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It is impossible not to love this beautiful macabre combination of Halloween and Christmas. It is full of those weird strange, unique figures that are a trademark from Tim Burton's earlier films. Danny Elfman's music is wonderful and haunting too and his song voice is pleasant to har so he should sing more. The details, story and movements in the film are like a dream. One of the perfect modern fairy tales for (almost) the whole family.

Excellent "Mockumentary" that take all the things we love about rock and make it into a loving but fun homage to the genre. The music is so good that the fake band went on tour afterwards and Spinal Tap actually has better hits than some of the other hard rock bands that I have on my favorite list on Spotify. The fantastic comedic trio that makes up the heart of this band (McKean, Shearer and Guest) will forever be at their best here.

One of the best romantic comedies ever made full of charm and Audrey Hepburn is perfectly cast as princess on the run. Gregory Peck is surprisingly warm and pleasant as the possible journalist love interest. All modern romantic comedies pale compared to this one and the ending is what really works with the movie making it a classic of it's type.

"Sleeping Beauty" Disney style has a loving classic animated style and has the honor to be the first film that I ever saw in a theater. The film's excellent witch villain that looks like the mirror image of Elizabeth Taylor is the highlight of the film and the scene when she turns into a dragon at the end is exciting. Sadly the film is totally ruined by a heroine with absolutely no personality and the annoying fairy godmother trio comic relief. This is one true hit-and-miss film from the classic period.

Excellent "man on the run" thriller with a huge numbers of great set pieces and a great cast. It is one of the essential Hitchcock pictures. After perfecting this genre Hitchcock left this type of movies in search for new challenges. It is still the best of it's type nearly 60 years later.

There is still much to cherish in this fragmented and partly lost shortie. Keaton still have fun gags and great ideas and the plot that starts with our hero attempting suicide by jumping in front of cars and going under falling safes is something that you will never see in today's comedies unless you want to be labeled as "bad taste comedy that makes suicide fun" but Keaton gets away with it. Sadly, the ending is totally missing and other small sequences is lost so this one is only for the biggest fans of Keaton and film historians who wants to see everything he did.

It's a charming haunted house movie but feels very dated due to the good old used story from that decade about criminals scaring people away dressed as ghosts - and the only thing memorable is a scene that has nothing to do with the haunted house at all. It is a scene when Keaton gets glue on his hands that stick onto some money that he's going to give out as a banker to waiting customers, but the glue makes it impossible to deliver them and instead they stay in his hands.

Great social commentary about Japan's fears about total destruction - just take away the A-bomb and replace it with a monster. It has some memorable aftermath imagery that still deliver a punch and is excellent edited. The film is great but it feels copied to death even decades later - making the story a little too slow and predictable today. It is still a classic of it's kind though.

Any romantic comedy where Audrey Hepburn makes her charm on Humphrey Bogart and William Holden is worth at least one viewing because this film is helped a lot by its acting and the great direction. Sadly, the ending doesn't ring true enough though and in the end it felt better if everyone had left each other and tried to move on with their lives. Still, it is a film with some great moments though.

Nail-biting thriller that keeps surprising right up to the end. It is even more believable in these terrorist days and it is almost as it predicted some of the themes that are in the news today. This film feels like a type of movie that will never be made exactly like this again as it deals with a subject matter so realistic and frightening as it could have happen in your own neighborhood. It should though have ended a little sooner in order to become a really effective thriller.

Concert animation film consisting of short films synchronized to classic music. I felt that "Fantasia" has memorable moments. My favorite was the somber "Night on the Bald Mountain", the Mickey Mouse one and probably the first one that is a more abstract short movie. It do have a problematic rhythm though as there is a lot of the short films that are too long and boring as animals, mythic creatures, crocodile and hippos are dancing to some music which makes it feel like something we have since numerous times before in the "Silly Symphonies" short films making this a very overlong event film.

A shorter and faster paced sequel to the original "Fantasia". The best shorts are the one with the insane flamingo and his yo-yo and the beautifully drawn story about nature's death and rebirth. I also like the "Rhapsody in Blue" short and (gasp!) overall this movie is more satisfying than the original, but the reprise of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" is unnecessary and the Donald Duck short is disappointing but cute.

