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Laurel and Hardy are always watchable together but this film feels filled with recirculated and "safe" jokes and feel like an uninspired "best of" production that was made to soldiers that needed to be cheered up in WW2.

Dan Brown's prequel novel becomes a sequel to "DaVinci Code" here. The film made me feel it has been filmed entirely in the Vatican State. Sadly it all boils down to a boring conspiracy plot about internal power struggles and feels filled with loop holes. The acting is also on auto pilot. I felt it was an inferior film to the original, but the book could be better as I have not yet read that one.

The Ups: A mix between Dan Brown stories and Indiana Jones that actually feels fresher than it is. The actors seem engaged and they make me more involved in the film than I thought possible. A few absurd action sequences - and the ending disappoints, but it is one of the better Indiana Jones copies out there.

Copies the original in both pace and setup. The actors seem to have forgotten what made them charming the first time as they this time "scream and spit" out important story plots as if the person watching has the slowest brain cell on the planet. Diane Kruger should especially have skipped this film as the script make her act and talk like an annoying b-i-t-c-h. Ed Harris is the one that makes the most out of his predictable villainous role.

Character study with a lot of charming small details. Great realism. Made me want to see more films from Francois Truffaut and especially the sequels that continue the story.

Fantasy movie with a historic flavor about primitive people hunting for the secret behind the flame. It may not be historic correct, but it is a unique visual movie. Rae Dawn Chong runs nude throughout the movie. Everett McGill and Ron Perlman are two of the cavemen. What is not to like here? This is an underrated gem that few have seen.

Excellent acted court-room drama-thriller that put Edward Norton on the map and give Richard Gere a good leading part for a change. It has an excellent supporting cast too. The story has become more and more believable after all the scandals that has been in the Catholic Church. It do take it time so it can grow on you. The production has a TV-movie of the week feel and could have needed more inventive direction at times.

The best role that Drew Barrymore has ever done is as Cinderella for modern times. It is a easy to digest romantic fairytale and very charming.

Great details in a predictable Russian epic with sentimental ending. Some acting is also not as good as it could have been with Julia Ormond never really present and Richard Harris looking dead drunk throughout the production. A surprisingly funny scene where a ballroom is made deadly slippery by a soap bar is worth watching.

Joel Schumacher deliver a watchable and crowd-pleasing film version of the beloved musical. It has a great gothic atmosphere that fit perfectly and it actually helps the movie that the actors don't sing too perfectly. A black & white sequence at the beginning and end is totally unnecessary and as it both book and any other version I have seen is the Raoul character a bore.

It is easy to see that the director loves the comic book and has given Ron Perlman a role that he seem perfect for. Selma Blair is surprisingly believable as depressed pyrotechnic girl. Excellent makeup. The white agent rookie dude is only there for people who don't understand the story and the film has an anti-climatic ending.

More colorful, fun and with a huge bunch of monsters. What is not to like? Gorgeous looking and the villain has sympathetic sides that make the movie more sad and memorable. Perlman is even better in this sequel and there is a good blend of action and comedy in it.

Excellent concept with charming characters and good design. Love the bizarre ideas like a talking maggott in the Corpse Bride's head. Love the voice cast too. The music seem disappointingly uninspired by Danny Elfman. There is no chemistry or reason for Victor and Victoria to be together in the story except they share almost the same name while the Corpse Bride has a lot of personality and an interesting background. The use of computer effects instead of stop-motion also make the movie less effective.

It is understandable that an ape want to run into the sunset with Naomi Watts, who is a timeless beauty in this film. A solid homage to the 1933 film with better written character arcs and it goes deeper into their motivations and adventure. It is the overuse of computer effects that ruin the film as Kong himself is probably a better creation on film than the stop-motion effects in 1933 but he lacks the personality and soul and the film seem more interested to putting characters into peril for a long time. Too dark and brutal as a family film even if that was probably what 1933s audience also complained about ages ago.

A lot better than it deserves to be as it is not unwatchable and do respect the origin story. Peter Cullen does the voice of Optimus Prime as in the original cartoon show. It is fast edited and something happens all the time. Too much focus on the humans and it was more real emotions, personality and diversity in the Autobots and Decepticons in the cartoon series as they are all too "grey and one-dimensional here". Megatron also doesn't change to a gun or a cannon which is unforgivable. I miss the voice work of Frank Welker and the original Starscream. Impossible to really grasp what happens in the chaotic action scenes.

Great psychological crime thriller with good atmosphere and nicely acted. Memorable image of a woman going in her nightgown down to a lake and her possible doom.

It is a funnier and a better superhero movie than the "Fantastic Four" movie (that it most closely resembles) which would come the year later. It is fast paced and have a lot of great gags. Unoriginal morale about the power of the nuclear family.

