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Added by Nattkrypet on 20 Oct 2017 02:29
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My TV Reviews (151-200)

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Iain Glen leaves an impression from the moment he hits the face of a politician and seems like a perfect fit for a character that drinks heavily, smokes and do everything not by the book. I like the Irish atmosphere, the pubs and the language that makes this stand out from other similar crime productions. This first installment deals with mysterious suicides that actually are murders and lead into some dirty secrets about students and sex but it is hardly anything surprising that comes out of it. Since Jack Taylor is no cop and has a hard time getting to the crime scenes or see evidence he befriends a young female guard in a love-hate relationship. Most of his other friends are the regular drunkards roaming the streets of Galway.

Second movie takes place a year after "The Guards" and has the expected plot of our hero framed for vigilante murders as he has to find the culprits that are really doing it. This movie also introduce his second best partner, Cody (who I found a little annoying), a young man who worships Jack Taylor's legendary status as a cop and investigator even if he has fallen from grace and drinks in every second scene. This one also has an added tension of a love squeeze returning as a married, but abused woman that give our hero an even deeper well to fall into.

Third telemovie has a stronger premise than usual about abuse in the Catholic church, but sadly the revelation is weak and very expected from the get go. More fun is it that supporting actress Nora-Jane Noone made her debut in the acclaimed "The Magdalene Sisters" 10 years ago making this a kind-of 10 year celebration movie? Some strong acting make up for it, especially the scary young evil nun Lucifer and Cody is not half as annoying as his first appearance and actually has grown on me to become more likable this time around.

Fourth telemovie goes the insane mastermind route and is actually rather wicked with a crazed killer inspired by the play "Deidre of the Sorrows". It may take an expected turn halfway through, but it actually works for this story and the ending turns out to be a rather grim and bleak one. Cody is even better written than ever and actually has a purpose in this story. Taylor even goes in bed with his mum and there is a shocking dark revelation of how far he can go with his anger when being drunk.

Another tale about dark secrets in the Catholic Church make this entry feel a little by-the-numbers as we already has touched upon this subject in the similar "Magdalen Martyrs" story that also very more interesting as it touched upon Jack Taylor's own background. This one is mostly interesting for Cody and Jack fighting over the affection of the same woman and the abrupt ending that make fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

Taylor comes over a young girl who has seen her own mother getting killed and he decides to help unexpectedly getting trapped in a feud between two gypsy families. Newcomer Hazel Doupe impresses enormously as the girl that early has come-of-age and don't go the expected nervous and scared route, but instead can take care of herself. The actors themselves may not have a hint of gypsy blood in them, but the evil culprit was obvious from the get-go as he has the same hair-do as the bastard son Ramsay Bolton in "Game of Thrones". Still among the better ones and I even got to hear Iain Glen sing in this one.

Shakes the formula a bit by getting a new sidekick and at the same time recasting the female lead into a more mature actress making her a better bait for the leading man actually helps this seventh film in the series. The story itself has some potential and is among the better ones as Taylor is always best with biblical revenge stories. This one also is a watchable yarn even if it has very few surprises.

One of the more tense chapters in the "Jack Taylor" saga and also one of the bleakest stories still end up being among the more satisfying entries in the saga even if it end in a unrealistic school shootout. Luckier there is also some personal developments in this one that is close to satisfying and a sleazy private detective with a love for torture add to the "fun".

An okay ninth entry. It has an intriguing industrial conspiracy story in itself but the relationship story between our hero and heroine, Kate, again is back to status quo due to a very late fall out in the last entry which is frustrating to follow. At least the villain is satisfying and the ending is wicked.

Ambitious story that crosses continents, religion, culture, genders and sexual preferences as eight people sense each other and how they feel and experience their world. It is filled to the brim with a strong international ensemble too and it never seem to miss a beat with it's acting. Sadly, the show also tend to go a little too preachy at times as the showrunners want to make a statement about the LGBT community instead of just letting the characters and motivations speak for themselves. The show also go too much for "shock value" in its first season with detailed sex and orgy scenes that don't feel exploitative at times. The Korean action heroine also go too far with her fighting skills to become believable but it is good fun though. Series end solid enough even if it all end in one big gangbang.

