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Added by DiabetesMan on 2 Oct 2017 01:12
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Shows That Went Downhill

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People who added this item 3473 Average listal rating (2018 ratings) 8.1 IMDB Rating 8.7
Peaked: Season 4
Downhill: Season 6

Out of all the shows on this list, this one pisses me off the most. This one started out SO strong. Having a serial killer killing only people who are bad really made not only for a thrilling mystery show, but also a great story about what it means to be human. The show had a constant dark humor edge that allowed it to feel almost like a graphic novel. But the show never veered off of the horror elements as well.

Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4 all were different and each one had a Big Bad of the season that made for interesting dynamics and things for Dexter to learn and adapt. He went from being a guy learning to have a relationship, to getting married, and finally to becoming a dad. Season 4 being hands down my favorite. John Lithgow was nothing short of amazing as The Trinity Killer. He brought an intensity and a lot of lessons for Dexter to learn. Everyone in that season was at the top of their game. It was amazing acting all around. The direction was tight, the scripts were tight, and the music was tight. The ending to me also indicated that we were headed towards the end and things were going to get even more intense.

A lot say season 5 was when things started to get bad. But even though it had been the weakest season so far, it still had a lot of good stuff. Dexter was learning how to deal with loss, he was taking on enemies that forced him to confront who he was, and Michael C. Hall killed it (pun intended). But it did one thing that really bugged me. At the moment that Dexter should have been caught, his sister just allowed him to get away in a very out of character moment. Now, that wouldn't bug me as much if it had corrected that and gave us an amazing sixth season. Hearing it was going to be about religion and a cult also certainly would make for an interesting new dynamic. The problem though started once it dropped the ball on its villains. These could have been great villains. A cult could have had so much potential. Instead though it decided to go into an annoying Fight Club kind of twist. Much of the show's charm was also beginning to dwindle. Harry, who started to manifest himself as Dexter's conscious, explained things cause it felt like the writers thought the audience was dumb. Characters like Masuka started to become a caricature of themselves. Worst of all though, Dexter started to become really dumb. Which was not a result of him losing his grip, but more so the writers could just get to the end. Michael C. Hall even seemed to not enjoying it. And let's not even talk about Deb falling in love with Dexter.

Season 7 showed a lot of potential but once again dropped the ball in the final season and that horrible series finale. The biggest problem I feel is the writers wanted to turn Dexter into Batman. Look, it's nice to see evil people get their comeuppance from Dexter. But Dexter isn't doing it cause he's a great guy, it was because he was trained to do so by his adopted father. He could have easily turned into his brother and kill random innocent people. The show use to explore that and it made for a real disturbing yet compelling show. This doesn't mean he can't grow, but he absolutely does not need to turn into a superhero. The show also seemed to be afraid to call out Dexter and get him caught. It makes the show hard to buy since he made so many mistakes and dumb decisions.

I basically pretend that season 5 was the final season. It's a real shame cause this show could have been a classic. Instead I remember it as a show that lost its potential. I still enjoy the earlier seasons and remember them fondly though. Even the cast admit the show lost a lot of what made it great. If there is one thing to learn from this is writers need to have an end set in mind and always stay true to characters.
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People who added this item 1516 Average listal rating (952 ratings) 6.4 IMDB Rating 6.7
Peaked: Season 1
Downhill: Middle of season 3

I love musicals. I mostly hung around the art and theater crowd in high school. This felt like a show made for me. Along with a cynical edge and an important show about accepting people different from you, it seemed like it could have been a classic.

Ryan Murphy originally intended this to be a movie. That is a little evident in the first half of the first season. Some of the storylines felt a little resolved and it ended on a happy ending. FOX and Murphy himself seemed surprised by the success. A lot of the songs were hits and were very well made. The show was very funny too with a dark edge underneath. It basically seemed like a show that was going to be about realizing that it is okay if all your dreams don't come true. The show never seemed to be afraid of showing how the real world affects you as you grow up but also showing how you can retain a lot of the optimism of youth.

Season 2 came on and I was still enjoying it. Once again, it never bored me and I was always laughing or having a good time. Season 3 though, was when it started to show signs of weakness. The second half of season 3 was when it started to become real noticeable. Guest stars were fun on the show, the acting was still good, and the songs were catchy. But something felt off about the show.

