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Added by Sweet Shark on 20 Mar 2014 06:13
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Unknown Videogames Reviews

I play a lot of games. From all this games, most of them are unknown or no very well-known Videogames I get a change to experience myself.
Some of them are good, some of them are bad.....

So I decided to create this List dedicated to Unknown games I often play and review them for you. Maybe you will find a game you always wanted or a truly secret gem.

Most of them are PC Indie titles, but there are some exceptions that are very welcome to be in this List.

I hope you enjoy my first 50 Videogames Reviews I will post over time!!!

This list is inspired by the "All The Video Games I Have Beaten In My Lifetime" List created by "Silver Falcon Soul". The List is below:

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-Three modes availiable: Campaign, Survive and Gun Stand
mode. Play first the Campaign mode, then the others.
They extent the gameplay time significantly. Only the Campaign Mode took me 5 hours to complete it.

-When you start playing the Campaign mode of the game and you are ready to select a character......READ THE BIOS OF ALL THE CHARACTERS!!! The Bios are the best part of the game!!!
I'm joking of course, but please read them.
They are the most wtf, weird, unbelievable, hilarious, background stories I ever read!!!! Pure gold!!!

-You start the game with a special perk for your character. I wanted to say all the perks are good, but..........select the Vampire perk right away. Killing millions of zombie/mutants hordes and getting health for each kill is the best way playing this game [for me at least].

-The gameplay is a pure action shooter with some RPG elements on it. You get levels after you killed enough enemies and you can update your character by putting point in different skills.
Also you can change the weapons/items you are using depend how useful/powerfull is for you.

-The weapons are indeed the biggest part of the game. Nearly all the weapons you are using in the game are perfect and enjoyable murdering the endless waves of enemies you meet. Also they are so many of them that I finished the Campaign mode without using them all!!!
Every single time I found or bought a weapon, I acted like a little kid trying my new awesome toy.

-Many secrets you can find in the game and gladly nearly all of them are actually worth find. Find a secret a get a powerfull armor/weapon is always welcome.

-Big Variety of enemies to fight from a simple zombie rat to giant mutants with rocket launchers!!! My favourite enemy are the wing naked ladies you fight :3

-The story is hilarious, classic ,cliche B-Movie style and ridiculous. Even the dialogs are cliche as f*ck.

-The enjoyment of killing thousands or enemies in a sigle room after a hard day at work......Aaaaaaaaa the feeling is good.
I suggest you to buy the Minigun and a giant Multi-Rocket Launcher as soon as possible.

-Controlling a Tank and a FlameThrower Robot is a nice break and relax a little for worring about dying.


-The graphics are VERY outdated and look indeed like a 10 years old game, but let face it, they serve their purpose and the gore look good. Personalty not a con for me, but for others it might be.

-Before start playing, go in the Graphics options and turn of three things:
Film Effect, Vsync and Bw/Color.
Two reasons why:
1.If the Vsync is on, the game surprisingly lag REALLY bad. I hope this not happen to others, but test it first to be 100% sure.
2.The Film Effect and Bw/Color make the game look like a black n' white Horror B-movie. However this didn't worked for me....
I prefer to see the things as it is in this case.

-Problem with the screen resolution. I tried many times to fix it for a 16:9 monitor, but again the screen doesn't fit.

-The unpleasant feeling when you try to move around to small places and get stuck from small objects.

-At some point you will drive a car with a giant gun on top of it. Sound great but sadly the driving is terrible...

-It is a Zombie game. Yes, in our days the Zombie Theme is a negative and I will admit, I am sick of it as well a little myself.

Final Thought

If you want to have a relaxing day by killing a massive hord of zombies with a giant variety of weapons, this game is for you.
However I suggest you to seek for guidance on Forums if you have technicals problems with the game.
Also if you are sick of Zombies, then this game isn't for you.



-Interesting sci-fi story. You are a "Receiver", one of the very few people who are able to hear a voice inside different mysterious cassettes you find. You must find enough cassettes to "escape" MindKill.
This sound a lot like Matrix, and yes, it is something like that.

-The unique gameplay mechanic of the game: It simulate a more realistic way to control a pistol. Specifically a Colt 1911 pistol, a S&W Model 10 "Victory" revolver, and a Glock 17.
At first it is VERY complicate to remember every single button to control succesfully a pistol, but with enough practice, you can master it.

-The game offer you a very helpful guide which show you the action of each button. A huge plus in my opinion.

-The whole game take place in one huge level. However all the rooms/places, bullets, cassettes, enemies and the pistol you using is random generated every single time. Something like a Rogue game in other words.

-The feeling controlling successfully a gun by pushing the keys in the rights order, is unbelievable! Me neither believed it at first, but it is true!!!

-The A.I of the enemies is very interesting, specifically the flying drone. One time a flying drone hit a wall while I was running to avoid it. The result was to get disfunctioning and the drone started flying around like a drunk! Hilarious!!!!
One another time I shoot a drone and fall down just only to discover when I approached it was still functioning and killed me!!! MotherF*cker!!!!
The same goes of course for the gun turrets you fight/avoid in the game.


-The whole game is only one level. That it. Nothing new to add or a New Game Plus mode.

-Only two enemies types: The flying drones and the gun turrets. More enemies would made the game even better.

-Very difficult start. Even if I said it is very enjoyable to master the pistols, you will "suffer" a little to play the game properly.

-My main reason why a gave the game 9/10 stars:
If you enter a new room/place, suddenly the game freeze a little for an unknown reason. For this many times I died because gun turrets shot me while I was lagged entering a room....