Replace chocolate with spices and you get an Indian version of "Chocolat" but with less punch and fun as this was one big snore for me. Aishwarya Rai get to show her green-grey eyes for the English market and Dylan McDermott tries to rough it up with a Hugh Jackman look in a romantic movie.

The Ups: Animated cats with the voice of Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek - what can go wrong? A talking EGG??? What the hell was they thinking? Oh... the agony...

Even if the movie was cut down and almost destroyed by a crazy film-producer with no creative mind this is a fantastic drama with excellent acting and memorable imagery. That this Orson Welles movie is another of his many forgotten gems that get overshadowed by not being "Citizen Kane" is also disappointing since it is a masterpiece even if the ending was changed by the studio.

Telling war through the eyes of a horse is inspired, especially since people have more feelings for animals dying on screen than people. But, I hate annoying fake foreign accents. The sentimental ending is also Spielberg's Achilles heel. The script is full of convenient things happening and it is all really just a darker type of a traditional "Black Beauty" story.

Surprisingly intelligent script that slowly tells how the apes grew intelligent and started to become something else than hairy human-like animals. It is a good warning story about not messing with nature. Tom Felton seem to forever be typecast as evil disturbed boy who like to torture creatures that sooner or later will kick back on him. Non-ending demands a sequel.

Buster Keaton wants the daughter of a neighbor family but he is poor so he has to kidnap her. Uncontrollable pants falling down and dangerous stunts is still VERY fun today as I laughed many times through this one. The unpolitical correct gag where Keaton gets black paint in his face is probably not THAT fun anymore,

One of the most memorable shorts of Buster Keaton as he fights a stronger and bigger Joe Roberts over Sybil Seely. The two rivals live by chance together in the same one room house where there are enough fantastic solutions to make the boss of IKEA cry of shame. Great pace with an outstanding ending. Only the scene where Keaton keeps running from a small cute dog that can't scare anyone feels wrong.

Excellent visual ideas as Buster Keaton try to build a "do it yourself" house. Excellent stunts and great pacing. It is one of his best silent shorts so not much to whine about here.

A lesser Keaton short ruined by it's absurdity - sometimes it is actually okay with the "it was all a dream" ending.

Social satire wrapped in violent orgies of blood and severed body parts. It is an extremely addictive movie made with a lot of care from director Oliver Stone. Full of great experimental techniques and fast editing. Leonard Cohen's title song is perfect for the film. Colorful characters hard to forget probably due to Quentin Tarantino's screenplay.

It is really a boring Swedish drama comedy about a loveless marriage where love is luckily still found within the family as the man in the house starts to fuck his own niece in what would have been seen as a pure incest story today. A stage show with a sexy dancer halfway in the film is why this movie has become famous.

Jack Nicholson is perfectly cast as a man turned to werewolf and James Spader is his perfect slimeball nemesis at work. The story seem to first go somewhere more original before it turns to a standard thriller with a rushed ending. Slow-motion action sequences make the movie feel like a production of "The Six Million Dollar Werewolf Man". It is nice to see Christopher Plummer and Michelle Pfeiffer in supporting roles.

The Ups: Great music introduction to the late 1970s when the ABBA craze ruled the world. A comic wrapping around the concert footage about a journalist trying to get a interview with ABBA doesn't work and this film would have been better as a complete live appearance by the group instead.

This is the grandfather of all those U.F.O. movies that would show up later and it is still the one with the greatest visual lights and most memorable music. A masterpiece even if there exist three different versions of it.

The combination of science fiction and western is a great one as cowboys fight aliens. Disappointing ending makes the film more forgettable than it deserves as it is fun to see Harrison Ford make a parody of his grumpy, angry men roles.

It is a beautifully shot poetic drama with a believable story. Astonishing editing on the film. The movie would have been even better if the voice-over had been dropped I guess but this is a epic production that is hard to forget.

The Ups: Arnold shows that he really has a comedic timing and that he can survive playing against 20 child actors. The movie is not afraid showing violent crimes even if there are kids involved. Action hungry M.I.L.F. Penelope Ann Miller looks great in this film.

Will probably be seen as Whoopi Goldberg and Demi Moore's best movie but it is still Patrick Swayze that is the heart of the film as the ghost that returns to protect the woman he love and save her from an obvious prick of a villain has to die a violent and terrible death. The screenwriter won an Oscar for some of the most laughable dialogue I have ever heard in a film.

Louis Malle tell his personal and heartfelt story from WW2 without too much sentimentality and unrealistic twists. The ending actually left a lump in my throat even if I knew it was unavoidable. Irene Jacob takes the world with storm in her debut role as a piano teacher.

