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Added by Nattkrypet on 3 May 2013 08:38
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Remake with great production values, make-up and Helena Bonham Carter looking good as a monkey. It lacks any form of originality or edge with a twist so obvious that it is impossible that the writers thought it was smart. Mark Wahlberg is also a boring lead and there is no way anyone should think the cowardly ape was a good idea.

Extremly gory Italian giallo slasher movie with brutal treatment of women with a woman gets masturbated with a man's toe on a diner sickeningly scenes of breast nipple cutting and broken bottles shoved into private parts. Director Lucio Fulci disturbingly seem to enjoy showing women getting cut slowly open - so it is not surprisingly cast himself in a role as surgeon in the autopsy room. A gritty atmosphere blended with a happy jazz music after the death sequences give the viewer a dirty guilty upbeat pleasure. The director has talent managing to make such a violent and disturbing film watchable.

Because it is inept edited and written it also is so funny and full of wild fantasy. The dialogue is memorably surrealistic and Tor Johnson mumbles and get trapped in a grave. Zombie-like Vampira and the terrible papercut U.F.O. effects add to the fun. An excellent companion piece to Tim Burton's "Ed Wood" biography film and any other Burton movie for that matter. Bela Lugosi's cameo from old home-video footage and then replaced by a stand-in is the only sore thumb in the film.

Edward G. Robinson get manipulated on screen so wonderfully by femme fatale Joan Bennett that I can't turn away from it. Only the moralistic ending put there by Hollywood producers ruin an almost perfect film.

I love this group of characters. Coen Brothers' great storytelling. The dream sequence with Julianne Moore as a Valkyrie and Peter Stormare running after Jeff Bridges with huge scissors is priceless. The movie only grows on me and the Dude is cool. Take my word for it - it's great

John Carpenter makes no fault here when he remakes the film to one of his big idols, Howard Hawks. Excellent music that builds up both the atmosphere and the well written story. Practical effects give the Thing a disgusting look that no CGI effect could ever replace. Even the strange talking Norwegian at the beginning is acceptable.

One of the best film noirs that I have ever seen. Orson Welles set the standard in how to look like a corrupt overweight donut-eating cop with this movie. A lot of memorable nailbiting scenes - like the ending and the assault on Janet Leigh. Charlton Heston is surprisingly convincing as a Mexican too. The studios tampered with this film at it's premiere but Orson got the last laugh as the film is like he intended now on Blu-Ray.

Vincent Price makes one of his most believable and darkest character portraits playing the real witch hunter Matthew Hopkins. The movie is pretty brutal with sex and torture mixed together. It feels authentic and believable. Especially, the ending is pretty grim.

Cult director Jean Rollin deliver moments that are artistic and visually original and the film is worth a watch only to see Joélle Coeur really going into character with an extreme sexual energy on screen that is breathtaking. Let's not talk so much about the paperthin script and minimal characterization and that every scene seems to have been made to get the female characters to strip out of their clothes. It is also crowded with incompetent editing and laughable scenes such when Coeur gets trapped under a small statuette of Jesus and can't get up.

Fascinating surreal and strange plot about a conspiracy in a mental instution. Birgitte Lahaie steals the film with vulnerable and emotional acting showing that also porn stars can act. Extremely slow paced though.

Great ensemble of non-white actors and an okay action movie ruined by stupid moments like when Jet Li wears a baseball cap on the dance floor believing himself to be cool and some lousy CGI effects.

Mockumentary about a self-absorbed charismatic serial killer filmed in a way that predicts the entire reality show craze as the killer talk and show every little sick and messy murder while a film crew interviews him and make him charismatic. The best scene is when our "serial killer" comes upon another killer with a different camera crew that follows him around. An extremely dark film and some scenes are very "un"-enjoyable and close to disgusting. Disappointing ending too.

A strong document over the last days of WW2 that show that not all people that lived in the Reich was blonde, stupid, trigger-happy and brainwashed sentries of Hitler. The movie is full of captivating performances and great dialogue and convinces with it's attempt at a historic authentic style.

Full of memorable surreal or symbolic imagery that just confuse the hell out of me, but can give anyone nightmares. There is a lot of unique images here. An eye sliced out by a razor. Ants crawling out of a hand's palm. A man grabs a woman's breasts before pulling a piano with two donkeys and two priests in tow through the living room. Books turning into revolvers. There is not a logic story to follow so let the brain go and just enjoy this strange wicked dream landscape.

Memorable scene of Laurence Oliver torturing Dustin Hoffman by drilling really hard in his teeth is the highlight but also engaging is the entire subplot regarding Roy Scheider. Engaging story about a student caught in a hunt for diamonds and one crazed Nazi war criminal. Only the fact that Dustin Hoffman look way too old playing a graduate student this is a strong memorable thriller.

