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It is surprising how good one can transform colorful ponies into modern emo girls making this a parallel world that works for both fans and new viewers and the chance to sell even more toys for Mattel. Bright animation and adequately made. On a down note I was forced to sit through it by my sick four-year-old girl who would not see it alone and while I can understand it's appeal it is hard to understand someone wanting to see tons of shows and films if the quality is as ordinary as this. It is a simple story with predictable humor and a basic "fish out of water" slapstick moments splashed with some magic where unity is important (like a horse version of "Charmed" really. It feels pretty much like something done on auto-pilot though and could probably just as easily have passed as a three-parter on the "My Little Pony" show.

Probably Adam Sandler's best work in years doing the voice of Dracula as the movie lacks most of his stupid lowbrow humor and is instead a colorfun fun monster comedy for all ages. The classic horror monsters can never ever be taken serious. Again. Impossible. This is the final drop. Human character too goofy, stupid and unlikable for this romantic story. A pretty dark moment with zombies burning in the middle of the film is way too scary for the smallest kids.

A voice cast that a normal film would kill for can't help this boring and predictable CGI family movie that feels like a rejected sequel to "Antz". I never laughed nor smiled a single time but it should be an okay watch for the smaller undemanding kid in the family.

Garfield voiced by Bill Murray who has the same type of deadpan voice as in the cartoons. It should work shouldn't it? No. Terrible story with juvenile gags that seem to try mimick "Home Alone" type of humor. Why is the dog not CGI animated as well as he is an important part in the cartoons? Forgettable acting - this has to be the low point of Jennifer Love Hewitt's career.

A Swedish "Forrest Gump" but here the main character meets world dictators and blow up bombs - it is a fun ride with surprising twists even if the ending is forgotten after half an hour.

It is a beautiful travel commercial for beautiful Barcelona. Characters behave naturally and have a realistic approach to what happens even if it can be annoying. The Spanish married couple (Javier and Penelope) steal the show. It doesn't have any big revelations nor discoveries about the themes it explores. It is more like a erotic travelogue for two young American tourists and their brief fling with a Spanish free-thinking artist. Rebecca Hall is written a lot more interesting than Scarlett Johansson who is pretty but very boring.

Interesting concept idea that is filmed in real time and on a small budget. It doesn't try to push the story longer than necessary and has a refreshingly short running time. Colin Farrell manage to do a lot with a limited role in a confined room. While the initial idea is good there is too many logical factors that don't work together, especially how the villain knows everything about the hero. Kiefer Sutherland phones-in his obvious "villain voice-over" that feels like fan service for those feeling that this is a kind-of scrapped "24" movie script. Ending is the biggest disappointment as it is pretty typical for this kind of thriller.

Ryan Reynolds charming even in a unfunny college sex comedy where the director thinks that body fluid jokes make legendary humor. This is an annual college comedy that Hollywood makes blindfolded and with no effort what-so-ever. Tara Reid was also full of cocaine here making her look like a porcelain doll.

It deliver on the title by having a young girl and man dancing dirty together. Swayze stole the show though by his dance moves and singing the "She's Like the Wind" song making him that decade's John Travolta for a generation of girl hearts. Jennifer Grey was also great doing a role that she could never top.

Ben Affleck make a solid impression as Bruce Wayne and his portrayal is more haunted and broken than any Batman before. Visually this is an impressive movie and the first scene of the film is fantastic. Gal Gadot being more Super than the Man in the final moments of the film as she steals the show as Wonder Woman. Characterization is seriously lacking with Superman / Clark Kent driven with no motivation what-so-ever and there is not even a hint that he cares about the destruction and mayhem he did in Metropolis. The movie also seem to drown in too many ideas that they wanted to cram in. Lex Luthor is a terrible young misfit of a nerd and Jesse Eisenberg who play him is so miscast that he ruins every scene he is in. Hard to get sold by the idea of how Batman suddenly resolve his differences with Superman in a wink of an eye. Climax seem to have been made so that Superman can be reborn as the character that we maybe love and care about but it is done in such an uninspired way that it is hard to feel anything about it. Batman suddenly is The Punisher? Most scenes seem more there to build-up the planned sequels/prequels and other movies in this universe than really doing this film correct.

