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Added by Nattkrypet on 4 Nov 2015 11:20
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My TV & Mini-series Reviews (51-100)

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The Nazis are always great laughing material which they deserve to be after all the sick stuff they did in WW2, especially Richard Gibson do a good sadistic Gestapo officer and it is always fun to see how he forces his Nazi secretary to do different stages of undressed. Sadly the show drown in it's repetitive gags that they recycle for each episode. I also lost interest after the first seasons and there was several actors that were replaced with inferior actors in the last seasons including the mentioned Gibson. Gordon Kaye is also not that charismatic in the lead.

Superb clay-animation show with a lot of classic slapstick moments and hilarious situations worthy of a Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd or Charlie Chaplin at their greatest. Without dialogue it also makes the series universal easy to understand all over the world. Best cherished at small portions and not in whole seasons.

A wonderful Steve Van Zandt make fun of his mobster roles by moving the henchman from his "safe" environment in New York to the cold and different location of Norway. Excellent (at least in it's first season) with a fun view on the unique and special society that is Norway and it's naive smiling characters while putting some fingers on some of the strange government rules that we have. Some unique supporting characters not seen in this kind of series before. Spontaneous and sudden moment of violence that both surprises and are darkly funny. As the series was spirited up for season 2 (in order to sell it to more Americans) it also lost it's most quirky and original side as the Norwegians was mostly written out or skipped over for a pure mafia comedy series that make fun of British and Latino street gangsters which is not nearly as interesting as the producers or van Zandt thought. There is also a stupid long-running subplot at the end where the most annoying and overacting character in the series, a British hooligan mobster, returns as a hallucination and sick manifestation that is close to ruin the show completely. Final episode of series has some definitive endings but also one major cliffhanger involving a murder that will not be resolved and give the show a bitter-sweet feeling.

At first glance seem like a thriller series that has seemingly a good potential to go inside the dark hidden secrets of the medicine industry and do something exciting out of it but it turns into a stupid kidnap crime story with slow sequences where the kidnappers develop some kind of relationship with their victim. It is all topped with the most stupid escape plan ever put on film when one of the victims splashes ketchup on her face so that she can pretend that she has been killed...(yes you read correctly, this show is THAT bad!). Mikael Persbrandt watchable in almost anything he do had a drug and alcohol habit that topped itself during this production so hopefully he was having some big urges when he did this terrible, terrible production.

It is the definitive version of the sabotage in Rjukan of Norsk Hydro's heavy water factory that supplied Hitler with means to create a nuclear bomb. It is an excellent production with high quality footage of nature, costumes and acting put in one package. It also don't turn it's head in addressing the more dirty side of war and that civilians always are the losing side of it while rich people always seem to turn with their feet firmly placed on the surviving side. Beautiful Anna Friel is also included in the cast together with the Norwegians but she adds little less than some tear-eyed eyes and looking good in a uniform and was mainly here to sell the show to English speaking countries. I also wish there had been a tiny bit more details at the epilogue but that is a little nitpicking from my side.

The original concept of the show was excellent with a clear beginning and (possibly) end. It was filled with a strong cast and even better supporting cast with fast paced action and a big willingness to writes off characters even if they were enormously popular. Sadly, some terrible left-side turns ruined the show and there was an entire brain tumor subplot that was a stupid element in the fourth and final season. They also lost a lot of fans by killing off a fan favorite only to force the producers to write her back into the story later on. Conspiracy subplot went too far too. Series ending is a spit in the face until a revival series corrects it.


It had an unique concept by telling a season story in real time meaning one hour on TV (with commercials) would be one hour in "real life story". Kiefer Sutherland do one of the most memorable T.V. action heroes put on the small screen. Some impressive location work and action set pieces. Strong first three years. Cuthbert becoming a sex symbol with this show. Sadly the show become a parody of itself in the end with the same story recycled every season with: a traitor in CTU (check!), a evil conspiracy close to the president (check!), evil family members or kidnapped daughter/love interest/friend/partner (check!), terrible data-security at the serverbase (check!) and at least one episode where Keanu interrogates and tortures a prisoner.

