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Movie Reviews (1901-50)

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With a story that jumps from sex scene to sex scene as it was clearly improvised on the spot there is not much substance to find as both director and producers probably used this film to hunt down some beautiful European girls to show human skin. Terrible accents, annoying drum music add to the annoyance, but who can hate Swedish Marie Forså as horny Helga - clearly 100% commited to her role in every scene.

Cancer is a taboo subject and hard to talk about (just as HIV) but even harder than these two dreadful illnesses is talking about life and the last days of it. This film forces us to gaze into our own existence and how we ourselves would got out and live - and it also force us to live every day as our last. The excellent Znigniew Zapasiewicz carries the entire film.

A religious cousin to "It’s a wonderful life". It has Bing Crosby singing and the best moments are with the priests but the film would actually have been better had it ditched all singing supporting characters and focused only on them instead.

Somewhere in here is an intriuging film but it's attempt at a surprise twist and non-ending ruins it. In the end it feels like an inferior copy of better "man against machine" movies, but Peter Weller is always a watchable dude.

Drama that has a good edge to it, but sadly one can sense how the censors forced the director to put on the brakes in some of the more intense scenes which make the film lose it's cutting edge. Had the film been intact and even closer to it's source material it would probably have stood out as a "top 10 must see" movie of it's genre instead of only being a phenomenally good acted movie stopped in it's tracks.

Dark, depressing crime thriller with elements of a Japanese horror flick - most apparent in the film's editing style. The entire film feels like a walking tragedy with a heroine so fragile and in need of therapy that it is was nice to see her get some help from a policeman and a journalist to get some answers in her life - even if the mystery was easy to predict. Atmospheric but the potential could have been better.

A great idea: your death shown on live TV. While the hints of reality programs are fun to behold the execution of this film never really sticks. What is memorable is the ending which disturbs as it is close to the actress own sad fate. Keitel start out as a cold and distant person but gets more emotional and better at the end. Schneider is gripping from beginning to end. The lousy voiceover don’t help though.

While it loses steam at the end, the absurd idea of having a racist-social inept family man trying to make profit of the Norwegian immigrant system is fun at the start. Anders Baasmo Christiansen play the man more believable than you would think. The Norwegians are all (deservedly) at the end of the joke living in a "bubble" while the immigrants are the ones who show what life, respect and dignity is all about. Solid crowdpleaser.

Another of those romantic comedies where a attractive woman knows she can get any man she wants so she tries out some men before discovering that the best one was the one she had in the beginning - and then it is too late (almost since this is Hollywood!). Happy ending with a family of sour, screaming kids and a husband with a beer belly at the end. Charming in a way, but nothing special.

Party rape is great!. The girl never remembers it or wanna talk about it and the boy can go on finding more fresh meat at another party. Nice documentary feel and the young people are naturals but the movie lacks a true drive and heart. Nice for a watch and with a better script it can be intriguing to see more from the director.

Well, the title says it all: it is a Greek tragedy that builds up and while the outcome is not hard to predict I'm also gripped by the excellent dialogue and acting that show how good Woody Allen can direct in one of his more untraditional films.

Internet and the park are places where people’s identity can have fun with themselves without being oppressed by the government. This short film experiment probably reflect this but what you get from it is up to you.

Being an excellent liar makes you the perfect candidate for American citizenship and a successful person. At least one could believe that was the meaning of the film. Excellent soundtrack though and Kevin Bacon do another of his good sleazebag roles

Grim, bleak drama about cannibalism and that devastating believable plane crash at the beginning almost had me staying on the ground for a decade. A film hard to love due to it's subject matter and there is not much characterization to talk about, but the direction is solid and the actors do their best.

The good outweigh the bad even if it is visually overkill most of the time. The script feels like a redone script for "Star Trek V" but done correctly and with the right type of budget. The rest of the film is ridiculous but I have not laughed more of a Hollywood blockbuster movie since volume 1 and the baby Grot is cute. Kurt Russell is also perfectly cast as Ego who one sadly wish could have turned out nicer.

Never before being exposed to Chantal Akerman, due to the "almost-impossible-to-see" mainstream industry this is a fascinating first experience of the director who always have been on my list of films to see when I get the chance. Her films is probably not the easiest to digest I guess but after hearing about her meeting with William Hurt I respect her for doing the films as she want and not the stars. A good intro

The siblings annoy each other and me but in the end their love for each other also include my own affection for the material in the film as it reaches it's natural resolution. The party scene is patethic to behold, but there is also some great funny moments to grasp.

Close to an Egyptian soap opera but it also feels ambitious and talk about subjects in a way few Arabic films dare to do so thumbs up from me. The movie has a huge cast and not every story is as intriguing, but it never bores. Hopes to see more gems from this country in the future.

