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A good movie

Posted : 1 year, 2 months ago on 6 September 2018 09:34

Since I kept hearing some really good things about this movie, I was really eager to check it out. Well, while watching this flick, I kept thinking 'how the hell did they got away with this?'. I mean, it's not that I was shocked or that I thought that it was disrespectful but it had more to do with the fact thay some comedians or cartoonists might get some actual death threats if they make fun of Mohamed or the Islam in general. Anyway, with this movie, not only did they make fun of the Muslim terrorists, they went completely all the way and delivered one of the darkest comedies I have ever seen. In fact, they went so over-the-top that it became rather difficult to take the whole thing really seriously and I wonder if a slightly more realistic approach wouldn't have been more effective. Another thing that slightly bothered me was the fact that the whole thing was just so random. Finally, these 5 guys were all so pathetic and stupid that it was rather difficult to really care about them. Still, the damned thing was sometimes so hilarious and you have to give some credits for the makers to dare deliver something so bold about such a sensitive subject. To conclude, even though it wasn't a complete home-run, it was still a really solid comedy and it is definitely worth a look, especially if you like the genre. 

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Four Lions (2010) review

Posted : 8 years, 5 months ago on 3 June 2011 09:22

its great to see british muslims taking the mick - lets be honest we all have to laugh at ourselves. made me chuckle throughout with some funny characters.

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A hilarious, underrated British black comedy!

Posted : 8 years, 9 months ago on 30 January 2011 09:13

In many ways, I was expecting something that is just ingenious and a masterpiece but in other ways, I was expecting it to be an utter piece of crap that was just trying to be shit. However, despite my expectations for Four Lions were mixed, I thought it was absolutely brilliant! To be honest, it is a typical project for the British to make seeing as there is this war going on right now and they are almost like taking the piss out of terrorists (as are British Muslims involved in the film). The British are the best at making black comedies and they certainly prove that once again with Four Lions.

Sure, this film is bound to offend some viewers watching this but the director and screenwriters have as much right to make this film as Sacha Baron Cohen and Larry Charles did with Borat in 2006 and Bruno in 2009 but I am sorry to say this but if you found this an offensive film, you have no sense of humour. Admittedly, there are moments where I guess one could feel offended but there are others that are just absolutely hilarious! Also, Four Lions perhaps gives out a strong message not just to the people of Britain but around the world that Al Qaeda are a very sneaky organization and nowhere is safe and for the poor civilians, it will all depend on where they are and when they are there.

In a British city, four men have a secret plan. Omar is disillusioned about the treatment of Muslims around the world and is determined to become a soldier. This is the most exciting idea Waj has ever heard. Better still it's a no brainer because Omar does his thinking for him. Opposed to Omar and everyone else on earth is the white Islamic convert Barry. He'd realize he joined the cell to channel his nihilism - If he had half the self knowledge of a duck. Faisal is the odd man out. He can make a bomb - but he can't blow himself up just now coz his sick dad has "started eating newspaper". Instead he's training crows to fly bombs through windows. This is what Omar has to deal with. They must strike a decisive blow on their own turf but can any of them strike a match without punching himself in the face?

Well, I find that writing about the actors and characters in this film will be quite difficult but here goes. I thought the bond between all of the characters was just brilliant! I have to say that it is rather brave of those actors to play characters who are ripping off some of the people of their own race as nothing more than scumbag terrorists. The actors with these performances and strong commitment to the project showed that there are a lot of good Muslims in the world, not just members of Al Qaeda. I also loved how they try to terrorise a particular place and every time they mess it up and the fact that the characters try and fail, just really made me laugh during the entire film.

Chris Morris is a guy who is in his late 40s and has only just began his filmmaking directing career and what a great debut it was! The filming was brilliantly handled especially in the scenes where they are trying to act like terrorists in the flat in front of a camera and also when they are in Pakistan aswell. It was just brilliantly filmed all the way through it. Four Lions really is one of those films where the script must be read first by an actor or anybody who is going to be part of the film because you could just read the synopsis and automatically think 'this group of guys are just going to take the absolute piss and will cause a major fiasco'. Morris and fellow screenwriters Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain joined together and wrote this script that I think deserved more recognition and awards to win. Four Lions was robbed of a Best Picture Musical/Comedy nomination just like Kick-Ass and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World were aswell but I hope that this will win the BAFTA Award for Outstanding Debut by a British Director like it rightly should.

