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Added by Nattkrypet on 28 Mar 2013 11:07
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This movie starts like an old-fashioned swashbuckler epic from the 1950s but with a much higher budget. Johnny Depp steals every scene he is in as pirate Jack Sparrow and Keira Knightley is a gorgeous firecracker in corset. Add excellent sword fights, a memorable music score and a good balance between drama, action, comedy and romance. Only the computer effected monsters feel unnecessary but at least they add another element to the pirate movie that we have not really seen on film so it all depends if you can suspend your belief an extra layer.

The Ups: The sword fight on the wheel is old-fashioned fun of the type that made the first one great. The scenes between Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley are fun. Bill Nighy makes an interesting character. Darker in tone and more ambition doesn't always mean it's better as the characters are ruined and are not that fun anymore. Miss the lightness of the first one. Too much effects, sea monsters and supernatural creatures. Noisy. Naomie Harris is terribly annoying and wooden. Too long. The cannibals feel like unnecessary additions.

...And then they put the entire pirate ship on the ground and killed most of it's characters with either improbable effects or with coldblooded gruesomeness and murder. The story is like a warty hairy sewer rat that no serious person can like. It lacks any excitement or danger. Why need three hours to finish this predictable story where even the love story between Elizabeth and Will Turner feels like an afterthought put in long after the credits are finished as if the producers and director remembered that the original's big appeal was the romantic angle of it. The film series still have great production values and Johnny Depp is still watchable (even if he is sickingly overused) and Keira is as always easy on the eyes.

Just a better "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie because it doesn't drown every second with effects, but the story is a direct copy of "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" but with Jack Sparrow and pirates in the role. The lovely Penelope Cruz has good energy with Johnny Depp and I like the bantering between these two. But the new human leading hero is a snore and Ian McShane is totally wasted as the villain. Also it shows that the director takes some wrong directorial choices making the film look like a low-budget TV sequel even when it is not.

A great science fiction update of "The Most Dangerous Game" that don't over-complicate the movie with stupid subplots, government villains, moles, traitors or other shitty things. It builds to a great climax. I also love the laugh of the Predator at the end. Carl Weathers has one of his few great roles. Legendary music from Alan Silvestri. A masterpiece with only some off-screen deaths that should have been shown as they make the film look like it has been tampered with the censor scissors.

Solid sequel but Danny Glover is no Arnold Schwarzenegger and feels too "old" for this shit. I miss more continuity from the original and not just that they mention "that dude who got attacked in the jungle for a couple of years ago".The film do have some great visuals and make-up effects and we have a more detailed view of the Predator in his glorious battle suit. Some inspired visual shots of dead people hanging down from the roof and a gritty style to it all. Sadly, the ending feels like a distant echo of the original and the guy playing the voodoo dude is one of the worst actors I have seen. It was brutally cut by MPAA and there should be a director's cut of this one that showed everything gory death in detail.

Acceptable reboot/copy of the original set on an alien planet ruined by a boring script and uninspired characters. Adrian Broody tries to channel a Christian Bale performance without gaining any muscles is pretty laughable to watch. What is fun to see is the varied and different type of killer-Predators.and it do have some solid action moments.

An impressive futuristic landscape kick-start this lowbudget action movie that never lets go and was a well-deserved breakthrough for director James Cameroon. It is also dirtier, darker and more depressing compared to his later overblown Hollywood works. One of the reasons why the original is great was because Arnold Schwarzenegger played the villain - a cold gazed assassin cyborg out to change the past so that the robots can destroy humanity. Impressive action throughout. It is a old story in new wrapping perhaps - but it is a classic and good one.

A more complex story and revolutionary action and effect-sequences can't change the fact that it is ruined by moralistic speeches from Edward Furlong's John Connor that drags the movie down to a boring sleep zone and are completed wasted for me. Terminator is a killing machine so you can't make him good, dammit! Linda Hamilton is a tough action heroines that remain strong without going into emotional or sexual overdrive. Robert Patrick poses effectively with a neutral and unemotional face stealing scenes as the unstoppable T-1000. A scene with a nuclear blast in the middle of the movie is a pretty terrifying moment that leave a lasting impact.