The usual fast-paced storylines, split-screen footage and gunpointing action with a little torture added for good fun make this a fun return to the universe. Loose ends from the middle of the series is adressed with welcoming return of William Devane and Kim Raver. Yvonne Strahovski stealing some of the limelight from Kiefer Sutherland even if she feels like she replaces a role written for Elisha Cuthbert. But, WTF is wrong with government agents? It seems everyone in the 24 Universe are some backstabbing traitors and this trend continues in this limited series. The entire subplot about the heroine's husband and someone that has set him up is annoying and lacks any form of credibility since we have already been treated with so many of them in prior seasons of this show. It doesn't help that Tate Donovan is excellent in the role. What is wrong with having a straight forward evil villains who is willing to sacrifice even her children for her own agenda and having a big confrontation at the end as that story is a lot more interesting. Series never really do anything with it's British location either. Funny gay man Stephen Fry as British Prime Minister feels wrong for the role too. I also don't like the depressing open ending as this limited show should have ended the series instead.

See crime stories where solutions are solved through dreams that are different, absurd and fun and sometimes have great gimmick ideas. See Patricia Arquette never change her face expression and getting an Emmy Award for it. See one of the worst series endings I have ever seen that ruin an entertaining show and the love that I had for the series. Skip that one and watch the other shows and you will be happy.


For the first part of this miniseries this production has an excellent build-up that manage to tell the kids' stories and fear for the evil clown Pennywise (Tim Curry in a memorable even if it is a slightly campy role). The story builds up perfectly the second part and there is a tension throughout with some surprisingly effective moments of blood and scary moments. I remember how it stuck with me long afterwards. Still it has censorship issues and it is impossible to cram everything from the book into two episodes and maybe it would have been even more effective with three nights? The revelation of the real look of the monster in the end also disappoints a lot and ruin the impact of the show.

Stephen King's epic plague-Armageddon evil-against-good horror soap is extremely faithful to the book as it was also adapted and produced by it's writer, Stephen King. It is a production that looks good, especially during it's first episode when the plague hits U.S. and we get to see a lot of bodies and an abandoned New York. Joey Sheridan does a memorable villain playing him like a wicked country music star but also Laura San Giacomo and Corin Nemec has memorable moments. The ending is plagued with the same problems as in the book with a special appearance from the Hand of God. Molly Ringwald is a whiny heroine too and has no chemistry with Gary Sinise. Several of the other minions of Flagg are sadly underwritten and would have been interesting to have followed, especially Shawnee Smith, Sam Anderson and Miguel Ferrer's characters. Matt Frewer on the other hand is over-the-top and laughable.

Stephen King doing a time travel story with a "Twilight Zone" vibe. The idea and story in itself is one of King's better realized science fiction stories (on paper) but it is too long and it would have been better if it had been shortened down to a "TV Movie of the week". Effects are too low-tech and the monsters look like big Pacman's with big shiny teeth. Bronson Pinchot goes so over-the-top as an annoying, sweaty and screaming stressed-out businessman villain that at the end it is hard to forget his terrible, terrible acting here. Of all films and series that are remade this one needs a new version that is better as the potential here is enormous for a more epic film.

One of Stephen King's better novels gets a surprisingly well-done expansion and fills up some plot holes by giving Johnny Smith a more balanced personality solving other crime cases and the mysterious visions that he gets from others. Anthony Michael Hall do his best role since the 1980s making me almost forgetting that Christopher Walken did the role perfectly in 1983. David Odgen Stiers had a recurring role as a reverend in the show that he nails perfectly. It loses it's way during it's last seasons with stories that feels more interesting in repeating itself from past glories and some filler episodes are boring. It is also a missed opportunity that the series never go down the path of the novel and make the hero more of a loner and paranoid when he starts to take on his arch enemy, Greg Stillson - at least they should have addressed this for some shows making this feel more like a different parallel world take on the original story.

Easily the most beloved classic style crime show that Norway has produced with old-fashioned evil Nazis, a beautiful blonde and a dumb, lovable and funny Swede. It also made household names out of Sven Nordin and Kjersti Holmen. Memorable T.V. theme by Egil Monn-Iversen. Solid script by british Tony Williamson, famous for writing several classic shows like "Jason King", "The Avengers" og "Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)". Not the most complex crime-thriller put on screen and some humor may feel forced and stupid in these days but it is all pretty charming if you are a Norwegian sadly it only exist in lousy video as it was taped and not put on superior film.


