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Happy-Go-Lucky review

Posted : 1 year, 1 month ago on 25 September 2018 12:39

I fucking love this movie.
So simple but effective. This really have a message and charm really greatly directed.
Oh, especially Sally Hawkins performance is surreally fantastic.

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Happy-Go-Lucky review

Posted : 3 years, 3 months ago on 4 August 2016 11:06

Hawkins' character, Poppy, was really difficult to cope with. She was not "bringing the laugh and optimism", she was actually being psychotic with ignoring problems and laughing hysterically, taking nothing seriously and being absolutely a pain to the people around her having real issues. Even her "teacher life" was unrealistic- myself being a teacher, I really wish I never had a colleague like her. A very convincing Marsan, always fantastic in his challenging roles, and a very annoying Poppy (I hope it was the character). The only reason I sat through the movie was because I was told it's good...that "good part" never came. I was literally very pissed off with her and annoyed with how wrong the way she dealt with Scott was. Wouldn't recommend this movie and wouldn't watch it again.

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Pick a Poppy

Posted : 7 years, 2 months ago on 16 September 2012 09:21

I saw this on the recommendation of a close friend because she found much to admire in Poppy's character. I have to say that the comedy is good though the plot is somewhat disjointed as though there were storylets glued together with few tenuous links to flow them from one to the other.

Sally Hawkins gives a fair performance as the slightly ditzy but well-meaning Poppy and she's supported well by the rest of the cast. I was interested to see her in this role because I was so impressed with her portrayal of Slasher in Layer Cake and she clearly has range. At first I found Poppy a little trying but as time went on I developed a genuine empathy and affection for her and her outlook on life.

A bit fluffy as films go but a pleasant way to while away some time.

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A good movie

Posted : 9 years, 1 month ago on 11 October 2010 11:19

I actually already saw this movie but it was a while back and since this movie has a solid reputation, I thought I should give it a 2nd chance. Well, I'm glad I did. Indeed, the first time around, I heard so many good things about this flick so I had some rather high expectations but I was actually rather disappointed. Basically, the whole movie centers just on the main character called Poppy and it all boils down if you will like her or not. Well, during my first watch, I really struggled with this character. Indeed, even though half of the time that she was pretty nice, the other half, I thought she was just downright irritating and , above all, I thought she was never really interesting. Well, this 2nd watch really allowed me to appreciate more this movie. Maybe it is because I am slightly older but I would rather have Poppy who always looks at the bright side and then Scott who sees evil everywhere. I mean, both ways of thinking are not completely accurate but Poppy's attitude seemed to be more productive. Furthermore, I thought this time that the whole thing was actually quite hilarious, especially the driving lessons. Still, was Poppy a great and fascinating woman? Not really but Sally Hawkins gave a really solid performance and Mike Leigh's naturalistic directing style is always so refreshing. To conclude, I think this movie is really an acquired taste but it is still worth a look though, especially if you are interested in Mike Leigh's work. 

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Posted : 9 years, 2 months ago on 6 September 2010 02:30

The sporadically hilarious Happy-Go-Lucky lives up to its title with a pleasant sense of fun rather than with bubbly annoyance (which may be what you'd expect from a film like this). The zestful main character, Poppy (Sally Hawkins), always comes across as an actual human being who wants to infuse happiness into other people's lives, and never comes across as a mere joy-spewing caricature. This is thanks to the very good work done here by the relatively unknown Hawkins, who makes Poppy likable without getting on the audience members' nerves.

The film is at its best and at its most uproariously funny during the scenes involving the flamenco dancing lessons and during Poppy's scenes with Scott (Eddie Marsan), her driving instructor. The scenes with Scott lead to the film's most dramatically intense moment, and despite the extremely serious nature of said scene, it doesn't take away from the movie's overall sense of joyfulness.

For all its strengths, Happy-Go-Lucky isn't a particularly cohesive movie: each scene feels like an individual piece of acting or a separate skit (perhaps because they are partly improvised), and the scenes don't work together to successfully build up to a conclusion that effectively ties up the plot threads. In addition, as I said, there IS much hilarity to be found in the scenes involving the dancing and driving lessons, but the comedy doesn't come across as well in the film's other scenes (Poppy's interaction with the homeless man feels unnecessary, and it also doesn't seem to fulfill the purpose that the filmmakers may have been going for). However, the film does have enough funny and heart-warming (and sometimes heart-breaking) moments to warrant a recommendation, especially if you're looking for something uplifting minus the corniness.

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Happy-Go-Sally Hawkins!!

Posted : 9 years, 8 months ago on 10 March 2010 07:13

Happy-Go-Lucky is a fantastic film with such an inspiring feeling to it. It is a film that truly would make you feel good. It is a story about life-changing, love, friendship and even manipulation. It made me feel really great because of the beautiful characters, the very delightful plot and the message it gives out. It is quite emotional because Poppy loves being her jolly, cheerful self. It is a film also about enjoying life and actually getting on with it. Happy-Go-Lucky is this year's Juno and Little Miss Sunshine.

