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Movie Reviews (201-250)

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"Antz" and "A Bug's Life" fought against each other in a fight to the death for the title "ultimate ant/bug movie". Can not say this won, but it had some fun slapstick and dialogue. Unimpressive story though with a "Together we can overcome all problems"-ending and the characters themselves were boring.

For many this is a modern Christmas classic. It is a funny movie with extremely likeable characters (for the most part except that cheating Alan Rickman and his secretary) and nice angles on how love or the hunt for it define us and our relationship to other people. The scene stealer in the film is the great Bill Nighy though as a life-tired rock artist. This likeable and pretty unique film falls apart at the end with audience friendly "Love Conquers All" sequences and I felt that the most intriguing story (the one with Laura Linney) is too brief and should have gotten a kind-of resolution too.

Heavyweighter (pun intended!) George Clooney lead an impressive ensemble in this engaging political thriller about how ruthless capitalism ruins lives and lands in the Middle East. A lot of dialogue and intrigue means that the brain has to be sharp and not heavy on drugs while watching. Not surprised to see Steven Soderbergh having produced the movie as this could be seen as a kind-of distant cousin to "Traffic" with a lot of characters and subplots that blend into the film.

This new trilogy prequel to "Lord of the Rings" has the feeling of returning to an old friend as it reintroduce characters and pay off things that were discussed and shown in the first "Lord of the Rings" about Bilbo and his adventures. The film gives us better heroic dwarfs than the one single in "Rings" to be honest. What is the film's weakness is it's over familiarity. We know much of this story already as it was talked about and shown homages to in the original trilogy so it never really surprises us and the film takes too long to really start. Some of the action scenes also look like something omitted from computer games when Gandalf starts to fight against the trolls in unbelievable stunts - and the rabbit vs. wolves race seem taken directly from a Disney cartoon.

The usual touch of great visual images add much to this Hitchcock classic with it's great pace, intriguing story, intriguing heroine and the excellent villain played by Peter Lorre as the main reasons to see the film. The overlong climax and Leslie Banks' stiff hero is not as good.

Grandfather to all parody. It throws up as much slapstick and fun that is humanly possible. Some of it's humor has lost it's appeal as the films it parodies were contemporary films that were not big classics so they have left people's memory for a long time ago but still it is an above average fun movie.

Monster movie directed by the great Mexican Guillermo del Toro who did his American directorial debut with this movie. It has some interesting ideas, but there is not much that remind me of the colorful and inventive fantasies that usually come from him. A lot of tinkering with this movie from annoying producers was a huge reason for it being a failure and the director himself has disowned it. But, even if del Toro had all the money and back-up in the world he has to admit that the biggest problem with this movie is the screenplay that is just another "people running in dark corridors"-kind of story. F. Murray Abraham seem to sleepwalk himself through the dialogue dreaming about the money he is going to pick up in the bank for the role.

It is a "lost footage" film but done in fantasy-adventure,comedy style so it is a little different than the other "lost footage" films out there and a lot more fun too. We finally get to see real Norwegian trolls on screen. Otto Jespersen is perfect casting as a troll hunter. Engaging story with fun eye for details. The young cast is pretty useless though and lack personality and the lousy conspiracy part of the movie should have been deleted.

It all starts with Carter Burwell's music that build up and drags me directly into the film. Then I fall for the quirky characters, the acting, the intricate plot, surprising twists and it's believable but darkly funny ending. I do feel sorry for Jerry Lundegaard in the end who only tried to earn himself some money.

