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A refreshing animated movie that tries to make sense of how emotions to a 11-year-old girl react when she is taken out of her comfort zone and put in a fish-out-of-water situation. Likeable characters, a great designed world and some of the best jokes that Pixar has ever put out on film (and they have done a lot of them!). Ending is expected, but it is intriguing to think what would have happened had only one emotion had control of the girl in the end.

Four hot witches take revenge on the world (for a while). It is a decent written story that at least tries to think about consequences when tampering with black magic. The actresses are likeable as well. Some overdramatic "scare" moments, dated effects and lapses in logic is weaknesses of the film.

Sequel deliver yet another entry with colorful birds and beautiful "dancing" numbers. Best moments are with the villains but the human characters are annoying. Unnecessary violent imagery too and the story lacks charm and don't have the same appeal as the original.

Exceptionally well directed and acted time-travel story from director Terry Gilliam where insanity and logic seem to fit each other perfectly. Brad Pitt steals the show as mentally unstable patient but also Bruce Willis do one of his stronger career performances. Madeleine Stowe was here at the height of her beauty and David Morse do an enigmatic role as a ginger nutcase. A few great Hitchcock references too that only add to the beauty of it all.

A slasher from the good old days when atmosphere and a good solid idea was crucial in making a fine "slash and cut"-movie. The cast is also one of the more likable in the genre. It is also necessary viewing for movie buffs as Tarantino has gone on record saying it is his favorite slasher too. The movie is also finally available uncut with all the gore that MPAA took away during it's original theatrical run, but to be honest the film has some pretty pathetic humor in it.

An attempt to make an intelligent science fiction spin on "Rosemary's Baby". Charlize Theron do a solid (crazy-or not) heroine and continues in a way what she did on "The Devil's Advocate" where she did a kind-of similar type of performance. The story has some strong points but the direction is unimaginative - a first-time director who has never been put back in the director's chair - as the movie could easily have been passed as a TV-event of the week. The ending is also lousy and lacks surprise when the movie should have kept it's mystery and let it's audience decide who in the married couple was the sane one. A missed opportunity.

Surprisingly decent science fiction movie that spin further on Ray Bradbury's excellent short tale "A Sound of Thunder" which the director even give tribute to in a scene where the leading character read the story. Both Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart do surprisingly well in a more serious performance than what they are used to do and the film takes so many twists and turns that it is almost hard to keep up. Fun entertaining movie about how lives can turn out to be.

Was there ever a movie that didn't need a sequel it was probably this one as there is no returning characters from the original or connection to the original. This is a sequel in name and concept only and this film lacks engaging surprising parallel outcomes to the character (because all the good twists was taken in the original) and the hero is so pig-headed stupid that he deserves his fate at the end. Why was the film title blood soaking in the opening credits as if this was a cheap horror slasher? Only Erica Durance is interesting in the film going all the way in a thankless girlfriend role.

A big improvement on it's first sequel with a interesting serial killer story and setup. It has better pacing and detailed gore and sex scenes making it feel like an exploitation movie that is easy to watch on a lazy night. This is like the hamburger/horror/slasher version of the original that makes little sense but keeps interest throughout.

SS she devils that lose their uniform most of the time is the basis of this film, but not every girl would have passed as an Aryan girl in the Nazi Reich. Sets, vehicles, train and war camp feel authentic though and there is some realism to it. The fun scene where a plane don't shoot a single attractive female but manage to hit the only male soldier in a big crowd is hilarious but the rest of the film is terribly boring and un-sexy even if the movie has showering, undressing, sex in a train toilet, lesbian lovemaking, rape, forest fucks and skinny dipping. Maybe it would have been a better film as porn than soft core sexploitation.

Interesting off-beat action comedy with fantasy elements and musical numbers that will be a hard watch for anyone who want typical genre entertainment but makes it a movie that is never boring and always interesting to me. Over-the-top villain performances from Richard E. Grant and Sandra Bernhard as a married super rich couple out after world domination, power and money stand out, but Andie MacDowell is also delicious in the movie at the height of her popularity. It is also a movie that has elements that predicted the popularity of Dan Brown 10 years prior to his books with codexes, the Vatican and DaVinci mixed into it. While the comedy of the film hits-and-misses and mostly it misses the mark I actually never really annoyed by the film.