An almost "panel for panel" recreation of the excellent graphic novel by Alan Moore about a former superhero team in a Cold War setting who are shocked by the murder of one of them. It follows the graphic novel story closely and there is even scenes where director Zack Snyder has used dialogue and setpieces directly for his film. Only the ending is changed, but it doesn't really matter that much because there has to be at least one surprise for those familiar to the story. I loved the excellent soundtrack too and the film looks gorgeous. I remember some idiotic teenagers at cinema who didn't understand that the film is an intellectual story demanding their attention and they were bored because there was not an action sequence every five minute almost ruining the experience the first time I saw it, but only just. There exist three versions of the movie. Some will find the theatrical version long enough, but the director's cut version is a great surprise that adds additional stuff and important scenes that was left out for time and pacing but is the best theatrical presentation for fans. There is even a longer ultimate cut that adds the animated short film "Tales of the Black Freighter" that was a separate parallel story in the "Watchmen" graphic novel but that one is actually better (for me at least) on it's own in a separate form. Still for those fans who want the story as close as possible to the Alan Moore text they would probably adore that version even more. Still, this is one of my favorite presentations and a true comic book art-movie.

Grandiose epic Technicolor romantic drama set during the Civil War is full of riveting acting centered by Vivien Leigh's tour-de-force performance as Scarlett O'Hara and full of quotable dialogue. It do become a full-blooded soap opera movie in the second act with a lot of sudden and dramatic deaths but it is easy to see that it is the best of its kind. Only the stereotypical use of colored actors for comic relief moments date this film.

Autobiographical-like movie with events from the director's life mixed with weird characters and great visuals. Probably the most audience friendly of the many Fredrico Fellini's films I have seen even if it relishes in it's chaotic structure which is an usual trademark from the director.

Playful Robin Hood movie with a very likeable Errol Flynn and an excellent villainous Basil Rathbone. I love the sword fights, the fast pace and the hilarious fun sequence where a evil soldier laughs manically only to get shot in the chest by Robin Hood seconds later. The film also has thousands of scenes stolen in countless Hood adaptations later. Great Technicolor footage add to the classic appeal of it all. They don't make 'em like this anymore.

Great stop-motion Ray Harryhausen creature feature with memorable stop-motion effects, especially the Cyclops and the Dragon fighting each other is a memorable moment. It is good entertainment for entire family. It could have needed a little better editing though and The Genie is annoying and the stop-motion creatures are better actors than the human ones to be honest.

Asia Argento at the height of her sexual greatness with delicious breasts and heavy Italian-Anglo accent is what makes this romantic crime-drama bearable. I admit it. The best reason for seeing this movie is that she is taking her top off and moves her kissable lips because Jared Harris is bloody terrible as a walking snore bag with no passion at all. The ending is strangely underwhelming and seems taken from a different film and the film seem tampered with.

Gratuitous female nudity, long lesbian exploitation scenes, trashy shots of cleavage or boobs in wet T-shirts makes this any teenage boy's wet dream but where is the script or at least an attempt of self-aware smart dialogue? It can't think we should take this serious? Laughable blue-screen effects and leading actresses lacking screen experience doesn't help either. Should have been a classy porn movie with the girls instead. Director brings along cameos from his old friends from the "Xena/Hercules" show which is probably the most interesting with the entire ordeal.

Charming old-fashioned alien monster movie that became the one everyone copied for years afterwards. Fun practical effects. Great ending especially in this "The North pole is melting" age - What will happen then??? Sadly it is a film with boring acting where even the great Steve McQueen is miscast as a teenager (clearly in his mid thirties).

Fantastic timeless story based upon real events about P.O.W forced to build a bridge in Burma. Impressive character portraits where Alec Guinness unsurprisingly steals the show. Great atmospheric footage and the whistle tune is unforgettable. A war epic that few movies can top.

One of the hottest women around in the 1930s, Claudette Colbert, plays sexual predator Cleopatra. A lavish production even if it has been overshadowed by the costly 60s version with Liz Taylor. This film is not very historic accurate nor do they get the characterization right. This is a romantic Hollywood version of the legend and who cares really anyway. If we want facts we will see a documentary about her since everyone in this movie are white-colored Americans anyway. This film knows that it is here to entertain so instead it has much comedy and sexy shots of Claudette and extravagant costumes. I liked this a lot better than the 1963 version.