Daniel Craig finally grow into the 007-role and mix action and comedy much better. Judi Dench surprises me this time as she gets a more active role and the plot resolves around her character M. Naomie Harris in a gutsy role like the one she had in "28 Days Later" and is one of the film's better surprises. The Aston Martin and it's fate - actually made me sad. Adele's title song is superb - The best that ever was in a Bond-film since Connery was on the screen. Great action in the film too, but the script leaves a lot to be desired as it steals heavily from "The Dark Knight". This is especially obvious with the villain who has a super intelligence, a "broken smile" and kidnap someone close to the hero. There is even a helpful butler in a mansion and a tragic childhood with dead parents. Javier Bardem is nonthreatening and looks more like a humorous gay Spanish hairdresser with a haircut stolen from Christopher Walken's Max Zorin and is the film's biggest disappointment especially since I waited one hour and hoped for something more effective and scary. Anyone with half a brain will understand how the film will end and the function Ralph Finnes will have in future films. Ben Whishaw is too nerdy for Q too. The modern times has also destroyed 007's sex life as everyone Craig has sex with seem to be killed off and he ends up lonely in every film. It's like an anti-Roger Moore statement in these films at the moment, isn't it? Still it is an entertaining film, but I wish they can solve these problems for the next one.

Heavy character study about female Lithuanian prostitutes is intriguing but is ruined by the typhical Baltic depressing ending.

I love this slow-moving dreamy science fiction filled with symbolic imagery and a beautiful Natalya Bondarchuk. Hypnotic in style and with interesting philosophical questions. It demands your patience. Especially an overlong scene through the road tunnels of Japan (very futuristic for Communist Russia at the time) almost kill the flow of the film.

Historical epic about crusaders inspired by facts. Gorgeous to look at. The Arabs get treated with respect and it truthfully tell why the peace between Muslims and Christians was broken. Excellent support from Jeremy Irons and Liam Neeson who sadly don't do enough in their supporting roles. The cinema version is laughable weak compared to the director's cut which is the only version one should and must see.

The great ensemble is what makes this movie truthfully a classic and make the dialogue and story work. Everyone knows THAT ending. A must-see.

Uplifting movie from one of the worst ghettos in the world. It manage to make death, torture, abuse, prostitution and organ stealing into a fairy tale with happy ending. Utterly charming child actors steal the show and sometimes one need a story that could only happen on film making us survive the most depressing situations that happen in our world.

A solid presentation of Thor Heyerdahls travel adventure but with added action, dangerous sharks and personal conflicts. A great presentation, especially in the effects department, but the film seem to forget it need to go deeper into Thor Heyerdahl's psyche, but it feels like we a left out the most juicy details as if the producers were afraid of a lawsuit from the explorer's family.

Perfect romantic Valentine movie with spaghetti sequence showing gentleman dogs what to do with your lady dog. Some song numbers drags the film down. Everything else is great.

Full speed throughout this sci-fi comedy with a lot of visual gags and one-liners - many of them surprisingly funny. The duo of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith works. Great supporting characters as well. The effects were solid for it's time except the last effect sequences during the showdown with the bug which are terrible even when it premiered. The make-up is fantastic though. I would gladly have the theme song wiped from my memory please.

Different fantasy about Life and Death. Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz are great together in the film and it is hard not to be moved by their sad story. Darren Aronofsky's visual style always engages and I love the ending that can be interpreted different each time you see it.

Another watchable classic Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes movie. Finally Dennis Hoey as Inspector Lestrade get to have an extended role for his final appearance in the series. It is a fast-paced entry too. The villain is obvious. Nigel Bruce is still incompetent as Dr. Watson and is just his usual self as an embarrassing comedic sidekick.

It is a solid production with Rathbone and Bruce doing characters they know well but the story is forgettable as everyone involved just recirculate scenes from earlier and better entries for one final time.

Put one fallen action combat hero together with an old retired British charming adventurer. It is actually the only good idea in the entire film. What happened to all those street kids that Van Damme seemed to be such pals with and he planned to visit later? Stupid editing and boring fights.

Tough-looking red-haired heroine is the most striking thing with the film. Some great slapstick and gorgeous landscapes feel epic but the story is utterly predictable with a lot of mother/daughter quarrels and a terrible "I love you mama" ending. A lot of sentimentality and animals with human feelings making it feel more a Disney movie than Pixar.