Atmospheric comic book-y Hercules entry that has inventive moments and a story that engages with a beautiful color cinematography. Christopher Lee is an interesting villainous king that need to drink the blood of his niece in order to stay the ruler for all eternity but his performance is ruined a bit by the fact that someone else dubbed his voice. There is also an annoying comedic sidekick that I want to kick in the face. It is a shame though that all battles and obstacles seem to end with Hercules throwing something which makes the action itself end on a lackluster note as they all become predictably unimaginative and Hercules himself, Reg Park, lack the charisma and the acting chops to handle the leading role.

Paul Robeson was an enigmatic and strong screen actor worthy of being the first Afro American that pushed boundaries on cinema. What is fantastic about the character is that Jones shows great intelligence and has even a big moral compass before being swallowed by the capitalism and greed of the white world turning himself into a "new colonist" ruler where he takes control of an island to exploit it. He has a predictable enlightened moment at the end though. The movie looks fantastic and has beautiful set design and cinematography that is worth a look. Story do feel a little shallow since it goes fast through the downfall of the character and scenes could have been better edited together but it is hard not to be engrossed by the captivating performance by Robeson who is fantastic and seem forgotten by many film historians of today.

Exploitation version of "Jaws" but in the wilderness and with a grizzly bear behaving like a slasher killer sneaking around in the forest killing off sexy sheriff deputies taking a nude shower in a waterfall and small children. The bear is practically unstoppable and survive any bullet that is shot on him making the grizzly a furry version of Jason Vorhees. Shame that it is a slow, talky affair in the mid section and the female leading actress is uninteresting and unattractive compared to the girls who become bear food at the beginning.

Worth watching only for seeing Leslie Nielsen who is believable as a totally bonkers slimebag who wants to be a boss around and rape young attractive girls before taking a wrestle with bears. The animals go bonkers by a ruined ozone layer makes one think it was written in these modern times instead and not in the 1970s. There is a subplot that is actually moving about a surviving 7-year-old girl who really don't have a happy day and it could have been written by a really depressing Stephen King before he wrote "Cujo". Some over-the-top stereotypes getting killedby-animals scenes make it all a little hilarious though.

Not as bad a horror movie as I thought. It is a movie with an intriguing concept and it tries to tell a possession story seen through the Native American culture and not through the eyes of the Catholic Church. It manage to build up an atmosphere too until a bizarre "birth sequence" scene with a medicine man coming to life. Tony Curtis is also a little charming when he pops up. What doesn't satisfy is the ending though that ends up like a spiritual and magicial battle between demon and technology that makes the movie involuntarily funny and absurd. It is a shame because between all this over-the-top extremes there is a better film trying to show itself.

It is one of the rare few chances to see comedian Harold Lloyd in a sound movie showing that he was just as good in funny bantering as in physical stuff. It is a shame than that the story about a weak, cowardly milkman turned boxer feels like something they did numerous times in the silent era.

Vampy Gloria Swnson sees through a crystal ball and get revealed her possible future when a mysterious man from an earlier life in Old Egypt appear to atone and help her imodern time since he was responsible for her death then. It is a light American "Destiny" remake that works mainly due to Swanson and some visual imput from director Albert Parker that is a treat to the eyes.

Minor Hitchcock movie but still an intriguing variation on his favorite "wrong man" theme as a Catholic priest has to stay silent when the killer confesses a murder even if that means himself will be suspected of the deed. While the climax and revelations themselves are not particularly satisfying - and it ends in a court room - it is still a satisfying enough watch. The most controversial with the movie in a religious aspect though has to be that "100% homo-sexual in life" Montgomery Clift played the leading part of the priest but he do an excellent portrait and is the main reason to watch the film together with Anne Baxter who livens up the movie with what little that she can do with her role as a woman who lost her love to the church and a new man. A lot of fake accents ruin some of the experience.