A movie that defined a whole new exploitation movie genre of "rape and revenge" where brutalized women take revenge on men. Camille Keaton gives a honest and memorable performance as revenging angel and her rape scenes are heart-breaking as she goes full into the scene and one can almost feel the penetrations from the evil men. Some effective death scenes - especially the castration scene is memorably bloody and gruesome to behold for any man. The men are pathetically played and the use of a mentally disabled man who also gets to rape the girl and then killed makes this film even more tasteless.

Remake with a bleaker color palette than the original with rougher edges, harder dialogue and more grotesque gory deaths and less humor, but the actual rape of Jennifer Hills doesn't go as far as the original instead trying to make the gruesome action not so "in the face" which actually make the rape more "sexy and beautiful" and could actually give men a hard-on instead of making them sick. Sarah Butler also looks too beautiful and more ready to go to a rock concert from scene to scene and the sheriff character is an unnecessary addition to the story.

Jemma Dallender gives her soul and body in her role as tortured rape victim in a even more depressing sequel that goes even more in detail with it's torture, rape and extreme violent scenes even if the men in this film deserve an even longer and slower death than shown here.

Michael Ironside has an intensity and sadistic streak that makes him a perfect fit in the role as a crazed serial killer and one look at him is more scary than any stupid masked loser in a mask. The direction is clearly inspired by John Carpenter's "Halloween" and director Lord gets much atmosphere and some good jumps out of a non-existent story. Underrated movie, even if Lee Grant is mostly terrible as the woman hunted by the killer and William Shatner do nothing in the role than giving a little pep talk.

Dolph Lundgren and Jean Claude Van Damme gets killed off even before the 10 minute mark has gone but get reborn as killer cyborgs. It is an old-fashioned action movie with good stunt work, brutal blood effects and gruesome death scenes. It is one of the few better "Robocop / Terminator" rip-offs out there. Weak comedy one-liners and attempts to humanize Van Damme's character in a "Terminator 2" story line were mostly unnecessary additions though.

Direct sequel to "Abominable Dr. Phibes" continue with a movie that deliver over-the-top humor and death scenes. Valli Kemp replaces Virginia North in the role of assistant Vulnavia, but she lacks the effectiveness and is the weakest part in the film. Peter Cushing only appear in a small cameo as the ship's captain.

Stanley Kubrick adapted Stephen King's book and ups ups the psychological tension from the book together with some of the best Steadicam footage in the business. No one can say that this movie is not filled with iconic horrific moments and the editing is perfect with tense spare music. Jack Nicholson has a tour-de-force and I don't really care that he is almost totally bonkers even before he arrives to the hotel. The last sequences in the labyrinth are unforgettable as Nicholson chases his potential victims with an axe. I also like that it was decided not to answer all the questions and one let some mystery stay in the movie as evil should not be explained and those who have read the book know what triggered the darkness in the first place making this a unique but different take on the same tale even if purists and Stephen King hate the film for not being true to the book. The fact is that King's books sometimes translate badly to the screen and compared to the miniseries that is faithful (and almost camp) this film is superior and one of the ultimate horror classics. If you want the book then read the book.

Animated fantasy that is hard to forget due to it's rich world (created by J.M. Barrie) and it's colorful villain, Hook. Tinker Bell who became more popular than the leading character in her Disney appearance is also memorable. The song-numbers are among the worst one in Disney history though with the exception of "You can fly" at the beginning.

Science fiction movie that almost feels like an Ed Wood directed film at times with it's dry over-serious narrator and almost over-the-top suspenseful music playing over stone-like still aliens. Luckily it is competent edited together and has okay dialogue and an acceptable story, which is things we never see in a movie by mr. Wood. Mostly for the most devoted fans of 1950s science fiction movies.

It's one of the most praised comedies ever made with a theme music that is burned into core of many minds. It also led to a even more beloved comedy series. This military hospital comedy is filled with small situtations that make for good comedic moments. It has some sharp satirical quotes and a big ensemble which is typical for a Robert Altman directed movie. I found it also to be overrated and gets too much attention compared to funnier and (in my eyes) better comedies as I never really warmed to this movie. It's political pointers also don't always hit home. Maybe I was not the perfect target audience for this one.

One of Robin Williams' best drama-comedy appearances. It has a lot of great character building and tell a lot about the mistakes that the American government did when they invaded Vietnam without lecturing anyone. Excellent use of rock'n roll music from that time period but the high point here is, of course, when Louis Armstrong's mood piece "What a Wonderful World" is played in it's entirety. A few dumb moments when Vietnamese locals are educated in "American humor" drag down the movie and I felt it doesn't dare to go too deep into the politics and difficulties endured by people that stayed in Vietnam.

