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Striking visuals (especially in the first half) and a surprisingly intelligent script for Michael Bay where humans are perfectly breed as donars for successful and rich people. Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor are a likeable duo and Sean Bean do a good sleaze bag role here as well. Halfway through the movie Michael Bay ditch the good concept and is back doing his tricks with loud unrealistic action sequences that overshadow some of the "good stuff" that was is in the script ruining some of the impact. Still this is the last good film from Michael Bay before he went totally brain-dead with the terrible "Transformers" adaptations.

A good cyberpunk idea courtesy of writer/screenwriter William Gibson about the brain serving as a temporary memory drive for information, but it can not be appealing to have a memory drive in your brain that only remembers 80 gigabyte - that is less than 5 really good high-def movies making the science laughable and flawed. Keanu is good at choosing interesting projects but he walks through this film as a zombie and Ice-T should stick to his bland music instead of trying to do acting. Dolph Lundgren has a memorable over-the-top villainous role as a Street Preacher is the funniest thing with the film.

Comedy that made Jim Carrey's career. It is fascinating to watch rubber face Jim Carrey move his expressions so far out of what is normal for human anatomy that one wonder if he is an alien. The cartoon like behavior and humor of the film is all over the place and it hits-and-misses in equal tones.

Jim Carrey returns in the role that made him famous. It has some visual gags and Carrey's rubber face make it impossible not to laugh at least once, but the story is idiotic and rushed and it lacks a good consistency.

Well the title says it all really. This is a copycat of a movie about a serial-killer that do things we have seen other serial-killers do before. There are two strong actresses in the main roles who are watchable and the main reason for watching this film. Extra thumbs up for using "Murder by Numbers" by The Police during the film, but since the killer is a copycat the outcome also is predictable. Annoying final scene that "ask?" for a sequel like it was a TV-pilot for a long-running series.

Excellent combination of faces that could have been taken from a weird comic book strip. Nicolas Cage does one of his finer performances and an ex-boxer is shockingly good as a bounty hunter from hell getting some of the best scenes. To appreciate this film you really need to suspend your belief in order to accept not only that a female tough cop marries a multiple offender and an idiot but also decides to steal a baby out of own selfish reasons. I couldn't care less, but love this film.

Drama comedy that manage to mix folk myth with folk lore and folk music into a refreshing and vitalized take on an old and often filmed classic (Homer's The Odyssey). The typical Coen style of mixing actors with almost cartoony faces and getting them to play together again enrich their films and Clooney has a good Cary Grant vibe over him in this film.

Solid actioner that entertain and get extra help due to excellent help from three good supporting actors who's last name ends with a C (Coburn, Cromwell and Caan). Arnie also does one of his better portrayals here and Vanessa Williams is one of the better babes in distress i have seen in this type of films. A surprising violent alligator attack and a extreme weapon that shoots through any material is memorable moments in this film. Memorable stunts too and there is a great fight with with James Caan receiving and throwing punches as if he had the same body-builder training as Schwarzenegger on top of a suspended container. A glorious brain dead movie that is perfect for some beer and chips and a guilty pleasure.

Year 2000 had two chances at making two excellent big-budgeted movies where the action takes place in Mars and they were both lousy and blew their chances. It is never a good thing when a movie starts with a boring distanced voice-over while the movie credits are still playing either and the actors don't even care to act in this one.

Atmospheric Gothic spook story with a devastating emotional core. Nicole Kidman and the two kids manage to give this film a deepness not usually found in American horror movies.

A sex comedy that manage that is set to the psychedelic swinging 1960s style of that decade with a lot of colors, strange editing and stupid costumes combined with parody of the most memorable Bond villains. Mike Myers make two memorable characters with Dr. Evil and Austin Powers and seem to have but together some of the best Shag-a-delic babes in the business. Sadly the film goes too far with it's vulgarity and gets pretty repetitive after a while too.

More of the same. More babes, bigger boobs, sexier and more revolting and sick jokes. Heather Graham is perfectly cast as eye candy girl agent from the 1960s. Disgusting new character Fat Bastard is so revolting that he ruins much of this film with bad language and puke-worthy behavior (which probably was the point).

Starts with a fun parody of what would happen if Austin Powers was a bigger budgeted Hollywood production directed by Steven Spielberg and the casting choices (screen cameos) here is inspired. Beyonce Knowles is surprisingly good in the role of a exploitation queen from the 70's and has a feisty Pam Greer vibe over her. Hell, I would even see a sleazy remake of "Coffy" with her. Sadly, the film overuse both Myers and the numerous celebrity cameos and it implodes in it's own navel-gazing. The joke has worn thin this time around.