Season 4 was when I was beginning to watch the show less and less with by the end of it giving up on it. The show started to become American Idol. A lot of songs were just ones on the Billboard Hot 100. Songs had no real meaning or power behind them. Musicals have songs to indicate a character's journey or emotional state. Now it seemed like it was just all show off. Which is fine every now and again but when done to death, loses its power and fun.

Murphy too turned the show into an after school special. It was very important the themes the show talked about. Everything from homophobia, sexism, racism, economic class, disabilities, etc. The problem was characters became mouth pieces and didn't seem real anymore. It felt like all of them were basically Ryan Murphy. And storylines like those were abandoned a lot with extremely inconsistent characters. It's the problem with a lot of Murphy's shows. He loses focus and people are afraid to tell him "no" sometimes. Which is a shame cause it felt like the show could have been saved.

Having not watched the show after season 3, I heard a lot from fans how disappointed they were in the show. New characters being brought in also seemed not nearly as interesting as the original characters. Which shows you that the series probably should have stayed a 4 season series to reflect the years of high school. I did however watch the series finale. Almost all the characters got what they wanted and became famous. It rings very false from what the show started out as. Not saying I hate happy endings but they need to be earned and not come out of the blue.

I do very much appreciate the show and how it addressed things like the LGBTQ community. Being bisexual myself, it is very nice to see bisexuals being represented on tv. Showing an appreciation of the arts is also very important. The show also showcased some very talented people like Jane Lynch, Chris Colfer, Amber Riley, Harry Shum, and Naya Rivera. That's why it is a shame what happened to the show. I remember reading online someone who wrote about their feelings on Glee and I think it sums up my feelings: "No one hates Glee more than people who use to love it."
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People who added this item 3888 Average listal rating (2410 ratings) 7.2 IMDB Rating 7.6
Peaked: Season 1
Downhill: Season 2

A lot of the blame for this series can be placed on outside forces. The writers' strike really hurt this show but also I think it can be blamed on becoming a victim of its own success. A shame cause an epic original superhero show could have been fantastic.

When season 1 started, I remember people being immediately hooked. The tagline for the show was that famous "Save the cheerleader, save the world". It was intriguing. It had a mystery that kept people guessing. There were fun characters with cool powers. It had a mythology behind it that made for a lot of good comic book fun. It would get dark but also allow itself to be fun and humorous. And as with any good superhero show, it gave a great supervillain in Sylar. It felt like it could have started something special.

Season 2 came around and that was when it was really noticeable just how the writers' strike hurt this show. The show meandered a lot, unsure what to do with these characters. Cool storylines felt like they were being developed, only to drop it or be completely anti-climatic. Characters that should have been killed off or written out of the show, stayed on way too long. Sylar started to become super obnoxious and was super inconsistent. He would be good one second, and then just go back to being bad another.

Season 3 came around and I thought maybe with the writers' strike over it would mean the show would correct its mistakes. A story about villains coming to rise seemed to indicate we would be in for a fun ride. Once again though, that story gets dropped and tossed out. And much like season 2, so many characters overstayed their welcome. Nathan Petrelli should have been gone the moment he exploded with his brother. I have no idea why the writers insisted he stay but it made for a lot of awkward and repeating storylines.

I didn't bother with season 4. Gave up on the show. But a friend of mine still watched it and confirmed that it was still the same show. Recently tried to watch it on Netflix now and it was indeed a wasted opportunity. A supervillain circus once again had SO much potential. What's worse though, is it became SUPER boring. Season 2 and 3 at least would showcase some cool powers and occasionally have some cool moments. Season 4 though feels so directionless. It was the final season and it looked like it had more planned though as it left on a cliffhanger which makes it more annoying. It confirmed though that I was right originally to not watch it.

This show came back with Heroes: Reborn but I haven't watched it. From what I can gather, people thought it was just okay. Nothing about what I have seen clips of though really interests me and it is a shame cause with a new team of writers it could have started fresh.

Ultimately, I feel like the show suffered from being one that came around the same time as Lost. Both were epic shows with a mythology and characters with interesting backstories. Unlike Heroes though, Lost at least knew how to hold my interest and leave me emotionally satisfied. I will give this show one thing. It forced me to look at shows more critically and find better shows elsewhere.
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People who added this item 2226 Average listal rating (1335 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 7.9
Peaked: Season 3
Downhill: Towards the end of Season 5

Shows like True Blood are never going to be like Breaking Bad or The Wire. Not every show needs to be like those shows. Sometimes you just want to be entertained and have a good time even if it isn't the best show in terms of storytelling. That was True Blood. It was campy as hell but seeing vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, witches, and just all around supernatural things was fun as hell. The show also had a fun cast that made watching these things a blast. Along with a very LGBTQ friendly atmosphere, it made for a good time. That's why it is a shame it went downhill.

