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Added by TheKnight12 on 27 Dec 2012 01:16
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TV Characters We Love To Hate

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Average listal rating (70 ratings) 6.9 IMDB Rating 0

Lionel Luthor (Smallville)
Lionel Luthor is the number 1 TV characters we love to hate. His scheming, manipluting and very dangerous businessman makes Lionel Luthor truly the most hated character on TV and Smallville character ever. His hatred spreads with mostly every character in the show hates him mainly, the Kents, Lex Luthor, Chloe Sullivan, Lana Lang and Tess Mercer. He'll do whatever he needs to take in order to get what he wants such in blackmailing, death-threats, firing employers such as Chloe's father who worked for LuthorCorp and even getting people killed. Lionel Luthor is such a badass character that why you can't hate him for the villain he is.

Lex Luthor (Smallville)
Lex Luthor once friends with most of the characters in Smallville, mainly with Clark Kent. A strain relationship with his father, Lionel Luthor which he has been brought up by his cruel parenting and neglecting Lex most of his life. During season 5, Lex becomes obsessed with spaceships, aliens and Clark Kent. He also has a secret crush on Lana Lang and does everything to break Clark and Lana up. He becomes more dangerous during season 6 as he starts up 33.1 project. Lex Luthor takes over Lionel as the most hated character and thats why we love his character.

Dan Scott (One Tree Hill)
Dan Scott was the most hated character in One Tree Hill. He rejected his son Lucas Scott after his High School girlfriend Karen Roe was pregnant with Lucas. He is really cruel to his other son Nathan Scott by forcing to compete with Lucas his half brother. He also pushes Nathan to far as he wants him to play for pro basket. He has a bitter rivalry with with his brother Keith Scott and shoots him and when people find out, they hate him even more. Dan Scott the bully he is makes his character that I love to hate.

Alexander Mahone (Prison Break)
The bad ass FBI Alex Mahone is another hated character we love. His brilliant mind even matches up with the mind of Michael Scolfield's and studies all his moves and understands his plans when he escaped from Fox River Prison. The character does everything to stop Michael in his path. Even using Lincoln's son L.J as bait to lure them out. After killing Tweener in cold blood it's revealed that he has been hired by The Company to kill all the Fox River escapees. This is one of the characters we love to hate.
TheKnight12's rating:
Average listal rating (33 ratings) 6.5 IMDB Rating 0

Arvin Sloane (Alias)
Arvin Sloane is another character we love to hate. The man had lied to everyone that SD-6 was part of the CIA but was actually part of Sloane's secret group of people called "The Alliance." If anyone who mention SD-6 to their loved ones would be put down because of the secrecy. That's why we love to hate him.

Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)
Damon Salvatore is the sarcastic, charming and deadly vampire who everyone hates. In season one he comes to Mystic Falls to make his brother, Stefan's life miserable. He attempts to bring back Katherine who turned the Salvatores into vampires. He's hated by Elena, Caroline and Bonnie in the first two seasons. The ladies love his character and that is why he one of the hated characters we love.

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell (Prison Break)
T-Bag most hated prisoner in Prison Break. T-Bag known for committing serious crimes such as battery, assault, attempted murder, murder, rape, and kidnapping. Although hated by everyone in the show he has a lot fan base who like his character for being a badass.

Crowley (Supernatural)
Crowley is the badass demon who is the king of hell. He has a knack of making the Winchesters lives miserable. A dangerous and sarcastic demon who at times is charming and has no remorse of anyone's death. That's makes him one of the hated characters which we love.

Eric Nprthman (True Blood)
Eric Northman one of the badasses vampires from True Blood. He is ruthless and does not care much for human life. His relationship with his progeny, Pam, is where you see the softer side of him come through. When they face difficult challenges and situations, Eric would put her needs above his own. By the middle of season 2 Eric begins to pursue Sookie Stackhouse because of his interest in her abilities, and by the end of season 2 Eric Northman tricks her into drinking his blood which makes her sexually attracted to him. Hard to hate a vampire who enjoys causing chaos in his path.
Average listal rating (306 ratings) 6.9 IMDB Rating 0

Clark Kent AKA Kal (Smallville)
When Clark Kent is exposed to Red Kryptonite, he becomes one the hated characters we love. The reason is because Clark Kent as normal is caring, loving and always saving people from danger, he becomes a different kind of character when exposed to Red Kryptonite. He becomes very vicious, dangerous and loses his anger very quickly. From the shy Clark Kent, Kal becomes a kind of womaniser which he is sexually aggressive and flirtatious, easily wooin Lana, Lois, Alicia, Chloe and others. He is also unconcerned about using his powers in public such as robbing a bank (Although he does hide his face with a mask). He also becomes disrespectful towards his parents, Johnathan and Martha Kent, telling them that they not his parents. His relationships between Lana and Chloe who he is yet to tell them his secrets at the time becomes strain as they presumed that he's maybe on drugs. This is why we love the bad side of Clark Kent and becomes hated.