Surprisingly well-written Norwegian comedy show that is both well-acted and directed. The verbal battle between shrinks Atle Antonsen and Rolf Lassgård (introduced in season 2) is a wonder to behold. Series ask the important question "can and is it even possible for men to change when they are in a relationship or will you kill their identity?". First season has some weak season running subplots with a Serbian girl and her baby and Dag's sister who is so lousy written that she leaves after the first season. Benedict's selfish sex lust gets tiresome and repetitive after a while too and a couple twists seem more put in for shock value than as a natural progression of the story.

It has a marginally interesting premise inspired by Gene Roddenberry's failed pilots from the 1970s. Lexa Doig is sexy and watchable even in the worst moments of the show and Laura Bertram turns out to be better and better during the show's run as soon as she loses her purple skin and turn to silver. Some plot twists were actually good had it only taken it's time to breathe and had characters you care for but several of the cast are annoying and you want to punch their faces. Several story-lines are also suddenly dropped and never addressed later on and most of the stuff are made up as the show goes along. Kevin Sorbo also "acts" like he did in Hercules and I depend a lot if you like him too.

Michael Palin decides to travel around the world without the use of planes and do it in eighty days. It becomes far more difficult than he thought which makes this an original and fun travelogue that also is locked in it's own fascinating time capsule. Michael Palin is a surprisingly good host and has a pleasant narration too. It is also refreshing in that Michael doesn't get the chance and time to see as much nature and attractions as he probably would have liked as he has to go on the move all the time on what seemed to have been a rather stressed experience for him (luckily he got compensated with new travels later on financed by BBC and the tax payers!)

Michael Palin shows us countries that goes around a circle around the Pacific Ocean where a third of the Earth's population lives and we see contrasts and likeness through his journey. It is full of good comments, surprises and beautiful cinematography but why is Latin America skipped over? It is a big disappointment that we don't visit a single country there or this would have been a definitive travelogue over that area.

Michael Palin goes into Eastern Europe and show the countries shortly after the Iron Curtain was pulled away to tell about the countries distinctive style and what makes them stand out from each other. Sadly it ain't nearly as impressive or detailed as Michael Palin's other travelling programs. He should at least have spent one show in each East European country but here he seems more content to just passing through with the most marginal of detail and surprises. It lacks depth and the care that BBC gave to the prior shows.

Grim psychological crime thriller spiced up with some sadistic sex crimes and violent bloody scenes. It could all have been pretty tasteless but the stories are well-written with great character portraits of both law enforcers and criminals. Robson Green steals the show as the psychologist, Tony Hill, who thinks like a serial-killer. Series ending has a cliffhanger that is so huge that it is almost on level with THAT "Twin Peaks" ending and is extremely bitter-sweet screaming for a sequel in the future.

With the exception of "The Time Machine", this series has one of the most memorable, iconic and unique time travel devices put on screen. James Darren and Robert Colbert were pretty likeable "dynamic duo". Some of the futuristic stories were so psychedelic and hilarious fun to watch. Most episodes were too similar and the stories felt repetitive though. Several stories has predictable outcome too as the historic events that were told are so well-known that it won't surprise anyone and it would have been better if they choose some of the more obscure historic moments that few knows instead

Well this series needed a reboot after no one cared about characters or plot at the end in it's original series with a story seemingly going nowhere. This series at least focus again on a central threat and tries to put some of the thousands of numerous loose plot threads together. It was necessary to replace characters who had no direction and mostly pointless dialogue anyway and the series start intriguingly with a terrorist act done by none other than Mohinder Surresh who was pretty fucked up during the final seasons anyway going practical all over the place from good to bad guy and back to good. There is also a plot thread with Molly Walker addressed that seemed to be of importance and some of the old faces return. New heroes are introduced by the best new one is Japanese Computer Samurai Girl who is cute and at least do some action even if it is mostly in a computer world. But, how is it possible for these producers to always manage to kill off the most interesting characters and actors/actresses while the whiny, boring ones are left to carry the show and destroying every scene with their pointless directionless ways? There is also a annoying assassin couple with a character arcs that don't pay off, the man with a beard screaming about his sister is predictably a turncoat and there is a stupid Matt Parkman twist that makes no sense especially since he was the one taking care of Molly Parker in the beginning and even he was never THAT selfish and pigheaded. Terrible comic reliefs too which should have been killed off instantly. Producers knew they could end the series in a high note and instead they try to make this as a backdoor long-running pilot reboot that no one wanted. Potential squandered with this show and let it now stay dead. It is okay I guess if your hopes are your absolute lowest and see it as a better ending that season 4's ending. But this show should have been skipped until they have found a better show-runner and writer.