Sally Hawkins gives the best female comedy performance of 2008 thus far. Poppy is a year old primary school teacher who just gets on with life like a lazy gift. She is hilarious in which Sally was really fantastic at when playing Poppy. When I saw her Golden Globe nomination and her possible Oscar nominated performance, I couldn't believe it was that woman from British TV sketch comedy show Little Britain. Sally is a delightful, intelligent and extremely sexy actress and so is Poppy as a character which makes Sally Hawkins the perfect actress to play Poppy. The name 'Poppy' is a bright and delightful name which connects well with her personality. She seems like a nice person to meet but Poppy acts like a bitch at times so that is the negativity of the character especially when she is with driving instructor Scott. Sally will win Golden Globe and will hopefully earn Oscar nomination too. Eddie Marsan delivers a hard hitting performance as driving instructor Scott because Eddie looks like that strict and stubborn type.

This is the first of Mike Leigh films that I've seen. He directs this film mostly to how Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris directed Little Miss Sunshine. He creates a new scenery so to speak of characters to come across and face. Most comedies are original with original scripts. The script was very good, very emotional and very humourous. Happy-Go-Lucky is the second best comedy of 2008 after In Bruges. Sally Hawkins has drawn my attention to her now just like Ellen Page did in Juno last year. One of my top films of 2008. Deserves quite a lot of Oscar chances. It was underrated when released in UK in April but isn't anymore after Globe nominations were announced and the attention the Academy has given to it. Masterpiece!!

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You can't make everybody loves you, Poppy.

Posted : 9 years, 10 months ago on 21 January 2010 06:30

For the first hour with the except of the first ten minutes I got bored but eventually the movie got better. The character of Sallay Hawkins, Poppy, is a bubbly woman that see a lot of happiness in the world where most of the grow up don't understand anymore what makes her looks like an idiot. You get usted to her, to her personality and start loving her. Her relationship with Scott is the best part of the movie. With some scenes that I had no idea what they're all about I think there is a movie you have to watch a few times. There are a lot of wrong things going on but at the same times it continues to grow on you.

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Posted : 10 years ago on 24 November 2009 01:16

The character is very silly and the movie doesn't give the happy-lesson you expect from the trailer.
Some scenes are funny though.

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As luck would have it...

Posted : 11 years, 2 months ago on 15 September 2008 10:38

''It's not easy being an adult''
''It's not easy being you, is it?''

Set in contemporary London and follows the adventures of Poppy, a primary school teacher.

Sally Hawkins: Poppy

Happy-Go-Lucky wasn't anything at all what I expected. The beginning of the film I was worried if Mike Leigh's offering may not live up to my expectations, but by the end it exceeded them with the amount of relevant serious points yet simplicity within it's confines.

Poppy played by Sally Hawkins is seriously optimistic and at times completely annoying. Very eccentric behaviour and mannerisms. She ends up being likable and means well, generous and considerate to others.
Hawkins' character is not someone who is inclined to let life get her down, so it's just as well that she is surrounded by people with a somewhat more sardonic or downbeat take on reality.

Her flatmate Zoe played by Alexis Zegerman is a wonderfully dry and sardonic counter to Poppy's vitality, although the affection between them is palpable.
Poppy's younger sisters Suzy and Helen are also quite different.
Suzy turns out to be a law student who is more interested in clubbing, drinking and playing with her brother-in-law's PS2 than criminal justice, while Helen is heavily pregnant, obsessed with acquiring the glories of a respectable suburban life and unable to maintain the notion of how her older sister can be so happy living in a rented flat and not stepping onto the property ladder albeit a Mortgage and coining a pension.

The big surprise for me is that I had been led to believe that this is a more or less straightforward feel-good comedy. That isn't true.
Scott, Poppy's driving teacher played by Eddie Marsan is one of the most faceted and troubled characters.
Marsan's performance is one of the best things going in Happy-Go-Lucky. Scott has been afflicted with very bad teeth and although his inner anger and meanderings is applied for laughs in alot of the film, in the end it is allowed to result in an exploding unleashed scene where his angry delusions and troubles he has bottled up inside suddenly all come gushing out in an array of emotion, a tornado that has been set free.

What Happy-Go-Lucky offers us is an insight into someones life, in this instance Poppy's and capitalizes on it truthfully.
Be it a Dance class with passion and unexpected drama or an encounter with a homeless man which shows Poppy's braveness, or even the beginning of a relationship for her with a young Social Worker she meets at her work because of a troubled young boy in her Class. All of these things show a fraction of what Happy-Go-Lucky is, and that being said it ends up being not just a comedy, not just a feel good movie but an in-depth Study of a loving albeit eccentric woman and a journey of life with all it's many highs and lows.

Original, different and maintains something lacking from alot of films today. A story of young vibrant woman's life, Happy-Go-Lucky is worth watching.

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