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The Twilight Saga - Defended by Bml93

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This is probably going to cost me some followers and some people are probably going to be outraged by this. Some of you're going to think that I'm insane. Stupid. Retarded. Or gay. I'm not expecting to get a lot of votes for this list, nor am I expecting a lot of people to agree with me on this.

But the truth is, I'm getting a bit tired of seeing people constantly bash The Twilight Saga as the worst thing to ever happen to the world. To see people claiming that these are the worst films ever created. That everyone who likes them are either idiots, gay or horny females.

So what I'm trying to do here, is to offer my thoughts on this hated franchise. I'm going to explain why I don't think they're the Devil's creation. This list is a (hopefully) mature and fair verdict on The Twilight Saga.

Bear in mind that I'm not a huge fan of these films. I think the first one is good, while the rest of them is mediocre. But that's not the point. I also haven't read any of the books.

You should also bear in mind that I find Kristen Stewart very cute.

My opinion and arguments may be incredibly stupid. But please, say so in a mature way if you're going to argue.
People who added this item 4115 Average listal rating (2852 ratings) 5.1 IMDB Rating 5.2
Twilight (2008)
The film that started it all. Some people might hate it simply for that. But I'm not a person like that. I'm not holding anyone responsible for whatever it ended up evolving eventually.

Just to have it perfectly clear. This is in my eyes a good film. It's a very solid love story that's told in a neatly and elegant way. I think it's a cute film. Yes, it's flawed. Nearly every film is to a certain degree flawed. That included Twilight as well. Is it a tremendous masterpiece? Absolutely not. Is it completely horrible? Definitely not. It's a film that can be placed somewhere in the middle amongst the thousands of films that are created every year.

This film is looked down upon because of some simple, yet rather silly reasons, that I would classify as the two core things that turned people against this.
* Twilight fans, mostly young teenager girls have a tendency to get annoying.
* It introduced the world to sparkling vampires.

Now. I do never let my judgement over a film, or anything else, be biased because of my opinion of that said things hardcore group of fans. To take an example of a completely different thing. Justin Bieber. Do I hate his fans? Yes. Do I hate Justin Bieber because he got some stupid fans? No. It's not his fault. It's not Twilight's fault that the hardcore fans are a bit clouded in their heads. Therefore, I'm not holding it against the film. There's absolutely no hype for me.

Secondly, sparkling vampires. Yes, I prefer vampires that burns into ashes in a grizzly manner as well, but I'm not bothered by the fact that they sparkle this time. Why am I not bothered? Because it's barely in the film. It's probably just one scene. I'm not going to let one, insignificant scene ruin an entire film for me.

Why it's good

Twilight is, as said, first and foremost a solidly crafted love story that's introduced in neat way. It does carefully introduce us to its world, and the two main characters are unfolded with ease and care. I do feel for them. I do care for them and I do cheer for them. This film succeeds with because I'm open for it. I want to care, and I do. It might simply be because Bella Swan is played by Kristen Stewart, but I believe that the films has pulled some right strings.

The films is basically just about establishing Bella and Edward as characters and to let us know the love they feel for each other. For me, the film does that exactly how it's supposed to. Their relationship develops in a believable (in a film way) way. I do strongly believe and feel the love they have for each other. I can see the longing in their eyes.

This film succeeds mostly because it only focuses on Bella and Edward, and nothing else. Which is completely right. This is a love story between a normal teenager and a vampire. I do not care for anything else. I want to see their love unfold and how they cope with it. That's what's interesting and that's what this film does right for the most of the time. The main flaw of the entire series has always been Jacob Black. In Twilight he's nothing more than a insignificant supporting character. He serves no real purpose. That's a good thing.

It does also feature some really cool scenes. Like vampire baseball in a thunderstorm with Muse's Supermassive Black Hole playing. That's a very enjoyable scene. And Twilight does have some nice fight scenes in it. The vampires might be sparkling in the sun, but there are still brutal murderers amongst them.

