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Added by GruntLogic on 5 May 2013 08:31
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Role-playing Games that are worth my time.

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Numenera Corebook - Monte Cook

GruntLogic's rating:
C'mon. I mean, it's SHADOWRUN. How can this game NOT be on this list? Dystopian sci-fi/fantasy futures? Sign me UP! Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, Orks, & Dragons alongside high-tech Deckers (hackers), Riggers (robot & machine controllers) and cybernetically enhanced street samurai wielding assault rifles? C'mon, what's not to like? Okay, so the dice pools might get a bit excessive in the late game, but that's not much of a knock against this game system.

GruntLogic's rating:
I'm really looking forward to actually playing this game. I have all of the books for it, and I've read and re-read everything, so I'm pretty familiar with the rules already (I think so anyways...) I will admit that the rules don't seem to be laid out very well in the Core books, but it's not too bad either. Also, some of the rules do take a bit of digging to figure out just exactly how they'll work, but I don't think it was too terribly challenging to figure out. With all that said, I LOVE the world of Warhammer 40k. Talk about having a fully-realized, well thought out world to work with... wow. There is a stunning amount of detail out there on pretty much all aspects of this game universe. Also, just the books themselves are pleasing to look at. They are absolutely FILLED with the gorgeous artwork that is kind of a hallmark of the Warhammer 40k games. I'm seriously excited to start playing this!

GruntLogic's rating:
This wonderful RPG is just a treat to play. I picked this game up almost immediately when it was released, but I never had a chance to play it until recently, and man, is it a blast! It is one of the VERY few RPG's set in SPAAAAACE. This setting is so carefully thought out, it is something that I like to just think about the world they've made. This is just a pleasant book to read! The options available to both players and storytellers is truly staggering, allowing for all sorts of gameplay to occur. Want to go in guns blazing? Check. Stealthy sneaking? Check. Vehicle chases? Check. Spaceship combat? Check. Hacking and Electronic Warfare? Check. Financial trading systems? Check. Several different and original races? Check. Seriously, anything you could conceivably want to do, you can in this game.

GruntLogic's rating:
No lie, it took me quite a while to warm up to this most recent edition of D&D. But once I dove in and started playing, I fell in love. This game relies HEAVILY on a grid system. It essentially eliminates the rules-lawyer type of player, because all of the rules are clearly and concisely listed, and you always know where the characters and enemies are, and who can see who, and exactly how close or far away everyone is, all because of the battle grid. For non-combat encounters, the skill check system comes into play, and I've found that running fast and loose with it is the way to go. Anything that my players want to attempt, I'll let them, within reason, of course. All of the player classes and races are well-balanced, rendering power-gamers who try to min-max their characters are also a thing of the past. This really is a well-thought out edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

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Vampire: The Masquerade - Michael B. Lee,Robert Hatch,Ed Hall,Richard E. Dansky,Phil Brucato,Andrew Bates,Justin Achilli
I have a lot of fond memories of storytelling for this game. This is also one of those games that give you a LOT of freedom in terms of how you want to run your game. You can go combat heavy with lots of dice-rolling, or you can rely on dice-rolling and skill challenges, or you could even ditch most of the dice rolling and just straight up roleplay your encounters. It was a lot of fun to steer my little creatures of the night towards actions that would cause their humanity to slip away, bit by bit, further damning them. =)

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Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Brian Campbell_VI
This game is almost identical to Vampire: The Masquerade in that it uses the same dice-rolling system. The difference (aside from one having vampires and the other having werewolves) is that Werewolf: The Apocalypse is undoubtedly geared towards lots of dice-rolling combat. Also, there is a much heavier vibe of impending doom, hence, the title of the game. The world is ending. When will you RAGE?

GruntLogic's rating:
I gotta say, I thoroughly enjoyed 3rd and 3.5 edition of Dungeons & Dragons. It did away with a lot of the more confusing rules in 2nd edition, opened things up for all races and classes, so that you could really play how you wanted to. I will say though, using this system and trying to apply dice-rolling to it almost seems arbitrary. It leaves this system wide-open to power-gamers and rules lawyers. Of course, if you're a good Dungeon Master you know how to deal with those kinds of players, but still, its annoying to have to do so.

GruntLogic's rating:
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Player's Handbook: Core Rulebook I (Dungeons & Dragons)... - Skip Williams,Jonathan Tweet,Monte Cook
Okay, basically everything I said about the 3.5 version of D&D applies here. It's pretty much the same thing, but I really feel that 3.5 cleaned up some of the more messy aspects of 3rd edition. Still, it's a pretty solid system.

GruntLogic's rating:
Okay, this is where I started playing D&D. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition. Man... back in the day when having a LOWER armor class was BETTER. Back when THAC0 was a thing you calculated. This game definitely did have dice rolling, but I remember playing and storytelling mostly through dialogue. It was always a good time. There were always tons of rules to consult about pretty much everything you could and couldn't do in the game. They really tried to cover everything, and by the end of 2nd editions run, I think they did cover pretty much everything. Also, this edition of D&D gave birth to my favorite campaigns, EVER. Namely: PLANESCAPE. Dragonlance. Forgotten Realms. Ravenloft. Dark Sun. I have amazing memories of DMing and playing for all of them, and I wouldn't trade those memories for anything.

GruntLogic's rating:
Ah... the first edition of Dungeons and Dragons. I would say it was the grand-daddy of them all, but that wouldn't be entirely true, as this game was descended from Chainmail, a table-top war gaming system. But.. yeah, I loved the artwork, it feels almost like something that was doodled in high-schoolers notebook. I suppose that might not sound in the greatest endorsement, but there's something charming about it anyway. Something dark and secret... something... magical. Anyway, the rules themselves were seemingly thrown together haphazardly, with TONS of contradictions, and it would seem to be simultaneously a rules lawyers worst nightmare and dream come true. This is a game where I can believe that people would argue incessantly about the rules because there is definitely room for clarification. Still, I think it always bears mentioning that the Dungeon Master is the FINAL arbitrator for all rules. What he or she says goes. Period. It's the DM's game, it's the DM's rules. If you don't like it, go play somewhere else, or even make your own game to DM for.

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