One of the most extreme and intense blends of sex and "fake snuff" films that has ever graced the screen and should be experienced just to see how sick a "mainstream" film can be. It influenced David Cronenberg to make "Videodrome" so it is hard not to praise it a little. Always sexy Laura Gemser gives the film elegance and a sexy exotic flavor that make the film better than it deserves.

Retro superhero movie best described as a mix between "Iron Man" and "Captain America: The First Avenger" directed by the same director who did the "First Avenger". It was done many years before the superhero craze with a modest budget and no computer effects. I loved the cute pairing with Bill Campbell and gorgeous Jennifer Connelly who is always perfect for this classic time-setting. Timothy Dalton is also believable as movie actor who is also a nazi scum. It also have some fun in-jokes and homages to the old Hollywood times and I'm sure it would have been a box office success today as I'm surprised this didn't connect with audiences at the time.

Silent movie epic kick-starts with an impressive watery mouthed dragon and the slaying of it. The duel between the marriage sick king and Brünhild is cool to watch and while the story may be predictable due to it being an old heroic legend it is also hard to be very critical about it. It looks very expensive for it's time and there is something visual to behold throughout the film.

Impressive sets and battle scenes with a tragic and dark ending perfect for this myth, but it demands patience as it has a long build-up for what we all wait for: Kriemhild's revenge. One do have to swallow the fact that Attila the Hun and all his men are portrayed as embarrassing stereotypes while the Germans are noble and full of honor though (a very typical black and white portrait for silent movies anyhow but especially disturbing to behold when we know it was made fifteen years before WW2)

Since it is the first appearance of Christopher Lee in his iconic role as Dracula it is a must-see for any serious horror fan and this film is also filmed in glorious Gothic setting and color making it the perfect film from film studio Hammer that any film afterwards has to be compared to. Surprised how gory it was for it's time. It takes some (refreshing) liberty with the source material so it actually has a surprise death early on. Peter Cushing also deliver the most excellent Van Helsing that I have seen on screen as I usually find that character boring, but Cushing really feels like a man taken from the inquisition period that just happen to hunt vampires and not witches. Only the actress playing Mina is boring and the fact that I'm over-familiar with the Dracula myth. Still, one of the better adaptations of the material.

Accept that young teenage girls have a sex drive and that they are extremely horny. A likeable movie that touch on "hard to talk about" issues for young teenagers with a refreshingly short running time. It do take too light on the issues though and has a superficial "I want a boyfriend" story with an ending that goes the obvious route.

Interesting reflection and discussion about religion, people and life itself by the man who can deliver these kind of dialogue, Ingmar Bergman. Fantastic story that use flashbacks and dreams to tell about a life in retrospective. It is also light and endearing with Victor Sjöstrom being charming in the leading role.

Extremely entertaining war-action pulp movie that is a firework of grenades, bombs, machine-gun fire and hand fists - the most memorable scene being on a cable car. The blonde Gestapo officer always colored my childhood on how evil people looked in the world. The Eagle's Nest is one of the best locations that has ever been on film and worthy a Bond villain's lair. Clint Eastwood doing his cool, silent type but is a surprising sidekick here. Who can hate a movie where someone shoots down Nazis?

A deeply disturbing prediction of what is happening behind the scenes at TV stations today. It could be seen as a black satire, but feels more like a real-life drama now. It is full of great dialogue and memorable quotes with some strong acting especially from the men and Beatrice Straight has a fantastic scene. All kudos to Faye Dunaway as well for getting away with the Academy Award for a role where all she needed to do was overact and be out-of-sync with the rest of the cast because her character is annoying as she live in a melodramatic soap movie and behave accordingly. Even for all this Faye is gorgeous throughout and it is hard to really hate her for doing what the script tells her to do.

It leaves a lump in the throat to anyone who has a small inch of imagination and have tried to enrich other people with beautiful stories throughout their life. Albert Finney is fantastic in this movie and Ewan McGregor is spot on as a young version of him even if I needed a few minutes to accept him in the movie as I had almost started to hate him for his sloppy work in the first two "Star Wars" prequels, but he is perfect for this "fantastic" adventure. Sadly, after this Tim Burton started to go very "safe" with family movies and has seemed to have "lost his way".

Christopher Lee returned eight years after the original and he was still a magnificent presence as blood-thirsty Dracula. Barbara Shelley's Helen Kent transforms into a delicious vampire woman from the moment she gets bit after boring us for the first half hour. Andrew Keir makes an interesting priest / vampire killer. The demise of Dracula is a memorable scene and the sacrifice and resurrection scene is also well done. The production values is as usual fantastic for a big budget Hammer movie. Suzan Farmer is a cute girl but adds nothing to the film and the main hero is a bore (as usual in these kind of films). The script is pretty stupid and the dialogue is so terrible that it is no wonder Dracula decide there is better to have nothing to say.