Depressing rape-revenge movie about people at their cruelest filmed in an almost documentary style and where we get to see murder and rape portrayed disgusting and unentertaining for once. Sandra Cassel is heartbreaking as a innocent doomed girl forced to perform in sexual activities before she is killed off. David Hess is pretty disgusting as the lead killer and gangleader. It is such a dark movie that any attempts at misplaced humor about stupid police men feels forced and wrong.

Tim Burton made "Batman" serious again and made the figure more gothic, darker and to a real superhero again on film after we laughed our heads off when watching the camp series from the 60s. It was the beginning of the "darker" superhero wave with great music and atmosphere. Sadly, time has not been good to the film as the script is too simple especially compared to the later complex reboot and Jack Nicholson is more funny than menacing in his clown make-up.

The Ups: Tim Burton's definitive grotesque fantasy adventure about misfits done on a big budget where the villains have memorable moments all the time. It is an orgy in gothic atmosphere and music. Batman is reduced into a supporting player in his own film that is a carnival of freaks.

Joel Schumacher took away the gothic atmosphere and returned to the campy style of the 60s with dreadful overacting from the "guest actors" and it's new main actors. It looks nice and Michael Gough is a great returning Alfred but let's be honest this film is everything that make studio action films terrible.

The Ups: Misunderstood "Batman" movie. It was always meant to be colorful, strange and ludicrous and the problem was the film studio who didn't dare make it into "Batman on Ice: The Musical" which this clearly was meant to be. As it is living crap as a serious normal film. No wonder the film series had to be rebooted after this. The joke is on the actors who look embarrassed even being in it and the worst one is Schwarzenegger who looks laughable here.

As I absolutely loved the book by Neil Gaiman I am probably the wrong person to give this one a review. But, even if the film take some liberties with the story it copies the atmosphere and feeling that I got from the romantic fantasy. One of the best things is that it is heavy on dialogue and plot and don't need that much effects so it's all about the characters and story. Some criticism was on Claire Danes' role but too be blunt the character was not meant to be so lovable in the beginning anyway but I feel she grows on me and I accepted her in the role easily. I feel that this movie "shine" (to use that term). It is possible that sometimes I am just an old romantic sentimental fool, but I dare anyone with just a little love for a dash of fantasy and a good plot to not love it. It is the perfect date movie. One of the best old-fashioned fantasies that exist out there and should be praised for what it is. Yes, there are some comedic moments that could have been removed as they are here only for the "fun of it" and Michelle Pfeiffer has a few moments when she seem to go "over the top" but I think this film is so full of loving details that I can't do anything but to love it.

Charmingly made. The Lorax looks great. The forest animals are funny and the script not that bad. It is maybe too heavy on the environmental criticism story line, but it is not the worst of it's type.

There will never be a Kong better than this. It is full of legendary action pieces. Monster vs. monster fights, the gorilla with the girl in his hand while getting hunted in New York. It was really the first true blockbuster effects movie Fay Wray will be the most gorgeous scream queen of the golden age of Hollywood.

Action movie that feel more Asian than American due to it's zen-style dialogue. Surprising ending that don't end in American style by killing every bad guy, but instead has a message delivered through the film's best two actors, Christopher Lee and David Carradine. The absurd chance to see Eli Wallach bathing in oil is a added bonus. Jeff Cooper lack charisma in the leading role though and the editing could have been better.

The Ups: The chemistry between Karen Allen and Jeff Bridges drives this romantic science fiction movie. John Carpenter's simple but effective direction and use of music add to the atmosphere. It is basically a reworking of E.T., but with sex added.

The Ups: Great animation with an epic fantasy story and solid music numbers. Too manic though to become a favorite of mine.

The Ups: Definitive learning book in how to make a lowbudget experimental horror movie. Unique editing, sound and camera work.