Brutal uncompromising horror exploitation where innocents get killed even if they are nice and have family. It is a bleak and terrifying film that don't shy away from it's subject matter with fast pace and a lot of gruesome twists and deaths. The second and really last of the old independent Wes Craven where he let all morale and logic be thrown out of the window as he did Grindhouse films that shocked and were hard to swallow. After this one he became a studio director and a lot more clean and acceptable to censors and made mainstream horror films.

Better cinematography, tighter editing and more tension and it is even more brutal, gory, tasteless and relentless than the original, but this remake takes on a "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" spin close at the end that doesn't really suit the film. Still, it is one of the better remakes of classic horror films I have seen.

A disgusting graphic and violent birth sequence that ends in death will make even the most die-hard gore-hounds squirm as it is so tasteless and disgusting that it is hard to watch any further which may be just as well since the story about soldiers trying to catch the mutants is terrible and ruined by actors taken from college. The connection to the original is minimal and it has an annoying non-ending.

A nightmarish vision of blood, oil, machine and body parts combined into one mix of surreal and intense imagery. It is fast-edited and with minimal of dialogue.

Sequel with a more linear story than in the original and a better budget. More like an superhero action movie than horror and it lacks the freshness, the frenetic editing and insanity of the original as it is more a re-imagining of the original than a sequel. The acting is terrible.

Michael Crichton's story about a theme park that runs amok is so good that he recycled it again for "Jurassic Park" twenty years later, but this is still the original one. It is a good film that doesn't really fulfill it's whole potential but Yul Brynner is memorable as a Terminator-like killer android who stops at nothing to take down his victims.

The first time that a dinosaur actually looked like a true cold-blooded prehistoric beast and not like something made out of clay. It is based upon Michael Crichton's reworking of his own "Westworld" but with dinosaurs replacing the androids and is a more family-friendly picture because of it. The characters are mostly either running for their lives or awe-gaping of the effects. It is hard not to enjoy, but I got the feeling that Spielberg reuses his most powerful shots here.

It is obvious that Spielberg made this one just for profit. It lacks any heart or soul and is one of the director's worst films as the film is completely on auto-pilot. The film consist only of action set pieces that probably was leftovers from the first film / book that they wanted to do but didn't get to work into it. The ending is obvious an attempt to update "King Kong" with a T-Rex. A lot of the plot doesn't make sense and has serious logic bursts too. I do like the darker atmosphere and cinematography and the effects doesn't make anyone sad, but that is all there is to this film.

The great Sam Neill is back as Dr. Grant in an entertaining third movie but with not a single breath of new ideas and the rest of the characters are all dinosaur fodder. ILM's effects is what keeps us watching.

A comedy movie that feels like a wild old 1930s cartoon. Jim Carrey's face seems created for this film and Cameron Diaz has never looked better than here. It is full of insane visual gags and madness and it is hard to not be a little entertained by it.

The movie that any girl between 2 and 14 have on repeat. To be honest I'm not surprised they love it, because it is a very effective film with very realistic moving and good-looking characters. It also has some of the most impressive snow and ice effects I have seen in an animated film and the small Norwegian details make make my national heart blossom. I also like that the animals don't talk for once and while going insane by the tunes (because my daughter wants to sing or hear them all the time) I have to be honest to say that they are damn effective. Easy to say that this has already become a modern classic.

Typical solid Disney animation that flows good with the original's style. ruined by annoying interruptions where Timon and Pumbaa is sitting in the theater trying to have fun bantering and reminiscing about moments that we never saw in the first film filling plot holes that were not interesting to see to begin with. Another cash-in on the fans and kids of the films and deserves to be skipped by as many people as possible.

Easy to see why it was premiered to video for undemanding children as the story is pretty weak. It lacks energy and should have been a rejected project as this is Disney completely on auto-pilot.

It is risky to make a Pixar movie in one of the most tired and over-used movie genres in Hollywood: the teenage student comedy and this one lacks the oomph, originality and the creative fun of the original. Our dynamic scare duo doesn't come across as so lovable and likeable as they this time are rivals and not the best of friends. The many varied colorful and sometimes unique monsters is the main reason for seeing this sequel.