It is hard to sell a third Terminator movie after the second film book-ended it terrifically and while Arnold is still a great Terminator, the writers of this one almost make a direct "copy and paste" story of the first two films. Kristianna Loken who is the new villain also look more like a pissed-off Russian model who is pissed about doing another photo shoot instead of being a killer android. Claire Danes wines herself throughout the movie and the character should have been shot early in the film even if that would have created a continuity problem with the series and "hero" Nick Stahl seems to be playing a John Connor from a parallel universe and lack any connection to both the past and future character as he is basically a wimp here. Great effects and makeup (as usual with solid action but not the grand third film the fans deserve even if I do like the downbeat ending just because then we can go directly into the more interesting apocalyptic future setting in the next film.

We are finally closer to the futuristic landscape that we only got a taste of in the first three films. Christian Bale doesn't surprise anyone with his acting here, but he is still the best John Connor in the series so far. I felt Sam Worthington did an interesting role too and overall this film is more satisfying than the third entry. What ruin the film is that it jumps from one action scene to another without really having any thought to them as it lacks the impressive memorable kick-ass moments. Sadly Arnie do not appear in the film. Ending hints on numerous new sequels that will never happen due to terrible box office numbers.

A colorful adventure comedy with some of the greatest sword fights put on screen. This film has probably one of the the best villain trioes that ever has been on film (Faye Dunaway, Christopher Lee and Charlton Heston) They steal every scenes they appear in from anyone else, with the possible exception of Oliver Reed, who is great and do a fantastic portrayal. Sadly most of the other musketeers behave like idiots and Michael York's D'Artagnan is mostly played for laughs. Could have been a fantastic epic movie and the definitive version of the novel if it had been treated a little more serious.

A sequel that will satisfy those who liked the first film as it was filmed at the same time and include the same cast and director, but the themes and story is a tiny bit darker this time as characters meet their maker. The villains also get more screen time this time which is a bonus. Excellent showdown between Michael York and Christopher Lee in a church. Sadly, the slapstick and pointless comedy also here overshadow some scenes in the movie.

Hollywood movie made like an old-fashioned swashbuckler. It has a timelessness over it that I like since it is not an orgy in computer effects. Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are cute together too. A good film that makes me wanna re-discover that old 80s TV show starring Duncan Regehr which I loved when I was 12 and which this film reminds me of.

The first scene in this film seem to recreate what was fun with the original before everything goes downhill from there. No legend here to talk about. Only an annoying child that is a better hero than his father. Is this a movie made for Disney Channel? Catherine Zeta-Jones also loses all her charm from the first one and becomes an annoying bitch. Where is the Elena character who loved Zorro even more than the man behind the mask? A horse made by a computer jump down on a train roof in one of the worst effects scenes ever put on film. Antonio Banderas seem to want to go home throughout the film. One of the worst sequels in memory.

Another Disney animated classic. Who can hate enchanted green frogs combined with voodoo curses? Also unique is that the Disney heroine for once is colored. I also like the 1920s New Orleans atmosphere. Sadly, the twists and turns of the story is predictable and the songs forgettable.

This is a dreadful science fiction family movie based upon a much more memorable 1960s cult TV series. Luckily, I didn't have to buy it as it was a gift and the only thing memorable is Heather Graham's shiny leather butt. The film is a confusing time travel plot and has a non-ending. Almost every character are either annoying or sleepwalks throughout the film and even Gary Oldman is very weak as he overacts enormously. A terrible CGI space monkey also is close at no. 1 as most irritating and hateful creature creation ever made.

A excellent movie about the occult forces based upon a Dennis Wheatley book. Usual villain actor Christopher Lee plays a hero for a change and shines in the role. Scenes from this film was also very familiar to me after seeing the same footage used for the Iron Maiden music video "The Number of the Beast". It could have been hailed as a cinematic masterpiece had it not tried to show too much of creatures and the occult forces and instead kept them in the dark letting our own minds chew on the dialogue and what is implied.

The first full feature animated movie from Disney is still fantastic because of it's handmade drawings. Since it is a Disney movie one must expect it is full of cute animals and song numbers but it all started here so it is hard to complain about anything really.

