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Movie Reviews (2001-50)

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Could have passed as a high-quality production of a Jesus Franco movie but with his trademark of nude bodies and extreme "in-your-face" sex removed. Yes, there are some pretty heavy dark S&M themes involved but it happens "behind closed doors" or are mostly expressed in the actresses' faces as it explore seriously it's theme. Franco regular Monica Swinn even have a cameo. Cat's Eyes' music add to the atmosphere.

It drew me of power as I really fought with my will to be interested in this audio-visual poetry piece. Maybe it was the digital video that ruined the experience or that the actors lack charisma even if they may look realistic and normal. Only the subplot with a secondary character that swap identity with a stranger had some fun (if predictable) playfulness to it.

I like this journey through Cape Verde and how one man hope to finally discover his roots but instead end up on a tourist trip of sex, drugs and great music. The twist at the end is probably the only thing sort-of predictable with the movie as the rest of the film feel autenthic. The shots of the landscape make one want to take a plane trip and go discover the area for myself.

It is another of these college teen sex comedies but done the French way making it at least a little more exotic, charming and original than the rude and predictable films in the Hollywood studio system. The french kissing looks nice though.

More a social commentary than a comedy to be honest, but it is an important comment on child wellfare, poverty and women who leave their children on the doorstep of others. Chaplin is completely overshadowed by the kid too who charms and warms the viewer in every single scene.

While intended as a centerpiece for Edna Purviance it ends up being the film's sleazy playboy villain that takes the limelight from her with his charming yet sly smile as he hunts down women for his nightly prey. It ends strong and show a dramatic side of Chaplin that he would use effectively in his comedies later on but never again in a melodramatic films like in this stand-alone box-office failure.

As an inventor of comedic scenes, timing and making fun of tragic events, Chaplin was a master and this film show him at his best. Not much else to say about it than to experience it.

The last two free spirits in a world where industry, machines and the system wants to trap them manage to be both rebels and funny while fighting it. Chaplin was probably never better as "The Little Tramp" than here and Paulette Goddard was the best shining starlet beside him. The film is filled with iconic moments that made me laugh more than any new film and the ending is poetic.

How long can the world's most gruesome and terrible dictator be feared? Untill someone arrives with the similar bodybuild and mustache makes fun of him and tells him some earnest and true facts about life. Then your hard grip will start to falter and soon you will have lost your followers as they get to know the true stupidity about your policy. No wonder Chaplin had to shave himself afterwards either,

Never has a sad and mad expedition been shown with such tragic and insanity as with this one. In the middle stands Klaus Kinski doing one of his most famous trademark roles by being only himself at his most crazed and ogre-like. The few women that surrounds him are equally powerful and the jungle cinematography phenomenal. What Werner Herzog got out of his lousy budget and gonzo filming is a miracle in itself.

How to describe this? As a knife that is plunged into your body and soul but the knife doesn't kill you at once but only slowly while you have seen your loved one at her most degrading, abused and naked before you arrived at your death happily knowing that she will be safe and protected in the end. Schneider's daring performance is phenomenal to watch. Kinski an added bonus. This Polish/French hybrid is perfection.

Classic music and great locations mix together in a fragmented drama inspired on a newspaper clip that is more intriguing and better written than the dialogue that seem improvised on the spot. There are some fascinating shots but the dramatic scenes don't work good together. Maybe it would have been better as a full-blown atmosphere piece instead?

Blending past and present day in order to show fragmented parts of Bach's life. It is an intriguing piece filled with classic music, architecture and nature. It may not give new followers to either composer or director, but there is a chance that it could create interest in exploring the life and works of both of them.

Oddball of a film that lacks depth, especially in it's characterization and especially why the barber is so jealous as he is. Some comedic situations are good but the film never end up better than half there.

Barbara Stanwyck has to be one of the best temptresses ever put on screen as Henry Fonda gets hitched on her little finger. There is not much of a breather here either as this one is filled up with fun great scenes from start to end. Truly a masterpiece in it's genre.

A good social comedy with one of the funniest chase scenes put on screen and the lovely Veronica Lake as support.

By-the-numbers Tom and Jerry. Never truly boring or bad. Only predictable as Tom has to save the house from getting dirty from Jerry, but even the most predictable short with these two is worth a watch.

One of the most memorable and most screened in the series. It is the payoff at the end that makes it better than average.

A lection in slapstick abuse madness. It hurts to be a cat.

Surprisingly "scary" short that even address the drowning of small kittens. It may end predictable but would they even dare to make a cartoon like this in these political correct days?

Fun due to the crazed, warped and colorful bird even if the short itself is a rewrite of-sorts on "The Little Orphan".

Bottom of the barrel "clip" show. Only barely watchable.

Not surreal enough, but at least one get to see the image of Jerry as a mermouse.

Poor Tom. Not only is the mouse against him but now two dogs hates him too. Three against one is not fair. While one of the more famous shorts this one has never been a favorite of mine.

The tennis court is a good new playground for our characters and while Tom seemingly deserves to get his abuse, Jerry also deserve some of it when he do a double betrayal playing friend to both Tom and another cat.

Tom seems even more brutal than usual as he decides he wants first to eat the egg and when that doesn't work - the cute little quacker that steals this short's limelight.

The cowboy theme works good for this one and the ending with Tom ending up as Jerry's personal pet is nice - and it is hard not to love the white sexy female cat.

