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Added by Lolager4now on 14 Nov 2013 04:10
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Pokemon Trilogy Part 2: Favourite X and Y Pokemon

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Pokemon Channel - GameCube
Scorching Pokemon

Generation VI's obligatory bird Pokemon and probably the coolest looking since Swellow. Talonflame's decent attack and ridiculous speed makes it a pretty good physical sweeper. Of course, having a dual fire/flying typing makes it extremely fragile against rock attacks, in addition to having really weak defences. Nevertheless, it's my favourite starting flying Pokemon since Pidgeot.
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Pokemon Battle Revolution - Nintendo Wii
Generator Pokemon

This lizard with a cute solar panel head is one of the most fun Pokemon to use in battle. Not because its stupendously strong, far from it, since its attack and defence is quite abysmal, and being cursed with a normal/electric typing makes it vulnerable to the two most common physical attack types. What makes it fun to use is the combo that I've given it. Heliolisk is a special sweeper, blessed with really good speed and special attack, as well as a decent base special defence. I gave it Rain Dance , which heals itself thanks to its Dry Skin ability. With Rain Dance activated, give it Thunder for 100 accuracy and Surf for boosted water damage, with the final slot being any special moves that can do alternate coverage, like Focus Blast. I would probably picture Heliolisk as Drizzle Politoed's partner in crime in double battles, with an automatic rain at the start of the battle, and Politoed can use Surf without harming Heliolisk since Dry Skin also absorbs water attacks for health. Now, if I could just find a Politoed with Drizzle...
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People who added this item 160 Average listal rating (69 ratings) 7.2 IMDB Rating 0
Despot Pokemon

It's a Tyrannosaurus Rex. That is one of the reasons why this Pokemon is just friggin' cool. Tyrantrum has one of my favourite Pokemon designs, looking like a royal T-Rex. By design, its a fearsome looking Pokemon, and that is what it is. It has high attack and defence, compensating for its low special stats. Downside is that it has six weaknesses, which makes it easy to counter. If you have the chance, acquire one with the Rock Head ability, which gives it a non-recoil STAB on Head Smash, being a Rock/Dragon Pokemon.
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Pokemon Pinball - Game Boy Color
Howitzer Pokemon

Look at that giant claw. That huge, menacingly awesome claw. This Pokemon X exclusive is one of the most appealing to look at in terms of design. It's a blue shrimp with a giant claw cannon. Clawitzer is a decent Pokemon when it comes to battles. While its a rather slow Pokemon, it's a somewhat bulky special attacker, with a really good special attack and above average defences on both fronts. Its signature ability Mega Launcher powers up aura and pulse moves, giving it a 50% boost on moves like Aura Sphere, Water Pulse, and Dragon Pulse, giving it pretty decent coverage.
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Pokemon Stadium 2 - Nintendo 64
Wrestling Pokemon

Now this is a very interesting Pokemon, both in design and its signature move. It looks like its namesake, a mixed between a hawk and a luchador, and it's a pretty bad ass design. What got me really interested in Hawlucha is its signature move called Flying Press. A fighting move at first glance, it's actually both a fighting and flying move, making it a perfect STAB move for Hawlucha's fighting/flying type. Its an obvious physical sweeper, hailed with really good speed and pretty good attack. It unfortunately gets a lot of weakness from types known for special attacks and its defences aren't very good, especially its special defence stat.
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Pokemon Snap - Nintendo 64
Sound Wave Pokemon

Finally, a bat Pokemon that doesn't suck. No offence to the Zubat evolution line but bat Pokemon are not that good. Enter Noivern, one of my favourite special sweepers in Pokemon X. While it can be easily countered with an ice attack, its speed is ridiculous and its special stats are pretty decent. It's flying/dragon dual typing gives it STAB on powerful specials like Draco Meteor or Hurricane. Noivern is also one of three Pokemon that can learn the oh so powerful 140 power 100 accuracy no repercussion Boomburst.
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People who added this item 70 Average listal rating (37 ratings) 6.2 IMDB Rating 0
Intertwining Pokemon

The newest Eveelution and the ambassador of the brand new fairy type. I didn't pay much attention to Sylveon at first but I gradually warmed up to it. I just love how cute, graceful, and elegant the design is, and it's a pretty decent Pokemon when in battle. Sylveon is the bane of dragon Pokemon. It is completely immune to dragon attacks and its weaknesses are pretty uncommon types in terms of attack, steel and poison. Its graced with excellent special stats, making it a bulky special attacker. It is unfortunately marred by poor speed and physical stat attributes, making Sylveon a much more selective choice in battle.
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People who added this item 145 Average listal rating (78 ratings) 6.3 IMDB Rating 0
Pokemon Trading Card Game - Game Boy Color
Dragon Pokemon

The happiest looking and friendliest pseudo-legendary since Dragonite, with a big smile on its face and a Pokedex entry describing it as so friendly, it hugs its trainer and covers them with slime. While it's design seems a lot to be desired, I found the same charm on it as I did with Dragonite, which concerns irony. Goodra, unlike its pseudo-legendary brethren, is more of a defensive special attacker, being gifted with exceptional special defence, and above average stats in both attack and special attack. Hydration allows it to be a contender in rain strategies, Sap Sipper makes it strong and immune to grass moves, and hidden ability Gooey slows down fast physical sweepers. Its pure dragon typing is easy to counter with ice, fairy, and dragon but it's also an advantage, since it has the least weaknesses out of the pseudos, having more resistance to ice than Garchomp.
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Pokémon Colosseum - GameCube
Ninja Pokemon

Not since Infernape have I seen a starter with such sweeping power, and the first Pokemon in the series that actually looks like a ninja. Now, I have no idea if that pink thing around its neck is a scarf or his tongue. While his dual water/dark typing and weak defences make him susceptible to physicals from fighting types and specials from fairy types, his ridiculous speed and above average attack stats compensate for it, making it a really good mixed sweeper. If you get a chance, acquire a Greninja with the Protean ability, giving all its move a STAB and an effective counter tool against its weaknesses. Also, it can throw water shurikens, which is really cool.
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Pokemon: Stadium - Nintendo 64
Royal Sword Pokemon

Top on the list is a Pokemon that completely took me by surprised. Aegislash and its evolution line had me sceptical at first glance since I thought the designs were a sign that the designers were running out of ideas. But as I played through X, I gradually grew attached to it because there was something charming about the design and how it was animated in game. In terms of battles, it is the most, if not, one of the most overpowered Pokemon in Generation VI. Its unique ability, Stance Change, lets it switch its attacking and defensive forms depending on the move it has. In Shield Form, it has a 150 base in both defence and in Blade Form, it has the same base on both attacks. With its signature, the top priority move King Shield, it can switch to Shield Form regardless of the opponent's speed. Downsides are that it's really vulnerable when in Blade Form, which King Shield easily fixes, and has four weaknesses, which includes the offensively common ground and fire. Regardless, its Ghost/Steel typing makes it immune to three types, only has neutral damage to two types, and resist the rest. Give it King Shield, Sword Dance, Shadow Sneak/Shadow Ball, and Iron Head/Sacred Sword, I was graced with one of the most versatile all-rounders I have ever seen in Pokemon.
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Part 1

The second part of my Pokemon trilogy, I will look at the 10 new Pokemon from X and Y that I really like. As the same with the first list, I judge by either design, battle prowess, or their gimmicks. My two rules: No Mega Evolved Pokemon and no legendaries.

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