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Clint Eastwood does the anti-hero role he was born to play - Harry Callahan. Dirty, gritty realism add to the tension and the film has a perfect introduction to the character. Andrew Robinson makes a memorable villain as the ice-cold, sadistic and patethic sniper who sadly is one of the most realistic killers that have been on screen.

Clint Eastwood is still Harry and has good old-fashioned action with the Magnum, but sadly the film is not as well written as the original and some of the focus is taken away from Harry to other cops in the film as we get a more political correct message that cops should not take matters in their own hands like Harry do as if the film addresses some the critique it got with the original production.

Clint Eastwood deliver another solid performance as Harry but he gets also drowned in a dated feminist message and Tyne Daly's useless character. The direction also lacks the pace, style and urgency of the two first movies.

One of the best "rape-revenge" movies out there and a well done dark and gritty tale and if there is one man who understands his character as a director it is Clint Eastwood himself who handles the production here. The biggest mistake is that they didn't end the series with this one.

Harry Callahan done as a Hollywood crowdpleaser. Only a fun sequence with a bomb on a toy car that probably gave fruit to the gaming sequences in the first "Grand Theft Auto" video games is fun to watch, but this too comedic to be a "normal" Dirty Harry movie - a problem as it premiered in a time when box office figures became more and more important. Jim Carrey's lip-syncing to Guns'n'Roses "Welcome to the Jungle" is one of the worst ideas I have ever seen in movie history. Boring story that has nothing to say too as Harry only goes through the motions blowing villains away.

Fantastic premise from a Philip K. Dick story and a excellent try at a serious thoughtful science fiction. Delicious production design and effects. Few people make good and engaging action sequences as Steven Spielberg. Only the obvious final "surprise ending" with a traitor in the midst disappoints and ruins an otherwise fantastic movie.

The Ups: The entire concept of a sports game where one get points after people that you kill with your car is so sick that it becomes hilarious funny. Seeing David Carradine punching the shit out of Sylvester Stallone. Sly shooting at the crowd with a tom-tom machine gun. The crazily designed cars. The hilarious hateful dialogue. The exploitation nature of nudity and death. A little repetitive and some of the actors doesn't seem to understand that this is really a satire and not a serious action drama, but otherwise great fun.

The Ups: Meryl Streep is always a professional doing excellent acting and even learning to play the violin. But, what the Fuck? Horror legend Wes Craven doing a ladies movie? The movie also lacks any flavor or style and could easily go as a "tele-movie of the week". No one will ever be surprised by how it ends nor it's predictability as we have seen it all before and the biggest shocker of all time is that Craven has actually made this movie.

It is a top notch adaptation of a fantastic book. Edward Fox has never been better as a cold-hearted assassin. It has a realistic feel over it. It ends maybe a minute too abruptly for my taste, but then again, the story is finished isn't it?

Ridley Scott repeats his "Gladiator" formula by putting Russell Crowe in a general role where he fight war against tyranny and oppression in excellent choreographed war sequences. Great music and cinematography help. This is a film that probably would have gotten more respect had it not been titled "Robin Hood" and instead been plain "Robin of Loxley" as the movie lacks the fantastic elements to the myth. Ridley Scott also shoots himself in the foot when he takes too many liberties with true events at the time and at the same time tries to have a historic believable feel over his film. Kids running around in the forest and Lady Marion becoming a mother makes me think that Ridley also put some Peter Pan elements in here as well. There is also no chemistry between Crowe and Cate Blanchett making the love story fall apart.

Murray and Johansson seem meant for each other and it is easy to see the young woman's passion for old men in Johansson's eyes. Scarlett also steals the movie from the first moment she shows her pink underwear. Excellent photographed and edited, but I thought there were too many "idiotic" cultural difference sequences that seem to be put in here to embarrass or make fun of Japan instead of respecting the country.

One of the first and finest modern thrillers where we follow a serial killer's killing spree. It is dark, terrifying and disturbing. It's stage-like feel help the movie and distances us from the creepiness and still it feels very believable. Sadly, the movie killed Michael Powell's career.

A lot of humor spices up a typical American story where one character is so important that he happens to tell himself into all the most important historic events from the 1960s to the 90s. At least the seemingly blend-in visual effects were highly revolutionary at the time and the cast was likeable but to be honest Tom Hanks managed to sell this film's story all on his own.

A masterpiece of cinema that deliver a strong believable story (inspired on true events) blended with unique imagery and gripping editing. Peter Lorre has never been more disgusting, sleazy and pathetic as a child killer.

