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An average movie

Posted : 3 years ago on 3 December 2015 09:45

It had been a while since I had seen this movie so I was quite eager to check it out again. In fact, I forgot that the screenplay for this movie was actually written by Kevin Williamson, the guy who also wrote 'Scream', one of the most influential movies released in the 90's. Anyway,  one thing really enjoyable about Robert Rodriguez is that, in contrary to his best buddy Quentin Tarantino, the guy is definitely not pretentious and it is really obvious in his movies, especially this one. Indeed, sure, it is nothing really amazing but it was never meant to be ground-breaking and I thought it was actually a decent horror-SF feature. Basically, it pretty much follows the rules of the genre but, just like in 'Scream', the characters were actually pretty much aware of those rules which was pretty neat. I also liked the fact that this high-school was rather dull and almost lugubrious and even though all the characters were really stereotypical,  they were actually fairly entertaining. There was also a really solid cast (Elijah Wood, Josh Hartnett, Jordana Brewster, Clear DuVall, Salma Hayek,  Robert Patrick,  Famke Janssen,  Jon Stewart). To conclude, even though it might not be one of the most famous movies directed by Robert Rodriguez, I actually think it is one of his better directing efforts and it is definitely worth a look.

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The Zombie Club

Posted : 6 years, 3 months ago on 11 September 2012 11:27

When you just can't let it go.

Once there was a king of some country not too far away from Serbia, who said, "The purpose of my life, is the destruction of Serbia."

(And then people talk about offices and empire and the opinions of others, as though that mattered.)

But now, the purpose of my life is-- the tormenting of Mike Newton.

"You and Cullen."

"Well, in physics we.... we talk about physics, properties of physics."

"Guys, luckily you're friends with a former Boy Scout, who is always...."
"Beaten up."
Going to movies with his mom."
"A boy scout is always prepared."
"Prepared to spend lunch is his locker."
"Prepared to die a virgin."
"Prepared to paint his sister's nails."
"Prepared for emergencies. That's why, a week ago, when Irene was a tropical depression--"
"You're a tropical depression."

"Well, you know the door's supposed to stay open."

"So, you and Cullen, huh?"

"And if my *manner* has been at all reprehensible, then I sincerely apologise."

"Someone once told me that time is a predator that stalked us all our lives...."

"The Cylon War is long over, yet we must not forget why so many sacrificed so much in the cause of freedom...."

"Every Saturday since we've lived in this apartment, I have awakened at 6:15, poured myself a bowl of cereal, added a quarter-cup of 2% milk, sat on *this* end of *this* couch, turned on BBC America, and watched *Doctor Who*."

"So, you and Cullen, huh?"

Walk to class with me, Bella, go to the dance with me, Bella, be my friend, Bella, fall in love with me, Bella-- even though I don't really like you that much.

*winces in pain* Juno's mercy.

Sometimes I just had no idea, just how lucky I was, just to be left, alive....

"God, you can be such a...."
"Pretty cool human being when you're not being a first class grade A bitch."
"Are you hitting on me, (Frodo)?"
"No. No I just think that you can be cool. Sometimes. This not being one of them."

*sighs* Such is the cultural baggage of the trashy sci-fi drama.

So much for that.

{"Vanity, not love, has been my folly."}


Seriously, though: I can be a freak.

"(Seriously, Ted, barring some act of God, she's going to be on a date on Saturday, and not with you)."
"Fine, if an act of God is what it takes."
"(WTF, Ted)?"
"I'm going to make it rain."


{I'm 'doing bad things, good things happen' to me! *stamps foot* What the fuck! *anguish*}

I'm fucking serious though, watching Ted and Robin together, and Marshall and Lily apart makes me want to go feral on someone.

And if you can't understand what I'm saying, then that's your own damn fault.

Because what I'm telling you is the truth.


And, what's this? Jon Stewart once had a legitimate acting career? He *could have had* a legitimate acting career!

I mean, not that this is much, obviously, but the year after this, he was in "Big Daddy" with Adam Sandler, too! He could have been one of Adam Sandler's.... he could have been a Happy Madison guy, like Kevin James, or somebody....

But I guess that he just wanted to hook up with the "F... You Girl", and all that trash.

He could have been a real actor, if he hadn't thrown it all away.... amazing. He chose.... trash.

(And, if he had wanted to, he could have just done the effin' entertainment news-- sometimes I'd like to be able to get that sort of thing from someone who isn't a fucking girl, ha.)


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Posted : 11 years, 1 month ago on 15 November 2007 03:46

The best worst movie ever! :P

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