Then finally, the soundtrack and music is brilliant. Just listen to it on youtube or whatever. It's good.


* Some stiff acting and cheesy dialogue.
- One can not escape that the film has some of this. But I think the overall good quality of the love story outweighs this.
* No real dramaturgy. Random villains.
- Yes, the villains might seem a bit underdeveloped, uninteresting and does come out of nowhere just to provide the film with some action. But as said earlier, I don't really care about that. It's the love story that I'm interested in. One that's just gotten started.

Bml93's rating:
People who added this item 2702 Average listal rating (1739 ratings) 5.1 IMDB Rating 4.7
The first sequel to the film nearly everyone hated and the film that made even more people hate the whole Twilight thing. Before I go any further, let me make it clear that I don't think New Moon is a good film- It's a mediocre film that's closer to being bad than it's to be good. But it's not the terrible piece of garbage that everyone is thinking it is. I would like to quote a listal friend of mine, lotr23, who recently posted this on my profile.
" The thing is that I feel people tend to exaggerate a lot when it comes to movies. They like being able to say "That movie was great!" or "That movie was awful!" because it's boring to say anything that's "in between" those two things, but the problem is that most movies do fall somewhere in between, which I think is the case with the Twilight movies."

That's extremely well said, and totally to the point. New Moon (and the rest of the sequels) is one of those "in between" films. It's probably the worst in the series, and there are a number of reasons for that which I'll explain shortly below. But seeing as this list is about defending these films from the hate, I'll go into what actually works in this film and try to explain why it shouldn't have been a Razzie-winner.

The good stuff

Let's start with what I would call a very obvious reason. The casting of Michael Sheen as Aro. The role might be very small, but he brings some glorious camp to the role and is absolutely wonderful. Heck, I would even say that the whole Volturi clan is rather cool.

Then we have that whenever the film dedicates time to the relationship between Bella and Edward, this film is just as good as the first film, in my eyes. Shamefully, that doesn't happen a lot, which I'll briefly go into further down. But one do yet again really feel their love for each other and I do think that the acting has improved a lot here. Particularly Kristen Stewart's depression is believable for me. She is by the way a much better actress than what she gets credit for. The hate on her is solemnly based on the fact that people hate Twilight and because she just happens to have the lead role in them. That's incredibly immature.

Anyways, I like the ending. I think it's a fine testimonial to the love that these two characters have for each other, and while it might be a bit far-fetched when you think it through, the emotional core in the ending is so strong that it does almost make me forgive many of the other flaws this film has. But only almost, because despite doing many things right and not being the piece of junk that people think. I can not say it's a good film.

But you are defending Twilight! How can you then say it's not a good film? Why is it not a good film?

Yes, I'm defending it, but there are some things that I'll have to address anyway. Like, the main issue of the entire franchise. It's big Achilles heel. Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black. Now people have ridiculed New Moon and the other sequels because Jacob Black lurks around shirtless with his other wolf friends. While I do agree that's silly, it's not really why I think Jacob is a fly in the soup and it doesn't bother me (no, I'm not gay).

What bothers me on the other hand is that Edward is left out for nearly the entire film, causing the film to focus on Bella and Jacob's relationship. Yes, I do understand that that's how the book goes and that it's a key element for the rest of series, but it's just not as interesting. And that, together with some more wooden dialogue, would be a reason to hate this film. But I'm not the one to overlook some good qualities simply because there are some really bad stuff in it. Yes, there are not a great deal of stuff happening in this film, until the end. But I've ultimately endured far worse.

Bml93's rating:
People who added this item 2142 Average listal rating (1333 ratings) 5.3 IMDB Rating 5
Eclipse is a major improvement over New Moon, but that didn't mean that it were to avoid being slaughtered by people. And yet again, people went into it blind. Blind by arrogance and hatred over the Twilight phenomena. And it's many of the same complaints that goes on.

* Twilight is gay.
* Sparkling vampires.
* It's dull.
* Porn for silly women.
* Retarded love triangle.
* Etc.