Trying to tell the history of Ireland through the men and women who lived and built the castles is a good idea and especially rewarding for someone like me that like old castles and history. After the first three episodes the series loses it's way and becomes confused and not sure how to tell the rest of the story. It tries to gobble up some stories about ghosts and celeb parties but nothing interesting comes out of it. The historical aspect is also lost at the end and the liberation of Ireland from the British Empire is not even touched upon that much at the end which is strange as I saw that as the huge payoff.

Historic buffs and lovers of old castles should gobble up this beautiful overview over Great Britain most important and interesting castles in historic perspective with beautiful scenic footage of the architecture and the area around it. It also give in broad strokes an overview over the events that created Great Britain and how the separate countries became part of one kingdom. There is not that many secrets to be uncovered though as most can be read on the internet or books anyway. The most interesting secrets are shown in the first episode when they show off parts of a castle that hasn't really been shown to everyone. The title is misleading and should instead have been "Forgotten History of the great British castles".

At the height of it's creativity and popularity this series delivered some excellent "monsters of the week" stories, engaging conspiracy stories with nail-biting cliffhangers, memorable villains and some surprising humoristic moments. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson was a duo on everyone's lips. Running around in dark corridors and hiding in Gothic houses became popular again. The three first seasons delivered some of the most excellent TV moments in history. Iconic theme music took us right into the atmosphere of the show. The main story became confusing and there was no true ending in sight which meant that the conspiracy only added more and more layers with tons of secrets, misinformation and cryptic messages making the head explode for even the most devoted fan. Later individual episodes would bring back some magic but for every new season the true nature of the show went further and further away from it's core and instead it became individual ideas and separate stories that became fun to watch (and even the episodes that made fun of itself) while the conspiracy and the characters became annoying as they repeated their own mistakes or didn't really progress at all that much during the years. Episodes then were tedious to be honest, dripping with self-aware seriousness and a wish to be taken more serious than it should be. Series became more refreshing at the end when they started to shake the formula by giving supporting characters more to do and letting the two in the main cast take episodes off the show for longer parts of the show, but the magic was lost.
It takes a "X-Files" premise, spins it around and actually dare to go full science fiction with it's concept by the end of it's first season. Unafraid of changing plot, killing off characters and introducing new ones. The two leads (Joel Gretsch and Jacqueline McKenzie) are likeable. Jeffrey Combs in a recurring tribute role where he play a crazy scientist having green glowing serum as he did in "Re-Animator" is fun stuff. It lasted only four seasons and while it could have continued it has an okay ending too. The first short (miniseries) season is boring when compared to the other ones and the second one has a few too many "filler" episodes but by the third season it really worked for me.

It is a spinoff from "Prison Break" and it has a basic premise that is actually good as it assigns convicts to catch other escaped convicts making every episode "a prison break". There is even a guest appearance by Robert Knepper (T-Bag) in the third show of the first season who is always fun to watch. The cast is rounded and consist of the "usual suspects" that make the ensemble "rounded". Jason Behr has an intriguing recurring role as a crazy psychopath / serial killer bastard. Surprise death in the cast shakes up the formula a little bit when the show starts to stale. Sadly, every episode are built up the same - a criminal escapes from prison and the group has to catch him and there is some scenes with personal issues with one of the members that has to be sorted out. This predictable writing for many of the stand alone episodes. Unresolved open ending.

Realistic drama-documentary that rewards my soul with it's story. It demands full attention to understand all it layers though. Ambitious since it wants to tell the story behind every painting and is the closest I have come to see art and film painted into one big canvas.

Hayley Atwell is seriously good as Agent Carter as she looks perfect in classy dresses and suits. It is set just after WWII so there is great atmosphere, beautiful designs, fashion and cool cars. The series is not afraid of killing off it's supporting characters either and there are some surprises there. Seriously disappointing season endings where everything lead up to a huge action set piece and it fizzles down is this series biggest problem. Never fulfills it's build-ups and not enough humor and craziness to really work as a comic book adaptation.

It has one good idea: "what if Damien managed to get the reporter from the third movie "The Final Conflict" pregnant and she got a daughter who continue on her father's killing spree". Sadly IT IS one of the WORST sequels ever. A terrible reboot/rehash/possible backdoor pilot to a series never made. It do everything the original movie did only worse, more stupid and on a lackluster T.V. budget. Even worse, it ain't even scary. Most laughable is when ghost characters/angels/demons start chanting the original movie score for no apparent reason. The original director even left his own product and it was finished by a man responsible for some of the most hammy and worst TV- show episodes put on screen so if you like this then you really need an awakening too.