This Hollywood "Dracula" movie based upon a stage play was the kick-start for decades of Hollywood films based upon the blodsucker that has gone on till today. One of the reasons for it successes were Bela Lugosi who is magnetic as Dracula and the film's stylish sets and dialogue. But, I don't like Van Helsing and the other heroes here as they are boring. This is the villains' show.

A fun movie to see Charlton Heston get to blast away with his beloved weapon arsenal in an eerie apocalyptic atmosphere. The laughable makeup where dark-skinned men and women are tinted as white albinos and a slow-moving love story ruin much of the film.

A fun comic book serial movie that is full of "So bad it's good" scenes. Actually it looks just like the old serials from the 1930s but with color. The gorgeous Ornella Muti looks fantastic in this movie and the film is full of colorful costumes and sets. A great addictive and annoying soundtrack by Queen where they basically only sing one word ("FLASH"!) add to the fun.

It is one of the few excellent slashers in the entire horror genre. Inventive deaths, fun camera angels and great cameos from cult actors. The blood effects is from the team that has done a lot of gore effects on Tarantino's films. No characters to develop since they are only fodder for the killer, which is just as great since we know they are all going to get killed sooner than later so why use time on them. Fun ironic ending too.

Quentin Tarantino's debut movie sets the tone for his pop-culture style at once with a discussion on the meaning of Madonna's song "Like a Virgin". The movie that tell about the aftermath of a failed heist and the slow reveal of what happened in between makes this an interesting film throughout and the perfect ensemble keep our interest. And what would the film be without the music and the entire torture scene with Michael Madsen and the Mexican standoff at the end.

Pre-WW2 western romance put up against a great historical background with vast landscapes is what epic films are made of and Hugh Jackman looks like a young romantic Clint Eastwood and fits this project perfectly. Director Baz Luhrman decide to go for tons of soap operatic and melodramatic and dangerous life-and-death situations which ruin some of the more interesting dramatic beats in the film. Nicole Kidman show she is not that a perfect actress either as she go totally over-the-top several times in the film when her facial expressions are stopped by her many botox injections.

A film as addictive as heroin itself with it's fast editing, split-screens, zooming, time shifts and experimental camera movements. It is a hard film to rewatch as it's depressing and hopeless atmosphere is done to perfection making one almost suicidal but the hopelessness of it all. Jennifer Connelly got a Best Actress Award at the Oscars Cermony the following year as a comfort prize when it was this one she should have gotten recognition for as she goes fearless into some of the most darkest parts of her soul as a girl who sells herself for one evening of artificial happiness. Ellen Burstyn is also fantastic as a pill-gobbling old lady hooked on gameshows. But the biggest surprise is Marlon Wayans who actually show us here he has a talent and can act.

In this stinker of a film is one fantastic idea? Would not an invisible man not feel like he was a GOD and actually go insane with his newfound power in the end and go around killing and raping people if he knew he could get away with it? Kevin Bacon is believable as a sleazy "invisible" scientist, but the film is full of logic bursts. How the hell would anybody return back to his closed rooms when he could run around in town naked and no one would find him? And how did the invisible serum manage to also make him immortal and hard to kill? The film end up like a very weak slasher movie and is a major disappointment in almost any department.

Breathtakingly good cinematography highlights this fantastic movie about what happens to nuns in a remote area of the Himalayas and they start to become sexually frustrated. Deborah Kerr and Kathleen Byron are too beautiful to be nuns so it is no wonder it exists porn for this genre. Jean Simmons is even cuter as a Indian teenager, but leading actor David Farrar is very weak but somehow it just gloriously shows how desperate and sexually frustrated these nuns are when they even get tempted by the most boring of men. Film that is fantastic in every sense of the word.

Atmospheric and elegant slasher that ruined the horror genre in the United States to this date by numerous copycat films that have tried to copy it's success as this film cost almost nothing but earned millions of dollars and made director John Carpenter into a legendary name. What makes this film work is it's beautiful camera movements (stolen/inspired by the Italian wave at the beginning of the 1970s), it's theme music and Jamie Lee Curtis as the modern scream queen. No one also does intensity like Donald Pleasance and his gazing eyes.

