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There has been many boxing sports movies but there has seldom been a film more human and believable like this one and where any punch has enormous consequence. It is a complex drama that actually dares to change the entire premise of the film halfway into it as well turning from boxing movie to pure drama. Clint Eastwood does one of his most emotional roles in his entire career and the ending leaves a mental knockdown on the viewer itself.

It is a great concert, especially for fans of folk rock, blues or country music with a great band and their unique guests. It has great photography and is necessary for all addicts of Martin Scorsese's directorial output. Sad to say that the interview segments between songs doesn't give any depth or feel of being particularly necessary. They are nice moments, but not much else.

Anna Faris is cute enough to survive this film but the rest of this comedy/parody tests one's limit as how long one can endure the same type of joke. Even worse is that it doesn't even have it's own original story as it only take the entire main script of "Scream" and make it dumb and lame for those who didn't understand the original joke in the first place. A terrible, terrible film.

The only film where you get to see James Woods puking like a fountain and trying to fuck a demon-possessed kid. It is even worse than the original and Chris Elliott is one of the most revolting actors i have ever seen on screen. The fact that I saw this was that a friend gave me a a lot of beers to consume while finishing it, but I felt used and abused after seeing this predictable, stupid film. Tons of bodily fluid jokes will make even the most horny teenager blush of embarrassment.

A marginally better story than the two first films because it at least tries to write something different instead of just rehashing an old horror film story. Charlie Sheen understands the degree of shit he is in and doesn't even try to act or do anything with his role and Leslie Nielsen do his spoof role blindfolded. The Michael Jackson scene must be one of the worst bad taste jokes ever put on film -even worse now that he is dead?

As all parodies it is a lot of hit-and-misses and obvious gags and there is no one who wants to see an old wrinkly and naked Leslie Nielsen. Craig Bierko is the new leading man - a terrible comedic actor with a flat performance as Charlie Sheen suddenly comes off as a comedic genius after seeing Birko's performance in this one. Not worse nor better than the third one.

It is not a single laugh in this one. Is this the most unfunny movie ever made. The Lindsay Lohan & Charlie Sheen sex-tape scene with cameos of the actors is so embarrassing and weak that I'm sad to have seen it. That Ashley Tisdale takes over for Anna Faris as the female lead doesn't help either as the only good comedic talent from all these films were Anna Faris.

The Ups: Authentic Greenlandic 'actors' and real location work is the high point of this documentary that feels staged. Will not have any appeal outside film historic circles to see what was probably the first true fiction movie with Eskimo actors.

It is the perfect film for lovers of embarrasing sex-jokes, juvenile one-liners, farts and negative roasting of celebs involved in scandals. Any sane adult person with an education can easily see how unimaginative and untalented directors steal other people's film plots and just twist it around to make as much jokes and idiotic slapstick scenes as possible without taking care of that the jokes also should work and be tasteful. Mostly this one has disgusting imagery. Sad to see Kevin Sorbo in this.

It is about people stopping bad aliens and it is miles better than "Men in Black II" and "Ghostbusters II" which it is a combination of. Some weak improvisation and jokes don't work, but at least it is an acceptable time-waster.

Gorgeous Norwegian snow atmosphere make it a little more unique than most slashers of this kind. Beautifully lit and better acting than normal for this type of film, but is unforgivable that the best eye candy girl gets offed first. The script is a predictable "madman kills the young people" plot and the film is played out as a traditional film of it's type from the golden age of slasher during the 1980s.

A direct sequel of the original. It is better than most horror sequels with likeable characters that also have to die. The heroine acts too stupid sometimes even though she is tough with shotgun and The villain is too close to being immortal to be taken serious this time around. The final scene should have been removed too.

The ultimate action chick road movie flick made by one of the true macho action directors in Hollywood. Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon are great together as they shoot the first "selfie" on film, but I'm not convinced that these girls would not like to do jail time together. That would only enhance their friendship to a new level would it not? The replay value on this is sadly non-existent for me.

A lot of annoying rescue situations as tough guy Harrison Ford saves the day with city girl Anne Heche screaming and not liking being out in nature make this film feel like a product from the 1950s. David Schwimmer play the dofus husband who actually cheats on her. It is not as charming as it wants to be, but I have seen worse.