The best adaptation/reimagining/update of "1984" that has ever been done. The fact that Terry Gilliam went to war against Universal Studios so that we got to see his version and not a edited studio version with a tacked-on stupid happy ending makes me happy. The film is full of fantastic visuals and I love this dark depressing future where people drown in bureaucracy and official papers something that we get closer and closer to.

A good rework of the classic TV series that feels like it's own entity than a reboot, remake or relaunch. It is made into an interesting thriller that takes some cool twists and turns as it is like an American James Bond film film now with the team concept (the best thing with the series) more as an afterthought and the most important character from the series taking a dark turn for the worse but since that character is played by a new actor I see the Tom Cruise films as a product of a "parallel universe" anyway. Fun for a watch.

It feels like John Woo remakes former glories or other Asian action films for this sequel, but there is no denying there is a lot of action to see here. Thandie Newton is a gorgeous damsel in distress that steals the film from Tom Cruise. This film is ruined by the fact that it overdo the use of masks and several times do the film feel more like an unoffical "Face/Off" sequel and the main villain overacts badly.

Action gets to a whole new level here. J.J. Abrams give the film series an extra urgency where any other character is disposable. Philip Seymour Hoffman is a good villain. The script manage to surprise a little bit at the beginning too.

It is the first entry in the film series that actually resemble the TV-series with a group of agents that perform an impossible mission. It doesn't take itself as serious as before and almost feels like an old Roger Moore James Bond-flick at times with hilarious over-the-top gadgets. Some well-directed and fast paced action scenes, especially the automatic car-park at the end. The story doesn't over complicate things too much and refreshingly is the overuse of masks from the earlier films dropped from this one. There is even a lovely catfight in this one. I also like the fact that the bad guy is Swedish and not a Swedish actor doing as a Russian villain again (yes, I'm thinking about you Peter Stormare). Sadly, Josh Holloway's role is an ungrateful cameo role.

Epic filmmaking at it's best. It is pretty unnecessary to comment on the directorial merits of this film which is excellent. Some great location work and Peter O'Toole is a shining beacon that embodies the character helped by an excellent ensemble. Has to be experienced.

Old school action in a time when all action seem to consist of computer effects and fake CGI blood. It doesn't shy away on the dark psyche of the tormented character and I like the build up of the movie as the first half is intense. A memorable massacre sequence, a fight with a Russian and a mysterious assassin with a guitar is some of the highlights and I feel that this film is an underrated film as it delivered just what I expected. Only the demise of the main villains are anti-climatic and I Would have loved to have had Roy Scheider a little longer in the film.

Remake that threads mostly over the same old material that we all know from before. It has better glossier photography and seem to have a bigger budget than all the original movies put together but that is also it's downfall since the CGI sequences are laughably bad. I also hated the teenagers who look more like drug addicts than healthy students. I also miss Robert Englund's charming performance and this is one of the most unnecessary remakes I have ever seen.

Luis Bunuel's flavor for wit and surrealism makes this film superior to almost any other drama. It is a fight between sexes intensified with random acts of terrorism and symbolism. Carole Bouquet and Angela Molina play the same role making the character more mysterious and hard to decipher in a directorial masterstroke. Incredible film.

One of the most audience friendly, action-filled and plain fun westerns that has ever been produced with priceless and breathtaking use of the camera. The phenomenal music and Eli Wallach steals scenes whenever he appears, but Lee Van Cleef also does his outmost to outshine everyone. A true "ecstasy of gold" film.

Atmospheric dream journey through emotions and our need for sex. Excellent edited and directed with the usual fantastic use of classic music that Kubrick could use to great effect in his movies. Great acting. too. The funniest thing with this film was that American censorship didn't respect the director's final work and added computer effects (CGI people) in front of the orgy sequences. Now 10 years later, we have "worse" sex in one episode of a HBO / Showtime / Starz series. Sad, that sex is always treated worse than violence in America.

Visually fantastic German expressionism blended with the film noir genre. It has some good cliffhanger-moments and set-pieces too like the shooting down of a man in a crossing and the attempted drowning of the romantic pair. Impressive car chase at the end. It even has a returning character from "M" in it. Some characters talk too much though when it could have needed a little more pulp action, but still a fun film to see.