Sexploitation movie where you get to see every single leading actress in the movie undressed. Since it was filmed during the swinging '70s the girls don't seem to mind that much and the film is full of playful dialogue and charm. A terrible title song is repeated too many times and the film has the same dreadful type of humor that we find in American college comedies.

Jess Franco love to do sleazy softcore sex-movies and this extreme Ilsa copycat prison movie with original star Dyanne Thorne is no exception. Lina Romay is believable as lesbian head bitch prisoner. A gruesome cannibal climax and another depressing ending for the heroine are memorable. Spiteful dialogue full of hate spit out from Dyanne Thorne's mouth add to the "sick fun" of it. There is even a moment in the film when the heroine has to eat Lina Romay's dirty ass that is hard to forget.

One of the more fast-paced catastrophe movies ever made with the best cast of Hollywood stars getting eaten by memorable fire effects. It became a hell-of-a-lot more believable after WTC in 2001 and some scenes give a gruesome sense of authenticity now and is not nearly as "fun" as they were in 1974. Producer Irwin Allen never managed to top himself again after this one.

Underrated low-budget Marvel adaptation from Australia is a lot better than it gets credited for at times and should instead be seen as a re-imagining of the character and an attempt to do him "realistically". Dolph Lundgren do have a comic book Frank Castle look with dead eyes as he walk around seemingly removed from our world as if he has blocked most of his human life out of himself, but he do still care about and protect children. There is a lot of action and violence befit this type of movie and there is also some humor in it - intentional or not that I found had an effect. One of the main reasons this movie is hated is that the iconic head-skull shirt is never shown (maybe it would have come in a sequel) and that Castle hides himself in the sewer sitting naked serving a melodramatic monologue voice-over which makes it hard to accept him as the original comic book character. There is also added an alcoholic stupid sidekick character that brings nothing good to the movie. Since it was filmed in Australia it is hard to take serious that it is supposed to take place in New York as there is nothing remotely close to the Big Apple's scenery in the movie.

Additional notes on workprint: "Punisher" had an alternative beginning that was cut. A total of 15 minutes. It gave a deeper understanding about the partnership between Lou Gossett jr. and Dolph Lundgren's characters and gave us the reason why the mafia targeted Frank in the first place. It also showed us Frank's warmer side before he became "Punisher" by interacting (although brief) with his family and giving him a human side. The scenes are unremarkable so it is understandable they were cut too, but it also is a shame as it gave Frank Castle a different side and even Lou Gossett jr. a reason for being in the movie in the first place. The scenes should only have been better written and edited and they could have stayed in the film making the film closer a true "Punisher" movie. Now it stands as an interesting failure and a decent action movie.

"Noah" goes deep into the psychological impact a human get by having a vision of humanity's destruction and the scars it inflicts on the mind of a man who believes he does the work of God. I love the mystery surrounding the timeline as the film could almost be seen as a futuristic movie and that history goes full circle. I like that there has been a will to try making a different vision of a well-told story with impressive visual design and effects that really showcase the Biblical story and the use of time-lapse footage are brilliantly done.

More car racing that all the "Fast & Furious" films combined is ruined by a predictable story that can't seem to cook up something new and exciting in the genre as this film goes the usual "out to revenge friend's death" story. Lousy attempts at humor don't help.

It's about a true bloody event in the Vietnam conflict but it is a one-sided opinion of the conflict and the movie give no face or voice to the Vietnamese in this movie. Mostly the movie seem interested in telling about how excellent soldiers the Americans had that killed the Vietcong and the movie falls apart as a war-movie as there is so many other better movies in the genre out there. Some good character actors are on-board and help out the movie.

The first ten minutes are intriguing for fans as we get the origins to the killer of these movies told, but what was the point of the movie after the first ten minutes? It doesn't feel connected to the first two movies and seem to just be a lousy uninspired movie that the producers knew they would not manage to sell on it's own so they added a few scenes at the beginning so they could sell it as a prequel to the "Cold Prey" series. The direction lacks both tension and interesting murder set-pieces. Characterization consist mainly of pig-headed stupid teenagers who behave as idiots. Pretty sure this is the death to this particular slasher series.