...or the many faces of Bob Dylan. This is a film that can make those who are only mildly interested in the man love him. There is a lot of great music, excellent dialogue and the fact that one use different actors to portrait the artist's many facets is intriguing. Cate Blanchett blows them all out of the water though. Charlotte is again completely gorgeous too - love her legs !!!

Terrible attempt at a TV-series was redone to make a just as bad movie. This movie lacks everything except two twins showing their silicone tits in a shower. Amy Adams show no talent here due to an extremly weak script and the scene where a girl get orgasm by staying on a horse's saddle is hilariously bad. Roger Kumble show also with this film he really wants to do smut films than normal ones too.

Feels like a rejected "Leprechaun" movie done in United Kingdom. There is very little remotely funny about the villain nor is he scary to be taken serious. The attempt at scares are patethic and the only good actor, Christopher Lee, shows up in the first scene never to be seen again. How this managed to get promoted in the otherwise excellent documentary "Clive Barker's A to Z of Horror" is beyond me to understand.

It has everything that makes David Lynch movies tick: a beautiful dead femme fatale and her double, the young rebel on a motorcycle, the absorbing hard-hitting soundtrack, the red curtains, the strange demonic man from another place, Angelo Badalamenti playing some tunes and a lot of weirdness and horror. Feels even more like a companion piece to "Twin Peaks" now than ever.

It is a sweet movie about how we long for the past and our nostalgic need to own it, but the romantic story is sadly predictable from beginning to end, especially since Rachel McAdams' character is so damn annoying and act as a groupie girl throughout the film, but Owen is good in a Woody role. Paris has never had a better commercial as Woody do a montage with all the top sights in the film's first two minutes.

By showing the last days of Pasolini we also get to know the man more and not so much what he did or the myths surroundings him. Instead we get to learn what made him tick, his creative process, poetic quality and the last ideas that flowed through his body before his abrupt death. This film is about a man not about showing the "greatest hits". Dafoe really feels like Pasolini too and not only Dafoe doing a role.

If one treat the subject matter seriously then this "fake documentary" about the assassination of George W. Bush at least manage to hold the illusion that it could have happened in a parallel world and it manage to get out it's political message, but the controversy of showing a then-sitting president killed is hard to overlook. The movie is also dated now - maybe a new "restored George Lucas" version with Trump is something to crave for?

Norwegian comedy that takes "bad taste comedy" to a new level already in it's film title. Drug hallucinations, alcohol consumption, attempted rape, glorified sex scenes, mastrubation, murder, incest and bad language fills this movie that is not for anyone who only like predictable mainstream Hollywood comedies or hate unpredictable dark and wacky humor.

Well this was different. Part poetic, part autobiographical movie drenched in mythology and mystique. The first half is gripping and while I felt it loses it's way a little sometimes it still remain a fascinating watch. It could probaly also have been clearer on it's message as it can almost feel a little dim, but overall this is a great movie that deserves to be seen as it mixes real life with fantasy marvelously.

One of the numerous soft erotica movies made after the popularity of "Emanuelle" hit cinema. This is the Australian version with "girl next door" Glory Annen jumping from scene to scene of nudity. This one is not worse nor better than the other films in the genre and it's cinematography is strong. Fans should like it and those of us who like to cherish the female form without going hardcore.

A girl is on the verge of adulthood and discover that she likes her lesbian babysitter more than boys. It sounds like the perfect plot for an XXX-rated flick. Well, it tries to make that concept a little more artsy but the fact is that take away the good-looking girls and the well-shot cinematography the movie never takes off as either a coming-of-age story or is erotic enough.


It gives face to all those struggling people who wants to be popular and funny, but ends up getting kicked in the nuts or booed. It is better as a drama twhen our lead decide to return the favor by going berserk on others with fire or his baseball bat than when it tries to be "funny". It has a realistic feel but there is no way Trevor would have been let on back on a stage after assaulting an audience member.

Quality western with good characters and excellent cinematography and Technicolor decor. It builds up to an intense climax of mass destruction, mayhem and death and the only thing that stops this film from being an ultimate classic is that it could easily have had an additional half hour to make the ending more rounded and emotional. Still among the best of classic westerners.

It at least tell us that film don't necessarily need words to tell a story. The most remarkable with this film is the journey of the 5-year-old who go on his own walkabout to find his father. It may not be the most memorable film I have seen, but seeing the 5-year-old wandering alone in a vast landscape where everyone else seem to have disappeared is visually striking.

An intriguing occupation "real story" lacks engagement due to stiff acting and empty glances. The movie builds up to a climax but it takes forever to get there and characters are mostly stereotypes. Arne Skouen has done better movies but this one is only for the most devoted of Norwegian occupation drama fans.

