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Movie Reviews (1801-1850)

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Running in the streets Tom and Jerry end up in a toy museum. Tom plays ping-pong with Jerry and gets a superlong tail. Jerry actually saves Tom's life for once and end up as an angel. It is a better than usual short during the final years of theatrical shorts for the duo.

Jerry get help from a Fairy Godmouse that give him a serum that make him invisible. Jerry goes psycho with scissors making this short feel super-violent until it all ends super friendly. Sadly most of this short feels like a remake of old hits.

A boat transporting cheese is the new destination for Jerry. Tom is the chief security cat that has the job to stop him. An annoying shark complicates it all.

A relative of Jerry who happens to be both a magician and a hypnotist visits. The magical mouse manage to revive and rescue all the animals that Tom has eaten and some rabbits in his hat crunch Tom's skull. Pretty forgettable.

Jerry and a mouse friend have practical gags with a sleeping Tom starting with a harmless flysnapper before going totally violent with a revolver, a rope, a knife and a bow before Tom gets his revenge on the two mouses and actually manage to trap the two jokers. The short itself could have been better but the pay-off is worth it.

Jerry decide to postorder a bulldog to help him out only to discover to his surprise that it is smaller than he is. Luckily, it is just as effective. Well, the dog is cute and the last gag at the hospital was especially good.

Tom and Jerry decide to carry out their differences and their on-going chase through the house with a duel (that turns into duels) instead. The usual stuff but interesting as the two rivals end up in a kind-of stale mate with no clear winner.

Even a sleepwalking Jerry can cause problems. When the mouse discover that he even attempt to kill a sleeping Tom with a knife he decide to keep himself with coffee. It doesn't help. By-the-numbers story and no inspiration here as it even recycles itself.

Tom and Jerry's chase end up in a circus where an elephant falls in love with the mouse as the two end up on the stage as clowns while Tom try to catch Jerry.

Tom is in love. Jerry is the engagement ring, but the female cat's maternal instincts kicks in as she makes Jerry her baby instead to Tom's frustration. Luckily, for Tom, his love's natural killer instinct soon kicks into gear.

Tom wants to eat a goldfish. Jerry becomes her savior but there is a bigger fish that get to be her lover at the end.

A short consisting of old "greatest hits" as the duo go to the cinema to watch their own stories but ending up fighting again. It is a very predictable and boring short that even the most hardcore fan should be bored of.

Tom and Jerry chase each other through the Alps. With the help of a St. Bernard, Tom gets drunker and drunker as the story progresses making one wonder how this managed to pass censors when other shorts don't.

Good-looking pulp horror action splatterfest based upon graphic novel about an Alaskian town in total night for 30 days and therefor visited and terrorized by blood-thirsty vampires who start to feed on them. It was filmed in New Zealand so the film consist mostly of local actors and actresses who do a good job, but American Josh Hartnett look out-of-place as local heroic sheriff. The gore effects are top-notch and the violence intense, but the vampires themselves lack personality and look more like mutated zombie versions from "28 Days Later" which may turn off those looking for more traditional bloodsuckers.

A surprisingly decent spin-off story that has been mistaken for being a remake or reboot but is actually more like a story of what happens to another set of teenagers. While it lacks the great campness it has the ups the graphic violence and gruesome bloodletting of the original movie and the story is still amazingly effective. While the leading heroic actor is a disappointment and has too much the face of a Hollywood fashion actor the female actresses and the bearded dude that lets out the evilness in the first place are good. Expect a lot of bodily dismemberment and disgusting moments and it is hard not to like it.

Just when I thought there was not possible to make worse comedies come this enormously bad comedy about two men who hope to go on a cruise to hit on women only to discover it is a boat full of gay men. There has never been a worse role done by a man who has sniffed on the Oscar statuette and Roger Moore has never been more embarrassing. Blowjob, gay and stereotypic characters is everywhere and the story is predictable shit.


A potentially good thriller about snuff is ruined by a central weak performance by Nicolas Cage who overact enormously especially when he sees the film and can't sell the fact that what he sees is a "fake snuff" film (even if it is meant to be real). Joel Schumacher also is so intergerated into the Hollywood system that he can't manage to make the movie gritty or realistic enough and the film come across as too glossy and staged for it's screen material. The build-up of the story also works nicely but the last half turns the film into a laughable revenge movie with stupid confrontations and weak villainous portrayals that cheapen the strength of the initial idea. A huge missed opportunity.

Based upon true events about a Norwegian orphanage and correctional institution for "troubled young boys and men" that society or parents could not take care for. It is a gripping story about abuse, the abusers and those who were abused and those who decided to fight against the abuse. It is especially the new young talents that hold up the movie and make it strong while the most famous name, Stellan Skarsgård, mostly go around overseeing the events and production (that he co-produced). While the film can feel a little over familiar as it dwell into the usual "prison movie" genre and has the expected sleazy warden (called housemaster here) it is helped a lot by good characterization and the icy cinematography. The vague ending that doesn't manage to give a complete closure on all the events and characters is a little more disappointing though but since the story takes place in 1915 and the institution lasted to 1970 it was probably to be expected.