Close-to-the-novel adaptation of one of the best time travel science-fiction novels ever made. The Time Machine itself is a classic invention and a cinematic marvel that makes this one of those films that is hard to forget. I love that the movie didn't change the story to be set in 1960 but kept the Victorian setting of the novel. Rod Taylor do also his most beloved role and the film has gorgeous use of colors. Villains The Morlocks are dreadfully dated though. It is understandable that one want to spend time with the drop-dead beautiful love-interest but wouldn't the intelligent scientist get bored of her after a while as they have absolutely nothing in common?

A modern film noir with good dialogue and actors (Raul Julia steals the film singing St. Lucia) and it feels like a filmed novel courtesy of writer (turned director) Robert Towne. I like the cinematography of this movie too. Romantic subplot that actually works for a Hollywood blockbuster for a change. "Friendship is all we have".

A well done science fiction-horror about an alien parasite that kill people by boiling the brain and making them to zombies. It is based upon the same source material as "The Thing from Another World" and it's remake "The Thing". The effect of seeing people's eyes bleed and then turn to white is effective and leaves an imprint on my memories. Added value to the film is that it stars Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing who both are leading heroes for once (even if they are both partly to blame for the crisis to evolve in the first place). Telly Savalas also has an excellent cameo where he helps the heroic duo into "outing" the monster. Add this with a haunting and eerie soundtrack. The movie also don't overstay it's welcome and manage to keep the action flowing throughout. While there is given a reason for not to stop this train with all these deaths going on it really forces you to embrace this explanation and not question it too much.

"Gold" has a lot of good things with it. It is based upon a novel and screenplay by novelist Wilbur Smith who is an expert on Africa and the movie feels realistic and full of atmospheric style. I like the title sequence that one almost could say inspired "Dallas" for TV several years later. I also like the cast and Roger Moore feels more believable and relaxed in this film than he ever was as 007. Peter R. Hunt is an underrated director who combined good storytelling with fast editing and this his second movie follows on his excellent "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" by letting the story be told before he gives us the pay off.

It is one of those Terry Gilliam directed movies filled with surprises, unexpected turns, humor, unique acting and a lot of visual delicacies. The moment when a knight comes out of a closet is a cinematic masterpiece. David Warner do a memorable turn as The Evil One and Sean Connery fighting a Minotaur are moments to remember. It is also entertaining for both older kids and adults. George Harrison provide some songs on the soundtrack too and the film is very British (in a good way).

Zombie movie with the walking dead having pizza faces which must have been easy to do since the film is Italian. The leading actor is also one of the least charming actors ever put on screen and the rest of the characters behave so pig-headed that they deserve to die. The worst scene is when a couple decide to stop and take a coffee break from running so that the zombies can keep up and kill them. To top all of this the director decides to have one of the most annoying endings in screen history that is the true "nightmare" of this film. A film so awfully scripted and put together that it becomes entertaining in a "so bad it's almost good" way. Only Mel Ferrer seem to show any kind of talent in this one.

One of Hitchcock's top five movies. A movie that grips attention from the moment Bernhard Herrmann introduce the movie with his film score. Hitchcock and James Stewart collaborate on their final film together and their teamwork go so smooth and beautiful that it is hard not to enjoy every single frame of his acting here. Kim Novak also do one of the most definitive femme fatales that has been on screen. Magnificently shot and every set-piece has a glorious function in a story that makes sense and works so good that many have tried to copy it's formula ever since. Only the ending is cruel because who would want this to end?

Adventure movie about intelligent killer apes in Congo based upon Michael Crichton's possibly worst novel. This is also a bad film, but it has a memorable movie score and Bruce Campell's scream of death. Tim Curry also help the movie with a delicious camp approach to it adding a thick East European accent and playing the role as if he is a modern Bela Lugosi. The other actors are weak with Dylan Walsh standing out. Joe Pantoliano and Delroy Lindo even understood what kind of shitty movie this was and decided to not have their names credited on the film.

Science fiction that feels believable and has excellent acting. Easily one of the more realistic in it's genre. It is also a great homage to writer Carl Sagan who died during the production of the film and who oversaw the film. A great document on how science, beliefs and statements go on a collision course against each other. Beautifully designed and realized. But, the revelation and it's heavy feel of sentimentalism can also turn off some viewers.

Great movie title and excellent poster that hints on something epic. It looks nice and has some interesting camera angles, but it also disappoints because it is unfortunately not France's Paris nor any city for that matter which gets "eaten". Dialogue also lacks playfulness or originality and the main character is hard to love.

