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Added by Monstermaster on 10 Jul 2017 10:36
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Nightmarescape Villains

An anthro gorilla warrior king with psychic powers, he's the Gorilla Grod of the bosses and uses his powers along with mind control to mess with the character you're playing as (i.e Nathaniel), and you have to use a combination of wit and brawn to defeat him. Considered the trickiest boss but still not to difficult to beat.If you lose against him, he drains you of your energy and aura and or/turns you into an anthro animal, sometimes an ape or monkey. Another ending has him use his mind control powers on you and turning you into a weaker version of him. Has a harem and a son named Issaciah.

A revered attraction at the nature park, this anthro gorilla was a beloved favorite of the visitors due to his high intelligence and fortune-telling abilities. However, with his psychic powers came torment and trauma, as he could not control his powers and had continuous visions of people suffering as a result, thinking that the humans were suffering because of him he became paranoid and decided to seek refuse in a temple, where he met two monkey-women who worshiped him and looked up to him as their king.
Monstrous step-sister:
This beastly creature is supposedly your long lost step-sister who apparently gave her powers to her kids as well, those kids being of course the 'relatives' which are all grotesque monsters just like her. And now you have to find a way to get out of the house before the kids find you. If you lose against her, you are monsterfied and stuck with them and the relatives - you do get to choose what you turn into though.
Creature Teacher:
The original monster teacher herself, and possibly the one who knows how to keep the more monstrous teachers under control, but she won't let you go through and you have to complete the various classroom challenges and beat her in the assembly boss fight in order to make it out of the level she is in- i.e the haunted school level. If you lose in the school, you get to keep your lives but you have to start over in which classroom you were last in and are turned into a monster student. However you are spared from this if you get to the end of the school level and get good scores on the tests for each lesson, instead you get a half good ending where you get to choose what you get turned into, by telling the nicer teachers what you'd like to be, and you get to be a monster assistant instead of a student.
Mama Anglerfish: A female anthro anglerfish who is the boss of the Aquarium area of the Nightmarescape game world, she is modeled on Ursula from The Little Mermaid and even has her voice as well. She is also the mascot of said aquarium as her origin story explains. As her origin story mentions she is the former mascot of the aquarium she belongs in, originally she started off as a cute and almost cuddly looking little angler-fish woman with a cheery persona like she was seen on the flyers/banners but rather over time began to warp and distort and become a bit more grotesque and monstrous like the rest of the inhabitants of the deep sea fish area, eventually making people leave the aquarium due to having nightmarish visions of her capturing them. That is what caused the aquarium to close down, resulting in people being either too afraid to go inside or because the beloved mascot isn't as beloved as she once was. Now she commands the predatorial half of the aquarium with her fish-folk followers.

Fierce and yet motherly in her own way, and also with the ability to command the predatorial fish-folk and entice her prey with the light on her head, not only is she the boss of the aquarium but also its mascot. If the character loses against her, she drains them of their aura and then takes them to her cavern and makes them into the same species as her. She doesn't eat them though or absorb them. She uses a combination of bio-luminescence and hypnosis to put her victims under her spell, if victims are lucky she may TG them into a cuter version of her or into a similar anglerfish-girl. She also may her raise any humans that fall into her cavern to be one of her own.
Were-Tazmanian Devil: A former sidekick/best friend of Nathaniel's who suffered from a case of lycanthropy, his lycanthropic curse was different than others, as rather than becoming a werewolf or similar creature he became an animalistic were-taz devil creature and over time he fell victim to the darker aspects of the curse...permanently turning him evil in the process. He has no control of his more animalistic instincts and simply now relies on his instincts and aggression as a means to stalk his victims.
Chucky: Living toy version of the iconic serial killer/living doll.
Cryptkeeper: Actual living toy version of the talking Cryptkeeper toy from Spencer's Gifts.
Doctor Disgusto:
An extremely gross and morbid mad scientist who is part monster himself, he is the main boss of the Haunted Mansion portion of the theme park level. If you lose against him, you are taken to the monster lab mini-area where you have to take part in a series of mini-games, luckily though you do get to choose what kind of monster you become.
Parade-Leader Nocturnis:
A werebat and the leader of the parade in the nocturnal portion. He uses dark and sonar type attacks and energy draining abilities, if you lose against him you are bitten and drained by him before being turned into a similar creature to what he is, and also another thing that might happen to you is you become part of his parade as a new member. With this you are made into a monster dancer with a horror motif to be part of this area, whether it be a ghoul, werecreature, vampire or other type of iconic monster as well as mix and match and even ones you can choose to be turned to as a bonus if you beat the dancing mini-stage.
A former friend of Nathaniel's, who has the habit of taking advantage of people and mooching off of them. Is also indicated to be working for the great orange one.
Former bully/rival of Nathaniel's who pretty much is the antagonist and also the 'Trump' expy of the school level.
Mall Ghouls:
The first set of bosses for the shopping mall level, they are basically the undead incarnations of people who have been trapped in the mall for ages, resembling a mix of Chuds and Deadites. They are at a half-medium difficulty level and if you lose against them you may become one of them and you have to go around finding other people to turn.
A demonic/monstrous variation of the Toys R'Us mascot, he has Deadite-like attributes and can be quite difficult to beat if you're not quite experienced enough, if you lose in the boss fight against him or wind up locked in the toy store you aren't turned into inanimate object or a regular plushie but rather a demonic, sentient one.

The villains of the Nightmarescape Gameworld. Nightmarescape is a video-game world with a VR setting and based around the concept of dreams/nightmares, where the main character is a character named 'Nathaniel' who is a mix of Rick O'Connell from the Mummy movies and the 10th Doctor. An ageless character with fighting skills and various spells at his disposal. The antagonists or bosses are rulers of their corresponding levels/realms.

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