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A classic

Posted : 1 year, 8 months ago on 11 April 2017 07:43

Of course, I already saw this movie but since it was a while back, I was really eager to check it out again. In fact, I remember it very well when it was released in France. Indeed, it was a huge critical and commercial success, everybody was talking about this flick to the point that it was even getting slightly annoying. Anyway, I still saw it in the movie theater back then but, to be honest, even though I really admired the work done, it never completely blew me away though. I mean, it was definitely visually really neat, the soundtrack by Yann Tiersen was just mesmerizing and it was a fun movie, no doubt about it. Eventually, it might be the quirkiest movie ever made, even the best movie in this genre but I’m afraid its quirkiness actually backfired. I mean, the whole thing was all nice and cute but, in my opinion, ultimately rather shallow. Indeed, even though the whole movie tried very hard to convince the viewers that Amélie Poulain was a fascinating girl who will change our life forever, I thought she was cute but not much more than that. It was like those random anecdotes popping up every 30 secondes about the characters or life in general. Sure, it was entertaining but were these little scenes really so fascinating or life changing? Not really, at least, it wasn't for me. Anyway, even if I’m not a huge fan of this movie, it was still pretty good and it is definitely worth, especially if you like the genre. 

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Amélie review

Posted : 4 years, 11 months ago on 18 January 2014 11:47

Beautiful, bizarre love story photographed beautifully by Bruno Delbonnel. Amelie is a weird, cute character. Very likeable, feel-good film!

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Amélie review

Posted : 5 years, 2 months ago on 5 October 2013 10:20

It is a rare thing to have an illuminating experience whilst watching a film, but that is exactly what is encountered with Amelie. This film is quirky and eccentric with its surrealistic sensibilities and loony characters, but never comes off as pretentious; funny and cheeky, but never resorting to immature stabs at humour. All of this is anchored by a touching lead performance from Audrey Tautou, the extremely cute, petite French actress a superb casting choice, who was more than able to bring forth her characters' complexities, eccentricities, and above all, loving warmth.

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Amélie review

Posted : 6 years, 9 months ago on 18 March 2012 06:09

You know why I downloaded this film? No, not because it was No. 2. Because every other list I opened contained Amelie as their favourite character. What made the character so damn special, so favourite that everyone is adding it? Well, I decided to download it once and for all and while sitting down to watch the film, I got a distinct feeling that I was going to regret it but... you know what? I ended up loving it. Next time when you open my list on favourite movie characters, you're bound to find Amelie Poulain.

But what exactly makes her so likable under a rather impressive performance? Showing only limited expressions is something closely associated with silent movies but it can work in the movies of the now if done correctly and Amelie is one example. a fixed, determined stare one second and a tantalizing smile to the screen the other. Like I said, I enjoyed Audrey Tautou's performance and her big eyes, big smile and short haircut really did the trick. A new bubblegum icon is born in her. I also liked her eccentric, somewhat autistic?, likes and interests and many reflect my own. All in all, the character is very fun to watch and even if you may not agree with her, you will find yourself agreeing with some of her unusual antics, shall we say!

Overall, the mood of the film is brilliant. The way it shows the locations of Paris as bridges between shots reminded me of a move seen in Tokyo Story, released more than 40 years before. The music is great, the moments are enchanting in some places, the supporting characters are quite-likable and the cinematography is excellent. It really puts you side by side by the actors or whatever is in focus. So overall, the film is fast, funny and occasionally shocking with a fun character in the lead.

Must watch? of course... Will be blown away? Hard to say but I'm leaning towards YES!


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Amélie review

Posted : 7 years ago on 1 December 2011 06:51

I must confess that I am fascinated by this film . Forward to the totally uncompromising history we’d expect a film with a slack lilt. But the extraordinary sensitivity of the film, which has a very well written script, a technical part that speaks for itself and one direction with a strong personality, dynamic camera movements, well done and very tasteful, saves the film from any monotony. And I should point out that the technical part of this film is a explendid sideshow. From the wonderful photograph of the film, through excellent art direction and going to the soundtrack, leaves nothing to be desired. I think it’s sublime the script to present its characters through what they mostly like to do and thus vice versa. The narrative’s feature may sound a little strange at first, but getting into the fun and relaxed atmosphere of this great romantic comedy plus distincts viewers learn how to appreciate every minute of information as soon as every time a new character comes in. The film manages to flow well in introducing into a very interesting story full of details, sometimes not noticeable to a single examination. The great, Audrey Tautou, Amélie gave life to the most sweet and charming as possible, with wide-eyed denoting the curiosity of the character that as a child has been deprived of her social life and who somehow is learning now, at age 23, how to live in society.