And while I do hold subjectivity very high when it comes to films, I do think there are limitations for it. Like, Twilight is not gay. How can a film be gay anyway, unless it's pure gay porn? Twilight is not that, so that doesn't make any sense for me. That one believes that a film is dull is a perfectly reasonable argument to dislike a film and it's one that use as well whenever I feel that a film is dull, but to put on this kind of hatred for this franchise because you think it's dull is beyond ridiculous.

And okay, it might be porn for women, but so what? If a couple of shirtless guys in Twilight are bothering you so much, then I do think there are something wrong with. And that's probably that you're a hypocrite. I don't see anyone complaining about a shirtless Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan: The Barbarian?

Its qualities

I do not honestly understand why people can't see that there are decent love story here. There's a strong emotional core in here. It might not blossom as much one could hope for, but it's there. It's present. Shamefully the sequels drowned it a bit when making Jacob more present, but Eclipse does still manage to expand upon Edward and Bella's relationship, despite being the ultimate love triangle film out of the franchise.

Eclipse is also the film that started making the clear that the filmmakers know that the source material they're basing the film of ain't too good. That there are some laughable things in it. They know that there are some silly things here. And they make fun of it themselves. Eclipse and the two Breaking Dawn films got self irony! Which are making them funnier than many of the actual comedies that are being created today. Take the showcasing of Taylor Lautner's upper body for instance. There's a scene in the film where Edwatd goes. "Doesn't he own a shirt?" It's very amusing, and it makes me aware that the filmmakers know that it's silly.

And if you think that the Twilight vampires a weak chickens even after this film, you clearly need top open your eyes and actually see the fighting that's going on. It's brutal. And entertaining. Bodies are being torn to pieces. It might not offer some bloody slaughtering like other vampire films, but just because it's lacking gore, it doesn't mean it's lacking bite.

Why it's mediocre

Because that's what it is. Not good. Not bad. Mediocre. Much of the proper criticism it receives is to a certain degree valid. And it's much of the same things that's been going on for all of the films. Some cheesy dialogue, poor characterization of supporting characters and the lack of really good dramaturgy.

It's all about the love triangle and it takes up a lot of time. That causes the structure of the film to be a bit odd and seeing as I don't think the love triangle is as bas as everyone is saying, I don't think it's good enough for me to really like this film. Which is basically why I think it's mediocre. But I acknowledge the fact that this is not made for me, and I do appreciate that they've made something for someone else.

Bml93's rating:
Just to get it over with immediately. No, I do not think it was necessary to split the last book into two films. But I do understand why it was done. Naturally, because of money. But I do also think that they noticed how successfully Harry Potter did it. But, the problem here lies in that the Harry Potter books were so massive and detailed that they could all have been made into two films. My impression of Twilight is that the books doesn't contain the same massiveness to justify a split. But it's done nonetheless, and we'll just have to accept it. The films should still be judged fairly, and the grudge that comes because of the split shouldn't be used to hate on the films.

Now, bear in mind that I don't think this is a good film either. It's also just mediocre and if it weren't for New Moon it would be the worst of them. But I do also think that this film is judged unfairly.

This film does ultimately make the end of the love triangle that was served in the last film. It opens up with the wedding of Edward and Bella, which lasts for I guess 40 minutes. Then some time is spent on the honeymoon, Bella gets pregnant, and after some minor disturbances she gives birth to the child and the films ends as she is turned into a vampire. That's not a lot of plot, and for anyone who already despises the films, it's very easy to fall into hating it passionately, without giving the actual good things about it any thought. Because there are some good things here as well.

So, what's good then?

First of all, let's go back to the fact that this is probably not a film that's made for everyone. It has its core group of fans to please, and as far as I've understood, that particular group enjoys the film a lot. Just because it isn't made for you, it doesn't mean it's the worst thing ever created.