[Final Thought]

Being very Cheap on Steam right now, it is a must play just only for the unique experience is offer.
It have some problems, but I forgive them very easily.
I hope for a better and bigger sequel in the future.


*Yes, I know the trailer is for Android and iOS, but I couldn't find one for PC version...*


-Unique gameplay:
You must remove every single dangerous item the passenger hide before they leave your X-ray Scanner.

-This game have style!!! I really love especially the trailer for setting the mood to dance!!! Also the trailer remind me the movies of Austin Powers.

-very, VERY addictive game!!! Trying to catch every single smuggler's item while hearing funcky groovy music is AWESOME!!! Perfect feeling!!!

-It was really hilarious to see a old lady throwing bombs at your X-Ray Scanner and try to catch them before they exploded.

-Many customization features for you to buy in the shop. You can buy new items the passengers will carrying, new type of passengers, new X-ray "wallpaper" and much more!


-Sadly there is only Three music tracks for you to listen in the whole game. Plus you must buy the other ones and they cost 3000 coins each!!! The developers really should had all the tracks available from the start.

-Even if it is addictive, it is also VERY repetitive!
You will play always the same levels over and over again until you will memories everything!!!

-It is the classic "play more to unlock more" type of game which I will admit I hate a little....
You play, get some coins, you buy a new item, you play, get some coins, you buy a new item, you play, get some coins, you buy a new item.......over and over again!!!!

-Being design at first for only android and iOS, you will reach at some point which only if you were using your hand you could pass the levels.

Final Thought

Yes, the game is very nice with enjoyable music and unique gameplay, but being a "Gridding" videogame and only three music tracks [my main problems], it is just ok. Buy it only if you like this kind of games or when you find it cheap.



-My first Rogue/FPS I ever played (I think, I played a lot of games...). My first impressions are good.

-Interesting and Obscure enemies you must fight to open new rooms to leave a Level.
All the enemies act different from others and they need different strategies to overcome them.

-I love the fact all the enemies have different weak points to shoot and cause more damage to them. Sweet!

-Like every single Rogue game, the enemies,items,skills,rooms are all random. Important thing to make the gameplay longer.

-I love some of the skills you collect and the result because of it. At some point my main weapon, a revolver, was shooting so fast it was like I was using a uzi XD

-...why all the skills I use with the right button of my mouse are all eyes? This is very strange.

-Heh...This is why the game have the name "Fancy Skulls". The item "Fancy Skull" is very important to survive the game. It give you an extra life if you die.

-Oh! If I do some specific things in the game, I get different kind of classes! Some examples some classes are the Alchemist, the Greedy or even a Thief.


-Right now I played the Alpha Version of the game. I hope and I believe the game get a lot better to its final version.

-No music. Music would made the game even better.

-Even if the game is random generated, this doesn't make the game a lot different. Not a lot of variety of rooms and enemies if you start new games each time.
Thankfully the skills/items/weapons are many and you need to play more than once to see them all.

-No story what so ever. You are just a person trying to finish all the levels by killing enemies.
It doesn't have even a proper ending. It just end....

Final Thought

It is a nice little game you can play and finish in one sit if you are enough skillfull at it.
However it is still in Alpha version and maybe is better to wait for the final version.
But yes, I give my approval if you want to give it a shoot and you don't expect much.



-Unique theme:
You are a nano-ship inside a nuclear reactor or something like that. Your job is to defend the core from unhealthy bacterias and keep it stable.

-The game for an indie title is beatiful! I really love the way your bullets spreed, the waves and the big explosions create.

-Hah....I didn't new the bacterias have rockets to move faster.....I don't care. They look sweet.

-The music is very good. Very enjoyable while trying to defend the nuclear core with your life.

-Even if it is an Area Shooter, it involve strategy to protect as best as you can the core:
1.Use all the mines you have around and close to the core. This will protect it from enemies dangerously close to harm it.
2.Be most of the time to the core and don't leave but only you need to destroy a very important treat [like the bacteria which create a massive amount of purples rockets ones].


-Well...before I start the game I want to see the controls......WHAT! ARE YOU F*CKING SERIOUS!!!! You show only the buttons for the Xbox360 controller?!?!?!?
Not only that, but the game also mention that you CAN USE THE KEYBOARD AND MOUSE!!!! WHY DON'T YOU HAVE BUTTONS FOR THEM AS WELL?!?!?!? I am really piss off right now!!!

-Oh, OH!!!! Nice....there are some extra moves I can use........BUT I DON'T KNOW WHICH KEYS ARE IN MY KEYBOARD!!!!!!FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFfffffffffff******[Infinity]

-Don't start by telling me "then use a controller".
I already did and you know what? It is still BETTER using a keyboard and a mouse. With the controller I am more slower and not flexibly enough to overcome the enemies waves.....

-Your Nuclear reactor is VERY sensitive!!! At first you think it isn't a problem, until you reach a Wave with hundreds of enemies in it...your nuclear core goes Poof without even react properly....

-Sadly my hugest problem of the game is for being unfair and hard. The first levels are good but then massive waves of enemies start attacking from all the corners of the map. Not only that but you must also leave most of the time the reactor because they hit the nuclear reactor except you!!! The strategy I was talking at first get really f*ck up because of this...
You must be very skillful to finish the game....I am not so..........f*ck...

Final Thought

The game is beautiful and I love the music it have while you defend a nuclear core from exploding.
Sadly the unfair difficulty and the absent of keyboard instructions made me not so happy...
Being very cheap is a big plus [only 3 euros], that why I give it 6/10. No a terrible game, but it have many problems that I personally didn't like at all.


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