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Added by johanlefourbe on 8 May 2018 02:09
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Top 10 worst movies 2018

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People who added this item 77 Average listal rating (62 ratings) 4.7 IMDB Rating 5.2

Notes: After 'American Sniper' and 'Sully', Eastwood decided for the 3rd time in a row to tell another true tale about some other American heroes but, unfortunately, it turned out to be so terribly weak and not much better than the garbage you can see on the Lifetime channel. I mean, the first scenes dealing with the main characters when they were kids were not bad but they still didn't reach the level of something like 'Stand by Me'. Then, the actual guys who were involved during these events actually played themselves which wasn't a bad idea and I don't think they did such a terribly bad job but the whole thing started to become rather abysmal at this point. Basically, they gave us a whole bunch of meaningless scenes with no entertaining or informative value and it seems, since the tragic event in the train would last only 15 mins, that they had to fill in the running time with something. The worst part was definitely when these guys went backpacking in Europe. Seriously, it felt like watching 'The Real World' from MTV or some other crappy reality TV program. At least, the scenes in the train did work but everything else was just so tedious and rather poorly put together.
johanlefourbe's rating:
People who added this item 86 Average listal rating (59 ratings) 5.7 IMDB Rating 6.5
Peppermint (2018)

Notes: It turned out to be indeed seriously weak but it's not that it was really bad, it's just that it was so generic and predictable. In fact, the only thing that seemed remotely interesting to me were those 5 years during which the main character had disappeared and during which she turned herself into a lethal killing machine. Instead, you get the period before during which she was a rather average mother and the period after during which she was killing some thugs pretty much non-stop but both periods were pretty tedious, I'm afraid. To be honest, it was in fact some pretty lazy ass writing. I mean, how did she get such skills with absolutely no knowledge and no connections whatsoever? Anyway, I can understand that, after spending most of her career playing in some romantic-comedies and some family features, Jennifer Garner would be attracted by such an action movie and I don't think she was really so bad. It's a pity though that she chose to show up in some kind of NRA-sponsored vigilante fantasy during which, if you give a sh*tload of guns to the right person, a lot of bad guys will be executed.
johanlefourbe's rating:
People who added this item 186 Average listal rating (134 ratings) 5.2 IMDB Rating 5.5

Notes: In 2018, Netflix pulled off with this movie the biggest marketing stunt of the year. Indeed, during the Super Bowl, they finally released the first trailer but, above all, they announced that the movie would be directly available after the game which was something obviously never done before. Seriously, it was a genius move because it turned a rather weak feature into one of the most talked about movies over the year. Unfortunately, the day after this marketing stunt, pretty much everyone was universally complaining how lame this flick actually was and, indeed, it turned out to be pretty weak. I mean, they had the best cast ever seen in a Cloverfield feature (Gugu Mbatha-Raw, David Oyelowo, Daniel Brühl, Ziyi Zhang, Elizabeth Debicki) and the concept actually had some potential if it would have been properly developed. Basically, even though it could have been a thought provoking SF flick, it was just very lazily written giving us a succession of rather generic supposedly scary scenes. Some of them were not bad (like the one when they discover Elizabeth Debicki's character) but there was not one moment when any of the character said and did anything remotely interesting regarding the events they had to face. It was also really weak to add some crazy conspiracy theorist predicting exactly what would happen later on. At least, with 'Cloverfield' and '10 Cloverfield Lane', they left the viewers in the dark which was much more effective.
johanlefourbe's rating:
People who added this item 107 Average listal rating (67 ratings) 5 IMDB Rating 5.4
Mute (2018)

Notes: Unfortunately, I was amazed by how the underwhelming the damned thing turned out to be. Indeed, while 'Moon' was pretty much a flawless minimalistic science-fiction masterpiece, this movie was actually the opposite as it was seriously over ambitious and filled up with some poorly developed characters and a rather half-baked story with too much going on. Eventually, what bothered me the most were all these countless pointless scenes. I mean, for example, at some point the main character had to go to the library searching for the Berlin yellow pages books so he could find a phone number. Seriously, it is the freaking future, why didn't he look it up on the Internet? Of course, you could argue that it was what an Amish would do but he already used a smartphone and other modern devices during the movie. Finally, it wasn't a strong story but I don't feel like going into details explaining why.
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People who added this item 111 Average listal rating (81 ratings) 3.7 IMDB Rating 4.2

Notes: Even though this movie turned out to be a massive critical and commercial flop, I was still curious to see if it was really so bad. Well, I have to agree that the damned thing was indeed pretty weak. Basically, it was supposed to be some kind of cute, whimsical and perhaps even inspiring tale but it just never worked. Indeed, it turned out to be basically a mix of really random and weird scenes. To make things worse, most of the dialogues was filled with some incomprehensible mambo-jambo involving some Camazotz, some tesseract and three mysterious misses who really came from nowhere. Seriously, after 15 minutes, I pretty much gave up trying to understand what the hell was going on and I hope the book made more sense. At least, I hoped it would be visually appealing and the first scenes were promising but, even in this area, it was still a failure and it has been a while since I have seen such an underwhelming overdose of CGI. At least, Storm Reid had some charisma and displayed some potential in spite of this poor material. But, above all, I felt bad for Ava DuVernay. Indeed, it was such a historical event that a black woman had the opportunity to direct such a big budget feature but she completely failed and I really hope she got another chance in the future since she is so talented.
johanlefourbe's rating:

Notes: Even though this movie had been a huge commercial and critical flop, since it was available on Disney+, I thought I might as well check it out. Well, it turned out to be another massive product design and CGI extravaganza but it was maybe the least annoying aspect about this movie. Indeed, the whole thing was nothing original at all and it was pretty much a mix of various movies such as ‘The Polar Express’, ‘Narnia’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and even ‘Hugo’. Above all, the damned thing was just so generic and boring. Seriously, they couldn’t come up with a better gimmick than having the main character missing a recently deceased mother? Eventually, the story and the characters involved were just terribly tedious and the only thing I enjoyed was the ballet during the end-credits. At the end of the day, you might wonder if the damned thing wouldn’t have worked better if they didn’t go for such a bland and generic approach.
johanlefourbe's rating:
People who added this item 137 Average listal rating (101 ratings) 6.1 IMDB Rating 6.7

Notes: Even though ‘The Equalizer’ had turned out to be fairly successful at the box-office, I didn’t care much for this flick but since I have a weak spot for Denzel Washington, I thought I might as well check this sequel. Well, to be honest, it turned out to be even worse than I expected. Seriously, I was so bored through the damned thing. Above all, it took so long to finally take off, in fact, in my opinion, the whole thing never actually took off. Indeed, I was expecting McCall to go Belgium to investigate the murder of his friend at any moment but it actually never happened. Basically, he managed to figure out the whole case without setting a foot there which might seem impressive but it was actually rather lame. At least, Denzel Washington was not bad and it is remarkable that it took him so long to finally show up in a sequel but it’s a shame the end-result was just so damned underwhelming.
johanlefourbe's rating:
People who added this item 192 Average listal rating (136 ratings) 5.5 IMDB Rating 6.3
The Commuter (2018)

Notes: It was a nice surprise that Florence Pugh was involved with a small apart but I’m afraid it was probably the only interesting thing about this flick. Indeed, to be honest, I really had a hard time to care about the damned thing. I don’t know, maybe, by now, I have seen too many similar action flicks starring Liam Neeson (it was already the 4th one he made with this director only…) but I think the story was actually pretty weak, at least, even weaker than usual. I mean, I didn’t mind that the action was taking place on a train. Indeed, ‘Non-Stop’, Collet-Serra’s and Neeson’s previous collaboration was taking place in a plane and, even if it was completely preposterous, at least, it was fairly entertaining. However, in this case, right from the start, the whole thing barely made sense whatsoever. I mean, if the whole point was to get rid off of some witness, was it the really the best way to reach this goal? Anyway, basically, the end-result was that you get to see Neeson endlessly walking up and down this freaking train giving some weird looks to the other passengers which was hardly entertaining. Sure, there were a few decent action scenes but they were really over-the-top and using too much some rather cheap looking CGI. Finally, even if, so far, Liam Neeson had been more than welcome in such rather weak action flicks, I wonder if he wasn’t miscast this time around.
johanlefourbe's rating:
People who added this item 119 Average listal rating (84 ratings) 5.3 IMDB Rating 6.4
Death Wish (2018)

Notes: At least, it was more ambitious than all the garbage Willis has been making recently but, unfortunately, it was only slightly better though. Indeed, the original ‘Death Wish’ (a movie I still haven’t watched at this point) has always been the grandfather of the vigilante genre but, to be honest, I never really cared for this genre. To make things worse, in this case, they just didn’t add anything new or interesting. First of all, you might wonder if Bruce Willis was really the best choice for this character. I mean, the whole point was to see a mild-mannered man becoming really badass killing a whole bunch of bad guys in the process but the problem was that Willis has spent most of his career playing such badass characters and it clearly undermined this process. Furthermore, there was barely any psychology or moral compass involved. Indeed, it could have been interesting to see the main character actually losing his grip with reality but I guess it would be asking too much from Bruce Willis who never really acts anymore but just passes by to cash his check.
johanlefourbe's rating:
People who added this item 224 Average listal rating (174 ratings) 5.1 IMDB Rating 6.1
Rampage (2018)

Notes: Video-game adaptations always had a rather lame reputation and most of these movies are usually deemed to fail but this one was probably the most miguided adaptation I have seen in a very long time. To be honest, even though I used to be a hardcore gamer, I don’t think I have ever played this game, or maybe on my Amstrad computer ages ago. Anyway, it was never a game with a profound concept, in fact, it has always been considered as a major King Kong knock-off, so the potential storywise has always been seriously dubious. Well, at least, I think that they actually managed to make the most of it. Indeed, the CGI was decent enough, I did like the introduction and there were a few spectacular scenes. Still, I can’t say I was really impressed by the damned thing though. As I mentioned before, the material was rather lame and it might have worked if they had chosen a seriously wacky approach but, unfortunately, the tone was just so serious which made the whole thing even more pathetic than it already was. On top of that, I was amazed by how they turned George from a nice gorilla into a blood thirsty monster and finally into a fully fledged hero who saved the day. Seriously, these switches were just jarring and displayed how poorly conceived the whole thing was. Concerning Dwayne Johnson, he did have a few nice one-liners but it was hardly his most entertaining performance but he wasn’t helped by this poor material.
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These are the worst movies I have seen which came out in 2018.

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