Ray Bradbury is a treasure chest for American literature and this show brought him to the masses. The best stories combine humor with dark deeds like the murder story in "The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl". Other favorite episodes are the ones where Bradbury write about things that concerns himself like censorship and career death or his science fiction crime stories. Beloved genre actors help out making this show enjoyable. Strangely it seem that the series were hard to finance which make some of the high concept stories look cheap when the stories would have needed the best budget to really work. It can also be hard to remember that most of his stories were written during the 1950s and one have to remember this in context with when they made this series. In the end this ended up as a big hit-and-miss show for me.

A cheesy live-action Hannah Barbara show that is strangely more watchable than I thought. It is a show that could have passed as "Star Trek: Starfleet Academy" produced during the 1970s with 1960s sound and special effects but with the color palette of "The Next Generation". Jonathan Harris is engaging in a heroic commander role. The science in the show is not that bad either. Short running time for every episode makes time fly by. It is also terribly moralistic as early "Next Generation" shows were. The teenagers are okay due to the show's nature but the kid with superpowers and the stupid primitive robot ruins all scenes they are in. Okay in small doses.

I like the concept of mixing magic with film noir. Fred Ward believable as private eye and the women look good. Some good atmospheric moments. Always intriguing. Obvious story with predictability flaws. Horror element only used as comedic effect when it would have been a lot better if treated seriously. Neither David Warner nor Clancy Brown manage to do anything remotely memorable with their supporting roles even if they have done great work before. Goofy monsters but still such the kind of movie that I want to love.

It is a likable old-fashioned who-dunnit production with stylish production values and an adequate crime story. The "will they or will they not get married" subplot is not particularly interesting nor is the hint of a possible love triangle and this drag down the film.

Atmosphere, costumes and the old cars give the production a charming feel. Not particularly good supporting cast this time around and the killer was predictable and a big stereotypical cliche that I knew was the killer at once due to manner the character is dressed and looked. Not particularly realistic either as it seemed like it is the cat doing the detecting this time around and everybody else just stumbles over the information. Some stuff also feels like a reworking of the second movie.

Another atmospheric production with great cinematography and a charming aspect to it sadly the storyline that the show's big womanizer suddenly gets married is one of the most implausible story lines so far especially since he has up to this point only seemed to have had a urge to go into the pants of the show's leading lady.

One of the better crime story lines in the series so far with a better ending than usual. The leading character's husband is gone for most of the story which is good since he usually drags the films down. Same problems as all these productions is that the female character only happen to trip over situations where someone dies and the male detective has to help her out. I know that these are based on old who-dunnits written during the 1950s which is part of it's charm, but there is a scene here that would have been a great shocking twist that would have made fans angry but would have really made this movie stand out if they had dared to go through with it.

We get to know a little more about the leading character's family in a by-the-numbers crime story where familiarity is it's biggest enemy. The love triangle becomes a quadrant as a femme fatale is also brought to the mix. Story is never convincing and I guessed the outcome thirty minutes before it ended.

Top notch BBC production with high class actors and actresses in every role doing theater on screen. Miniseries give the material time to develop and grow. Helen Mirren steals the show as sexy young wife who prostitutes herself to become rich and famous in the right circles (just like a social blogger of that time really!). Only some instances of theatrical stiff overacting that don't work on screen ruin this to become a complete masterpiece.

As soaps go it is one of the most iconic ones with one of the bigger than life families. It had some tremendous cliffhangers at times and engaging characters to follow. Surprise series ender that was a devilish spin on "It is a Wonderful Life" is a stand out moment. Series killed itself by doing some terrible choices over the years but the worst was making one season a pointless dream. Lasted too long as well and some character arc leads out in nowhere and has no payoff nor were seen again. The best with the show was seeing how they resolved their cliffhangers though and the opening credits.

A interesting alternate premise that somehow reboots/continues the original story. Roddy McDowall returning in the monkey make-up and Mark Lenard in a recurring villain role are the most interesting to follow. The world manage still hold some interest to explore after five movies but repetitive stories made the show fast into a science fiction version of "The Fugitive" where humans manage to befriend so many apes and people it should have been easy to overtake the bad general that pursuit the humans as their army has a stronghold of 3. A lot of moral preaching and apes that behaves just like humans also don't help the series that much. It is not that strange this series was cancelled before even one season was finished even if there is some memorable moments.