Julie Cooper (The O.C)
She's defiantly one hottest and sexiest mum in Newport. Julie has been described as a femme fatale. From season 1, Julie's very manipulated and very cunning at times. She hates Ryan Atwood even blaming him for Marissa's overdose. She and Marissa have a bitter mother and daughter relationship. Julie even starts a sexual relationship with Marissa's ex-boyfriend Luke Ward. When she marries Caleb she becomes the most powerfulest woman in Newport and easily manipulates him from taking his money. That's why the sexy woman is hated but at the same time you have to love the character.
TheKnight12's rating:

Percy (Nikita)
Percy is very dangerous man in Nikita. He was the use to run a secret government cooperation called Division. He brainwashes most of the new recruitments that he captures and tells them to kill people which they are doing it for their country. He is hated mostly the good guys in the show and does everything to protect Division.
Average listal rating (61 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 0

Zod (Smallville)
Kneel Before Zod... Zod was hated by Kryptonians which he led to their destruction. His vessel becomes Lex Luthor and has much hatred against Jor-El. Once he arrives on earth, Zod is desperate to get his powers back. He ends up being hated by Clark and his friends and that's why we love to hate him.
Average listal rating (657 ratings) 7.8 IMDB Rating 0

Katherine Pierce (The Vampire Diaries)
Katherine Pierce, Elena's doppelganger. She is the reason that the Salvatore brothers are vampires. Since she arrives back to Mystic Falls everyone begins to hate her especially Stefan who wants to protect Elena from her.

Niklaus Mikaelson (The Vampire Diaries)
Klaus one of the Original Vampires and a hybrid between a vampire and werewolf. His main mission is to make hybrids using Elena's blood. Everyone begins to hate him, the Salvatores, Elena, Bonnie, mostly Caroline and even his siblings. Who got to hate love the character but hate the things he does.
Average listal rating (40 ratings) 6.2 IMDB Rating 0

Nina Myers (24)
Nina Myers the traitor in 24. She's hot but we love her because, she is those tough chicks we want to see on TV. She is hated in the show for her betrayal to her country and kills Jack Bauer's wife Teri. Her character is hated but you got to love what she does.

Charlie Harper (Two and a Half Men)
Winning!!! Charlie Harper the ultimate womaniser on TV. We love Charlie bring him back. Charlie's character has its ups and downs. He's known to be selfish, rich, drinks, gambles and has sex with plenty of women. He's mostly hated by his one night stand women. Alan several times gets arguments with him about Alan's status in Charlie's home. You can love him or hate him because he's just Winning!!!

Brainiac (Smallville)
Dr. Fine aka. Brainiac is one of the hated characters in Smallville. He is very manipulated and causes chaos in Smallville. The thing about Braniac that he gets killed so many times but he is able to create more of him. Clark Kent hates him the most because he attacks the people he care for. Along with The Luthors, Brainiac is one of the Smallville characters that we love to hate.

Gretchen Morgan AKA Susan B. Anthony (Prison Break)
Prison Break's sexiest woman on the show. I just love her character. She starts of by blackmailing Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scolfield to get prisoner James Whistler out of Son Prison or she will kill Sara Tancredi. She's very dangerous, tough and beautiful. Her badass character is hated in Prison Break but I just can't keep my eyes of her deadly beauty character.
TheKnight12's rating:
Average listal rating (45 ratings) 5.9 IMDB Rating 0

Caleb Nichol (The O.C)
Caleb Nichol the rich famous man in Newport. He not the most hated man in the show but he does get alot of disliked people. For example, he is very controlling, manipulative, and deviant shown perhaps by the way he treats his daughter Kirsten who works for him, who found it increasingly hard to please him and earn his approval, or by the way he judged, and attempted to dominate the lives of everyone around him to fit his needs in a very contemptuous way. Sandy Cohan his son-in-law have known to clash many times even going against each other in court. When married Julie Cooper his relationship with everyone else becomes distance. He's a rich businessman that we love to hate.