The Ups: It has heart and is perfect dating movie for couples that love baseball. Kevin Costner does one of his more pleasant appearances, but the film strangely lacks Sam Raimi's unique visual camera style and is shockingly low-key and slow-moving compared to his other works. Predictable played out as both a sports film and as a romantic movie and the film is Raimi's least unique work.

Could easily be the best of all spaceship bound science fiction out there - at least every single frame of it is memorable. It is full of sequences that are impossible to forget and not a single beat of it is wrong. Incredible imagery and sets courtesy of one crazed Swiss artist called H.R. Giger and here we see the mother of all space monsters.So influential that almost all monster films has taken it's formula and recycled it to death since.

Non-stop action with so many alien monsters, guns and characters in constant peril that it's hard to control my pulse while viewing this intense film. It also dare take it's time to build up characters and the drama so that one really cares about the characters and their fate. Sigourney Weaver became the first Hollywood action heroine star and (in my eyes) Lance Henriksen do the best android that has ever been on screen. Excellent use of sound too that is memorable on it's own. One sequel that manage to be just as good as the first one because it dare to be different in style and content.

The "Alien" franchise deliver another unique sequel for sure as this is one of the bleakest and most depressing films that I have seen ever made from Hollywood and it should be applauded for it's independent guerilla style that refuse to follow studio rules at any point. There are few films where the entire supporting cast are a bunch of baldheads that behave like morons and have no redeeming qualities. Fan favorites from "Aliens" are wiped out after two seconds in the film making this a film hard to swallom from the get-go. It would have helped the film (a little) had it been released in it's now present "director's cut" version that you find on Blu-Ray and DVD.

By trying to be the most crowd-pleasing Hollywood film of the entire series it also fails miserably because it tries to be funny and a crowd-pleasing killing any horror or tension that is in the film. The ending is also extremely anti-climatic as it hints about a climax on Earth but nothing comes out of it. Some enormous plot holes also don't help: How can a clone have the original's memory (a typical Hollywood problem - they call it magic DNA) and how can a seemingly dead android suddenly appear out of the blue again behind a door? The new Alien design that have human DNA is also laughably bad and makes me want to wipe the entire film out of my memory database.

Horror drama rich on detail and with a fascinating script about demon possession, but for all it's memorable imagery its most disturbing sequence is when the possessed girl masturbates with a crucifix and the hospital sequences that effect me the most. A film that is even more powerful if one is a believer of demons and a devot Catholic Christian. The director's cut weakened the film in my eyes so try watching the theatrical one.

Kate Beckinsale has a great shiny ass and is sexy with blue contact lenses and fangs and there is nothing bad with the movie's action scenes nor pace that delivers spades of violence, gore and make-up effects. It is entertaining stuff really had it not been that several of the villains are terrible and more goofy than fun to watch and the script lacks any kind of originality or surprises in it.

Entertaining action movie and Kate again show us that she is one of the best looking undead women that has been on film. Derek Jacobi give the film series an extra aura of gravitas and the movie is fast-paced. Don't be annoyed though by it's predictable story and unsurprising execution.

It is a prequel movie. All movies that tell stories that are set before the original movies are usually pretty boring as we already know what happened to the characters - it is the same here. If nothing had been said earlier it would have been different. Unfortunately it is a better video-game than a film this time around and it feels more ambitious than it has a budget for. Rhona Mitra is also no Kate Beckinsale and one look at Kate's shiny ass at the end makes one miss her even more. At least Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy seem to have reduced their extreme overacting from their first appearance and the film still has tons of stylish action.

Excellent dialogue and acting spiced up by it's satirical, excellent view on the Western need of a life that is built up by image and facade. It is impressively put together and directed by a feature film debutante. Thora Birch and Mena Suvari has never ever done anything half as good as in this film ever again.

'One of those essential film noir movies with an excellent gorgeously filmed leading actress and a great supporting cast of murder suspects (that include Judith Anderson and Vincent Price). Excellently filmed with a nail-biting finale. Few other films have this one's class and undying beauty.

You want a refreshing different zombie love-story with maligned body parts and a super hot Melinda Clarke pierced over her entire body? Yes, please. It is also gruesomely depressing and sad like a Romeo & Juliet for the Goth generation. It's also superior to both the original movie and it's sequel and would probably have been more highly regarded had it been released with a different title.

A more thoughtful and interesting type of spy-action movie that tries to go for a realistic feel than just being fantastic set-pieces, but I'm annoyed that the spy decides to change his brutal ways mere seconds before he gets shot and have a convenient amnesia so that Hollywood doesn't need to address the fact that the hero Jason Bourne has had several missions as a cold-blooded killer where he has killed off families, innocents and good people before he felt it was enough.