I can acknowledge the fact that someone would love to sit through a film that deals with the wedding and honeymoon of their two favourite characters. After all, it's a cute love story, it's a sweet wedding and there are many cosy scenes at the honey moon. If I were to be just as into the characters as the fans, I would also like to sit through those scene a lot more. Seeing as my interest in them is a bit lower, as this franchise is not made for me, I do get a bit bored eventually. But that doesn't mean it's not quality in there for those who actually enjoys it. If that makes any sense whatsoever.

Like Eclipse it also know that it's based on some odd source material. And that makes up for some funny scenes. Intentional or not. (I have a hard time believing that much of it was unintended.)

Why I think it's mediocre

Let's just get it out of the way. The scene that has the wolves talking is awful. The CGI on the wolves have always been a bit subpar, but it ha never bothered be too much. But the silly voice over thingy when the wolves are talking is laughable. And I don't think that was intentionally funny.

But yes, Breaking Dawn - Part 1 is mediocre film that's close to being a bad film because there's not a lot of plot in it and much of it feels like a soap opera. And that's the simple way too it. I think much of it is slightly boring, but never terrible enough for me to suffer through it. I could sit through it again. And that's an important reason too why these films aren't the worst films ever. I can sit through them again.

Bml93's rating:
The final Twilight film (that is unless they decide to create spin-off, reboots etc.). It's by some people considered to be the best, or at least most entertaining of them. That didn't mean it got spared for a lot of criticism, undeserved hatred and 7 Razzie Awards (those awards are a joke).

The second half of Breaking Dawn is basically all about random bantering that leads up to the final battle. Now, I've read mixed things about the final battle. There are people who think it's utterly stupid and boring. That's most likely the same people who have closed their eyes to everything else during the entire franchise, and that just hates to hate. (Not all) There are people who thinks it's entertaining, but ultimately a cop out (which I thought the first time) and there are actually people who think it's good. Which it is. The final battle in the entire franchise is good. Now, before you read any further. There will be spoilers.

Why it's better than you think

The one thing people have to understand when it comes to the ending of Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is that in the source material there is no big, final battle. As far as I've understood everything just ends. Now, the filmmakers knew that they couldn't end this franchise with one big, entertaining battle, so they had to include one. And they did incorporate one in a very clever way. The first time I saw it, I despised it. Now, I realize that it was quite smart.

And that battle is awesome. You would think we would get a similar battle to the one we had in Eclipse, instead we get a very brutal, thrilling and to a certain degree unpredictable battle. Heads are literally rolling here. Even the good guys gets their heads torn from their bodies. This is delightfully awesome. And if someone, who enjoys various action films and other random fights and violence, is not entertained by that scene, I think the rest speaks for itself.

It's also the film that easily the most self-aware of them all. It does know that much of it is ridiculous and instead of going out all serious, it does have fun with itself. That Jacob gets that werewolf thingy towards Bella's daughter, for instance. The film knows how creepy that actually is and decides to play on it. Poking fun at it.

Someone who also know how to make fun of everything is Michael Sheen, who takes camp to whole new level with his outrageous performance in this film. It's very entertaining. It's also fun to see Kristen Stewart as a vampire. Vampire Bella is an interesting character, that we could have seen more of, if you ask me.

Why it's only mediocre

There's a very simple reason for that. Much of the things that leads up to the epic finale is boring and many of the flaws that can be found in the other films are still present. Still, it does never get so bad that it's unbearable.

Bml93's rating:
So. To summarize this up in a few words. There's nothing wrong with disliking Twilight. Just as there's nothing wrong with liking it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but the massive hatred that Twilight is suffering is very over-exaggerated. It's not the worst films created. It's not the worst franchise in the history of cinema. It's just some mediocre films that pleases a specific group of audiences. Which is perfectly fine.

Twilight 7/10
Eclipse 5/10
Breaking Dawn - Part 2 5/10
Breaking Dawn - Part 1 4/10
New Moon 4/10

And finally...

Similar films to Twilight, that are far worse, but doesn't get as much hate.

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