When it first started out, the first thing I immediately enjoyed about it was it didn't shy away from showing how a vampire would actually act if they were real. The show reminded you that they were once human and still have that humanity in them. So some of them would be great and some would be actual monsters. You saw them kill people in horrible ways or save someone's life.

I always enjoyed the characters with Eric, Pam, Lafayette, Jessica, and Detective Andy being favorites. People were annoyed with Snookie, Tara, and Bill but they never got on my nerves in the earlier seasons. Tara especially got a lot of unnecessary flack and she was often give a lot of great material to work with. Snookie and Bill also felt relevant to each seasons' stories and they never overstayed their welcome.

Season 3 came around and not only gave its best season but arguably its greatest character and actor: Denis O'Hare as Russell Edgington. Russell was an absolute blast. The season embraced its horror campiness and there was never a dull moment. Having werewolves come on the show also really brought in interesting new story possibilities.

Season 4 although not as good as season 3 was still fun. Seeing the vampires fight witches made for a good time and the show still never felt boring or like it was trying too hard. But it was right around the middle of season 5 that the show started suffering. Bringing back Russell was great! But killing him off has to be one of the biggest mistakes the show ever made. As a result of that, no other villain/antagonist could ever fill his shoes.

It was around season 6 when the show also really started to drop the ball on Snookie and Bill. They became the least interesting characters and they soaked all the fun out of the room. Snookie became annoying and whiny while Bill was becoming a smug asshole who had plot armor. Even the characters on the show seemed to hate them so it felt like the writers even didn't like them anymore.

The final season came along and I gave up on it after a couple of episodes. It just became an absolute slog to get through. And that I think is the biggest shame about the show. It just got very boring. Characters like Eric couldn't even save the show. The final episode I was told was horrible so it looks like I made the right decision. I will give the show that it never shied away from its LGBTQ themes and I do admire it for that.
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People who added this item 2665 Average listal rating (1524 ratings) 7.9 IMDB Rating 8.3
Peaked: Season 3
Downhill: Season 5

This one is another one that is incredibly frustrating cause the show has occasional moments of brilliance. About 20% of the time, it can really be a cool and emotional show where the writing suddenly gets great. Then usually 50% of it is just okay with 30% of it being mostly pointless filler. It's a real shame cause a lot of the characters have potential.

I never heard of the comics before this show was on air. Decided to give them a try and found them to be real fun and intense zombie horror with a knack for keeping your attention. The show was a little more gritty but it still was cool zombie action and horror that kept me coming back. The first and second seasons while not amazing on a level of Breaking Bad, were still fun to watch. My basic feeling was as long as it had cool action scenes and nice looking zombie designs I would keep coming back.

Season 3 starts and with the characters and writing a little more confident in the world it had created, it felt like a change was happening. The show no longer felt like it was constantly wallowing in misery. I don't mind some bleakness or death but even Game of Thrones knows it needs some light sometimes. At first it seemed like the show was embracing its comic book roots and having some fun. The Governor was a great villain too. Someone that felt like a true challenge to Rick and his group while also having his own backstory. The new introductions of characters like Michonne and Tyreese also were welcome additions. There were a few episodes that felt pointless but they still had enough to keep you invested. Characters like Carol and Darryl also were becoming fan favorites so it seemed like the show was headed towards epic future seasons.

The biggest problem this show ended up suffering from is it does not need to be 18 episodes. This starts to become painfully evident when there really isn't an antagonist or obstacle in the group's way. The show then ends up repeating stories and having characters do very stupid things just to have an episode to fill the season order. Take for instance Carol, she went from an abused wife who lost her kid to someone who was a complete badass who you couldn't bullshit. In the latest seasons though she now constantly puts herself in harm's way and is making very childish decisions. It's a far cry from the character I use to love.

AMC knows they have a hit on their hands which is why they will probably keep it going on as long as they can. I know the comics are still going on but shows like this just feel like they can't go on forever and still keep putting out quality productions.

These latest seasons with Negan also to me really illustrate another big problem with the show. The show before is usually this ultra serious show with constant death that it very rarely takes a moment to laugh. Negan comes in and is this big campy comic book villain like he is in the comics. He has these big comic book monologues that go on forever and what at first was fun is now just obnoxious and I am counting down the days till he is killed off. In my opinion, the show should have been more in line with the comics in terms of tone. It should have embraced some of that comic book silliness so Negan doesn't feel so tonally off. It would have made the show a little more fun to watch even with filler episodes.