Among the better known shorts and it is hard not to love the innocent lion who arrives in the house seeking help for his escape from the circus. It is hard not to smile of Tom's wicked laughter either.

It's party at Tom's house so there will be war between cats and mouse again. In the end everyone ends up a loser.

Some reused gags make this only one of the more passable shorts, but the great animation still makes it worth a watch.

While the conducting a symphony with two rivals has been done before and the short is mostly a bore I felt the ending was worth the waith. At least the symphony was good while I was waiting.

There is so much fun and abuse one can have with another one's bone.

Tom plays trick pool with Jerry. Violence never gets more classy than this.

Jerry is presented as a love present to Toodles and having to do tricks for Tom and his new love pet before revenge is sweet by presenting first a rival for her love before running away with the female cat himself. It is a cute ending which show that even in a Tom and Jerry short there is possibility for love between a cat and a mouse.

We have seen the story of Jerry saving a pet from Tom's clutches before, but it's a cute goldfish though.

Molested, beaten and forced into the exploitation genre, this movie is actually an independent drama that tries to tackle a taboo subject matter seriously: love between siblings. The amateur actors only enhance the documentaric feel while the cinematography towers over tons of established studio films at the time. The unperfect dialogue add to the realism of it all. Truly a lost masterpiece rescued for us to see.

The title says it correctly. The film feel like part of supplement footage and could easily pass as deleted and extended scenes that was taken out of "Life As a Fatal Sexually Transmitted Disease" but seen as "distracting" to that film as this time around the focus is on the couple that struggle with their love life during the same time period. Too much recycled footage sadly stops the film to a halt for me.

Maybe a bit too much a personal film project by Fassbinder for me to enjoy - and I almost didn't get through the film either as there was a slaughter house sequence that was more gory and disgusting than any horror movie I have ever seen in my life. Even so, Volker Spengler do a powerful performance that is hard to forget.

"Querelle" was a cold unerotic experience for me, but then again I am more a follower of Jeanne Moreau's dirty talk than Brad Davis anyway. A sweaty, frank sexscene was hard to see. It is a very good-looking film but the nice package lacks a heart. I find it an interesting companion piece to "Salo" though another "last film directed by a controversial director" in a sex fantasy homo-erotic S&M fever dream.

The comfort of being a voyeur and never experience life as a youth and regrettig it when you become an adult. Hell, it could even be a movie about all of us cinephiles who loved movies so much in our youths that choose to not go to parties or have a sex life but instead watching a new film in the collection - discovering true life a little later than anyone else but more experienced and mature because of it.

Rockabilly wannabes that love the timeperiod's fashion, hairdo and cars got a gorgeous film to look at and the cast do the most out of their characters, but the truth is that the director himself became so mainstream and watered down in the process that the film truly lack a true heart in the middle. Fun for what this is, but it never truly ignite my fire.

Sebastian Silva is a better writer/director than an actor as he creates this gay indie drama that comforts you like a baby into a special kind of place before it cuts through it all like a blade. While Silva don't register an emotion from me at least he gets tremendous help from his above average cast.

When isolation can be changed by the arrival of a stranger that disrupt the bad life cycle and affect one in a positive way. Marianne S├Ągebrecht has never been better for an international audience, CCH Pounder had her breakthrough role and Jack Palance was back into the Hollywood arms after this one. Great cinematography too.

What happens when you cross "A Clockwork Orange", "Mysterious Island" and a sexual fever dream about gender transformation - you get a visually astounding but equally raw and disturbing film. It may be hard to stomach at times, but the feminine cast of "young hateful boys" who slowly are transformed to young females add to the strong appeal of this film even when the film is at it's most outrageous.

Family drama where sons and daughter of a collective meet for the funeral of their father (even if they have different mothers). It is a quiet, slow burner with good actors even if the reveal at the end never has the effect it should have - as it come across as too predictable. Morale of the film? The only one who can live happily in a collective is the alpha male who can impregnate all the women there.

Documentary/mockumentary about a filmmaker that never manage to get any work done as he ends up running from project to project before ending up with the film that he should have done to begin with. Hard not to like the film and it give some insight into Italian politics from late 1990s that even fellow Europeans like me had little knowledge of.

When an film manage to tell the life story of an old man to young kids and they actually care for a character that is not young, colorful, loud, wild, insane, comedic or magical than the film is special. It is something special when a film manage to show all the bad stuff regarding old age and how it is hard to let things go - only the last loud final thirty minutes ruin the total experience from being truly unique.

From the moment we learn that three victims are connected to a woman working at a laundromat I got a feeling that this could be a Chinese "Basic Instinct" - and while the film is both darker, more gritty, depressing and less glamorous than it's Hollywood counterpart it may also be more erotic, atmospheric and believable. It also takes better detours, twists and turns and is pure satisfaction to watch.

As an artistic sexploitation (close to) a XXX-rated movie go this is as close to those old erotic Renaissance paintings that one can get. The movie also deliver some of the most beautiful 1970s European nymphs on the screen - several dusin in fact. The insane over-the-top "The Beast" segment is so over-the-top and gross that it deserves to be seen even if it is everything but erotic. The best one is with Picasso.

A cute romantic fantasy set to a circus setting is a perfect parallel counterpart to "City of Lost Children" that even has that marvellous Marianne Faithful song not once, nor twice but three times throughout the film as it's signature song. Vanessa Paradis trapped to a board with knives flying is a sight to behold and more erotic than you would think. Closer to five stars than five to be honest, but it lacks that extra emotional string to be perfect.

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