While Woody Allen strikes gold by having Cate Blacnhett and Sally Hawkins in the same room together, the film itself never leaves a big impact on me. It has characters that I care about, but somehow I can't say it managed to go very deep with any of them and the "major reveal" about Jasmine's past was predictable from the first second. Better was the subplot about the other sister's brief fling and make-up sex.

Has a fairytale quality that makes it hugely gripping even though it is about illegal immigration and possible human trafficking. The acting is top-notch, especially from the girl that emote more soul than all those overpaid Hollywood actors combined. Actually sad to see it come to an end as there was something about this atmosphere that would make me wanna watch even more of it.

While the movie has some atmosphere and a cute scream queen I can't say the film is terrifying due to the stupidity of the plot and action of the characters. While never truly boring with it's fast paced use of flashbacks, false scares, nightmares and hallucinations it is still a poor man's South Korean remake of "Ringu" again.

We all know that the lead character is a walking dead tumor at the start. What is intriguing is following him on a road trip while injecting himself on morphine and snorting cocaine. The story is good, but beware of your eardrums as the soundtrack is a non-stop talking female narrator who never lets the film breathe on it's own.

I never warmed to the story. I didn't find the story compelling and the film was filled with a person gallery that never grew on me nor seemed to be have any point besides getting introduced and then ditched afterwards. The best part of the film is when the siblings meet to discuss their dying father - the rest of the film was to fragmented and had not that much interest to me.

Obligatory watch before one takes a stand about weapon restrictions in the U.S. and sadly school shootings is not a single event either making this film even more important than ever. As a film it could have been even deeper and more shocking but what it gets across perfectly is that noone is safe anymore.

A movie about the choice that every person must make in life when one has a broken soul: to either survive with it or go to the bottom of unending despair. Any movie that gave us the presence of Anna Paquin (and what a natural talent she is) is to be cherished as she almost steals the entire show from the just as good adults. A mesmerising film.

How love, poverty, desperation, rape, exploitation or plain circumstance could create a female serial killer. Transforming one of the most gorgeous women on the planet into "monster" was also a strike of genius, especially since Theron is phenomenal and completely unrecognizable. It also makes me ponder how much Ricci's Selby "formed and pushed" Aileen Wournos over the edge. Incredible feature debut for Jenkins too.

Stranger than fiction is life and this could never be truer said here as we get this film about a gay con man. It is probably not too deep a film, but there is something charming to behold Ewan McGregor melting in Jim Carrey's arms and it is at least an image impossible to wipe off your memory bank as they really look like a gay match made in heaven. Sadly, the film never got away with the final twist though.

While the film is hampered with an ending that feels too "easy" and a family husband who seems almost lost in nostalgic love for a woman that left him there is no question that even the most flawed script can be made into gold by the excellent direction of Douglas Sirk. The acting helps out too.

Not sold on the romantic pairing of Wyman and Hudson as they never really feel perfect for each other, but the decor and melodrama push forward a script that would have been a season-long soap opera arc into one film. The one and only original THE Rock also do one of his better roles here as he goes from non-caring playboy to a gentle and loving doctor.

The rich oil family with problems of alcohol, free sex and a death down some long, winding stairs makes this essential soap opera drama and a film someone must clearly have seen before they made "Dallas". Not sure one can say any characters are that bright though but the drama is surely fastpaced and with an actual (almost) ending for all characters which is more than most long-running soaps ever get.

This movie felt like an extended short that runs too long and it's sole great idea - doing a silent movie while having an opera running on the soundtrack - is not realized as good as it should. Great cinematography though.

Any forgotten movie restored to it's prime should be applauded even if the acting is lousy and the dialogue spiteful because the film still manage to hold interest and be entertaining. Eleanor Vaill is the worst rolemodel for girls put on screen and she uses her body and lies to get out of any situtation. There is no happy ending for colored people in the South either. No masterpiece but pure exploitation fun.

How outcasts and lost souls find solace in mutual hate but also in a deep friendship with each other. The acting by virtual unknows are excellent, but Stephen Graham stand out as the agressive and sad Combo that takes out his hate on anyone who don't have the same opinions and background as himself. Makes me wanna see all the sequels and TV-miniseries too. Is it much to hope for that I will see them soon too?

Most of this movie is a solid drama about what happens to a group of workers when their livelihood is taken away from them spiced up with a surprise music number and some personal behind-the-scenes lives and philosophical discussions, but the movie is also long and has scenes that could have been removed even when it give the film a very documentaric feel even when it's anything but. Cool different movie though about people who's only life is their job (and family).

Among my more satisfying Fellini films I have watched. This vagabond story about young men who wants to drift around with women and have parties without ever taking a job has a satisfying character gallery even though the most focus is on a selfish bastard who loves women of high class without realizing that his most gorgeous and best woman is the one he has back home. One of Fellini's most grounded movies possible since it is inspired upon self-experienced stuff.

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