Both a personal documentary about the mental problems of Stephen Fry and the general sickness called manic depression. It is a very revealing and unique documentary given depth due to Fry's participation who clearly give this illness a new face.

This movie is about National hero Tadas Blinda, Lithuania's Robin Hood, who tried to save his people by taking money from greedy Russians and bad Lithuanian collaborators. It is an interesting national romantic historic character (even if he in real life was nothing more than a simple horse thief). Technically though the movie is not that good but it is surprising that this movie was allowed and not stopped by Soviet censorship since it has some strong parallel real-life comments about the occupation of Lithuania by Soviets. Worth a look for anyone interested in Eastern European productions and history.

At least this "sequel reboot event" season ends the "Prison Break" story at little more satisfying than the movie "Final Break" even if everything about the set-up is far fetched and beyond believable at this point. At least the location of "Yemen" is intriguing with the addition of the biggest threat to civilization as we know it (ISIS) and the strange new identity of our hero which we for a short second can believe has "turned" bad. Less intriguing is another conspiracy plot and the forced way that T-Bag is written into the story for another appearance even if he should have been executed many times over by now. Okay for fans, but it should end now.

It has a competent idea at it's core: solving crime by looking at bones, but since this is TV, this idea was dragged on for TWELVE! whole years so it had to be spiced up with far-fetched technology and insane serial killer stories. Most episodes are also stand-alones that follow the same pattern and the characters stay mostly the same throughout except for getting into long-running relationships. Mostly boring show sad to say even if I'm a fan of David Boreanaz and stayed watching most of this for him. Most of the reason for this existing was for the gory corpse scenes to be honest.

Where all movie franchises go to die: network TV. This half-hearted "parallel world" mythology story was never a success and died slowly over 2 seasons. It mostly was a boring "The Fugitive" kind-of story with some good action stunts and a strong Lena Headey, who is the best thing in the show. Luckily, the show was cancelled so she could go on playing Cersei Lannister on "Game on Thrones" instead. Sadly, the rest of the cast was either bland, terrible (John Connor) or forgettable (Sarah Connor's ex) and Summer Glau was miscast as a pin-up glam "Terminator" doll for fanboys who loved her in the Joss Whedon shows. Resorted to embarassing stunt casting at the start of 2nd season with Shirley Manson arriving as a new Terminator. The most memorable in the show was seeing the good action stunts and Sonya Walger spitting out blood and dying gruesomely on screen in an episode. Forgettable and it also ends with a non-ending.

The pilot-movie was fun grade-Z action. It has a sleazy David Hemmings, an über-sexy Belinda Bauer and the Airwolf itself was a cool helicopter for it's time. Jan-Michael Vincent did a good cool, silent type hero and Ernest Borgnine is always a likeable comic relief. It is no surprise that the pilot was expanded to a series as on it's own it was a good little film with an excellent theme and good editing.

How it is possible for a private company to get their hands on all these advanced and powerful weapons on their stolen high-tech helicopter since the government can't get their hands on it? Jan-Michael's angry eyes and the theme song can't save this show alone neither the predictable action.

The last season rebooted the entire show with a lousy budget and the helicopter was replaced with a model while killing off the main leads so that one could use cardboards instead. Absolutely worst of the worst.

They returned, but the joke stopped for a long time ago to be honest. Still, nice to see that they survived Death yet again.

The entire space programme dramatized. It deserved it's Golden Globe at the time as it really wanted to make a miniseries that told everything. Hell, it even had a show about the women waiting on their astronaut men and an entire show devoted to the filming of "A Trip to the Moon".

