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Movie Reviews (1651-1700)

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Low-budget theater musicalplays for children is turned into an okay budgeted pirate movie for the entire family but still targeted mainly to the youngest kids. Pirate ships, towns and costumes look great and the characters are likeable but the movie loses totally steam, focus and fun at the moment that the pirates arrive at the fabled town of Lama Rama where everything is a practical joke and fun. At that moment only an inspired sleazy Jon Øigarden as the film's true villain makes the film interesting. The film's "surprise ending" is predictable from the moment we arrive the town and the boy hero, Pinky's character arc is a long big snore. Many Norwegian kids will probably also miss the musical tunes of the theater shows which in Norwegian are very catchy and easy to remember but since this movie probably also was attempted to market abroad they are ignored if they don't suit the story. Captain Sabertooth's make-up has never looked better though.

Dark fantasy & sword and sorcery adventure based upon Robert E. Howard ("Conan the Barbarian" fame) creation. It deliver non-stop action and takes itself pretty serious with child murders and human flesh eaters. The atmosphere is bleak but the monsters are a lot better than the similar "Van Helsing" manage to do and Solomon Kane has a better developed character.

A devastating and honest drama about the casualties of war and their victims. It is made even more powerful by the fact that it is animated and have such likeable characters. It is probably the most depressing and sad film I have seen and it pushes straight into my gut and rips out my heartstrings at the same time. It will leave a lasting impact on me.

The first thing that strikes me is the fantastic make-up job that has been done on Rolf Lassgård to make him even older and more grumpy. After that one get a movie that trigger both the funny bones and the emotional core as we get to see how one man is changed by fate and accidents to become the personality that he is. It is a satisfying watch (though a tad predictable too) - but still worthy of a watch and Rolf Lassgård is fantastic in the title role.

Feels almost like an autobiographic movie about Ernest Hemingway that is set against the beautiful backdrop of Kilimanjaro, Paris and Spain. It is about how he (Gregory Peck) is bed-ridden and thinking about his past women conquests and how he lost them. The movie has a good cast that is watchable, but the movie is terribly edited which makes the film feel slow and the film is uninspired in how it is shot. The acting is what makes me glazed to the screen though.

Tom gets competition from a cat who lives in an opposite apartment who also wants to eat Jerry. Violence and mayhem is ensured in this short on auto-pilot.

Tom sings beautifully Santa Lucia while Jerry ruins it with his squeaking. He tries to eat him only to discover that there is another cat who wants to eat Jerry first.

Jerry and Tom fight onboard a space station that ends with Jerry eating up the moon (since it is of cheese) and Tom blows holes into the station.

In what could possibly be one of the worst "Tom & Jerry" shorts, the duo has a trial-by-combat with robots.

Tom wants to sleep but Jerry has only just awakened from bed as he is to participate as a member of a jazz orchestra band. Guess who will not get sleep this night.

Tom and Jerry do battle in a factory that make cans out of fish. Tom has big problems with a shark who wants to eat him.

What at first looks to be a charming spy-parody on "Man from U.N.C.L.E." and other spy shows loses completely steam at the end in one of the more unfunny endings I have seen in a "Tom & Jerry" short.

Tom wants to go surf-boarding but it seems the mouse has a better talent for it. A pretty okay short from the last days of their cinema exploits.

Feels like a rushed "best of" compilation film with a few added new gags as Tom watches on home video some past bad "deeds" and try to learn from them. I really disliked this one enormously.

The late years of "Tom & Jerry" were pretty disappointing and none is more clear than this one where the duo even isn't interested in doing the expected hunt and chase routine anymore leaving that do robots. A story that feel on auto-pilot like our duo at the end.

Tom has a nightmare about a giant dog pounding him, but when he faces a vicious minature dog it seems that the nightmare is the best of the two. The last of the classic "Tom & Jerry" run ends at least acceptable enough and at least everyone ends up happy. Tom with his dream and Jerry with his dog protector.

What was a nice gallery of monsters and an okay "human in the midst" story is ruined in this sequel by being a predictable "new kid on the block" storyline where it turns out the kid may not be a vampire like his father or grandfather. After using the entire movie hitting the viewer with a message that the family should love the kid for what he is it turns of course in the end that the kid has some hidden talents that just need to be triggered by some act of violent behavior making the story even more pointless and annoying. Some hilarious visual gags help the movie and Sadler is still better as an animated Dracula than as himself, but in the end this film is only for the most devoted fan.

Pixar's "The Land Before Time" added with a kind of small human wolfling. It is a cute and sentimental film most of the times, but also the predictable scenes where the dinosaur and his "pet" is put in peril and have to fight for their survival. It is a passable movie with the expected fantastic animated sequences, especially the nature and water effects are fantastic. It do lack the wit, originality and surprising twists though.

