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Added by Monstermaster on 25 Jul 2014 09:59
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RP: Hessian Hex part 1

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Average listal rating (4679 ratings) 8.6 IMDB Rating 0
Ichabod, who helps Ariana to fight off the Hessian and turn Nathan back to normal.
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Lady Van Tassell who is revealed to have become a female Hessian after the events of the Sleepy Hollow movie due to the Hessian's Kiss/Bite.
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Katrina who is now dating Ichabod Crane.
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The main villain of the piece and the one who cursed Nathan to begin with, sly, mischevious and just plain cruel - this woman was once a respected person in the town of Sleepy Hollow but due to being shunned by everyone in town she turned to the darkside and became a witch-like creature (Hexenbiest in the Grimmverse).

She has long frizzy brown hair and pale skin as well as dark green eyes, and she always is seen lurking around in places that are dark and forboding.

During the Hessian Hex saga it is revealed that she wanted to turn Nathan into the Hessian so that he could carry out her revenge against the town that shunned her.

Nathan's nickname for her "Mistress of the Dark" is a nod to the classic tv hostess Elvira (Cassandra Peterson).
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Reverend Stenwick, who helps Ariana by providing the backstory on Michayala.
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A good witch who is part of Nathan's attic monster gang, she is based off Anjelica Huston, Cher, and Elvira in terms of the way she looks.

She is mentioned briefly during the Hessian Hex saga, as being one of the few good witches to ever visit Sleepy Hollow.

She is a rather friendly and caring young witch, and unlike the witches from the Roald Dahl book The Witches she actually likes children and has no desire to hurt them or kill them. She is also quite refined and sophisticated.

She has a variety of magical abilities including various different spells such as transformation spells, love spells, revenge spells, wish-granting spells, healing spells and also spells to alter her own age or the age of anyone else she uses it on - making them either look older or younger. She is called The Divine Witch because her two main specialities include dark magic and light magic which includes healing spells.

It is also said that she's quite a good actress, can play the part of the good witch extremely well and she can also pull off a terrific Rita Repulsa impersonation.
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Brom Bones, who is one of the first victims who dies during Nathan's rampage as the Hessian.
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Lucinda: A young woman who is into the gothic subculture and supernatural creatures, she is given the curse of the Hessian Hex as well and begins slowly taking after Nathan and Ariana.

Despite the fact that she was warned of how horrible it would be, she actually enjoys this to the point that she feels like it's having a monstrous alter-ego.

She is highly intelligent and studious, being an expert in the field of supernatural creatures and having a boyfriend who has a thing for monsters and monster-girls certainly help.

As the She-Hessian's apprentice, she takes hunting lessons from the two on how to be a proper fighter and hunter.
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Nathan's new companion, a young blonde-haired teenage girl who likes supernatural creatures even though she admits that she's not a fan of them or becoming one herself. She is a very nice and kind-hearted teen but sometimes certain things may cause her to react negatively to whatever Nathan puts her through.

She tends to worry quite a bit about the safety of herself and of others, and often feels confused due to what happens sometimes.

Even though she's a supporting character, she's not considered useless - she's helped Nathan on many occassions and he has done the same for her.

Due to her blood being fused with Nathan's own, the curse has now been transfered to her - giving her the Hessian Hex curse, meaning she turns into a vicious female warrior known as the She-Hessian.

In her She-Hessian state she tends to look like a female version of Nathan in his morphed state as the Hessian except feminine and with a few extra touches. She is tough, furocious and equally as bloodthirsty as Nathan is in this state, possessing the same kind of almost inhuman supernatural strength he does.

Because she doesn't change as often as Nathan does, she's not as used to being like this and always tries fighting against it, which at times causes her to strike out against him in anger. Negative emotions such as anger always tend to be the trigger for her transformations as apposed to how it works for Nathan.

She also tends to argue a lot with Christopher Walken (himself, as one of the nightmare masters) who she dubs "Walkie-Talkie" or "Walkie" .

Despite all this she remains to be a very loyal friend of Nathan's and supports him through his ordeal.
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Average listal rating (511 ratings) 7.7 IMDB Rating 0
The main protagonist who gets stripped of his monster powers during an encounter with the dark witch Michayala and affected by the curse of the Hessian Hex.

Meaning that he can't turn into the creature he normally turns into but instead involuntarily transforms into the Hessian, there are numerous triggers for this.

Even the smallest drop of blood can drive him into this and make him go into a bloodthirsty frenzy, sometimes the light of the blood moon can do this to him - akin to how in werecreature mythos the full moon causes afflicted weres to transform.

He is shy and socially awkward but is quite intelligent and knows a lot about monsters and about many different types of monsters work and what things make those monsters tick.

Even though it is proven that Ariana tends to distrust Nathan because of his tendency to switch sides and because of certain things that may make her regret meeting him - the two are good friends. He looks out for her as she does for him no matter how extreme things may get.
Monstermaster's rating:
He plays both himself and the original Hessian, as well as Nathan fully transformed into the Hessian.

As himself he is portrayed as resembling his portrayal of Gabriel in the Prophecy, when he's in his morphed state he looks fully Hessian-like except his armoured outfit sports a few more spikes on it and his gloves have long claws at the tips (a nod to how real Hessians sharpened their nails as well as their teeth). He calls his morph state a "Game Face" , a nod to the vampires of the Buffyverse. He is also a lot stronger than Nathan and Ariana when morphed, displaying extreme amounts of inhuman supernatural strength.

Being that he is more experienced when it comes to this, his changes are also more voluntarily than involuntarily unless he is ticked off.

He is often seen offering advice and supernatural related info regardless if anyone wants to hear it or not, which most of the time they do probably because they're afraid of him.

It is uncertain which alignment he is, due to his nature and tendency to play roles that are more than a little on the terririfying side - people often think he is of the evil alignment, when outside of that he is of the good alignment.

He is a talented actor and dancer and his lessons really do pay off especially with Nathan serving as his student.

He and Ariana tend to argue a lot in which it is often Ariana that winds up feeling sorry for doing so afterwards, sometimes during arguments Ariana refers to him as "Walkie" or "Walkie-Talkie" which always seem to tick him off.

He is more in control of his changes than Nathan is.

Nathan as Hessian: As the Hessian, he is furocious and aggressive - displaying almost inhuman levels of strength, adrenalin and bloodlust.

The transformations themselves are involuntarily and tend to be very painful...almost mirroring An American Werewolf In London, he doesn't always completely lose it when he morphs as he retains his humanity and his conscience and is fully aware of his own actions when morphed, he just switches alignments from good to evil temporarily on occassion.

Sometimes his changes can be controlled in more than one way.

He and Ariana first met through their trip to Sleepy Hollow where his first transformation took place and she beared witnesses to it.
Monstermaster's rating:

This RP is based around Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow as well as inspired by various horror movies and urban legends. The tale tells of Nathan, our protagonist who gets cursed by a deranged witch into turning into the Hessian Horseman.

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