With gritty, documentaric style and a cast full of unknowns the film look, sound and seem realistic as there is no visual effects or artificial artistic creativity. Here is only old cool cars burning rubber in the streets when the police wasn't looking. It is a truly independent film with no fingers from Hollywood and even innocents could get injured or killed if they were in the way for the high-speed hunt. The main story ends abruptly after our hero's most important stunt and is never truly resolved especially the conflict between the brothers. The acting consist mostly of posers, family members and people with no acting experience.

The Ups: Good cinematography, Pretty cars and Angelina Jolie is cute in blonde dreadlocks is the positive things, but I expected more car crashes, stunts and chases since it has taken it's name from one of the most notorious car chase films in the genre. This is extremely uninspired and even replace stunts with terrible CGI sequences. The actors seem uninterested and Nicolas Cage has a hilarious over-the-top moment again when he jumps over the computer-generated cars at the end. One of the more disappointing remakes I have seen as a bigger budget should have given this film tons of car chases, but it actually has less then the original.

Brad Pitt believable as a psycho bastard while Juliette Lewis play the lost twisted sister that she really is. I also like to see cult faves David Duchovny and Michelle Forbes together as lovers and it is the acting between these four actors that is the main interest for seeing this traditional road movie thriller where a romantic duo is trapped together and alone with someone who is crazy. It is kill or be killed time and it is like seeing "Dead Calm" once again, but on land.

a run-of-the-mill thriller with average action and average performances with an annoying first scene where we see our hero in a hostage situation. The film feels very studio-bound at times and lacks imagination with the exception of a short good action moment with an assassin (cameo by Peter Stormare) on a train.

This science fiction satire takes the gold, silver and bronze medal for being a wacky over-the-top modern Hollywood produced pulp alien invasion film. It is so tongue-in-cheek that it almost goes through the cheek with a lot of all-knowing stupid scenes like when Tom Jones sing like a Disney star to animals, Jack Nicholson's peace speech, Rod Steiger crazy military general, burning cows, Pierce Brosnan's talking severed head to only talk about the tip of the iceberg. It is impossible to take any alien invasion movie serious again after this hilarious spoof.

Unique and colorful Brazilian take on the Greek tragedy about Orpehus and Eurydice set during the yearly Carneval in Rio. It is a beautiful movie full of rythmn, samba drums and dance moves that give the film an energy that is not found in so many other films. It must have been a perfect travel commercial for anyone who never had seen photos from Brazil and the location work is gorgeous. The cast ooze sex and coolness.

With Angelina Jolie perfectly cast as Lara Croft this should have been a pretty good action movie as she is a hot gun-shooting archaeologist, but it is all ruined by a script that pisses me off. It is mechanically written, worse than anything written for the computer games it was based on, has pathetic humor and the annoying reset button ending that I hate. The action is also uninspiring.

This sequel has better directed action sequences and better photography and a lot of shots of Angelina Jolie half naked. The problem here is that the actress has already lost any interest in the role and she goes through every scene with an uninterested look on her face lacking the charm and twinkle in the eye to make this laughable script work.

Nonstop comic book violence for adults with memorable gory sequences, intense action and extreme make-up. The sequence where Peter Weller gets blown to tiny bits are memorable and extreme even today. Great black satire and humor as well, especially the news-reports that appear scattered through the film.

Sequel is still a violent comic book actioner and Peter Weller continue to be a great RoboCop and it has some elements that could have made this one as great as the original, but almost completely removes the satire elements making the film feel more brutal and humorless. It also lacks the budget of the original as the effects are not as good as they should have been. Nancy Allen is also wasted this time and the film seem to have forgotten completely the background story of Murphy which made the original that more gripping.

WTF? This is so far away from the violent comic-book action movie as the hero is now political correct and never seem to shoot any bad guys. It is instead a watered down superhero movie for teenagers. The effects and film itself look like made for TV and seeing RoboCop with a jetpack on his back is a moment to hate. Even the makeup is below the standards one should demand. The only memorable thing is seeing Nancy Allen meeting her maker as she said goodbye to the franchise since Peter Weller didn't want to do a third film.

Drama that feels natural and is beautifully acted with a comedic realism seldom seen in American comedies. The film is full of dry, witty dialogue and the director seem to have an inside-information about the news industry. It documents and predicts the trends from hard "real" news to tabloid gossip. Jack Nicholson has a great small but important role as a legendary newsreader. I love the cast in this one.

Sean Connery as Alan Quaitermain and Peta Wilson as vampire girl Mina Harker should have been a target for success in this adaptation of acclaimed graphic novel from Alan Moore, but anything remotely interesting from that story is gone except for the idea. This is a typical example of Hollywood tampering with stuff only because it's not mainstream and 100 % American making everything unwatchable. It is Sean Connery's last live movie and it is sad as he should at least have chosen something better to end his career with. Even the director said he never wanted to work again after this film.