As a kid that was the definitive version of the book in 1989. I know better now, of course, but the cast was pretty good for a TV miniseries back in the days and the locations were exotic.

This is a strange mix of dark fantasy adventure that "Game of Thrones" would perfect and a more family-oriented magical creatures show (like a talking mountain) that doesn't work for it's ambitious story. The cast is marvellous, hell Lena Headey is even in it, but this is a miniseries I need to see again.

A excellent first episode can't stop this miniseries from turning into a cliche of itself even if it at the time wanted to be the definitive U.F.O. conspiracy show. Heather Donahue killed her career after her over-the-top acting and characterization was weak. Effects was good and Dakota Fanning got noticed by Spielberg (who produced this one) for "War of the Worlds" so something good came out of it.

What a disappointment. It is called "The Real History of SF" but the truth is that the only history it brings it the table is modern box-office SF from the U.S. and U.K. and not anything from any other country or culture with the exception of "Godzilla" and there is not even mentioned comics, books or radio shows that much. Maybe it can be intriguing for newbies but the list of stuff let out is enormous (where is "Quatermass"?) and there is not a single clip from "Blade Runner".... NOT ONE SINGLE BIT.

Pretty much a historical soap opera, but a very well done one. The book is deeper and has some excellent descriptions that this production loses making it more obvious that the story itself is filled with coincidences and "acts of God" but at least Spanish old Catholic culture is felt throughout every frame and the production values are phenomenal.

While it can’t go be as tight and inventive as the original films this is a comeback that noone thought would happen after 25 years dead in the ground. Bruce Campbell still carry the chainsaw perfectly even if the dirty old man jokes are more frequent and gore more gruesome. The new cast and locations vasten the universe even if Lucy Lawless get annoying by the end. And the huge potential of that ending....wasted.

At the height of Norwegian reality craze came this parody comedic series that hit all the cliches and laughed at them. Great (mostly stupid) characters and absurd situations made this a series ahead of it’s time. Sadly, many thought this to be a serious show so it was made into a real reality show in the States.

As with all new instant classics there trend to be sequels now and this one is no exception. Sadly, it goes the route of a regenerated script that goes over the same route as the original and mostly the same characters do the stuff and mistakes they did the last time. Better locations doesn’t justify this production that is only for the most devoted fan.

Visually nice and an ensemble with a few genre favorites. At first glance it should be intriguing, but the writing is dreadful and the actors go beyond over-the-top as they do stupid mimicks in the hope that they can create a joke out of thin air (space?). Embarassing bad comedy is probably the genre I detest and this is sadly among the top contenders there. It is easy to ship this crew out the airlook.

A cheesy live-action Hannah Barbara show that is more watchable than I thought. It is a show produced during the 1970s with 1960s sound and special effects but with the color palette of "The Next Generation". Jonathan Harris is engaging in a heroic commander role. Short running time makes time fly by, but a kid with super powers and a primitive robot ruins all scenes they are in. Okay in small doses.

All Marvel's Netflix series has the problem of going too far into the character's psyche and self-doubt and this is especially true for Iron Fist where the hero seem to question every single punch and move he does - something that probably also made it a hard watch for fans who wanted a full-blown, fast-paced fantasy martial arts adventure with a dragon, which this ain't. It has some great female characters though.

It is not a very critical religious documentary, but it follows Suchet on a personal religious journey to places where St.Peter by religious belief has been travelling. The documentary lacks critical voices about the archelogical sites that are visited but David Suchet's personality and gentle voice makes this a pleasant watch and it may give some insight to the Christian belief to others - but new insight it hasn't.

At least it is better then the first sequel, but not enough to warrant two stars as this is still bad stuff. Lance Henriksen is used to connect the first film, but his role is only a glorified cameo and the character of Bunt is reduced to a patethic, oversized and brainless idiot that get his entire family killed off. At least Doug Bradley is there to save the other actors that either underplay or overplay their roles.