Uplifting alien visitor comes to Earth movie. Visually beautiful and the Alien manage to become more believable then a lot of computer generated ones I have seen maybe because it's in rubber and the actors can respond to it. Henry Thomas has good chemistry with the rubber alien, but Drew Barrymore out-acts everyone in a crying sequence that could break your heart. Here is also one of the most scary "Men in astronaut suits" sequence that have ever been shot - and it's of course in this film we got the iconic shot of a bicycle going over a full moon reused as film logo to Spielberg's production company Amblin ever since. Sadly, the film also has it faults. It is highly manipulative directed as Spielberg drowns us with sentimentality, heavy music and emotions. I also always get annoyed by his trademark scene where he get actors to stand and gasp in awe of the spectacular special effect that he present in the film. It is high quality manipulation though.

Extremely inventive dope road movie in look and style. Here there is no cool "drug is fun so let's show how trippy it is" camera shots that helps the audience know the characters are on drugs- we have to accept that the characters are drugged with the help of the acting and script. The movie seemed to trap Johnny Depp into doing the same roles afterwards: eccentric drug/alcohol infected characters with strange quirky behavior that mumble to himself. Benicio del Toro is hard to like as he wanders around like a hairy slob for the entire movie and could probably be the one star that drag the movie down one rating and for some even make this film unbearable. I liked it though.

Realistic and gritty cop movie about drug trafficking from France to New York. This is the film to see The greatest cop chase with car put on film. Gene Hackman and Roy Schneider are fantastic as cops and while the fashion and haircuts may not have dated that well, the movie have and it feels like a fantastic documentation of the 1970s that one want to revisit again and again. For me, William Friedkin's masterpiece.

This is probably the last really good old-fashioned ghost story before the horror genre drowned totally in serial killers and supernatural boogeymen who hunt down virgins. The great John Houseman sets the style at the beginning with his scary campfire tale and from that moment I'm hooked together with the great atmospheric music from John Carpenter. The fog (smoke machine) help giving the film a dream-like and creepy force on it's own. It is an underrated John Carpenter movie that is a lot better than anything he did during his later years. Seeing legendary scream queens (and mother/daughter) Jamie Lee Curtis and Janet Leigh in the same film is enormously satisfying, but the truth is that the casting director has done a beautiful job getting the right people to do this film. Should get more credit that it gets as it gets lost between Carpenter's true masterpieces "Halloween", "The Thing" and "Escape from New York", but while it doesn't go all the way this is truly a good old-fashioned atmosphere piece that deserve it's cult classic status.

Science fiction with heart on the right place as it tries to tell a believable future where people are no longer born the normal way but genetically engineered to become perfect. It could possibly have been a richer and deeper film about the subject as it ends up to become a "moral message" movie to tell us that "inferior genes" don't necessary stop your destiny or potential, but to be honest it is a message that needs to be told to modern audience's prejudices about people with "genetic problems", "illnesses" or "handicaps" as they could easily have a stronger I.Q. than you - just take a glance at Stephen Hawking.

A cute Walt Disney homage to "Sherlock Holmes" that for many young boys (me included) was the first experience I got to experience the wonderful world of classic crime "who dunnits" movies. It also ends with a breathtaking climax that has a pinch of Hitchcock in it with it's nail-biting fight on top of Big Ben's dial pointers. Vincent Price's sweet voice as the villain, Ratigan, is the icing on the cake for horror buffs and the Basil Rathbone voice cameo is golden. Sadly the story itself is not that original, the animations are crude at times and music numbers are forgettable. Still, it is a movie with a lot of highlights clearly made only to entertain.

Another great Ray Harryhausen stop-motion effect movie that is close to perfect. I especially love how the film present the Greek Gods as they play around with people as chess pieces. The film looks beautiful and who can forget The Skeleton Army? Best adventure film of the 1960s???? Yeah, possibly.

Still the most effective "we lost the dead body" thriller that is made. The ending still kicks a punch in the gut even if I know how it ends and show how normal contact eye lenses can scare more than a million made up monsters. Vera Clouzot is also so gorgeously vulnerable in this movie it is hard not to love her. Only the police investigator appearing at the end feels like a forced after-thought to the movie.

Realistic horror inspired upon the gruesome killings of serial killer Ed Gein has believable acting by non-actors and a villain, Leatherface, that is such a destructive force that it is no wonder he became a horror icon. The title though makes people think we are going to drown in severed body limbs ripped apart by a chainsaw in the most gruesome and bloody fashion but the film is actually very restrained and one can see 99% other more gruesome and detailed films in the genre. This film only has such believable atmosphere that makes it disgusting for many viewers.