The Ups: The visual concept of a skeleton man riding on a motorcycle is a glorious cinematic image and the effects surrounding this character are beautiful. Peter Fonda is a inspired choice as the Devil and Sam Elliott gives a helping hand in a kind-of mentor role but Nicolas Cage don't work in the leading role. The look of the actor playing young Johnny Blaze and Nicolas Cage don't look similar at all. There is no sexual, romantic or believable chemistry at all between Cage and Mendes either. The reason for the curse and the connection between father and son is forgotten soon as Nicolas Cage enters the picture which is a shame as this should have been done in a way so that it always haunted him. Gruesome acting from Wes Bentley who make an exceptional weak villain. Movie lacks a heart.

The Ups: Sequel with a faster pace and that throws away the Hollywood glossiness from the original for a more grittier film. The Ghost Rider has better meaner look for this one. We get Idris Elba in a supporting role who is especially great in the first scene of the movie. Story is a "T2 knockoff". Dialogue is best not heard. Poor Christopher Lambert is not even recognizable in his return to a bigger budget movie. Laughably over-the-top at times.

Great title for a western. It's supernatural atmosphere to the title character is excellent and it is a very satisfying "revenge" movie combined with the "man without a name" stories that Sergio Leone did. It is almost like Eastwood gave that director one final homage and film to the man who made him a star. Beautiful landscapes. Satisfying ending too and the villains are memorable. Added spice to the mix is the young girl who wants to make sweet love to Eastwood. The story is still a traditional one and will not surprise any experienced viewer.

The strong chemistry between Michelle Pfeiffer and Rutger Hauer that make one feel that they have been on screen a lot more together than they really were. Their epic love story drives the movie and John Wood is an excellent bad villain. Cinematography has beauty in it. Matthew Broderick almost ruin the movie by talking too much in the beginning of it. Luckily, his character gets better as the movie tags along. The movie should have been edited better too as the cameraman lacks inventiveness in his shots and make the film look like a TV movie sometimes. Alan Parson's music is totally wrong for the movie and dates the film to the 1980s instead of being timeless and wondrous.

The Ups: A movie that luckily never takes this zombie apocalypse serious and is more concerned with what a girl is to do with her life when all the men have become human-eating monsters and the only one left seems to be Robert Beltran, who has to be one of the lousiest love interests in an apocalyptic world. It is a perfectly dated movie with 80s hairdos, music and fashion and Catherine Mary Stewart at her sexiest. It influenced Joss Whedon to make "Buffy: the Vampire Slayer" and one can clearly understand and see why.

The most unlikable duo get their own movie. Gay and fart jokes. Swearing overdose. It lacks the intelligence of Kevin Smith's more independent and low-budget movies as this feels targeted direct at 13 to 15 year-olds. There is some beautiful shots of comics, Mark Hamill gets the best screen credit and Ali Larter, Shannon Elizabeth and Eliza Dushku are in leather catsuits to make up for what is a terrible movie. I agree with the hateful internet comment "Fuck Jay and Silent Bob up their asses".

A movie with an interesting background story as a mint version of this movie was found in a actual bordello in Barcelona. It may have to do with a banana sequence with Lina Romay and a lot of nude sequences with Jesus Franco's regular girls, but the story itself will not raise any eyebrows. It is not particularly sexy nor well edited together either and it ends with that type of ending that I hate the most.

If you get fed up with "Alice in Wonderland" here is a new different approach to the story, Japanese style. Traditionally hand-drawn, beautiful music and colorful imagination. Unique, weird characters that do surprising stuff. One of the ugliest witches I have ever seen. This film as a lasting effect on the viewer.

A sweet comedic entry from Studio Ghibli perfect for cat lovers. Excellent voice actors seems to be the norm for these films, but Tim Curry as the Cat King is an excellent choice. I like the concept and the animations are again top notch. Sadly, I felt it being too short as it ends just when it starts to be interesting. Several unanswered questions to the story and the heroine lacks personality.

A superior Nordic Crime movie noir where dark crimes and evil deeds are bathed in white light not darkness. It has a realistic feel to it and great atmospheric moments like the "trapped in the fog with a killer" moment and when a dead man returns to the hero in the hotel room. I also like the poetic outcome for the killer. Stellan SkarsgÄrd also deliver one of his more powerful moments and is believable as a cop who tries wipe his hands clean after doing a huge mistake in the line of duty.

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