Best of the sequels helped a lot by leading actress Amy Manson who do a solid job as a scream queen and Lance Henriksen who do a bigger role in this one as he tries to correct the wrongs he did when summoning the Pumpkinhead curse. In a way this film tries to end the series on a satisfying note. It may not do that, but at least it tried and has some heart in it helped by it's central love story.

It was at the time a superior cop show that reworked "In the Heat of the Night" with a science fiction approach giving us a sympatethic view on aliens that suddenly arrive on Earth and their mysterious culture. It could easily have been about a mysterious African tribe maybe, but this was a good different show at the time. The best one was "The Game". Some unnecessary characters and filler material though.

Surprising revival of the beloved TV-series with the first of five TV-movies. It feels like more of the same and could easily have been a strong two-parter for the show so if you are a fan it is hard not to love this one as well, especially since it is one of the more ambitious stories that combine both a deadly plague and a wedding.

Disappointing sequel to the first TV-movie. It feels more like a duty tour this time around and is neither dramatic or engaging enough and is also too weak a story to make any new fans of the genre or the series/show. This one is only for the fans.

For fans this entry in the "Alien Nation" saga should be a better watch then the second one as this one tries to loosen up some plot threads from the series and give a few supporting characters some more depth and relevance after being mostly neglected throughout the show.

The fourth entry in the TV-movies show that even if they are "aliens and look the same they don't feel the same about each other" story. It is an okay entry but with some unimpressive monster effects. The repetive family problems for the Francisco family and ongoing nagging love/hate relationship is probably meant to be fun, but is annoying.

Final TV-movie that succeded the series. It's biggest problem is that the film opens the door for intriguing new ideas that should have been introduced at an much earlier point. The best thing with this "ending" is that it give a closure to the personal problems of Buck and give Michele Scarabeli something to do for a change. Fans should anyway be glad these 5 movies ever was made and it doesn't have an open-ending.

Solid time-waster of a cop show where a Canadian mountain-cop meet the American city. It is the typhical "fish out of water" story that is fun at once, but soon feels repetive and lacks freshness. The best episodes end up being when the "fish" return back to it's own habitat or the ones that involve the main character's dead father in visions.

The pilot is solid, but one loses interest afterwards because it is damn hard to care about a world where every character are pixels and numbers in a computer game - and then there is no real threat with who's going to die or what happens to them since the real life is outside the "Harsh Realm". Top notch production values and Terry O'Quinn in a recurring role as a dictator doesn't help the series from being D.O.A.

One of Palin's best trips as he uses good time to get under the skin of the culture that lives around the Artic Circles. It also give a nice historic document to the last death trembles of the old Soviet Union and before Zimbabwe became a hell on earth. Added bonus seeing drunk Norwegians making idiots of themselves singing a soccer song for the whole world to laugh at.

Michael Palin go on another trip and discover the unique cultures of Himalaya and going to Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Burma, Bhutan and Bangladesh. It feels a little staged at times, but it still has some impressive visuals and interviews with both locals and -the one and only - Dalai Lama. Michael Palin's presence make this an above average programme.

Visually stunning at times (especially the first show) but the lack of imagination and the unrealised possibilites of it make this a bore to watch and it has to be taken in small spades. It did however made my imagination flow when I was young.

Original TV screen story by Stephen King that is clearly inspired by Shirley Jackson "The Lottery" and his usual characters of flawed characters and a demonic minion as a villain that tempt and seduce the "normal" people". Strong acting helps out a solid story but some of the creative directing choices and effects are lousy to be honest. It do feel and sound like King's books but the ending disappoints.

Forget about the dancing, makeup or the song. What really makes this music video work is the crazed laughter of Vincent Price at the end.

The excellent atmosphere and the rich African American feel of the show that flow through much of the show is excellent and the first half of it's 1st season is phenomenal. Then, it all falls apart and never really recovers as the show end up being more about the bad guys than the hero who end up as his own supporting character. The middle of 2nd season also drags before it reedems itself at the end.
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