Like Supernatural, I still do watch this sometimes. I mostly though just tune in for the season premiere, the mid season finale, the beginning of the second half, and the season finale as those typically are the most important. But lately it seems like the show isn't the talk of the internet like it use to be. I do think the show needs to start having an end set in mind as it should end with a bang. But if it doesn't and you are in the mood for some good zombie fun check out the comics and the Telltale games.
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People who added this item 4424 Average listal rating (2958 ratings) 7.1 IMDB Rating 8.2
Peaked: Pre-cancellation
Downhill: The return

Not to sound hipster, but before this show came on Adult Swim and got popular along with the DVD sales, I remember watching it on FOX. I remember being mad that it was cancelled and really wishing it had continued. Loved how crazy it would get and those cut away gags often would make me burst out laughing. When it was starting to get popular, I loved it. Loved being able to talk to people about the show and remembering why I watched it. Hearing that FOX was going to bring it back made me giddy with excitement.

When it came back on with an episode about Mel Gibson and The Passion of the Christ, it felt like it was copying South Park. Ironically, South Park had done an episode about it and it was much better. I chalked it up to it just being the first episode back and it trying to find its voice again. Episodes later though, it appeared to be a show that amplified its worse qualities.

What worked about Family Guy before was it would get outrageous but nothing about it ever felt mean spirited. Meg would get made fun of but the show always corrected it by having the family show actual affection for her. There is a way to have shows with a mean edge. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a great example of it. It starts to become a problem for me when EVERY joke is just one that seems like it is going "HEY! Look at how dark and edgy we are!". I know this might make me sound super sensitive but if the jokes were better written then I probably wouldn't mind it as much.

Let's talk about the cut away gags. I don't mind them like a lot of people seem to. Some of my favorite shows use them. The problem with this show is the cut away gags started to become the show and they would go on way too long. Take for instance the classic Peter vs. Chicken gag. When it first happened it was so unexpected that it was hilarious. But when the show did again and again it starts to lose what made it work. Numerous other gags also go on way too long and feel like it is being used just to stretch out an episode. One other thing that bugged me was jokes became more like references to nostalgia from the 80s and less actually about parodying said pop culture.

I don't hate Seth MacFarlane. In interviews he comes across like a chill and fun guy. I even like the movie Ted and his other show American Dad. Much like Heroes I think it just became a victim of its own success. It's a shame cause there is a lot of talent behind the scenes. One good thing about the show though is it does let people know that animation is not just for kids.
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People who added this item 878 Average listal rating (466 ratings) 8.1 IMDB Rating 8.6
Peaked: Season 4
Downhill: Season 6

Sons of Anarchy was hailed as Hamlet on bikes with a little Sopranos thrown in the mix. It was a definite tragedy in the making along with some crime drama to keep things thrilling. The cast all looked the part and they delivered the material to keep you glued to the screen.

I feel around season 2 was when the potential for the show really started to shine through. It had morally complex characters and themes of family, love, trauma, and how legacy affects us all. Jax might not have been the best character on the show but Charlie Hunnam was still learning. Actors like Ron Perlman and Katey Seagal really elevated the material and kept me guessing what was going to happen next. A lot of the other memorable characters also kept the show cool.

Season 3 was bit of a stumble but it kicked right back up around the middle point and was back to the reason I watch the show. When it came into season 4 I truly believed that this was the beginning of a great show that found its voiced. Everything from the direction, acting, and story was at the top of its game. The ratings were higher than ever and it was a shame the show never got the attention awards wise it deserved.

Season 5 came around and not only gave us a great antagonist in Damon Pope but also a fun new character with Nero played by Jimmy Smits. It wasn't as fantastic as season 4 was but it still retained a lot of the greatest of season 4 showing that it is still very much worth watching. Jimmy Smits also brought a fun new dynamic to the show and arguably became one of its best characters. Some things like the constant music montages or episodes going on way too long became a little annoying but not enough to get me hating the show.

When season 6 first started, there was a scene ending on a school shooting from a kid who had one of the guns the gang sold. Something like that not only is shocking but looked to set up a story in the season with lasting ramifications. What ended up happening was Juice was the only character affected by it and it seemed like it was happening just for the sake of it. A story like that could open up discussions on how much the club contributes to the violence in the community. But the show and especially Kurt Sutter seemed to never want the characters to suffer consequences or just waiting to set up an action scene that had no emotion behind it.