First in a long-running franchise about an inept criminal gang of robbers that lasted for 30 years and 14 films (and later even spun off to a franchise series about the gang as young boys). It was originally based upon a Danish film series that also was the basis for a Swedish version ("Jönssonligan). The Norwegian one was pretty much a family version that could be seen by everyone except probably this first one which kept some of the more "questionable" adult Danish touches intact as it also includes a sex-worker that is in love with one of the characters, who clearly is her lover and pimp. There was probably a freshness to this for Norwegian audiences at the time and there is a car chase that was probably exciting at the time. The music was also addictive and the actors clearly has it fun which is contagious to the viewer watching. A good old "cops and robbers" movie.

The first sequel started to perfect the franchise and added also another new beloved character, Harald Heide Steen jr. as the dynamite loving Harry. It was from this one that a lot of stuff would later be copied.

My favorite in the franchise as this one is also the film that is the most different to the rest of the films in the genre also because it skips it's Oslo setting for the Southern Norway landscape. Combine this with the search for a secret Nazi treasure, a evil spy (Ole-Jørgen Nilsen predating the look of national convicted Russian spy Arne Treholt ten years later), a few explosions, unbelievable stunts and a crazed carswrecker and this is as close to a winner this film series has ever come.

Fourth movie starts to drag a little and the franchise start to feel repetitive by now, but at least there is a (at the time) interesting conflict in the group as the trio is split for half of the movie before they get back again for a new heist. The usual (mostly) harmless humor still makes it a watchable entry.

It starts with a devastating terror act bur end up with A boring ending where the villain rambles om for ages about the reason and motivation for the act maling the ending anticlimatic. The movie itself is standard nordic noir. Annika Bengtzon do feel like she could look and sound like leading actress Helena Bergstrøm though.

Actually the fourth movie about Annika Bengtzon but the first with the much more appealing and sexier leading actress, Malin Crepin in this kind-of reboot film series (with a TV movie budget). It is a standard Swedish /Yellow Bird production that reuse and recycle the same plot elements again and again and is fairly predictable. This movie premiered in cinemas but has no true cinematic feel to it and it is not strange to learn that the remaining five films was released direct-to-DVD even the Nobel Prize jury story is boring and the villain is obvious from the get-go and the suspense is never truly nail-biting. It is not terrible but it should only appeal the most undemanding Nordic Crime fans. There is though a gorgeous female assassin in the movie that should have gotten her own spin-off movie as THAT was a woman and subplot a lot more interesting to follow to be honest.

It tries to be a kind-of whodunnit stories with ten suspects trapped together and journalist Annika Bengtzon revealing the truth, but sadly the culprit is so obvious since there is no twist to the story and the character is played by someone so unlikable it ruin the potential of an otherwise good idea. Fans maybe will find something good with it, but it is only an okay timewaster to be honest.

As much as the film want to portray the leading female journalist in a positive light there is no question that she goes over other people's personal tragedies to get a good story which is especially apparent in this entry and probably the best part of the film as the crime plot is sadly by-the-numbers written and executed. Solid made, but it follows the usual Yellow Bird production studio rules as a solid piece of work.

Another time waster of a by-the-numbers Nordic crime thriller that doesn't surprise. At one point there was a hope here that this entry could have been a tense conspiracy thriller where our heroine journalist suddenly steps into something even she can't handle that well, but it fizzles out at the end into a lackluster showdown that disappoints on all accounts where even the country-crossing hitman starts to repent his life choices because he has cancer. It is actually strange when the subplot about the cheating husband who find comfort into another woman who actually spends time with him to be the most interesting in this film. This franchise starts to go at the bottom of the barrel.

The penultimate movie in this franchise based upon Lisa Marklund`s novels is possibly the best in the series so far as even if this one also has a culprit that anyone with a single braincell should predict as the plot gives us all clues in the first few seconds. What makes this one more engaging is the fact that there is also a kidnap/possible kidmurder at the core of the story and the suspense lies in the fact if he is dead or not. Annika also is close to getting her brains blown off, but she hardly register any emotion about it.

One striking mass killing sequence at the beginning can't stop the fact that this film never surprises, but at least there is a change of location from Sweden to Spain and Malin Crepin is good for the eyes.

Well it is acceptable as a TV special Christmas episode and has that "Frozen" charm that all young girls love, but the songs are weaker than ever before and the comedy half-hearted and not strong enough for adults. Fans will love it and there is the great Norway cake cameo and showings of Norwegian traditions that makes it all worth it for us Nationalists, but that is all there is to it, sadly.

Another beautifully designed Disney production and also uniquely different from the other "princesses" as we this time get a Polynesian experience. Most surprising though is the voice acting of "The Rock" as a half-God doing a decent job at it too. The story though is a predictable by-the-numbers story about returning an item that was stolen and the full circle of life and nature, but at least it is an old good story worthy of retelling once again. A hugely likable experience for entire family as usual that takes some focus away from the "Frozen" brainwashed girl in the family to a new heroine.