The third Sherlock Holmes movie with Basil Rathbone in the title role was reset to take time during modern times (in other words WW2) and the sleuth takes on nazists and have a propaganda speech about the evil of Hitler at the end. The crime story itself is okay and the film is watchable but whatever you say the film still feel like a propaganda reel to make American audiences know about the danger that was growing in Europe - and for that this film doesn't work as a full-blooded film.

Another Holmes WW2 propaganda crime story that has dated a lot. An important clue regard a "Dancing Men" code that is way too short for the long sentences Holmes manage to translate out of it. Luckily the film also has an appearance by Holmes' arch-enemy Moriarty who is always a fun villain to put up against Holmes and a scene where Holmes gives the villain the best idea to kill him is a fun moment.

Sherlock Holmes is totally misplaced in his fifth outing when he gets the job as a spy in Washington hunting after war secrets and criminals, but he seem more interested in sightseeing the city and reciting Winston Churchill to American ambassadors. Surprisingly, Nigel Bruce's Dr. Watson seem better for this move as he shoots the villains and save the day for a change instead of just being a fool in the dark doing stupid stuff. This film has no interest for anyone but Holmes fanatics.

A fresh ordinary crime story after way too many war propaganda films this movie show how excellent Basil Rathbone could be as Holmes as he behave here like a bloodhound sniffing out it's prey (even if the villain is obvious). A great scene where Holmes use people as chess pieces on a floor is a memorable image. Sadly, Dr. Watson nearly sinks the film on his own as he behaves like an arrogant snob giving commands to the butler of a house that he is no member of and behave like he is master of the house and he has no clue to solve any of the clues.

The ultimate depraved movie? It is a movie situated in WW2 and tells what evil actions people do when they come into power and can treat people like animals. They force kidnap teenagers into perverted sex and their sick Maquis de Sade's fantasies and this is the closest a film gaze into the evil of man's soul. If you finish the film you should congratulate yourself for surviving it together with your "masters" and "executioners" but don't expect to feel great or happy with life afterwards. Actually there should be a shower that could clean your soul afterwards because this is as close to hell that one can deliver on film.

When this premiered people thought this was another stupid Arnold movie with a strange science fiction vibe, but this movie has matured into a great social commentary on game shows and reality-shows long before it became a popular trend on TV. It is pretty underrated really and especially the first half of the movie is great. The only thing is that Stephen King's original book was even better with an ending that today would have hit too much at home and would have been unfathomable to film now.

One of the few good action films from Sly in the 1990s if treated in the right mindset and don't take the terrible dialogue, acting or characters seriously. It helps that the film kickstarts with a over-dramatic and unintentional comedic scene where Sly drops a woman to her death at the beginning while our hero screams at the top of his lungs. Another highlight is seeing wimpy John Lithgow kicking the shit out of Sly on top of a helicopter.

Wicked, naughty and sexy teenage update of French "Les Liaisons dangereuses" that is watchable mainly due to the girls - especially deliciously evil Sarah Michelle Gellar and naive bubble-head Selma Blair. The film is full of sleazy, exploitive and "forbidden" scenes that teenagers will adore like girls kissing, blunt sex talk and sibling love. Unfortunately the movie change the tone of the novel with a kind-of romantic redemption of the male character and a moralistic ending with the wicked bitch crying.

Ice cool ensemble in a cracking good gangster movie. The movie takes some good twists and the ending is satisfying. Matthew Vaughn has a great hand on the direction even if it is not a revolutionary film in the genre.

Finally a Batman movie where characters have dark, psychological complex scars like in the comics. Great origin story that focus on Bruce Wayne and not that much on the fight sequences. Production looks good in every department. Only Katie Holmes is totally misplaced as Christian Bale's love interest since she looks more like his daughter who has come right from high school.

Epic superhero action movie that up till now is the definitive Batman production with excellent characterization and action. Heath Ledger makes an excellent Joker wiping away memory of all the other actors that have played the role over the years, but don't forget that the heart of the movie really is Aaron Eckhart and his decent into madness and how he become Two-Face. His destiny is both heartbreaking and believable. A good movie was also replacing Katie Holmes with Maggie Gyllenhaal who is much more believable in the role. Great soundtrack that builds and builds before paying off in the final second of the movie.