The final season started and that was when I realized the biggest problem with the show. It was trying to be The Godfather for bikers. It didn't need to be that. It always felt like it should have been a show like Banshee. A pulpy comic book like show with fun characters and a slight grindhouse edge. And if it wanted to be more like The Godfather, it should have become a little more somber or reflective than it was. Nearly 2 hour episodes certainly don't help anything as it messes with the pacing and leads to a lot of pointless scenes.

Having said all of this, I never would say I hated the show. I still watched it and felt that Charlie Hunnam was at his best performance wise in the final season. A lot of the cast really helped the weaker writing in the later seasons and show how actors really help the material. You could tell Sutter still cared about the show but he just didn't take criticism well.
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People who added this item 3060 Average listal rating (1885 ratings) 7.3 IMDB Rating 8.4
Peaked: Season 2
Downhill: Season 4

Setting a show in a prison automatically sets it up to be intense. Add in a crazy conspiracy and you are in for a crazy rise. More importantly, having compelling characters you want to follow even when they are doing bad things makes you tune in each week. What ended up killing this show though was its need to never really solve anything or have stories reach their natural conclusions.

Season 1 was the classic prison escape story. It kept you on the edge of your seat and left me guessing what would happen next. The cast also really helped keep you interested. Lincoln and Michael were lead characters you could root for. Fellow inmates like Abruzzi, Sucre, C-Note, and Haywire also were fun to have on screen. Each one bringing something to the team. Most people though seem to remember T-Bag and with good reason. He was an evil, psychopath and basically The Joker to Michael's Batman.

Season 2 came around and it was a show I made sure to watch every week. All the characters were on the run and Michael and Lincoln were also trying to solve the conspiracy. Some of the team members died and were caught. So no one felt safe. Adding in the great William Fichtner as a pursuing FBI agent made it even better. I loved practically every minute of it. The season ended and the conspiracy revealed itself making everything that had happened make sense. It also seemed to set up a cool new story while also leaving the people behind the conspiracy as new antagonists to take down.

Season 3 at first seemed like it would be just as cool as before. It may have been another prison escape story but this time the atmosphere was different. Having the characters deal with the different politics of escaping a prison in another country where they no longer had the upper hand made for a thrilling time.

It was at the end of season 3 when I started to get the feeling that the show was going to go on longer than it should. Season 4 starts and it appeared my worst fears were confirmed. The conspiracy kept adding up and adding up to the point it was becoming hard to follow and turning the bad guys into comic book supervillains. Discovering The Company and the conspiracy wasn't becoming fun anymore and more obnoxious. Someone like Michael who was cool to see figure out things just became boring. I can't confirm this but it seemed like the writers were just making stuff up as they went along.

The biggest lesson with this show is shows need to map out their stories and figure out a conclusion. Even a show you love can be a slog to get through when it never seems like it knows what to do anymore. Much like Sons of Anarchy though, I can't say I ever hated it. It just wasn't the thrilling show it once was.
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People who added this item 3262 Average listal rating (1748 ratings) 8.8 IMDB Rating 9.4
Peaked: Season 4
Downhill: Season 5(but really noticeable 7)

There's a show that always ends up capturing the world's attention and obsession every few years. Twin Peaks, Lost, The Walking Dead, and then this show. It felt like every Sunday everyone was watching it and then the next day talk about it. These characters became icons and made stars out of these actors. It also showed that tv can look just as amazing or epic as a movie.

One of the best things about this show was the political intrigue and scheming between the characters. You never knew what to expect and just as you fall in love with a character, they would be brutally killed. I was always fascinated by characters like Tyrion, Arya, The Hound, Cersei, or Dany. Even when these people did very bad things, you couldn't help but love whenever they were on screen.

The best season that was the show at its best was season 4. Almost every week had a moment that everyone talked about or took the show in a direction that indicated shit was about to hit the fan. I particularly loved the fight between Oberyn and The Mountain. It was also one of the strongest seasons for people like Peter Dinklage and Lena Headley. Like a lot of seasons for this show, certain characters met their doom and it felt like the cast was dwindling to make room for the White Walkers.