Tommy Wirkola returns to his nazi-zombie-splatter-gross-comedy-fest with a bigger budget, more entrails, gruesome kills and a group of new Russian zombies. Add some nerdy hot internet babes that talk American to sell additional cash to the U.S. but that don't add that much to the plot and an annoying cop that is not nearly as cool as the first that he replaces and what we get is a fun hit-and-miss film that has a lot of inventive fun that usually one never see in a grim zombie movie where slaughter and body limbs are ripped apart.

Hard not to like this love letter to hard rock and metal with respectful jokes and fun tunes. Ronnie James Dio appear for the fun of it all, but it is important to like childish jokes as well which was hard for me. Charismatic though and any movie that brings tribute to the best musical genre deserves a watch even when it is flawed.

A guilty pleasure of summer lovin' and grease lightning. Impossible to take serious nor is it good nor bad enough to ruin anyone's night. Songs have been overplayed so much on radio that it is hard to feel anything good about them anymore and this has taken away some of the freshness from the film.

Serial killer movie do have an intriguing premise to begin with before it's supernatural stuff derails the movie as it becomes a movie about a body jumping demon that feel farfetched even for a movie of this type. Lou Diamond Phillips do his best and Tracy Griffith is a gorgeous making it interesting to watch the duo but the showdown ending when a homeless woman is demonically possessed like she is in an "Evil Dead" movie make it pretty outrageous. Some excellent stunt work though and "The Police" collectors want probably to check out Stewart Copeland's work on the soundtrack even if it is pretty uneven. Hard to take serious though.

My four-year-old love this untraditionally drawn movie. It's about a flooded world where and old man lives in the last house standing where he revisits his memories underwater. It doesn't give any answers to how the world turned up like it did but instead show us a tapestry of feelings and sentimental moments. It has a unique atmosphere and works good for both old and young viewers so it is not surprising to see that it won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short that year.

The most mainstream and accessible movie that exploitation and low-budget trash king Jesus Franco ever did. It is a pretty straight forward Dracula adaptation with a star-filled cast so if one has seen every Dracula presentation it can be a little boring at times. The most important cast member here is Christopher Lee who got tempted to this project as it was to present a film as close to Bram Stoker's original text as possible in 1970. Christopher Lee do a interesting version of his character playing him as an old Mexican with white mustache who turn younger when drinking blood and compared to his Hammer performances actually has tons of dialogue. Soledad Miranda is also perfectly cast as Lucy with her doe-eyed dark big eyes and Klaus Kinski do an expected mad-man turn as Reinfeld, which he do perfectly. I also like Herbert Lom's Van Helsing who is forced to sit in a wheel-chair during the entire film. Franco regulars Maria Rohm, Fred Williams and Jack Taylor are also fun getting a decent role for a change. Ending is also anti-climatic and lacks that memorable showdown which would have made this movie stand out. Still I like this film and find it one of the director's best and most coherent films which doesn't drown us with his obsession with the female body and his perverse dreams. I also like that the film was done in Barcelona and not London giving the film a different atmosphere needed for the production. What is the film's downfall though is it's low budget and that Franco has never been the best camera man ruining some shots and having some scenes dragging on for too long. Still it is a better movie than many say it is.

Terry Gilliam is a master of making movies that no one wants to touch and this film would have reeked shit touched by anyone else than him as the subject matter is of the type only he can handle well. It is a dark fantasy horror story that has basis in a real dark depressing real world about what happens to a young girl when she is without her parents and how she goes deep into her own fantasy world. Impressive acting from the young girl who is one of the best actresses I have seen and the usual visual flair that Gilliam manage to cram into all his productions make this film stand out as something unique and special. The disturbing image of seeing Jeff Bridges gradually decompose on the screen lacks any description.