Sandra Bullock do a cute romantic movie about a young woman who pretends she is the girlfriend of a gorgeous comatose patient instead she discover that the brother is the better of them. There is some nice chemistry between the romantic leads, but this is an expected illogical Hollywood fairy tale as any woman that had tried to take advantage of a family in distress would never had the chance of becoming a member of it afterwards.

The second movie in "The Hobbit" trilogy is faster and better than in the first. It enhances the story and I liked the added romantic elf/dwarf subplot as it give some necessary added feelings and humor into the film. The dragon is also finally revealed and it looks fantastic and has the powerful voice of Benedict Chamberbatch. I also like that this film finally expands the universe and give us a few new places we haven't seen before as the first one seemed to only go to the same places we saw in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. I miss a little more foreboding to "Lord of the Rings" though but the few moments where Gandalf discover the dark power of Sauron are powerful. A more entertaining film, but some of the CGI action look like taken from a computer game.

Sad and believable drama about a strong-willed woman who is only loved for her looks and not for having a life and mind of her own. Nastassja Kinski proves to the world with this film that she also can act and in this film it is easy to see why someone said she looked like a young Ingrid Bergman showing both beauty and intelligence. Roman Polanski has directed a epic movie with beautiful landscapes and lavish costumes but also show the brutal down-beat community and how life was to many poor, hungry beautiful girls during the Victorian era.

A few new thrilling and inventive action scenes making this another entertaining action time-filler in the on-going fast and furious franchise. The ensemble is still up for it and even better than normal, but it is the action gals who have the best and most powerful moments this time around. Two seemingly definitive character deaths in the film are not nearly as powerful as they should have been though and the climax is the most boring moment of the film with someone having to kidnap Jordana Brewster so that she had something to do in a film where she could easily have been written out of.

Here we get to see the double assets of Natasha Henstridge in full glory which probably is the main reason for this film existing. While the basic story could have spun off from "Alien" as the creature was designed by the same creator, H.R. Geiger, the director seem more interesting in showing the alien in it's human form trying to breed with the male cast. The biggest shock of this film is how many talented people that actually have been cast in the film when this is basically a very weak exploitation film. Ben Kingsley even look more alien and scary here than THE alien! Annoying non-ending set up new sequels.

A prequel/reboot movie that tries to explain some of the background to events we saw i "The Wizard of Oz", but is actually it's own creature as it is based on the novels. In tone it feels very much like a studio picture with a few brief moments where the true nature of the director comes through. James Franco is miscast in the leading role trying to channel a kind of Johnny Depp performance that hits and misses at the same time. I was never a big fan of the original either and this one also didn't connect that much with me. Fun to have seen, but it doesn't offer something I want to revisit again.

Overproduced project that never manage to grasp the universe heads-on and the rich person gallery doesn't shine as much as it could as I got the feeling this director really don't care about this movie. What it do get right is casting a child actress who impresses me with her acting that overshadow the more established Hollywood faces and I like the unique universe that is created where people can change themselves into animals. A planned trilogy of this film never happened due to people in the U.S. complaining that the books and film portrayed organized religion and churches negative which made people boycotting the film without even seeing it and forcing the non-ending of this film to never be resolved. Guess I have to read the books to find out how it all ends.

Bigfoot is real and he is taken to live with a family in this family comedy that feels like a one-sentence fun idea dragged into one hour and a half. The Bigfoot has a great facial mimic, but this is harmless and boring stuff. Only David Suchet as an evil hunter is worth seeing while John Lithgow makes one of his worst roles in life being the over-the-top family father.

In Rio even the birds dance and sing. Colorful designs and much music will make any kid love the film, but the human characters are unnecessary and drag the film down.

A Hollywood big-budget re-telling of one of the most-filmed Japanese legends but having Keanu Reeves as a Japanese samurai even if he plays a half-breed half-demon is a weird creative decision as he feels totally wrong for the role. It also doesn't help the film that the strong story line is hampered with fantasy sequences that lack basis in reality or is well-defined enough to make it become a true fantasy movie. Should try to see the original Asian versions of this legend instead.

CGI effect movie where you get to enjoy seeing people plunge to their deaths at the depth of the sea in nail-biting terrifying scenes. Excellent cast of Kathy Bates, villain Billy Zane (who shines here), the always stable David Warner and the great posing breasts of Kate Winslet. The beautiful decor, costumes and attention to detail is the real reason to see the film though as the story itself is a typical tragic romance story where only death can separate true love. DiCaprio is especially annoying here - in probably what is one of his few performances where he actually don't act at all.