Vincent Kennedy McMahon (World Wrestling Entertaintment)
No Chance In Hell! Vince McMahon's character on TV has to one of the best WWE villains. His best heel moment was when he screw Bret Hart at Survival Series 1997 against Shawn Michaels. He's had many feuds in the past such as The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Rick Flair, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and his main rivalry is with Stone Cold Steve Austin. WWE is boring now but still I love to hate his character.
Average listal rating (57 ratings) 6.5 IMDB Rating 0

Russell Edgington (True Blood)
Russell Edgington know for the king of vampires. His mission is to eliminate all the humans so that the vampires can rule the world. He's very nasty, dangerous and manipulated vampire that he loves to kill without no remorse. He is hated by Sookie, Bill and Eric. But this character brings another bad ass who loves to be hated.

Dana Walsh (24)
Dan Walsh a famme fatale who worked for CTU. She's sexy in the suit she wears and is engaged with Cole Ortiz. After the death of one of her ex-boyfriend Kevin Wade who blackmailed her, she is confronted by Bill Prady, Kevin's parole officer. She strangled him to death and exposed that she was a mole in CTU, working the terrorists. Her character was very interesting but in 24 there are so many sexy moles that we love to hate.

Carla Baxter (Burn Notice)
Sexy character, Carla Baxter a member of the group responsible for issuing a burn notice onto Michael. Carla often uses Michael to carry out various tasks for her. She is also ruthless, often threatening to harm Michael's family and friends unless he agrees to work for her or if he hasn't met a deadline that she has set. When a hot women doesn't do anything but is powerful, then she is loved but hated.
TheKnight12's rating:
Average listal rating (32 ratings) 5.7 IMDB Rating 0

Larry "Dead Larry" Sizemore (Burn Notice)
The dead spy called Dead Larry never gives Michael Westen peace. There's a reason why he is called Dead Larry. Presumed dead, he comes back and finds Michael and tells to do bad things. Sometimes it seems that he never dies and keeps re-appearing. A character who gives problems to the main character is a character love to hate.
Average listal rating (6 ratings) 6.5 IMDB Rating 0

General Jonathan Krantz (Prison Break)
The biggest villain in Prison Break and runs a secret government agency called The Company. It was them that framed Lincoln Burrows and then got rid of any evidence. The prisoners who escaped Fox Prison became targets by The Company which The General hired many agents to take care of business. The character's power makes untouchable and that's why we love to hate him.

Tess Mercer (Smallville)
One my favorite female characters in Smallville who is hated by most of the characters. When Lex disappeared during his journey to the Arctic, Tess took control of all his projects and business, assuming the role of acting CEO of LuthorCorp and publisher of the Daily Planet. It revealed that Lex told Tess about Clark Kent and she starts to discover what his secret it. She discover that he's from another planet and tries to help him with his destiny. During season 8, she builds several rivalry with Chloe Sullivan and mainly Lois Lane. After season 9 she soon becomes an ally of Watchtower and helps Clark and his super friends save the world. She starts off hated but that's why she is my list of characters we love to hate.
Average listal rating (316 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 0

Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl)
I don't know about Gossip Girl but I heard about Chuck Bass. He's a charming devil guy when something naughty needs to be said and he's the most self-aware of the Upper East Side high schoolers. He's described as a pure villain in the show. Thats why I think hes one the hated characters who is loved.

Trey Atwood (The O.C)
Not a really a popular character but Trey Atwood would be one the characters we love to hate. When he was released from prison, he goes to live with his brother Ryan Atwood at The Cohen's. His arrival causes alot of problems such as dealing with drugs with his new girlfriend Jess Sathers, stealing the crystal egg from Risky Business and attempting to rape Marissa Cooper. His character is hated but I think we love to hate him.

Carlton Banks (The Fresh Prince Bel Air)
Cartlon Banks the rich and upper-class character. While highly intelligent, he is commonly annoying and arrogant. He's very greedy when it comes to money. Carlton and Will taunt each other several times. Unlike Will who enjoys rap and talks from the ghetto style character, Carlton enjoys Tom Jones and favorite actor is William Shatner. At times Carlton is known to unnecessary got Will in trouble by telling lies and exposing Will of the bad things he does e.g. missing curfews, dating women and vandelising one of the school's desk. But besides that Carlton is sometimes hated at times but he's just hard to hate him. Especially when he does the dance.

Chloe (Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23)
Chloe, the eponymous Bitch in Apartment 23. She is an amoral and shameless con artist and party girl whom June described as a girl who may or may not be a psychopath and who becomes June's roommate. At first trying to scam June like she does all her other roomies by charging her extra rent, Chloe eventually comes to like June and welcomes her. Hated by most characters but loved by the fans.
No matter how bad they are, no matter how evil they are, these are the TV's most hated characters within the shows but us the fans love their characters.

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