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It Doesn't Make Any Sense.

Posted : 5 years ago on 22 September 2014 07:30

It's a dutch movie so i wasn't expecting anything (no offense), but i end up having somewhat an enjoyable time.

I knew that it's a weird movie, in fact, that was the reason why i watched it, but it didn't look weird at the beginning, the first hour was somewhat normal, and you can see a plot building, but the 2nd hour was so weird, that i lost the ability to connect things, i realized that the movie is not trying to be logical at all, so i stopped thinking about it, and just enjoyed it for what it was.

It's a story about three guys, each one live in a separate room in the ground surrounded by tunnels, so in the beginning, there's three people getting armed and ready to attack one of the guys, so he escapes before they reach him, and he starts warning his two friends, so they can also escape, then the movie starts following one of the ground guys (Camiel) as he knock a door of a random house asking them if he can get a shower their, and because he insists on going in the house, a guy beat him and kick him out, but Camiel didn't escape after been beating up, instead, he hides in the same house, and the wife of the guy who beat him up starts helping him out of guilt, and a weird relationship starts between them.

The movie looks very psychological, it seemed as Camiel have this ability to make women, (in this case Marina) into him, she starts lying to her husband, and having weird dreams, that when she wakes up, starts hitting her husband because he attacked her in the dream, and Camiel also have the ability to snoop around in the house without anyone seeing him, he starts to go the children room and telling them bed time stories, and until that, the movie looked ok, but in the 2nd half of the movie, everything became weird, Camiel told Marina that i'm leaving the house because "i want to play", and she tell him to stay and she will offer him another larger place, so he poison the framer and take him to his house and kill him along with his wife and takes his job as a farmer and so many other things happen that were very hard to explain.

So, let me explain what i meant by not making any sense, first we don't know if Camiel told Marina that he's going to kill the farmer and take his job, we don't know how his power works, or what was the point of these two dogs, we don't know if his two friends also have these powers, most importantly, we don't know if the wife, the husband, their nanny and their kids, were acting natural or were possessed, it's very hard to see the pattern, so you can guess what's gonna happen next, in the 2nd hour, i was completely lost and had no idea what's happening or what should be happening, why the wife was acting strange and became normal, was the husband normal or he was also acting strange, what happened to the kids, what that guy did to the nanny, why a farmer building a theater in the garden, why the wife was so horny about Camiel, why there wasn't a sex scene at all, and why she asked him to kill her husband.

One thing, i should mention that although it didn't make any sense, i was kinda enjoying it, i don't usually enjoy movies that are manipulative, in fact, a plot mistake in a movie sometimes makes me angry, but somehow i kinda enjoyed this movie, the movie atmosphere was enjoyable, sometimes even funny, so i didn't feel bored at all, but still it's movie with no story, with no plot, with no logic.

Overall, Non-logical, weird movie but somehow entertaining for unknown reasons.

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The form is as we are, but the kind different.

Posted : 5 years, 2 months ago on 22 July 2014 12:42

The Dutch's submission for 2014 Oscars and it did not find a place in the final five. This Dutch movie got good critical response and mixed from the moviegoer. A strange narration and excellent characters display by the cast make the movie very interesting. A similar movie to the recent ones 'Upstream Color' and 'Enemy'. A movie for grown ups and a hard concept to crack it down. A slightly disturbing which leaves lots of questions behind than answering it. You should choose carefully this movie to watch. If you know what this movie is all about then there won't be an issue when you begin to watch it.

This is not your regular entertainer, it is what people sometimes call an art movie. You need to be a little smarter in order to understand the movie with presentation like this. Because the movie won't conclude by saying its purpose, instead you should yourself decode it otherwise you will miss something hidden within and blame for the wasting time. This is the story of a mystery man Camiel Borgman and his gang who finds a place in a rich family house. Slowly conquer whole family by possessing and corrupting their minds. The gang is aware of what they are doing and what should be done like some secret mission of the secret organization. So how far it takes to accomplish and what are all methods used is the story that unfolds.

I am scared. It appeared suddenly.
I've been marked.

Other movies leave pretty wide clues of what it was dealing, but this one it is a tough to make a guess. What I got was the good versus the evil theme. What if the negative forces like ghosts and demons are not scarier ones like we have believed, but lives among us as one possessing and terrorizing the human. The opening scene was fairly convinced me to believe this way when a bunch of priest tried to hunt down the evils by digging their graves out. So they left no choice, but leave the place behind and find a new home to save themselves and their kind. That is how Camiel Borgman make to a rich house. Entering into their minds, psychologically affecting the characters and bringing chaos to fight each others.

Yeah, it won't look like any horror movie with scary pictures and sudden loud noises, but everything was told in a realistic manner. You would also find a werewolf kind of concept as well. Characters turning into a slimy dog (don't expect the computer graphical tricks because there is none) which won't exactly explains, but I assumed that way. Usually demons need an invitation, a scene in the movie explains it when a bunch of them try to enter the house as a gardener, but denied until Camiel Borgman makes it. I am not made for a movie like this, but sometimes I enjoy them and this movie looked better than what I had in my mind about it. Expected a little better in a few areas and wanted to like it. Still, I was not fully convinced, but somehow managed to like the movie.

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A good movie

Posted : 6 years ago on 5 October 2013 09:13

Ever since I moved to the Netherlands, I have watched many Dutch movies but, honestly, most of them are not really interesting. However, all the members of my film club were really enthusiast about this guy, Alex van Warmerdam, so I became really curious about his work. Eventually, I wasn’t disappointed. Indeed, even though I have seen only this movie so far (and I will definitely check his other movies when I have the opportunity) , he is already in my top 5 best Dutch movie directors ever. The point is that his style is really original, something terribly lacking in your typical Dutch movie, and this flick would be actually really difficult to explain. Basically van Warmerdam, who has a nice visual style on top of that, seemingly mixes dark comedy with some thriller elements and some rather random violence and the end-result was pretty impressive. The main issue I had is that I don’t think he really cared about the characters. I mean, he put them in some really weird situations and they all react pretty randomly which makes the whole thing intriguing but also rather pointless. If you add with that the fact that there was no real plot whatsoever, the whole thing felt rather unsubstantial. Still, there was a lot of hilarious moments and the whole thing was pretty bold, definitely. To conclude, today I have discovered a really talented director and even though this movie might not be a masterpiece, I really enjoyed it and it is definitely worth a look, especially if you are interested in Dutch movies.

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