A pure pulp horror movie written direct to the screen by Stephen King making his own "Cat People" story. It is an atmospheric film due to the use of Enya's music and M├Ądchen Amick is fantastic as a vulnerable and beautiful scream queen coming direct from the sets of "Twin Peaks". It is hard to love cats in this film as a lot cruelty to them in the film as they are killed, ripped apart and hanged but at least they take their revenge at the end.

A terrifying film for any parent as it feeds on the fear of a ice-eyed crazy nanny trying to take your infant and killing off you and the rest of the family. Rebecca deMornay makes a good intense role and is believable (and equally tragic) as the nanny. John deLancie has a small but believable moment as a sleazebag gynecologist that finger-rapes pregnant women. A laughable "jump scare" in the film is when it seems it is scarier to have a dark-skinned man in your neighborhood than a killer nanny. This fear of a homeless dark-skinned Ernie Hudson really give the film a dated feel.

Fun time capsule as we see primitive computers, Atari video games and Matthew Broderick with a stupid haircut. First scene is a small nail-biting thriller on it's own as two soldiers are forced to launch a nuclear missile. Playing Tic Tac Toe solve any nuclear problem though. Hard to take serious, but fun all the way.

The last well done John Carpenter movie - a good blend of H.P. Lovecraft works and the success of Stephen King combined into one interesting story. Great help from many supporting cult faces and Sam Neill is engaging as a man gone bonkers from reading to much fantasy fiction. Cheap edits and false scares are unnecessary and it would have helped the film enormously if the religion and the background of the unnameable monsters had been better developed as it is clear for fans of Lovecraft but the film would have been richer and more powerful with a little more exposition here.

Wesley Snipes does one of his most distinct roles as a street gangster with too much coke up his nose and a huge fondness for mayhem and women. It kick started the career of Chris Rock and the film is still one of his best appearances. Mario van Peebles directs an okay film but is himself weak as the heroic cop that is not even introduced before a fifth of the movie has been played out. The ending had to be a moralistic one too wouldn't it?

John Cusack makes his character likeable even if he is not in this romantic drama about a music fanatic who has a woman problem. A bunch of fantastic music references make the film a must for anyone that at least love and understand older music than what is played on radio. Great supporting cast, gorgeous women and a fantastic bit by none other than Bruce Springsteen playing himself. Jack Black also surprises in one of his best roles.

An over-dramatic thriller with so many fantastic coincidences and easy solutions that it is hard to care. At least it was a good commercial film for Nokia phones as it is seemingly used by everyone as they never seem to go out of power.

A darker, bleaker and extremely more violent "Punisher" this third time around. There is more blood, gore and grotesque deaths and it takes itself too serious for it's own good. Ray Stevenson doesn't manage to bring any humanity into his role as he is just a walking sadistic killing machine that seem to enjoy seeing villains die and is just as sick as the criminals he kill. Both Thomas Jane and Dolph Lundgren did better jobs in portraying Punisher's psyche and I couldn't care about him now. There is also no background story or reason for Wayne Knight appearing as Micro(chip). I wish they filmed the story line "Circle of Blood" from the comics instead as the second film and never made this one as I hated this one and have to pretend it doesn't exist. A film only for people who like seeing other people getting blasted away and killed in most gruesome ways.

Al Pacino is hugely watchable as an all-knowing mentor and I like the way they show how a CIA recruit programme works out, but the sudden "surprise twist" is annoying and pretty dumb and makes no sense ruining much of the impact of the film.

Western comedy that at least is a better TV to film adapation than "The Wild Wild West", but just barely. Some strange offbeat humor and a great film score is the best things with this film, but it is also too long and dark and Johnny Depp is stunt casting gone wrong as a Native American with a dead crow on his head.

Science fiction sex comedy with Jane Fonda in her prime starting the film with one of the best stripteases ever put on film - and finished before the title song and credits are done. It is a colorful psychedelic movie that don't take itself serious at all. The sets look like leftovers from the stage of the original "Star Trek" but there is a timelessness over it that is hard to describe. Anita Pallenberg's raspy dark voice steal the show as the villainous lesbian queen.

Mia Farrow do her most memorable role as a young-to-be mother mixed up in devil's business. It is a very believable directed movie with good supporting help from the golden age of Hollywood players. It is perfect supplement to Polanski's earlier "Repulsion". Eerie music and gripping story that is almost 100% true to the book. Only an even more subtle ending without any answers to what really happened to Rosemary would have made the film even more effective to me - even if it is hard to forget the film as it stands too.

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