The first horror movie with running zombies that I can think of though what makes it more memorable is the comedy and that the zombies scream "Brains!" when they are hungry. Linnea Quigley's nude dance on a grave with a pink wig is also memorable. I like that it doesn't take itself serious and the humans are so stupid they deserve to be eaten. Don't know why though but I just didn't like the downbeat ending.

This animated film made me think about the old Disney shorts where Chip n' Dale tries to steal food from Donald Duck. It' slapstick humor make it fun enough for at least one viewing but even though it is short it overstays it's welcome at the end. The humans are also so evil, violent and pig-headed that it is hard to show this film to the youngest member in the family.

Beautifully produced ballerina drama-tragedy inspired by a H.C. Andersen fairytale that spellbound with it's magic dance sequences and a fascinating "Behind the scenes" story. Anton Walbrook is excellent as a demanding and selfish maestro who sees ballet as religion. Moira Shearer does one of the best debuts on film ever and is memorable with her red-flamed hair. A masterpiece.

This is like a Japanese animated Dario Argento movie. Here is blood, nudity and some good memorable murder sequences. It is a better suspense film than most live ones I have seen in the genre and the story is pretty wicked.

Joseph Cotten and Ingrid Bergman - two names that make me interested in watching any movie and when it is a period piece by Hitchcock even more so. It starts as a romance but the romance ends up with secrets and a disturbing twist that makes up for the fact that the film is overlong and slow. A problem one would think that perfectionist Alfred Hitchcock would have taken care of. Gorgeous costumes and photography help the film even in it's slowest moments even if Michael Wilding's non-existing acting try to ruin the film totally

Coming-of-age drama about three British girls that are fascinated with a with an older American soldier. While it is clearly a story told by a person with a romantic view on Indian culture and it's people it looks excellent and there is not really anything bad to say about it though it is clearly a one-sided romantic love letter to India.

One of the best big budgeted car crash extravaganza movies with a charming Burt Reynolds in a cowboy hat, a nonstop talking Sally Field in a wedding dress, a stupid sheriff with son and lots of cars getting demolished. One of the best of it's kind.

Black comedy sleaze thriller with added naked value from Denise Richards' silicon boobs. It is a fun "who fools who" story that is hard to take serious with dialogue so over-the-top like a mother screaming that "My daughter DO NOT get raped in Blue Bay" as if it is okay to rape her in any other city with a person gallery of slick lawyers, horny rich mothers, dark minded lesbians, horny teachers seeking students and stupid policemen one is up for a treat. Sadly, the film is ruined by a stupid explanation scene at the end where one has to explain what has happened to "idiot" viewers.

Fantasy movie about a "chosen child" with magic powers that is a lot more entertaining and charming than the last three "Star Wars" put together. A wonderful unique music score by James Horner kicks off the film as we follow unusual "little person" Warwick Davis (in one of his best roles as sorcerer's apprentice) goes on a quest to stop dark magic forces. Joanne Whalley as a sexy warrior princess was one of my first childhood crushes in this film. One of the few watchable fantasy movies for the entire family until Peter Jackson changed the rules of the entire genre. Sadly, George Lucas hasn't invested one sweat drop into making this series into a trilogy, especially since we have gotten "Lord of the Rings" crazy lately. First he could "remaster" this film and change some of the outdated effects and THAT UGLY dragon with new improved effects as in "Star Wars". Then he could remove most of the scenes with the film's Achilles heel - the two annoying "Comic reliefs" (Kevin Pollak and Rick Overton) and we would have a great "new cut". Then he could produce two new sequels with the baby as an adult. It is clearly that Lucas has lost his touch as a film maker since he hasn't done this when we think about the "Lord of the Rings" craze that we have had for the last couple of decades.

One of the best post-WW2 film noir movies that have ever been made where they even reunite the two best actors from the Mercury Theater, Orson Welles and Joseph Cotten. The hunt for the mysterious Harry Lime is gripping from the arrival in Vienna till it all ends in a memorable manhunt down in the city's sewer tunnels. The music hits like a bullet in the back of my bones and Alida Valli is gorgeous. A perfect film.