Based upon a Chinese folktale, Mulan could have been the first attempt for Disney to make a more serious entry but with the exception of it being the mouse studio's first movie that deal with warfare it is pretty childish making the film fall between two chairs.

Intriguing thriller has a lot going on to make it watchable but highest on that list is the visual direction that is top notch as usual from dePalma. While many say that he steals from Hitchcock I find dePalma more channeling the giallo genre in this film and especially the films of Dario Argento. How much he steals from the original French movie "Love Crime" though is hard to tell since I have not seen it, but hopefully it ain't a complete scene-for-scene steal. Noomi Rapace is also perfect for the film as a woman who get tortured by a unlikable boss bitch who not a single soul could say didn't deserve her fate. The movie never really surprise plotwise though and the last twist is probably one too many, but even a mediocre dePalma is still fascinating.

I have no knowledge of this actress but the question is: do anyone else than herself? A documentary about a retired actress living in her mansion reliving her few past glories in the limelight having regrets of old decisions and hating herself enormously. Intriguing portrait of an unknown actress feeding herself on the few drips of stardom that she felt in life.

As a live-action version of a beloved animated classic it is not at all that bad as it follows the story and music of the original and could have been damn perfect as Emma Watson has the intelligent beautiful look of the beauty, but the choice of doing the beast completely CGI was terrible and makes the love story heartless - even worse as he looks and act like a prick in the introduction. Also a bit too long for it's own good due to some unnecessary extensions to the story.

The best way to get introduced to four of the greatest Italian directors that ever lived and four of the most beautiful European women as well without seeing four full movies, but instead seeing four short movies about desire, sex, lust and love instead. One of the best anthology movies I have seen filled with comedy, sex and drama even the talky bits are great.

This is the best fake trailer of a movie that has not happened played with aplumb with actors and actresses that I would have loved to seen in such an crazed exploitation remake. Fantastic sleazy and wild for 3 insane arty minutes.

"Twilight" for adults meaning that both horror and the sex goes all the way. It is also a lot more inventive in one single scene both creatively and visually than the entire 4 part saga put together.

Drama with a poetic quality over it is practically unwatchable due to bad sound, inept editing and amateurish acting. The plot is also uncomprehensive and scenes jump all over the place. They have a connection but just barely. I like independent films but this one fails totally for me.

Well I haven't even seen the movie that these "minions" come from yet, but I thought this one showed potential and could be slapstick fun to watch. Well, the first minutes are excellent but the movie goes too fast through history before ending up in a boring 1960s mileau where it turns up (yet again for a movie) to be a kind-of spy villain parody that bored me so much I went to sleep on the couch.

Sadly a very predictable short with one extremly annoying baby that look like that kid that Maggie Simpson absolutely hate - and I hate it too.

Absolutely forgettable even if there is a few charming gags in it. I have even forgot what was the plot and most of the action already.

Absolutely bottom barrel stuff about an uninteresting character from the "Minions" movie that has not one single joke or originality in it.

The most satisfying "Star Wars" film since "The Empire Strikes Back". Yes, it is a film that deliver a lot of fan service and explains plot that maybe regular people hasn't really begged for, but it is a much more proper movie than any of the other "newer" films so far and has a great retro look. It is a good war movie brought only down by lackluster character deaths that feel censored by Disney to be honest. Seeing Peter Cushing brought back to life is worth the admission in itself.

Wow. A wonderful dark comedy with some devasting and gruesome deaths but also moments of pure beauty and great character moments. Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson is a pure joy watching as two hitmen who respect each other. Ralph Finnes also appear at his most vicious.

It is impressive how gripping it is to watch lowlifes swindle the weakest and most in need, but Fellini managed it with this movie that feel very realistic and the ending feels like life laughing back at you and feel very natural for this film. I liked this film much better than some of Fellini's more known films.

It starts as a joyous travelogue and how fun it is to party in Rome, but ends up as a tragedy with a devastating murder that change the entire film as a man discover that his life is without hope and one big failure after another and his chances of true happiness is never discovered as he goes around in his own selfishness.

I can understand the appeal as the film do have some charm and a great premise of two friends going on a trip to make a food citique. At first it has a great "reality TV" aspect to it and that feel is deepened with how the actors improvise things on the spot, but sadly it ends up mostly being a film about the two of them doing impressions and nagging at each other. The added scenes of dreams also take away the realistic illusion of it all even if the Ben Stiller cameo was fun. Maybe it worked better in it's TV series format?

As a farce it is fast-paced and it do happen a lot of the whimsical stuff that is expected, but it is not like it happens that much surprising really. The cast though is above average and make the film a lot funnier than the script.

It may be a gimmick movie but if all gimmick movies were as loving and beautiful as this I wouldn't care. A perfect tribute to a lost movie form that sadly the world needs even more today if only people would dare let it in to their hearts and overcome the fact that it is both silent and in black and white. Timeless, pure and simple even when it drowns us with sentimentalism.

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