The Ups: The movie that made Bruce Campbell from a nobody to a king - Hail to the King, Baby! Nonstop craziness of blood and comedy. Full of memorable scenes like the room laughing of Ash, the demon infected hand and a flying eyeball. That Hollywood did not notice Bruce after this movie and made him an icon and A-list star is a mystery that is hard to understand.

The Ups: Insane combination of fantasy, horror and comedy with a lot of memorable imagery. This deserves to be on anyone's top 10 list as the best horror comedy of all time.

The Ups: The Dragon with Sean Connery's voice is the main reason to see this film. Dennis Quaid seem to try copy Harrison Ford's grumpy and unwilling action hero style. There are three great actors playing villains but they are terribly written and has nothing to work with as the story itself is predictable.

The Ups: The definitive Disney coming-of-age movie with sweet talking animals and a parent get killed in the beginning so that the hero in the story has to learn the facts of life.

The Ups: Great moments of destruction as the world falls apart in front of our eyes in another of Roland Emmerich's world destruction epics. All the characters are fodder to the effects as they are easily forgotten by my brain.

The Ups: Robert Downey jr. is perfectly cast as playboy entertainer and inventor Tony Stark turned into superhero Iron Man. Phenomenal flying effects. Hilariously funny at times. Great commentary on the weapon industry. Jeff Bridges actually make a good villain.

The sequel give greater depth to the characters and the universe and introduce new cool stuff. Black Widow looks fantastic on screen, but she should have kicked more ass. Mickey Rourke heavily as the villain after having a glorious turn at a racing track.

Excellent retro superhero action situated in WW2. A perfect fit for it's director who already made another film in the same style ("The Rocketeer"). Hayley Atwell and Chris Evans give the movie a heart and are wonderful to behold. Some origin elements at the beginning feels too familiar with other superhero movies and the ending is anti-climatic but this is an excellent entry to the series.

The Ups: Marvel "stole" the Nordic mythology and made a movie that Scandinavia never would have a budget to make even if they tried. It is another epic and extravagant effects movie where Nordic Gods are combined with science fiction. Excellent use of actors and a great new universe is introduced.

The Ups: Embraces it's superhero origins and becomes an entertaining superhero team-up full of action and great character dialogue. Hulk gets a redemption and Scarlett Johansson has a more active role and totally overshadow Catwoman from that other superhero movie. How is they ever going to top this?

The Ups: Necessary uplifting viewing at Christmas and a great alternate take on "A Christmas Carol". James Stewart sells the movie with his heartfelt and honest performance. This wonderful ending could only happen in the movies.

The Ups: One of those remarkable Hitchcock movies that manage to be both hugely romantic and nail-biting even if there is not a single shot fired. Claude Rains play a Nazi one feel sorry for as this charismatic slime ball is trapped between a dominating mother and a weak will. Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman sparks with wonderful chemistry and I could just see them alone in scenes after scenes. Great visual touches from the master with an ending that is both hopeful and tragic at the same time. One of my favorites.

The Ups: A delicate designed version of the "Snow White" story and Charlize Theron is mesmerizing as the Evil Queen. Sadly, the movie falls apart from the moment Kristen Stewart appears as she doesn't have the beauty that is required in the role and it is easy to see that it is the director who loves her and not the viewer. The Hunter gets a hero role that doesn't work. A incestuous relationship between the Queen and her brother seem to have been added into the film for no apparent reason.

Great visual presentation of the Alan Moore graphic novel. Natalie Portman make one of the better performances of her career. It is full circle for John Hurt as he play the Leader of this "Big Brother" universe while he was the hero in "1984". Ending was changed from the original graphic novel making it all less effective really.

The Ups: It goes further in sexual rawness and darkness ever made and gaze into the deepest darkest souls of men and women. It is easy to get suicidal thoughts with this film's dark themes that goes from incest, rape and extreme violence and it is hard to watch. This is not for the weak of mind or soul and it is understandable that this movie has been banned and debated as this is absolutely a film only one in a million can even finish.

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