Unique concept with infinitive potential with a portal taking explorers anywhere in the galaxy - and we go to a boring desert planet that looks like Egypt? Kurt Russell and James Spader make two good leading characters, but much of the film is an overlong snorefest taking forever to become interesting and takes itself all too serious. The visual effects and costumes make it a little watchable, but the script is uninspired and I would never have thought that it would lead to a popular and much better TV series later.

A great story based upon a true story about a duel between the best sniper of the Red Army against the best Nazi sniper. It is beautifully shot and looks gorgeous - a usual treat by master director Jean Jacques Annaud. The war feels and look violent, dirty, gritty and believable, but it is dragged down by a terrible love story triangle that is not only boring but uneventful and full of cliches. The film should instead have taken it's time with the duel itself that should have been longer and more nail-biting showing that the wait itself was the worst suffering for these two soldiers.

Unique fantasy movie - one of the few films without human participants - with owls. Surprisingly ferocious bird fights where characters get killed off if, but I found the pace almost going too fast sometimes as I would have loved for an extra film or two to give more structure to this universe, but since it seems that some people doesn't want to see something a tiny bit different and adult on the screen that has do with animation I guess I have to appreciate what I got.

Few femme fatales got to be as sexy and unforgettable as Rita Hayworth. Glenn Ford is perfectly suitable in the heroic role in a film noir filled with classic moments, but this film is all about Rita who is fantastic in this. There never was a woman like Gilda - true indeed.

Is it better to wipe unhappy memories and the persons who make you sad removing all heartbreak from your life or should you try to live with them and move on? This film answers this in a science fiction way and I like this dream world with it's blend of old and new memories. Jim Carrey is fantastic long away from his comedic side but the truth is that the entire film is filled with phenomenal acting.

Wonderful off-beat dark comedy about what happens to the brain when one has watched too many cult shows on T.V. I actually like how Jim Carrey manage to go from an apparent idiot to a more dangerous and crazy psychopath showing that he has an acting range that goes a little beyond the usual comedian.

One of the few "tasteless" crazy-comedies that I probably like mostly due to it's more cartoonish style and that Ben Stiller is one of those unbelievable leads that I find hard to dislike. Matt Dillion is perfectly cast as a sleazeball and this is also the only film aside "The Mask" where Cameron Diaz actually feel charming and sexy without overselling herself. I also like that the romantic story is pretty disturbing if one start to think it over as it's about a man who never can forget a girl he once knew and starts to stalk her. Chris Elliott is annoying and gross though and ruins any scene he's in.

Humorless and mostly consisting of a plot where dinosaurs are hunted and killed most of the time. It also is a story that steals heavily from other similar films and the dialogue is painted in big broad brushes and it would probably have been better if the dinosaurs were silent as originally planned. Cute lemurs doesn't do much interesting for the plot and the "play with the monkey" gags don't feel right for this target audience even if the atmosphere and cruelty make it unsuitable for the smallest audience. Some good set pieces and design help, but one of the most underwhelming Disney films I have seen.

Western drama with poetic quality over it and give a more realistic portrayal of Native Americans than usually attempted by the Hollywood System. It feels honest in trying to tell how the White Race ruined the Native Americans and is beautifully filmed with memorable imagery, but it is a missed opportunity that the love interest herself was pure Native American even if Mary McDonnell makes a strong impression in the role.

Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal reunites after "Brokeback Mountain" and show the world that they really like to have sex together and fuck a lot. For my own male interests it is nice to see Anne in her birthday suit. On a more serious note has the film great satire on the drug industry and how doctors are pushed into selling their stuff. Unfortunately the movie is also a romantic drama and feels like a modern "Love Story" that never really clicks together.

Drama that tackles subject matter that is hard to digest as it involves young boys getting raped, but it has it heart on the right place with Kevin Bacon doing another sleazy sick bastard role. Sadly it ends up as a court room film and the first half of the film is the best.

A brilliantly told coming-of-age story based upon true elements from writer Stephen King's own years as a teenager. The film is full of young actors who would become famous all in their own right. Good period rock music. Some nail-biting moments especially the train sequence stand out. It is still one of the better adaptations based upon King's material as the writers best material for film has always been when he has grounded it to reality and not gone too far out with his characters and situations.

