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Added by DiabetesMan on 28 Feb 2015 04:04
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Top 10 So Bad It's Good Movies

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People who added this item 117 Average listal rating (64 ratings) 7.2 IMDB Rating 4.7
Everything that can go wrong with a movie went wrong with this one. There are so many things wrong with this it's hard to know where to begin. The acting is awkward, the dialogue sounds like it was written by an alien, and the story is every action cop trope in the book. The lead actor in this is clearly wearing a wig in most scenes. There is almost no "samurai" action. Instead there are just bad fight scenes where you can clearly tell the actors didn't prepare much for the fight scenes. And while this is all happening, I was laughing my ass off. It is the definition of a "so bad it's good" movie. Watch this now infamous scene from the movie. I think my favorite thing about this are the partner's facial reactions.

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People who added this item 215 Average listal rating (159 ratings) 4 IMDB Rating 2.8
First off, there are no trolls in this. They're goblins. Living in a village called Nilbog. IT'S GOBLIN SPELLED BACKWARDS!! The directors and writers for this movie were Italians who could barely speak English. That is very evident in this movie. All the characters in this movie act so odd and talk like someone who has never been to America thinks Americans talk. The story makes no sense and is confusing. It involves vegetarian goblins turning humans into plants so they can eat them. And the humans could easily defeat them, if they weren't so dumb. There is a great documentary on this movie and the cult following it developed. This scene is an example of the weird but funny moments in this.

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People who added this item 131 Average listal rating (105 ratings) 1.3 IMDB Rating 1.8
This animated movie was notorious for being in production for over ten years. Basically, it is Toy Story but instead of toys it is about food brands. It is so obviously a gigantic product placement ad, you almost respect them for even trying to make it. But more than that, the animation is laughable. The voice acting is terrible. And even though it is for kids, there are so many inappropriate moments you wonder what the screenwriters were thinking. This moment below in particular actually happens. You should still check it out and watch it with some friends though because it becomes hilarious to watch this film fail on so many levels.

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People who added this item 456 Average listal rating (317 ratings) 3.8 IMDB Rating 3.6
The man who produced this, Tommy Wiseau, also wrote and directed it as well as starring in it. Wiseau is an odd human being to say the least. He has a thick undetermined accent that makes it hard to understand sometimes which requires a lot ADR to fix. Unfortunately too, or fortunately, Wiseau is not a very good actor. He does odd things with his performance that make it hard to take seriously. That isn't to say that the other actors are better. Everyone seemed to know that this movie was bad as everyone's performance is either phoned in or terrible. The plot, if you call it that, is filled with holes and certain side plots get abandon all together. One of the characters announces she has breast cancer but that doesn't get addressed or mentioned ever again. Seriously though, you need to see this. It is one of those movies you won't forget.

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This is suppose to be a horror movie. And there is absolutely nothing scary about it in any way. The lead actor in this acts more like he is in a SNL skit than a horror movie. His over the top facial expressions and the way he reads his lines make it hard to find any horror in any scene. His kill scenes are hilarious as he kills them in over the top ways all the while serious and ominous music plays. This almost makes me want to see the first one but I had so much fun with this, I don't think it would be as "great". Watch this now famous scene.

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People who added this item 90 Average listal rating (66 ratings) 3.7 IMDB Rating 3.5
This movie is clearly such a rip-off of "ET" it is laughable. But it doesn't even come close to being as good as that film. The alien's design in this movie is bad and doesn't even look pleasing to look at. It clearly looks fake. Characters in this movie are some of the stupidest characters in film history. It is clear there is an alien walking around but all it takes to fool them is to put it in a bear suit. I am pretty sure kids would not like it but some might get some kicks out of the mess this movie is.

Watched Wanted Custom
Back when Hulk Hogan was WWE's biggest star, Hollywood was also trying to make him an actor as well. And with this movie you can tell, his charisma in the ring does not translate to the screen. Hogan is either stiff or awkward or he completely overacts in scenes. The film also tries to be serious but because of scenes like the one below you can't take it seriously. It is just the definition of a movie that is bad but because of Hogan and over the top tone, it is a blast to watch.

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People who added this item 280 Average listal rating (168 ratings) 6.6 IMDB Rating 5.9
I really do believe Nicholas Cage is a good actor. But he often chooses movies like this where he hams it up and it becomes hard to defend him. But anyway the plot of this movie is funny on its own. Cage is a man who is convinced he is turning into a vampire. And any horror or scares that could come out of this diminish once Cage starts to go crazy. Some say all of this intentional as it is meant to be a dark comedy. I don't know if I fully buy that. With a director who clearly let Cage get away with a lot, it is hard to tell what is intentional or what is just Cage having free reign. There are so many quotable lines in this and with Cage behind it, it becomes so much fun to watch.

Watched Wanted Custom
I do believe M. Night Shyamalan is a great director. But after some misfires he is now viewed as one the general public doesn't trust. And it is easy to see why after watching this. The story is literally about plants trying to kill people. What the movie tells you is suppose to be scary is hilarious and with the bad acting on top of it, it is hard to take anything seriously. There is a scene where the characters are running from the wind. Yes that's right, the wind. Mark Wahlberg clearly knew this was a bad movie and did it just for the paycheck. This is pretty evident in this scene.

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People who added this item 95 Average listal rating (70 ratings) 2.1 IMDB Rating 1.8
Wow! That was all I could say after watching this one. It is hard to tell if the director intended this to be bad or if it is just that bad. It looks like someone filmed most of the scenes in someone's backyard and hired random people on the street. The acting is bad and every actor has almost no chemistry with anyone in this. And the special effects look like someone just used some free special effects editor from their computer. One of the weirdest things about this though is the actual birds don't come till the last half of the movie. In the first half, it is a bad romance movie. When the birds do finally come, it turns into a weird global warming film. This is one of those movies that has to be seen to be believed.

Watched Wanted Custom

There are some movies that are so bad they become fun to watch. Bad acting, bad dialogue, bad special effects, etc. They are the type of movies that you watch with your friends and riff on it and have a good time.

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