A pleasant surprise from Lucio Fulci from his giallo days. This is a nice sexy spin on Hitchcock's "Vertigo" without being either a copycat or a recycled product. Newscast ending is anti-climatic and could have been done more satisfactory though and ruin a most atmospheric and satisfying movie with sexy moments.

Lucio Fulci did better giallos than pure horror movies as they went too much over-the-top and brutal in my eyes. This is an excellent who-dunnit that have several perverse murder suspects that can have killed children in a small Italian village. Acting is also good and it has a good revelation and use of a Donald Duck mask making this a movie that Disney will never approve of. Could this be the director's masterpiece worthy of praise even in art circles? I think so.

This is a cool heist action movie that suits the acting energies of both Steve MacQueen and Ali MacGraw well. Action is good and it is fast-paced but it is ruined a little by the fact that it feels it should have continued a little longer as it seem to stop when it is at it most interesting. Sam Peckinpah's direction is flawless but glossy and it is not as risk-taking as it other projects as it has been edited and recut by Steve MacQueen in post-production. Still it is a fun and satisfying watch.

Passable crime thriller that actually is the first in a long-running series put direct-to-DVD and Blu Ray, but this first one and a couple of others were released on film first. As with all Swedish productions of this type co-produced with Canal Digital it feels like a film that was put together in a hurry and the story is a fast food version of the original novel that it was based upon. It is also strange to relate to a new Wallander after a decade with Rolf Lassgård playing the role. Still it doesn't force me away to watch new installments in this series. It is an okay nordic noir with some obvious religious craziness added into the mix.

Intriguing mix of various themes and ideas are put into one huge dream of surreal imagery and insane fantasy. It has some scenes that borders on sexual perversity but it manage to get away with it. The story challenges the mind and forces one to think and actually analyze what happens which is hard since there is a lot happening. The characters though could have been better developed with especially the villain coming out as an obvious one. The ending climax also wimpers out the story together with a love reveal that feels totally unconvincing. Between all that is a lot to marvel as the film is unrelenting in it's magnificent drawings and colors.

Dario Argento's stylish giallo thriller is clearly so perfectly done that it was hard to ever top this later. Artistic murder set pieces blended with the music of Goblin make this a beautiful film. See the opening scene and the big influence on "Halloween" a few years later. As with all Argento's films story substance is lacking over his style, but this is such an absorbing visual experience it is hard to not love it.

Daria Nicoldi's signature role as damsel in distress in a giallo ghost story that leaves a lasting impact even if it is ruined by a slow obvious story. Daria has never seen more lovelier than here and there is some amazing visual moments.

Silent art movie about two prisoner trapped for so long that they have become so horny that they want each other or they have already been in love and are now arrested for their love. You decide. Anyhow they are trapped and there is a creepy villainous cop that peep on them and a dancing black man who shows off his manhood and puts his 'gun' into one of the prisoners. There is also a lot of loving shots of the male body and non-graphic masturbation. Not for every taste which is evident as it was not allowed outside private circles and shown public anywhere before in liberal Denmark in 1972.

Science fiction-fantasy animation stories combined with hard rock music should be a winning combination, but the stories themselves are sadly lacking and uninspired except for the first short story about a cab driver in the future. The attempt at having evil itself telling the story and being the "green" orb thread through the story doesn't work especially good and the film should have liberated itself more from this idea and done separate episodes. Some excellent drawings by famous names in the comic book industry and it's soundtrack make up for it, but both some of the stories and the tunes are unfortunate either too brief or not the most memorable ones I have seen or heard making this film a major hit-and-miss one for me.

Few porn parody musicals is remotely watchable I guess, but this one is kind-of cute even if it contains a lot of hard-core scenes (some moments are clearly insert Lewis Carroll's story easily work as an adult coming-of-age story though and Kristine DeBell is delicious and has a natural look that is fantastic for this film even when she do both lesbian, masturbation or a blowjob. Costume and makeup is terrible though and the music is more annoying than catching.