It was the film that really put David Lynch on the map and it was also the first true film that showed the world his dreamy but also disturbing nightmarish imagery. It is a taste of what would-be "Twin Peaks" as it happens to have setting in a small town where everything is seemingly perfect but every character seem to have secrets and wicked sexual preferences. It even has Kyle MacLachlan in the lead and other expected Lynch favorites. Dennis Hopper got a well-deserved return to fame as psychopath Frank Booth. I love the song "Blue Velvet" in it's original form but I'd love to listen to Isabella Rossellini all day singing it.

The Ups: On the paper this sounds exciting. Lucy Liu slaying vampires with tons of exploitative nudity added from attractive women including Lucy herself. It is a guilty pleasure but sex and blood doesn't make it a good film alone as the film is serious lacking a script and anything resembling logic.

This is the "Evil Dead" of action movies - a 16mm lowbudget action movie that is hugely entertaining with a lot of inventive camera angles and huge amounts of blood. The film feels realistic and has a nice bunch of faces and (to me) unknown Mexican faces. The only scene that rings untrue is when our hero runs up a car hood and the villains stupidly shoot themselves.

The Ups: American sequel that made the legend of El Mariachi more accessible to an audience who don't see subtitled features, but the bigger budget doesn't means it is better and sometimes the film feels more like a reboot than a sequel in it's story structure. Antonio Banderas is a sexier and more memorable presence than the Mexican hero from the original and this film made Salma Hayek a sex symbol which we should applaud. Danny Trejo do a memorable turn too as a knife throwing maniac, but Tarantino's joke cameo add too nothing and only drags the pace down.

Made at a time when Johnny Depp craze was the biggest, the supporting actor tries to steal the movie away from the Mariachi and has too many scenes that drags on or are over-the-top in this third movie. I also hated that this film killed off my most beloved character from the second one and the ambitious story loses focus and seem to jump from character to character without any real passion. A huge disappointing third film that I'm afraid killed off any potential new chapters.

The Likable pairing of George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez is the main reason for watching this romantic caper that kickstarted both film-star's careers for good. Violence, comedy and sex mixes together wonderfully in a fun "cat and mouse" story sparkled with smart dialogue and charming actors.

A gorgeously lit musical with beautiful colors, impressive sets and a Judy Garland at her cutest, but why would Dorothy return home to a boring black and white life after wanting to run away from it all in the beginning? I also doesn't feel that strongly for all the musical numbers nor did I warm that up to the characters. Maybe I saw this film at an too old age?

Monty Python push the envelope one last time for what can be done in comedy. At the time this was full of originality, sick jokes, vulgar, fun and satiric jokes. It is also the film that is closest to their TV-show as it consist of several small episodes and sketches but with one basic important red line - it tells about life as we know it. It is also the film with the best musical numbers. The Ingmar Bergman parody where Death visits "our friends" is also one of the most fitting endings they could have done. I also love the epic short film in the beginning "The Crimson Premanent Assurance" that hinted on the visionary stuff that we would get from Terry Gilliam in the future with a big skyscraper moving through the city as big sail boat. This is also as lowbrow and distasteful that Monty Python ever went. It is good they stopped before their quality diminished and ended up like what has happened with comedies in America at the moment. The man throwing up his lunch repeatedly is probably one of the grossest moments in cinema history.

Dario Argento's directorial debut is an effective little crime thriller that has great visual touches. A sick moment is when a painter locks himself inside a house and eat cats. The violence is also refreshingly restrained with gore and feels almost like the next step from Hitchcock if he had decided to go the Italian route with his films. The set piece with the hero trapped between two glass doors is fantastic.

A strong character portrait of an android with a lot of beautiful sci-fi imagery and great philosophical moments. It also has a huge emotional connection with a tragic and believable confrontation with the creator, played by William Hurt. The film was planned to be a Stanley Kubrick production (before he died) before Steven Spielberg took over and probably changed it to a "crowd-pleasing" sentimenal ending, which is a shame as it was more effective with a depressing one.

Believable story about a city and "Hell on Earth". It feels like a honest character study where we see our taxi chauffeur driving through neon lit dirty streets of ungodly deeds. It also gives a good definition on how violence create violent anti-heroes. Robert deNiro is excellent here. Cybill Shepherd is at her most gorgeous and Jodie Foster do a disturbing role as an underage street prostitute. Harvey Keitel is perfectly sleazy as her pimp. A dark and unhappy movie from the lowest side of civilization that both kicks and punches you in the face.

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