Overall, Four Lions is an absolutely hilarious black comedy that can be marked as another great British film. It perhaps is the most underrated film of 2010 and I wish it earned more critical acclaim than it did. This is ultimately a bitch-slap to Al Qaeda and Osama Bin-Laden and for that; you are a group of Gods! If you are up for a good laugh, this is the one to choose!

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Four Lions (2010) review

Posted : 8 years, 11 months ago on 8 December 2010 10:41

One of the worst film ever! Stay home and spare your money!

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Sharp, pitch-black satire, and a laugh riot

Posted : 9 years, 1 month ago on 2 October 2010 01:16

"I'm taking my team up to the top floor now. I'll see you up there."

Over the years, Chris Morris has established himself as the enfant terrible of radio and television in Britain. Following a period of announcing the fake deaths of leading politicians and celebrities on radio, he went on to create the satirical television programs The Day Today and Brass Eye. Since the end of Brass Eye, Morris kept comparatively quiet for a few years. That is, until he opted to co-write and direct 2010's Four Lions; his first feature film. In essence, Four Lions is a terrorism comedy and a sharp, pitch-black satire with the balls of films like Network and Dr. Strangelove. Adjectives like 'edgy', 'audacious', 'provocative' and 'shocking' immediately leap to mind. Additionally, this is a balloon-sized laugh riot from beginning to end - one of the funniest motion pictures in years. Yet, those who are accustomed to Morris' proverbial wit may be surprised to find that the filmmaker also added plenty of heart to complement the belly-laughs.

As the film begins, we are introduced to a group of London-based Muslins who desperately want to blow something up in a suicide bombing attack. They are unsure of what they should destroy, or even why, but they are nonetheless convinced that strapping explosives to themselves is the appropriate thing for a bunch of young Muslims to do. The bad news is that they're planning an attack, but the good news is that the group are clueless and inept beyond belief. The film tracks the Muslim men as they record mission tapes, train in Pakistan and try to formulate a coherent plan.

Chris Morris - who wrote the script with Jesse Armstrong, Sam Bain and Simon Blackwell (In the Loop) - was reportedly interested in using Four Lions to emphasise the notion that terrorists are in fact normal everyday men who are integrated within our culture. Fortunately, he hit the nail on the head. On top of this, it's doubtful that Morris' film would prove offensive to anyone. It does not mock the characters for being Muslim, nor is the movie anti-Islamic - instead, Morris had a simpler aim: to exploit male stupidity. The point is not that these guys are Muslims - the point is that the group are so incompetent that they couldn't organise a piss-up in a pub, let alone a terrorist attack to bring England to its knees. Morris clearly took great delight in puncturing the objectives of the group over and over again, with each ludicrous development taking the film to new comedic heights. Four Lions is also a biting satire of the imbecility of fanaticism that benefits from dagger-sharp dialogue laced with droll comedy. The comedy within Four Lions is genuine, grade-A DARK humour as well. Comedies this ballsy, hilarious and black are few and far between.

Yet, just when you think Four Lions offers nothing but rapid-fire comedy, Morris and his writers throw out something unexpectedly warm or insightful. For instance, the film's sobering final five minutes manage to simultaneously be blackly comic, intellectually stimulating and curiously respectful. Added to this, it's possible to grow to sympathise with the central characters while at the same time finding their ineptitude laughable and their ruthlessness appalling. This is a testament to the skills of the major players, all of whom are superb in their respective roles. Riz Ahmed is particularly terrific as Omar - he kept a straight face whilst detonating the comedy, and brought commendable pathos to the role as well. Meanwhile, Chris Morris' directorial handling of the material is excellent. The mise-en-scène is effective, while the shaky-cam cinemagraphic techniques heighten the authentic edge of the material. The only problem with Four Lions is the slight feeling that it's a single joke stretched to its limits. Sure, it's a brilliantly-written comedy, yet there are a few patches during which the energy relents and the film consequently begins to drag.

With Chris Morris' Four Lions, a human face has at long last been painted onto previously dread-inspiring terrorist caricatures - it provides insight into the minds of a bunch of human Muslim men who happen to have stumbled on the wrong path to paradise. Added to this, if it's true that we stop being scared of something once we can laugh at it...then Four Lions has made this reviewer feel a bit better about the war on terror. In fact, according to Morris, the movie is loosely based on actual blunders made by terrorist cells. Some movie-goers may find that Four Lions hits a little too close to home (people reportedly called for theatres to boycott the film), but those who are able to let their inhibitions go will find this to be a perfectly-pitched, hilarious ride.


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