This fast-paced lowbudget thriller directed by the only woman directing in Hollywood, Ida Lupino, at the time is absolutely worth a watch. It's inspired upon a true story about a killer hitch-hiker who is found out so he hijacks a car with two men to take him to Mexico before the law takes him. When he arrives he will kill the two men who only wanted to go fishing. Later Perry Mason regular William Talman steals the show as the psycho. Lupino seems to have been a cool chick that took on projects that no one else didn't dare to touch. Studio heads hated it too so the film ended up in public domain but film lovers like you and me have rescued it back to glory and the new Blu Ray from Kino is breathtaking to look at. This story and film seems to have been copied to death in million of thrillers afterwards.

Some places they take internet addiction pretty seriously (like in China) and it probably should, but this movie doesn't manage to give depth to either the method nor the persons who are addictive since they all seem to have stopped evolving and behave like obnoxious snotty kids who actually deserve to be on boot camp. Should also western kids be sent for "reprogramming"? Probably, but this movie doesn't give any definitive answers on what is the best therapy nor if these kids are in control of either their mind or body. It only documents what happens and there is also a little doubt in here if China actually uses their addiction in order to make them addicted to the Chinese government and their ideals instead since we all know that China also bans a lot of websites and liberal thoughts. Let's hope there will be a better documentary on this subject further down the line.

Few low-budget public domain movies can better this excellent film noir about a normal guy who hitchhike on the wrong ride and then gets involved with a dead man and a hateful woman who blackmails him into sharing a hotel room with her. It is excellent stuff based upon a novel and while the acting mostly could have been better Ann Savage steals every scene when she turns up midway through. Edgar G. Ulmer who could have become a major director in Hollywood decided he could not make the films he wanted in the studio system and went on making low budget films like this one which is highly influential and has great visual flair and editing, but also made Ulmer a forgotten name with anyone else than us major film fans.

Jane Wyatt kills her soon-to-be ex-husband who breaks himself into her house with a probable bad intention. Her lover, and cop (Lee J.Cobb), helps her remove the corpse and evidence to protect her. It is the "old" story of doing anything for love and an okay entry in the film noir genre. It is easy to have huge sympathy for the "bad guys" since there is no clear answer to why the ex-husband actually broke into the house, but the clean-shaven cop brother is so annoyingly single-minded in his pursuit for the killer that it is hard to care about him and his obsession for duty and glory.

As biker - road movies with excellent soundtrack goes there is few movies that will ever top this one. It is one of the ultimate alternative indie movies made which made breakthrough roles for both Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson and (to some degree) Peter Fonda (even though he was son of a screen legend). It is a production that rebels against Hollywood storytelling and production values with it's maverick editing, made-up dialogue and scenes filmed on-the-spot. It may not always have the most interesting story but it is a fascinating timepiece and has one of the most devastating film endings ever put on screen.

Intriguing potential about templar knights who try to bring a potential witch to a fair trial in a nearby monastery. Claire Foy make an impact as a "witch" who face certain doom. Christopher Lee has an effective cameo as a plague-ridden cardinal. Nicolas Cage do the stuff we expect and Ron Perlman has a thankless supporting role. Totally ruined ending though that overkill everything with a stupid CGI battle that come from nowhere. Up til that point it actually is not that bad with a "Sorcerer" moment where our team has to transport themselves over a rotten bridge and psychological mind tricks where one can not be certain who is really the bad guy.

I guess this is a kind-of prequel story to "Peter Pan" that tell some origin story of every girl's favorite fairy and expanding this story into a universe of it's own for potential sequels and long-running new spin-offs. It is not the worst production I have seen from Disney as it actually has decent CGI animation, an easy-going story about the important part the fairies have in nature and likable characters with decent voices. It is not that interesting for adults but I can understand the appeal from the younger ones and even I managed to get through this one without being particularly annoyed.

