 12 months ago
by Leo
Broken Images
Can someone check if by posting images on Lists is ok? I am trying to
3 53 12 months ago
by Tom
Cannot remove Favourites
If i click on Remove button, on an actor page for instance, at first i
0 22 12 months ago
by cris c
Improper link
I added a band under music instead of people which is the way bands ar
0 33 12 months ago
by Henry Krinkle
[Bug] Loading pictures on image lists
When you load more pictures on an image list by pressing the button "L
2 72 1 year ago
by Anautix
Adriana Russo italian actress Someone imported from IMDB the co
4 237 1 year ago
by Mass. Patriot
This mail...
From The Social Media Caf : Posted : 5 hours, 20 minutes ago at April
5 78 1 year ago
by Mass. Patriot
how about adding a sport section in the forums?
Don't know if this is already suggested. But I really do think that it
0 17 1 year ago
by Lito Lapida
how ranks works?
I' m just curious, how the rank system works? some hours ago I has a r
6 150 1 year ago
by RedHeadLover ❤
Add Person With Same Name As Someone Else
Is it possible to create a profile for a person with the same name as
2 64 1 year ago
by Shaun
Rejected Report
Can a moderator please explain why this image is deemed appropriate...
0 114 1 year ago
by Onion Jack
I'm blocked from adding tags?
I'm unable or I'm blocked from adding my own tags, why? I'm barely doi
2 95 1 year ago
by PowerGirl
Another Pic Question
How can I change the image of a listed item?
0 31 1 year ago
by ChihuahuaDaddy
New list glitch...
It appears if only the primary title is coming up with results on list
1 27 1 year ago
by Tom
"Edit note" not appearing?
Hello all. I just created a new list of painters. However, I am not ab
1 27 1 year ago
by Tom
About posting pics
What pictures are we allowed to post? Are we allowed to post pictures
3 47 1 year ago
by compcua
Display Mode problem
I can't change display mode in sections. All sections follow the displ
5 59 1 year ago
by Aira
expanded pages for bands
This is just a suggestion. I notice that bands are listed as 'peo
1 19 1 year ago
by Lito Lapida
Music importing
I never have added music before, and I Tried this morning but failied.
3 32 1 year ago
by Deleted
Jessica Moore marked as adult
Jessica Moore is marked as adult, ok some sleazy movies, like Lynda Ca
0 40 1 year ago
by Mass. Patriot
Glitch with pictures on lists.
Any list I have made over the last couple months will not display any
2 41 1 year ago
by Gauntlet
See hidden items in Soc/Recommend
In the Recommendations list is there any way to see all items includin
0 17 1 year ago
by ran88dom99
404 Errors on Members' Homepages?
I'm getting 404 errors on several members' homepages. These aren't th
8 121 1 year ago
by The Major
Poblem with profile
Since yesterday I cann't enter in my profile or in any of my stuff, wh
2 54 1 year ago
by Villiana
IMDB Videos
I think instead of just making it possible to only put Youtube Videos
1 38 1 year ago
by TrekMedic
A small but big request
So I've been editing and fixing album information on this site for a w
0 29 1 year, 1 month ago
by Deleted