Beautiful animation as Africa's animals come alive for this "Circle of Life" story. The songs became so popular and played so much on radio that they have become annoying to me, but I can understand why some can never get enough as it is a charming and well done animated film.

It is the final watchable action movie that Sean Connery did before he retired and it also seemed to have been a sort-of comeback to his old 007 persona again (but with a different name) giving the role a great full circle. It is also one of the few films directed by Michael Bay that is acceptable and actually satisfying. Ed Harris play one of the more sympathetic villains that I have seen on screen. The excellent movie score by Hans Zimmer pulls me into the movie at once. Some of the humor falls a little flat though and the entire virus and use of injections doesn't make much sense to me.

Is there really anybody that care about those puny humans except for a few candy shots of Megan Fox? The action set pieces are confusing to watch as the robots are as bland as in the first one? There is not enough color or character in the designs as in the cartoon as I several times thought I watched Megatron and it was Starscream and most action consisted of shaky cameras making it impossible to understand anything at all. It is some good mass destruction sequences but it becomes so boring that it is hard to care.

More engaging and interesting than "Revenge of the Fallen" and the action sequences seem to have consequences and a lot of fatalities and there is some impressive effects during it's last half. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley can't act and is not even scantly dressed eye candy to survive the film. John Malkovich look sick and has a useless role and the film has too much comedic situations and stupid stuff happening. Michael Bay's continuing love for slow-motion posing and fast-editing action is also hard to swallow for a third time.

An interesting real-life conflict is the base of the story. Colin Farrell have a realistic portrayal of a war photographer with post-traumatic stress. Christopher Lee has one of his biggest roles for the last twenty years with a lot of good dialogue and is the movie's lightest character. It is a graphic, grimm and disturbing production of what war do to people. The revelation of what caused the post traumatic stress is unfortunately obvious from the beginning.

As director Oliver Stone participated in Vietnam - it is an authentic and realistic war movie. Great ensemble with Tom Berenger in his most memorable and sadistic role stealing the film, but it is Willem Dafoe who has the most memorable scene.

Different type of criminal heist caper set during the Desert Storm. A unforgettable gory death scene of a cow is a moment not to miss. Likeable cast, but it loses steam at the end.

The Ups: Impressive ensemble for such a low-grade monster snake movie, but it takes itself so serious that unintentional humor is everywhere. Jon Voight steal every scene with his over-the-top villainous performance but everyone else is so terribly boring and one-note that the snake should have eaten them all for real. The girls should at least have taken their tops off, especially Kari Wuhrer who has done so before in many terrible films so why not do it for my snake?.

Always a treat to watch Marilyn Monroe when she is in top form which is the case here. This is a good comedy with top notch dialogue and wit, but is it really that funny to see two men dressed up as guys and being chased by other men anymore? It feels dated now as this film's political uncorrectness has now started to become correct and one can see men dressed as women everywhere.

One of the few original horror-fantasy movies that was cooked up during the 1980s in a time when most of what was released was inferior slasher movies. Beautifully filmed and with a solid cast, especially Ashley Laurence is one of the few absolute gorgeous scream queen virgins that has been on screen for the last two decades and one really enjoy her performance. It doesn't overexpose it's latex-covered demons like in it's sequels too which is a good thing. Essential that one stomach blood, dismemberment and gruesomeness as this is a film that Jesus will weep of.

A more fantastical and even bloodier entry. Ashley Laurence and Imogen Boorman steal the show together as they continue their fight against the demons of the box and the evil face of Claire Higgins. Love it's different portrait of Hell and the movie is full of unique moments. The only sequel really worth watching in the series.

The third entry gives deeper background to the Pinhead character but the villain himself has turned into a wise-cracking anti-hero that never was the point with the films. The film is helped by the fact that the female leads, Terry Farrell and Paula Marshall, are cute. Some of the death sequences are inspired and original and there is a Mötorhead title song making this fun for horror addicts, but few others as the script is very sloppy and predictable.

A kind of anthology movie that try to give some answer to the mystery of the puzzle box and about the family that created it. I actually liked it and that that there is a definitive end to the Pinhead monster and his minions but that it also opens up for future installments because this "end" will happen around 100 years from now. I also liked the prequel story, but the "middle story" that happens "today" is boring and only worth seeing because Kim Myers is a beautiful screamqueen that was the only real good thing with "Nightmare on Elm Street 2". Doug Bradley is always watchable as the main villain and the make-up/mask work is exceptional.