Superb science fiction paranoia movie that still hold a punch as it could easily pass as a political thriller too if one take away it's fantastical bits. It's superior direction by Don Siegel and above average leads make this a movie to rewatch numerous times. No wonder there has been numerous remakes over the years.

Straight-forward silent movie melo-drama version of the classic novel. It was the third production made and has some lavish moments, but the camera work seem static as if the director is filming a live theater production. Leads also feel uninspired though the villain is cool and looks like the grandfather to a future Bond villain.

Curiosity silent melodrama comedy for collectors of Hitchcock films only. It is a beautifully filmed production but the romantic story where a farmer tries to find a suitable partner is predictable and boringly written which makes this a hard film to sit through in one sitting. The outcome is also predictable from the first second. Hitchcock tries to spice things up with character comedy but it is hard to care about them to be honest.

While this is an interesting chronological view of events that led to Donald J. Trump becoming the new president of the United States, this documentary misses huge the point on the why he became the president. Behind this huge picture there is even a more interesting story about economic frustration, celeb turned into Gods by media exposure, political fanaticism, scandals, governments manipulated by foreign powers, racism and financial power. It is beautifully filmed, glossy and fascinating but also scary as one see the politcal rally and how completely brainwashed people seem to be on either side of the political sides and several times it was like seeing a religious awakening program where huge crowds are being led into believing words of a preacher that instead of taking your money is collecting your votes.

Any potential of this romantic comedy is squandered almost immediately as it becomes a critique about the differences between the working class and the upper class with leading character trying to become a nice well-dressed guy with good manners instead of a heavy metal loving son with no job. It would have been more fun if they kept the character as he was and did something differently with the story which is not interesting, controversial or fun enough. The love story is forced and feels unnatural and even if Tuva Novotny always look cute is at least ten years too old for the role as daughter and love interest. The ending is also weak. Maybe this one would have been a better as a short movie. It is cute and that is that.

Visually it is astonishing and it is a fast-paced high octane popcorn flick. The cast do the best that they can to make us forget the lack of characterization and the fact that the film lacks warmth and believable chemistry which we get from one old photo of the old cast in one small second of the film. The movie do have some fun battering though, especially by Karl Urban's Dr. McCoy who steal the show (again) and the new alien addition by Sofia Boutella is a high point. Idris Elba also make the villain work better than expected. The worst thing with this film is the insane overkill in CGI action that makes it hard to really see everything that happens on screen and that it seems a little strange to be three films into this new saga and characters are already starting to talk about retirement and going to new pastures. It would probably have been more acceptable as a film had it been some normal more low key adventures in-between these movies.

The biggest problem with the original RoboCop movie was that the RoboCop was a CyborgCop so this South African movie adresses this problem by having a true robot but with human feelings and a mind that can evolve itself into something better. It is an intriguing premise but is ruined by the fact that he is trained by an annoying (and very ugly-looking) rapper couple that is the main human focus of the film together with a lousy stereotypical scientist from India. More fun is to watch Hugh Jackman as the main bad guy, a gun-loving scientist fond of military gadgets and mayhem who seem to have a big grudge and hate for fellow colleagues and not into stopping criminality. Sigourney Weaver takes a huge paycheck to pop up as the head of the scientist organization but don't do much else than grind her teeth. More acceptable is the action and the effects themselves that work good and there should have been more focus on seeing bad guys getting shot down instead which would have made this film more entertaining and fun as it's attempt at profound science fiction never goes into fruition and it's midsection is too long.

Tom Hanks is fish-out-of-water when he experience culture shock in Saudi Arabia. It is marginally funny when he experience no-alcohol laws, how to get around no-female touching and a strange trip through Mecca, but the movie is never tough or unique enough with it's subject matter to really talk about the difficult religious issues nor what sets the cultures apart and ends up being a very weak but cute romantic love story instead. Everything hangs on Tom Hanks again and he fixes (as usual) most of the film's short comings, but it could have been so much more than a nice evening time-waster.

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