Cherish a time when Eddie Murphy still was independent, controversial and dared say what he wanted without any studio producers, fans or control freaks trying to stop him. Here he is having fun talking shit about others and himself. How Eddie Murphy managed to turn his career from foul-mouthed stand-up comedian to clean spoken and mild Disney actor is one of the biggest and saddest career changes in modern times as it doesn't seem that he ever will find his voice again.

Excellent premise about sisters shearing a huge Wicca power together looking great while they fight monsters is always a recipe for success. Some excellent genre favorites (especially during it's first four seasons). Has it's own distinctiveness.
Worst CGI effects put on screen. Soap opera dialogue with too much love and family problems. Stupid attempts at humor seldom works. Turned increasingly silly from the beginning of season 5 with a lot of gimmick episodes like the girls turning into different incarnations of themselves: mermaids, superheroes, nymphs etc. A lot of filler episodes too. Many good ideas are poorly executed.

Well it is the best next thing to a new real live movie that will never happen after lackluster box-office figures. Ron Perlman, Doug Jones and Selma Blair repeat their roles. Sadly it has a story that I had hard time to really care about and an ending that seems lifted from a "Scooby Doo" show.

Classic "whodunits" without too much gore, blood or attention to violence. A strong female presence not afraid of using both her intellect nor her sexuality. Great romantic arc between the most important characters also make the show fun to watch. Costumes, decor and cars are top-notch. Some mysteries are predictable for an old sleuth like me and there is too few suspects making it easy to know who did the deeds. Recurring characters have very little to do too most of the time.

Ron Perlman playing one of the most romantic and fantastic Beasts put on screen as his face works magnificently with this type of make-up. Rich mythology. Edward Albert makes a strong fantastic semi-regular role as businessman Elliot Burch. The darker, depressing and long-running story of season 3 is engaging even with all it's faults. High quality writers help the show like George R.R. Martin ("Game of Thrones") and Howard Gordon ("Homeland", "24", "Angel"). Show has an acceptable ending too that hints on a "new beginning" and a kind-of full circle (at least it has no big cliffhanger). Very formulaic in it's first episodes. and the romantic story should have been played over several seasons instead of going straight at the core from episode one which made the love story feel overused and killing the flow of several shows. The death of a long-running important character opened up many possibilities but they should have written it as a kidnap story instead and letting it go over several seasons instead of alienating long-running fans and killing the show. Potential in stories and concept is even higher than what they managed to realize on screen.

Hugely likable children's book story that feels timeless and has a distinctive unique feel over itself. It is a short easy on eyes and ears for the entire family without fowl language nor violence. Voice cast is full of big names but they all have close to one line of dialogue and their work could easily have been done by unknowns.

Steven Spielberg's TV movie adaptation of Richard Matheson's story about a driver stalked and attempted killed by a truck driver was so good that it became released into cinemas in selected places. It is no wonder that happened either as it's direction and especially editing is intense and fast-paced for a TV production (even if there are some repetitive cuts of the driver turning around to watch the truck) and it is impressive how the movie manage to find inventive camera angles to push the movie forward. It may be a few minutes too long in it's cinematic version but in it's original TV format it was close to perfect in the 1970s. Absolutely worth a watch

A lot better than it's original series "The Bible" as it goes a lot deeper into both the political aspect of the times and how it influenced the religion and a more diverse character gallery that is allowed to flourish and actually have personalities. It also helps that this show is even better acted than it's original show giving real flesh to several characters. Hans Zimmer also contribute to an excellent gripping musical score and the series has strong budget giving it great costumes, effects and sets. Unfortunately it should have been an event series though as it ends rather abruptly on a cliffhanger that will probably never be resolved due to low ratings. Luckily, it is possible to read the ending in history books so it is not as terrible an ending as a lot of other shows that I have seen.

This production gives a lasting impression on what happens when you split people and build a towering wall between them. It is one of the best films about the historic Berlin Wall I have seen and I had to see it again after seeing it first time in my teenage years. It is still a strong drama that is hard to forget with a lot of human emotions. It may not have the best actors but they do have a natural, realistic look over them which outweigh any shortcomings that they have. The only thing that ruin the film is possibly the predictable heroic death at the end.

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