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An average movie

Posted : 6 years, 2 months ago on 23 September 2013 08:05

To be honest, I didn’t expect much from this flick (it was even nominated for the Worst Picture award at the Razzi’s, something I completely forgot before watching this) but since I have a weak spot for Gerard Butler and Jennifer Anniston, I thought I might as well give it a try. Ever since his breakthrough with ‘300’, Gerard Butler has been switching between action features (which were usually quite decent) and romantic-comedies (which were always underwhelming). This movie was not the exception I’m afraid. Indeed, it starts with this terrible and unnecessary flash-forward and then it follows with another completely tedious chase during some parade. Basically, after 10 minutes, I already had enough of the damned thing. Then, it got slightly better, but just slightly since the story was completely tedious and the jokes were just inane. Personally, I do think that Butler had a couple of nice one-liners but Jennifer Anniston basically gave the same performance she has been given ever since she played Rachel in ‘Friends’. I mean, she does look good, maybe me too good and she seems rather talented but will she ever take any chance and try anything different? It is getting rather obnoxious at that point. Anyway, to conclude, it is just a really weak romantic-comedy and it is not really worth a look, even if you like the genre.

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A Bounty Hunter is needed to capture the makers.

Posted : 8 years, 9 months ago on 1 March 2011 11:17

Quite frankly, I was going to watch The Bounty Hunter for the same reason as I did for The Last Airbender and Vampires Suck: they are three of the 5 films that were nominated Worst Picture at the 31st Golden Raspberry Awards as well as Sex And The City 2 and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and I normally love watching crap films because I just laugh at their awfulness and I take great pleasure in ripping them apart when I get round to reviewing them later. No, The Bounty Hunter isn't as painful to watch as the rest of the nominees were and I would possibly say that it is the best one but that doesn't mean it was a good, enjoyable film.

What really confused me about The Bounty Hunter was that I kept asking myself as I was watching it "Is this a romantic comedy? Is this an action-romance? Is this an action-comedy?" and, to be honest, I wouldn't really call it a comedy at all because it simply wasn't funny. I wouldn't even call it a romantic film because there is a huge difference between soppy chemistry between characters and serious love but in the case of The Bounty Hunter, it didn't even act serious enough or even try to for people to take it seriously and feel the bond between the two leading characters. Yes, I realise that there are romantic comedies that do involve similar cases like this but we truly feel the bond between the characters a lot more in some of those films than we do in this one. I couldn't help but feel the pretty damn obvious predictability of this film! I mean, after 5 minutes, I knew what was going to happen. Well, not every single second of speech but you know what I mean!

The gambler and former police officer Milo Boyd owes money to dangerous takers and works as bounty hunter. His ex-wife Nicole Hurley is a reporter investigating the mysterious death of a man that was reported by the police as suicide. Meanwhile Nicole is accused of running over and assaulting a police officer and is summoned to a hearing in the court. However, she has a lead for her case and she misses the audience with the judge. Milo is assigned to track down and arrest Nicole; in return, he would receive an award of US 5,000.00. Milo stays close to his ex-wife and they both revive the good moments they had in their marriage and Milo. But Nicole is pursued by the criminal that she is investigating.

Yes, we know why Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler were cast in this film together as lovers: because they were lovers in real-life during the time that The Bounty Hunter was being made and let's face it, a lot of the public would want them to star in a film together while they're dating in real life (like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr. And Mrs. Smith). Jennifer Aniston is an overrated actress in my opinion and yes, she is hot but she really cannot act! I have liked her in roles such as Bruce Almighty and Along Came Polly but she was just awful in this film! I really wish that Milo Boyd had put her in jail after 5 minutes and just left her there because it would have done the film a favour! As for Gerard Butler, what the hell was he thinking?! Yeah, Gerard has that physique where he could be a badass character like he was in 300 but in some ways, Gerard in this made me think a lot of Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock in Tooth Fairy! Gerard did star in a similar kind of film as The Bounty Hunter last year: The Ugly Truth which does look just as awful and like the most predictable film on this Earth. I mean, the bond between them isn't love! It is just a pair of hopeless idiots, simple as. I mean, grown middle-aged adults asking for parents for advice on love?! A guy having to kidnap his ex-wife to go to "jail" and then they slowly fall for each other again?! Come on! Where are the brains of the screenwriter and director and even the actors who even decided to be part of this film anyway?

Andy Tennant is a director who's films have not been recognized hardly at all except for Hitch and he does seem to go for the same kinds of films over and over again but doesn't do very well with any of them, really, and I really think it will take a lot for him to be any worse than he already was at directing The Bounty Hunter. I don't even think some of the action scenes were brilliantly filmed because as the shots kept changing, there were so many bloopers. Actually, I guess that is the fault of the editor than the director's but the directing was still pretty bad. As for the way that The Bounty Hunter was written, it really was incredibly daft! I mean, one minute, it's soppy romance then the next its a runaway chase then its soppy romance again! It was a pretty damn chaotic film to watch on occasions!

Overall, The Bounty Hunter is easily one of the cheesiest films that I think I have ever watched. Not in terms of effects obviously but when it comes to characters, acting, script and pretty much everything else, it is very cheesy! If they're going to think of a soppy title, don't think of a badass title like ''The Bounty Hunter'' because only a badass action film with an actually decent storyline, strong characters and a solid script could pull that off. It is probably my favourite of the 5 2010 Razzie Worst Picture nominees but there is no denying that this is a really bad film that I think pretty much everybody hates.