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Deceivingly wonderful

Posted : 9 years, 1 month ago on 20 October 2009 11:24

If you look at this movie in retrospect, you can spot tons of problems. Over the top performances, nauseating camera work on a few scenes and some very predictable plotlines plague this film, but you never realise any of this until a day or two after you've seen it. When all this delightful, mezmerising imagery passes before your eyes, you can't turn your head away from it. And it leaves you with a very, very good feeling, which is probably the reason for it's high ratings. Most of the time I would have a problem with a film being ideologically so utterly positive, but because as with It's A Wonderful Life, here the entire movie has such a playful, whimsical tone to it that it never really feels too bad or annoying. For a film to run two hours with this manic a pace is really quite an accomplishment, as it never gets dull, repetetive or boring. All the plot threads constantly move forward with speed and precision. Technically speaking, Amélie could be referred to as a narrative masterstroke, since it has millions of sideplots that never become confusing or convoluted to the audience. It's pretty amazing. However, as said, the plots aren't that good as they're rather predictable during the film and in retrospect this just isn't as good as it originally felt. Should I rate this based on what I felt when I watched it or what I feel now? I'll just compromise and give this a pretty good rating.

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Amélie review

Posted : 9 years, 3 months ago on 10 September 2009 10:53

Beautiful,magical movie with a healthy,positive and innocent imagination!Even the colours in the movie and sceneries are bright and the entire movie feels like a fairytale!All the personalities of characters in movie are highly expresed,each of them has a special quality and it's special in its own way!No place for mediocracy in this movie!So all in all a romantic and beautiful fairytale about life,love and al the other small things that make the life go round and round

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oh so pretty!

Posted : 10 years ago on 13 December 2008 06:48

I first watched this ove xmas one year and was in awe at how beautiful it is. (I have found since that Bryan Fullers tv shows look very much like this... very warm, pretty aesthetics with quirky quiet slightly off characters)

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How many people are having an orgasm right now?"

Posted : 10 years, 1 month ago on 6 November 2008 02:15

Jean Pierre Jeunet is a god! I wish I have seen this as soon as it was released last 2001 but since I was a major dumbass then, I never bothered watching this glorious portrayal of Amelie Poulain's life, until this year. Every part of this film is simply superb. The cinematography. The lines, even though it's French. The story. And everything in between. I love Audrey Tautou and her face is untimely. I can absolutely watch this film over and over again.

I'm a sucker for happy endings. :)

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It's a perfect moment.

Posted : 10 years, 3 months ago on 21 August 2008 11:47

''Amélie has a strange feeling of absolute harmony. It's a perfect moment. A soft light, a scent in the air, the quiet murmur of the city. A surge of love, an urge to help mankind overcomes her.''

One person can change your life forever. Amélie is one of these people, and this is her story...

Audrey Tautou: Amélie Poulain

Amélie is the best French film since Love me if you Dare that I have ever had the pleasure of watching.
Artistic, imaginative, visual and extremely clever are but a few ways to describe Amélie.

So what's is Amélie? What is it about I hear you cry?!
Well the answer is simple, it's the gorgeous tale of Amélie Poulain and her dreamy wondrous life. I could certainly relate to her magical, colourful imagination.
Audrey Tautou as Amélie makes the role her own while film maker Jean-Pierre Jeunet hits the nail on the head spinning and weaving one of the best films to come from France I've ever had to have the luxury of seeing and beholding.

I mean the music blends with the colourful imagery much like Amélie's old friend Raymond's artwork. Which brings me to the characters in the film wonderfully fleshed out while we are treated also to some breath taking sequences.

As a director, Jean-Pierre Jeunet has a unique perspective. He seems to make great use of colour, some would assume then to be unnecessary extremes, but for myself it gives Amélie a glossy visual look, whatever the weather's like in the film.
Also he tends to to zoom about with his cameras but again this adds to the way the film sucks you into its own little bizarre world, just as Amelie draws Nico into her heart without them actually meeting.

A few nice special effects polish it off, and there are a few little details that you probably won't see the first couple of times.

It's hard to translate into words how much I loved Amélie .
Like being next to a Monet, or a Da Vinci, watching as he effortlessly splashes vibrant colours and shades across his canvas.
I had this strange but fantastic feeling of being inside the mind of Amélie, seeing so much in the dazzling imagination she viewed life with, and wanting to stay with her much longer than the two hour duration of Amélie.

It was just so refreshing to watch a movie where your fantasy realms are realized in fantastic detail.

Amélie is simply a story of imagination, of love, of dreams, of life.
What other movie offers a gnome on holiday, a photo booth mystery, a bizarre childhood, a clever trail to reclaim an album...none I tell you! This Amélie truly is a masterpiece and I cannot stress it enough.

And what's most wonderful of all, I'm still smiling from the experience.

''Without you, today's emotions would be the scurf of yesterday's.''

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