Christopher Nolan's "Batman" trilogy ends in a full circle by bring closure to Bruce Wayne's story. Sadly, the script disappoint in the end as director seem not willing to show any crime-fighting and disposes the hero for a major part of the film. Why not embrace it's comic book origins with Batman actually fighting the villains? He seem to not do that much in these films. Ending is also anti-climatic and disappoints since the trilogy seem to show how our hero has just started on his career before he decide to stop his calling. There is still good stuff in the film though and especially Anne Hathaway surprises as Catwoman and the film is still beautiful to behold with a lot of fantastic choreographed scenes and impressive editing.

Epic Russian silent movie that tell about a pivotal event during the Russian revolution of 1905. The film is full of memorable imagery but the massacre at the massive steps in Odessa is a brutal and excellent edited scene that leave a lasting impact and it is no wonder that the scene with the baby cart has been reused in numerous more modern films since. Film's patriotic "brothers in arms" communist message is dated and fun for historic value only.

Unique and violent (for it's time) version of H.G. Wells' "Island of Dr. Moreau" where crazed Charles Laughton believe himself to be God and cross men with animals. Impressive cinematography, a very sexy Leopard Woman and great makeup highlights this pre-code production. Bela Lugosi do a nice supporting part as one of the genetic manipulated creatures. A little stronger characterization would have made this movie a huge epic. Now, it is a minor classic.

Still an impressive 1930s horror drama which really define the monster as a misunderstood creature and the humans are bad guys. Karloff in makeup is unforgettable. The creation of the Monster by lightning is a memorable film moment. A chilling scene with the Monster and the Child and the dramatic climax with the Windmill add to a film filled with iconic filmatic imagery here.

Gorgeous scenery, costumes and sets spellbind me from the first moment this Italian epic made 100 years after the "fall of Sicily" and the creation of Italy. The utterly perfect Claudia Cardinale and the proud performance of Burt Lancaster as Sicilian prince are both highlights in the film. The film is slow-moving almost excruciating so, but never really boring and always fascinating as it is filled with details and fantastically shot scenes.

The movie that made Brigitte Bardot a sexpot and international star. Deservedly so as she fires up the screen as temptress full of sexual energy. Beautiful St. Tropez in the mid 1950s is a wonder to behold but the story lacks depth and is mostly about a woman who want to be a "free bird and have fun with men" even after she gets married. It's non-moralistic ending though is good.

One single good idea about what the world must do if a big asteroid should hit Earth is all this Michael Bay music-video edited actioner really have. Fast editing pace, loud music and much effects help collapse my logic side of the brain and turn off what brain cells that are left there. Well-known faces show up to deliver stiff dialogue and non-existent acting. An American patriotic message where the American triumph against all odds and save the world add to the absurdity of it all. Hans Zimmer's music and Charlton Heston's narration at the beginning are the highlights of this film.

I actually enjoy this beautiful action drama set during the American Revolution War and that actually dare to show the consequence of war and that even the most loveable characters can fall victim to evil. Jason Isaacs steal the film as cold, mean, sadistic killing-machine bent on ruining Mel Gibson's family life. A great ensemble and good-looking action set to a historical backdrop make this enormously enjoyable to me. Film was controversial because it described the British as Nazis who even burnt down churches (the film was directed by a German) but damn it is an effective storytelling trick that really make this film more memorable than your usual war action drama from that period.

Fun movie for young teenagers that can sit in awe over the effects and the magical elements of the movie and accept that it is all made to entertain, but I have to ask isn't this not just another boring "chosen one" story that we have seen numerous times before. Even more criminal is that Monica Bellucci is wasted in a supporting role as she doesn't do anything in the film.

Ridley Scott's return-to-form after a decade of so-so films. It is a majestic action epic that please the crowds with it's beautiful photography and Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard's beautiful film score. Excellent acting throughout as it all leads up to an epic war between a revenge hungry general and a venomous Roman Emperor. Therefor it is annoying that the film seem to suddenly drop this intriguing build-up for a crowd-pleasing finale where the villain and hero fight it out in the gladiator arena when they could have ended the film with a glorious final battle on Rome instead. Still, an enormously satisfying film to watch.

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