A crime caper like no other that uses Roald Dahl's story and reworks it into a Wes Anderson's visual movie. The combination is fantastic and makes me want to see a full universe of Roald Dahl films in the same style. The film has excellent stop-motion and the voice actors do their best to make this a fun adventure.

Bleak and depressing story based upon Franz Kaftka's novel about how society judge and control people without any reason or knowledge of why they do it. Excellent direction by Orson Welles and acted by fantastic actors and actresses.

Sexy leads Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway at their most attractive playing "criminal and law officer" falling in love. Has the most memorable erotic chess game put on film and the Academy Award winning title song "Windmills of your mind" that sticks into your mind. Some great split screen sequences during the first minutes of the film with a bank robbery as a highlight. There is not that much substance maybe but it is so damn entertaining.

WW2 biography about resistance fighter Max Manus tries to have a realistic tone and it is good to see that Max Manus' inner demons is not wiped under a rug. It is powerful to see our National Parliament building decorated with Nazi flags and the film manage to recreate some 1940s atmosphere rather well. Sadly it is hard to take Aksel Hennie's wig serious and the film would have needed a lot longer running time to give the story justice as there is a lot of story left out and in it's place is chaotic and hectic flashbacks and scenes explained with a voice-over. The movie also lacks any real urgency or suspense even if the country is occupied by Nazis and the romantic subplot doesn't give the Max-Tikken relationship any time to grow or make it believable. Should probably have been a big-budgeted mini-series instead.

A pulpy shoot 'em up gangster movie. It is a remake of "Yojimbo" and "A Fistful of Dollars" who were both inspired by the novel "Red Harvest" by Dashiell Hammett that itself became the film noir "The Glass Key". "Last Man Standing" is at least true to its 1930s gangster style atmosphere from the novel. Christopher Walken do another of his many memorable villain roles as the gunman Hickey, the second best shooter after Willis' character and there are some very attractive female "victims" that are trapped in this city of criminal hell. The movie is ruined by too many bland characters that I don't care about though and Bruce Willis go around with a terrible haircut (no wonder he needs a hat) and talks with a indifferent and lifeless narration that feels like an afterthought to explain the plot. It should have been removed for some atmospheric music instead.

Seeing journalists and news reporters on Fox News and other news channels looking more crazy and brainwashed than the "dictators" that they try to slam is the most eye-popping moment. As a documentary it is a complex and interesting production that try to explain why U.S. foreign policy always think about their own interests first and how they show a different face to their own citizens where they tell them "how they are going to save their world" when it all is about capitalism and getting their hands on South American resources. The film is dated though as there has already been big changes in South America - with Hugo Chavez being dead the biggest. Oliver Stone should also have given the narration to a more lively voice actor instead as he is not that effective - there must be someone in Hollywood who are not afraid to address U.S. foreign policy? Bad editing and annoying translators also ruin the interviews and make it a hard film to warm up to.

The Ups: Attractive young actors and actresses gets slashed by a man with a hook. It is an okay time waster ruined by an annoying non-ending and the fact that PG-13 murders just ain't that effective. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar's cleavages may make up for it's shortcomings for some of us.

A totally unnecessary sequel with a terrible plot makes the original look like a masterpiece as Jennifer Love Hewitt and new friends go to Bahamas to get killed off and to scream their lungs away as if they were doing a high class Shakespeare theater play. When even the deaths are staged predictable and are among the most boring you will see you know that you have done the most unforgivable thing in a slasher movie. The surprise twist at the end is any thing but and I didn't even get the satisfaction to see the annoying Brandy Norwood get killed off. The film even ends with another open-ended "room for another sequel" ending, but since no one else then me and a few horror fans (who has to see everything) have seen this sequel THAT will never happen.

This movie killed the epic classic western genre as we know it as from this point there was only comedies, spaghetti westerns or darker themes to explore as this one told everything there was to tell about the last gunmen in the west. It is the definitive western epic with the most ambitious camera work, the best Ennio Morricone music score, the coolest shoot-outs and the best hats. The gorgeous Claudia Cardinale as the most missed whore from New Orleans, the icy cold blue eyes of "killer" Henry Fonda shooting down a family in cold blood and Charles Bronson playing the harmonica are moments forever frozen into my memory vortex. They just don't make films like this anymore and Sergio Leone - you are missed!

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