The cutest, most romanic and wittiest fairytale that have ever been made about true love. Only ruined by a few cameos from established comedy actors that is not nearly as fun as the actors themselves think they are. Yes, Billy Crystal I'm talking about you.

Before John Carpenter became a name to avoid he made excellent movies. This action classic not only is atmospheric and cool it was the obvious influence to the excellent "Metal Gear Solid" video games. The cool music and style make this film work.

The Ups: If gory inventive killings is what you like (faces melting, crucifixion and eyes being pierced out) then you will adore this. Great atmosphere, weird music and grotesque sequences that I seldom see in low budget horror of today. This is how one should make a brutal zombie movie without empathy for any of it's characters. I wish only that Lucio Fulci took as good time with the script as he did to get the violence and blood effects perfect since the characters are written so stupid that the only way to accept them is to see them die.

The Ups: It manage to be better than the TV show that it was based upon and has some great sight gags and is probably the best police show parody film made and Leslie Nielsen's best comedic role. Good supporting cast too and worth seeing only for Ricardo Montalban becoming flat as a pancake.

A serious attempt at making a great sword-and-sorcery movie based upon the excellent source work of Robert E. Howard. It works with the costumes, atmosphere and the film has a great cast and a gorgeous Sandahl Bergman. It is a slow pace though.

The Ups: The sexy "virgin" princess Olivia d'Abo that made me learn that there was a major difference between boys and girls when I was 7 is a big reason to see this sequel. I like the story itself since it is typical for the genre and is engaging with a epic feel but this installment is too humorous and the over-the-top acting from Grace Jones is bad even if she looks like a warrior woman.

This planned "Conan" movie that turned to a separate installment has a great beginning with Janet Agreen who would have been excellent as Red Sonja as Birgitte Nielsen is not believable in the role and that is most apparent when she is standing still with just the sword in her hand as she looks like a long legged tree with balloons. Extremely annoying child actor and terrible effects add to the pain of seeing this film. It isn't even "so bad it is funny".

The Ups: Impressive fantasy without a single human in it and instead the film is filled with great creations from Jim Henson's puppet factory. The atmosphere is out of this world and it is still pretty unique film. The ending was extremely intense for it's time and as a kid it let me devastated for years.

It is a extremely perverse story and probably historic correct as well in its detailed descriptions of incest, beheadings, orgies and homosexuality about the insane Roman emperor Caligula. Malcolm McDowell is perfectly cast as the emperor and Teresa Ann Savoy is gorgeous as his loving sister. Peter O'Toole rave around obvious drunk. Insane sets, great intensity and explicit sex add to the fun. The editing is all over the floor but it is hard to take my eyes from it.

The Ups: Excellent documentary footage from space filled with unique visuals.

Brainless prison movie where Sly get even with a evil and corrupt warden. Donald Sutherland could do his villainous role in sleep and still be excellent as the bastard. The absurd script is best treated as an intentional comedy as it is full of plot holes.How powerful is really this warden as he can do pretty much everything with his prisoners.

The perfect Christmas monster movie. Who can't love these small puppets with greater personality and charm than any CGI monster in modern time? Everybody loves Gizmo and the gorgeous teen starlet Phoebe Cates in a supporting role is also a pluss. Only the sad background story about a father falling down a chimney dressed as Santa feels like it's written for a different film all together and drag down what is a fun movie where the monsters do havoc on everyone and everything.

Uninspired Robin Hood parody where it looks like Mel Brooks just made the movie to put some easy cash in his pocket. It mix together two of the most famous and profitable Robin Hood movies (the Kevin Costner and the Errol Flynn one) without doing something new. Cary Elwes could have been a good Robin Hood in a normal action movie (talking with a British accent) since he has that playful Errol Flynn style in his bones, but since the screenplay is terrible he comes across as arrogant and sickeningly perfect instead. Amy Yasbeck is...cute (nothing more). Was the only reason for Patrick Stewart to take the role of King John so he could stick his tongue down Amy's throat at the end? Dom DeLuise and Isaac Hayes are useless in guest appearances. Roger Rees as the hopeless Sheriff of Rottingham is the film's only highlight and there are a few good visual gags.

Satisfying alternative version of the history of Christ seen from a more human aspect. It is controversial to discuss Jesus as a person with his own sexual drive force and not only as a vessel for God so it is satisfying to see a movie addressing this and make the story more accessible for doubters. Willem Dafoe does one of his more satisfying roles and is fantastic in the title role. Harvey Keitel is a great misjudged Judas. Great music from Peter Gabriel. I think this is Scorsese's most underrated masterpiece - Why doesn't this film get to be mentioned together with his gangster epics?

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