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The Bounty Hunter (2010) review

Posted : 9 years ago on 12 December 2010 10:03

O CAÇADOR DE RECOMPENSAS - Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) é um ex-policial que se tornou caçador de recompensas. Sua missão era prender a repórter Nicole Hurly (Jennifer Aniston) e tinha tudo para ser uma tarefa das mais fáceis. Afinal, ela é sua ex-esposa. Mas o problema é que tinha mais gente interessada nela por conta de uma reportagem sobre um possível assassinato e, como resultado, os dois entraram na mira de criminosos. Assim, se antes não conseguiram ficar unidos no casamento, agora precisam juntar forças para sobreviver a esta grande confusão. (RC)

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The Bounty Hunter (2010) review

Posted : 9 years, 5 months ago on 19 July 2010 09:08

Have seen Butler in much better roles. Storyline ok. Chemistry - pretty weak.

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Hopelessly forgettable and awfully unappealing

Posted : 9 years, 6 months ago on 13 June 2010 05:13

"Life is making mistakes."

It's beyond me as to what genre The Bounty Hunter falls into. Romantic comedy? Action comedy? Romance actioner? Romantic comedy actioner? Alas, no matter which of these genres applies to the film, it's a tremendous failure. The romance is stale, the action is more likely to induce sleep than elevate the pulse, and the comedy is flatter than a sheet of paper. At no stage is the film even able to reach the heights of mere mediocrity. There is absolutely no on-screen chemistry between Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, and the movie is both hopelessly forgettable and awfully unappealing.

The story, such as it is, concerns for-rent bounty hunter Milo (Butler). Not long into the proceedings, Milo is assigned a case he expects to relish - track down his bail-jumping ex-wife Nicole (Aniston) and bring her to gaol. As fate would have it, this job is not as fun or as easy as Milo had anticipated, predominantly because Nicole, a dedicated reporter, is working on a big story and there are bad guys who want her dead. Soon enough, Milo and Nicole are on the run together from a bunch of henchmen, leaving room for them to predictably reassess their failed marriage.

It would seem The Bounty Hunter was intended to be similar to Mr. & Mrs. Smith, yet it miserably fails at this questionable goal. Once the whole State of Play-style plot is introduced, though, the movie transitions from woeful rom-com to truly unwatchable pile of shit. The writing is sloppy and laboured, with a by-the-numbers script offering the police scandal subplot merely to provide the principals with something else to squabble about. Naturally, the generic story also forces Milo and Nicole to recognise how much they actually care about one another. From the very beginning, you can guess every beat of the well-worn Hollywood formula. Clearly, it was supposed to be a fun formula exploring the line between love and hate, but the emotion I mostly experienced throughout the movie was hate, and it was aimed at the filmmakers who were responsible for wasting 105 minutes of my life with this bullshit.

As previously discussed, The Bounty Hunter is something approximating a romantic comedy actioner. Allowing director Andy Tennant to handle these elements, though, is the equivalent of handing Burger King the assignment of serving up a high-class steak dinner. Tennant is a bland studio director without a clue about the art of cinematic personality; his prior films include Fool's Gold and Hitch, both of which are watchable but utterly disposable works of film. Even the mediocrity of his previous efforts cannot be retained here. Admittedly, The Bounty Hunter begins well enough, with the initial half-hour providing a couple of amusing moments here and there. Yet, Tennant's incompetent directorial touch when it comes to adventure, action and chemistry soon derails this minimal amount of interest. Eventually, the narrative closes with a blink-and-you'll-miss-it climax intended to be the pay-off to the agonisingly interminable build-up. It's understandable that the director showed such little interest in his picture by the time the proceedings began winding down, though.

The plot is unbelievably contrived, to be sure, with Milo making incredibly stupid decisions (he decides to gamble as opposed to simply, ya know, delivering his irritating ex-wife to the authorities as quickly as possible?) and the inept bad guys doing a terrible job of achieving their goals. This could have been forgivable, since the main aim of the plot is to get the two leads together so a viewer can watch the sparks fly. Unfortunately, once Butler and Aniston are together, the only flying sparks come from a taser. The two actors share sibling chemistry rather than the scintillating type that weakens the knees. Their respective characters spend the majority of their time together bickering like any divorced couple would, but Sarah Thorp's banal script fails to offer adequate reasoning as to why we should care about the pair. Moreover, the banter lacks wit, and the acting appears drowsy. While Butler has his moments, Aniston is woeful from beginning to end; her performance is more of a series of hair flicks than anything resembling characterisation.

If all else fails, there should at least be laughs. 2009's The Ugly Truth with Gerard Butler was painfully formulaic, yet it contained enough moments of laugh-out-loud comedy to make it worth at least a minor recommendation. 2010's Date Night was loaded with laughs and featured an ideal screen couple in the form of Steve Carell and Tina Fey, but the plot was pure formula. The Bounty Hunter, on the other hand, suffers further from a lack of laughs. Thus, with no vital spark between the leads, an absence of laughs and boring action, there's absolutely no reason to sit through this mess. The rules of rom-coms are well-known, so you know Milo and Nicole will end up together. Such foresight could save you from wasting 105 minutes on this lifeless motion picture.


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