Top quality atmosphere and strong cinematography makes this one of the glossiest "Jack the Ripper" films. Ian Holm and Robbie Coltrane make great supporting characters and I would have loved seen Robbie in the lead actually as he looks more like the character from the graphic novel by Alan Moore which this film is a complete Hollywood friendly version of. The laughable casting of Heather Graham as a nice prostitute and possible love interest destroys the film with her unconvincing accent and the fact that could have passed as a high-class whore but not a street level one at that time. Johnny Depp should have been the played the whore instead - now that would have been risky casting.

A visual feast for the eyes with impressive action and a strong universe with interesting characters. It made Hugo Weaving a star as one of the best villains in movie history and sunglasses cool and leather fashionable. Still it is not that a original story as some want us to believe. Series like "Twilight Zone" and "Star Trek" have played with this "life is but a dream or computer program" for years, but it was the first one who mixed this with audience friendly action and inventive use of computer effects - and let's be blunt Keanu Reeves just can't act a single emotion.

Sequel deliever fantastic visuals - again and I love Monica Bellucci's appearance while Laurence Fishburne steals the show with the best stunts and swordwork, but the film is too filled with bland new supporting characters that I don't care about and Invincible Neo (aka. a computer generated Superman in black) is a lot less interesting now that he now knows most of the truth about The Matrix and he seem to have less personality than Virus Mr. Smith who gets a new and more interesting motivation in the series.

The Ups: Well... The computer generated rain looks great on screen and Hugo Weaving steals the show...again, but the computer effects overkill any potential this movie series had as the film concentrate half the movie on unimportant and boring stereotypical characters that are fodder for the machine. Trinity's role has become so uninteresting in this one that it would have been better had she been killed off in "Reloaded" giving at least Neo some human motivation for this one. Plot elements are dropped and some things are never addressed even if they seemed extremely important in the two first films. This film series really lost it's way at the end in my eyes.

Short stories in the "Matrix" universe. They are more varied and seem more thought out than the script to the two sequels. The various animation styles are interesting too, but all the stories are pretty depressing and doesn't really add anything new to the table. The voice acting is pretty monotonous too. Still worth a watch for fans.

Atmospheric and different take on "Macbeth" that manage to become even more riveting and interesting than the original play. An excellent Mifune in the main role help and the film has one of the greatest death scenes in movie history. The witch is more comical than scary though.

A great what-if Nazis tried to kill Churchill. It sticks pretty close to the source novel by Jack Higgins and has a cast any film would kill for.

Crowdpleasing Robin Hood actioner with THAT Bryan Adams tune. Alan Rickman go beautifully bonkers as the wicked and deliciously horny Sheriff of Nottingham and is the icing on the top of a very fine cast. Some of the best things from this movie like Morgan Freeman's silent but cool Muslim swordslinger was stolen from the best Robin Hood production that ever has been, namely the series "Robin of Sherwood" and the cameo with Sean Connery at the end is annoying because I started to think how the movie could have been even more fantastic had he joined the action halfway through the film instead.

Excellent cast is the main reason to enjoy this enormously pleasing film noir. It practically introduced Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce to a broader audience and gave Kim Basinger the highlight of her career (before it went in a downward spiral). The story take some good twists and turns and is engaging all the way through. Great atmospheric piece with old costumes, cars and golden age Hollywood style add to fun. The main villain is not the most original one, but doesn't ruin the experience too much. Solid handwork.

Some of the best filmed moments and set of gorgeous women put on film, but I just can't seem to adore this Fellini movie as much as every other critic and film fan do. For me the entire film feels like a practical joke put together by a director with no idea how to make his own movie work. Instead it is made episodic and filled with surreal moments and he seem to hope people will like it just because he is Fellini making a film. Sadly, I'm not that engaged by this film.

My favorite of the two "film within a film" productions that were made in 1963. A beautiful art movie that has a surprising role for director Fritz Lang (as himself) and a super hot Birgitte Bardot in various degree of undressed. The story itself about marriage that falls apart during a movie production fascinate me and the film is elegantly made. Jack Palance also deliver one of his best appearances of his life. Surprising ending too.

I like that someone tried to do adapt the Frank Miller stories that made the character famous on film and while it is flawed I felt that Ben Affleck is a solid Matt Murdoch - even if his Daredevil portrayal is just average. The visuals that show how Daredevil manage to fight without seeing are beautifully done. The problem is that the film is too short and the material has no chance to breathe as it not only becomes an origin story, but also a couple of others half-finished sequels in the same film. Many characters become severely underwritten (Kingpin, Elektra) and don't get enough to do. While the director's cut version is certainly better it also have terrible acting by Coolio and the romantic story between Matt and Elektra should have been more powerful. Colin Farell also becomes too much of a gimmick as Bullseye and I had no problem in seeing Michael Clarke Duncan as Fisk. I like what this film tried to achieve. It just didn't have the time, power nor talents to really make it through. Still, I liked it - a guilty pleasure I guess.

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