A pretty good representation as a stand-alone story of the comic book stories of "Hellraiser" since the story is pretty much self-contained and tell what happens when people come in contact with the puzzle box. It is a smart approach as one doesn't need to have seen any prior films and since there is not much really to tell about the history of the box or Pinhead himself. It is not at all as bad as I thought it could have been and is an acceptable entry.

The Ups: Ashley Laurence return briefly to the "Hellraiser" saga to seal her character's fate, but why the hell did Ashley return for this glorified but pointless appearance that change her character totally? Ok, I guess she grew up and became a changed person after the events of the two films and she is a survivor so if one can accept the far-fetched twist in this film I guess it's acceptable but I do miss her as she was in the first two films. The script itself is just a spin on the old "Carnival of Souls" movie even having a car crash in water at the beginning. The film is ruined by too many fake scares, bad dreams and hallucinations making one hope that this entire chapter is a fake bad dream? The fans will not be too happy as this one could and should have been a lot better since Ashley's appearance feels more like an after-thought than the real deal.

The disturbing images of seeing Kari Wuhrer with a knife pierced through her body and it's point sticking out through her two biggest assets sticks out in a film that is more a psychological thriller. It has potential and an acceptable story but the typical genre ending ruin it's potential and is easy to predict as the main character has a self destructive path from the beginning. Also this film is filled with too many annoying "it was all a dream / hallucination / fake scare" moments. But, it is hard to not look at Kari Wuhrer who is gorgeous.

Lance Henriksen is watchable even in this inept movie. The first true shitty "Hellraiser" movie that tries to be post-modern and humorous but lacks a good writer to make it work as he has written teenage characters for the next "American Pie" installment instead. Well at least the title is perfectas I felt I had been transferred to Hellworld while watching this shitty film that is a torture to get through. No wonder Doug Bradley said goodbye to the franchise after appearing in this one. Lance Henriksen should also care more about what shit he signs his name unto as his talents deserve so much more than this.

A production that seems more like a fan-made Youtube.com movie than a real film. The only good thing with this film is that it doesn't give me long agony as it has a refreshingly short running time, but the film is boringly written and Pinhead looks like a fat slob. This is bottom-of-the-barrel stuff probably made so that film rights should not go back to it's creator Clive Barker. I have no other answer to why this shit exist. Only the picture above is the best thing with the film and what they should have done with the producers of this film.

Worth seeing Al Pacino play a diabolical and manipulating Devil as he tempt with money, status and sex. Excellent acting by everyone and even one-faced Keanu Reeves is acceptable here. The deserted shot of New York is eerie and a memorable moment as is ending until that fucking annoying reset button kicks in and ruins the impact of the film as if the film director backed out of it and was scared of going through with it.

See Franco Nero play his most memorable spaghetti western hero, Django. Hyper violent -it starts with the whipping of a woman and never backs down afterwards. No wonder Tarantino made a "new" version with the character. The great title song also gets me into the mood of this fantastic movie that don't comprise it's violence or treatment of women showing the old west as a "man's world".

Every dirty film-fan know he's in for a treat to the eyes as super-hot Christina Lindberg drop her clothes every five minutes or less as a nymphomaniac who needs sex. Stellan Skarsgård prepared himself already in his first role for his character in "Nymphomaniac" as he played a horny student studying to become a shrink student in this film. Norway banned the movie for almost thirty years because they were afraid young girls would become nymphomaniacs after seeing it since the film claimed it all to be "true" which it sadly is not as a nymphomaniac Christina Lindberg look-alike has not been at my door demanding sex today.

A fast paced and superb classic werewolf-movie from the Golden Age of Horror that has excellent character portraits and is not only interested in the monster and how it kills - and it is because of the humanity why we still remember Lon Chaney jr. as the pained changed man and not only as a man with monster makeup. Fantastic supporting cast as well with the fantastic Claude Rains as the head of the family and Bela Lugosi has a fun cameo appearance as the "original" wolf man. Only some strange continuity problems make the film look sloppily edited and more low-budgeted than it really is. A necessary film to see for horror fans.

Prequel set in the same universe as the "Alien" movies directed by the creator himself, Ridley Scott. This movie was in a way made because fans complained in decades about why there was a dead gigantic space alien pilot in the chair of the original film and the film is about this species and not the "Alien" monster which is probably the biggest reason why many complained. As a high-budgeted science fiction movie it has the expected great production values, memorable set designs and effects and Michael Fassbender continue the trend of great android characters in the film series. Noomi Rapace is also an engaging tough heroine for the new generation, but Ridley should have asked Lance Henriksen return to play Weyland as Guy Pearce looks absolutely terrible in his old man's make-up. A solid science fiction movie and a lot more satisfying than the "Aliens vs." movies and the fourth film, but beware what you wish for.

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