Season 5 came along and if I had to describe it, it would be disappointing. It was the worst thing a show can be: boring. Characters were just sort of limping along and the story felt so aimless. It was cool and everything to see characters meet up and form new alliances but it felt like the show was going through the motions. However, the episode "Hardhome" came and not only was the best episode of the season but one of the best of the series. It showed the destructive force of The White Walkers and introduced us to The Night King. The final episode of the season also ended in a way that would be super interesting to see next season.

Season 6 started off a little slow but after about episode 3, it started to become the show I loved again. It was clear there were going to be huge battles coming and Ramsey was finally going to get his comeuppance. Characters like Sansa were showing real growth and it seemed like it was setting up an amazing conclusion to this epic story. In particular, I liked what they were doing with Cersei and Lena Headley continued to show why she was one of the best actors on that show.

The biggest problem with season 7 is it feels way too short. A lot of things happen and it feels like it needed more episodes to flesh out actions and motivations. It was still entertaining but characters were making dumb decisions that didn't make sense just so the story can move along. I thought maybe the showrunners did this just so we can get an awesome final season. I was optimistic and the 2 year gap had me hopeful they were taking as much time as needed to make it perfect.

Disappointed is probably the word I would use to describe the final season. A lot of people hated it but there was some good things about it. I really liked certain scenes but the season as a whole feels like a power point presentation. You really get the sense that Benioff and Weiss were done with the show and possibly didn't care. Like season 7, there weren't enough episodes to flesh out characters to justify their actions. It could have worked as well if they had set up before in season 7 reasons for why characters in season 8 made the decisions they did. This is evident in the way they butchered people like Tyrion, Dany, or Sansa's storylines. It's a shame cause Emilia Clarke gave the best performance of her entire time on the show.

Even as I write this, I have to admit I remember the good aspects of the show more so than the bad. When the show was good, it was really good. It was a big fantasy epic filled with characters I loved. The final 2 seasons might not have been nearly as good as the others but it still had things I liked.
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People who added this item 3160 Average listal rating (1831 ratings) 7.8 IMDB Rating 8.4
Peaked: Seasons 1-5
Downhill: Season 7

Procedurals often get a lot of crap in the age of prestige tv. I feel that they really do serve a purpose and can be addicting shows to watch. Supernatural was a show with those elements with an overarching story throughout the series. It had a great mythology like a comic book with fun characters and charismatic performers. It was originally intended with a story of five seasons and one purely about fighting Satan. Those seasons were the best.

A friend of mine let me borrow their DVDs during the Summer before season 3 was starting. I decided to give it a try as her description of it made it seem like a fun pulpy horror show that was also willing to be funny at times. I was glad I did. It to me was the definition of cool. Dean and Sam were likable badass protagonists. Seeing them battle everything from angels to demons to vampires was a blast. The brothers' love for one another was at the center and it made you care about the action. Season 5 came around and all that had been coming to a head was there and the emotional payoff was great. It showed you why long form storytelling can really work. It was fun, intense, funny, and something that rivaled most blockbusters. It may not have had the budget of a lot of shows but it had heart.

It wasn't shocking when the show was renewed even when the planned story was supposedly finished. Eric Kripke leaving as showrunner made me a little nervous but I still was going to give it a try. The show had enough of a mythology behind it that I figured they could still continue. While season 6 wasn't bad, I was beginning to lose interest. Focusing further on Cas was cool since I loved his character but I just kept wondering just how they could continue the series.

When shows go on for a long time they often either do two things: continue to follow what works till there is nothing left or do something to shake up the formula. Bringing in The Leviathans seemed like a cool idea. Other badass characters like The Alpha Vampire were fun too. But again, I was losing interest. To be honest, it seemed like something that would have been more fun as a video game than a weekly show. And the show was getting renewed again and again and still retaining its devoted fanbase.

I've stopped watching it regularly and now only occasionally tune in. It seems to be pretty much the same story and there are elements of it I enjoy. But I can't help but look at it and think of it as something that should have been an epic 5 season series. It's going on 13 seasons now and probably will for awhile. This one is another one that shows you why a show shouldn't go on forever. What sucks, is I think the cast is great and should go on to do different things. Mischa Collins seems like someone who could be a star with the right couple of movies. It just feels like they are stuck now with the show for a long time.

This may sound like I kind of resent the show but I don't. It really isn't surprising it has gone on a long time since it is one of the highest rated shows on The CW. And like I said before, when I do tune in it still has some of that charm. But it just is missing that spark that kept me coming back weekly. The show is on Netflix and I do feel like the first 5 seasons are the perfect binge if you have a week to spare.
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