Effective drama about forbidden love highlighted by impressive acting as two sisters is reunited as servants in a household with a mean widow and her unlikable unmarried daughter. Jodie May and Joely Richardson are fantastic as the sisters who only find comfort in their small moments together while they have to slave for their masters and their relationship feels believable and sad when it turns into pure obsession. Julie Walters also make an impression as the madame of the house who triggers the girls into one final unspeakable crime. It is an effective thriller with an outcome that is shown already from the beginning of the film, but it is an absorbing watch that one find it hard to keep one's eye off.

This is one of the most stupid documentaries that I have seen. The title says it is about addiction but it is mostly about porn stars that promote themselves and how fun it is to interact with their sex-addicted fans being "experts" on the topic. We get some "normal" people there too who seems to have a purpose in the film of being either annoying or laugh a lot about their "small" stupid mistakes. The film seem more to be about how fun it is to send nude photos to one another and go into the darker aspects of some stalkers and addiction in the last five minutes of the film but at that point of the film it was too late to care about the topic as it seemed to have been forgotten to that point anyhow.

If part of a mountain will slide off and create a tsunami it will create a wave that will envelop major parts of the houses around the Norwegian fjords. This movie tell about a possible outcome around Geiranger and therefor has an intriguing high-concept idea that is unique for a Norwegian film and is the first real catastrophe movie from our country. While the production values are above average for a Norwegian production the movie should have had at least a couple of extra subplots and characters in peril that could die as we solely have focus on one family throughout the ordeal. Sadly, the effects would have needed even a better polish and there is not enough about the aftermath or devastation that one feels anything about the destruction in the movie. It is an okay movie of it's kind but there are better ones out there and the film is too shallow to become anything more than a "fun" watch.

It is hard not to be a little impressed by this old movie serial that tries closely to recreate Alex Raymond comic strip style. The women look gorgeous in different outfits, but supersexy Priscilla Lawson is the most memorable out of them all. Charles Middleton is not that threating as the villainous Ming, but his looks and manner make him magnetic throughout the production. Great costumes, sets and cheap but fun monsters scatter around in the production. The different cliffhangers add to the fun. Buster Crabbe may not be a very good actor, but he fits perfect as a fist-fighting hero with little brain. It is easy to see how this serial's style influenced the just as superfun 1980s film update. It lasts a tiny bit too long though.

Invaluable as a time capsule that show two of 1950s most sexy teenage stars: James Dean and Natalie Wood. James Dean is such an force in this film that it could easily be seen as one of the greatest performances of that decade. Ray's direction only strengthen this with great detail. The "chicken run" race is a memorable highlight of the film that has been copied numerous times since.

This is one of the most moronic sex-comedies I have seen. It see about men in the bath house telling loosely connected stories about sex and loosely clothed women. To be honest the movie has a plot that resemble a porn movie (without the porn). The women look good while the hairy and ugly men eat bread with cucumber and drink whiskey looking at the silicone-filled breasts. Too be honest it is more satisfying watching a full-blooded Russian sex flick and they have even more impressive looking natural looking women in them too.

Rolf Lassgård's Kurt Wallander went to the big screen with this movie clearly made with a TV budget after first appearing on TV ("Faceless Kilers"). It is still an interesting political crime story where our hero leaves Sweden to visit the baltic states post-Soviet Union which makes this a unique time capsule in a way as it shows us nations that still try to crave up their own identity while being heavily influenced by their old occupants. The crime story itself is midly interesting with some action added, but what keeps interest is Lassgård and how he portray the hero and his futile attempts at a happy personal life.

Third entry in the Swedish Kurt Wallander shows/films. It is a substantial more fast-paced and intriguing third Rolf Wallander movie that tackles apartheid and end up like a "Day of the Jackal" movie at the end at the Nobel Peace Prize. It was pretty unique modern thriller for Scandinavia at the time even if the budget don't reach the heights of a Hollywood production. It lacks some character depth (but we have other stories for that), but Rolf Lassgård is fun to watch at his most intensive and desperate as he tries to stop the sniper.

Wallander has to investigate his own colleague's personal life when one of them turn up dead, but only Wallander seem surprised when it is discovered that he had a different love life than himself. More interesting is the sadistic killer who shoots people in cold blood but sadly he has completely different motive than in the novel (he kills for personal reasons here while in the original novel he killed people only because they were extremely happy - a much crueler and scary idea because then anyone of us could be targeted!). Luckily, the film is fast paced and manage to have some effective scenes that feel at times more suited in a horror movie as they are terribly cruel, especially a murder midway through could have been seen in a "Friday the 13th" movie. Sadly the unrealistic happy ending ruin what would could have been the ultimate shock and given the film a huge impact. In the end the film turns up to be an average thriller but with Rolf Lassgård doing another fantastic job as the lead with great support from his police friends.

An excellent heist movie filmed in "real time" years before "24" did it commercial. Filmed in glorious black and white and with the great Bruce Campbell in the leading role. It may be a low budget movie with so-so acting from some of the supporting actors, but the pure commitment and love that is poured into this project makes this an unique and watchable experimental film.

The problem with the third "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" movie ain't that it isn't professionally made or that it doesn't look good, but that aliens overtake a military facility where every soldier basically is trained to become a mindless unit who don't question orders which make the paranoia movie fall a little flat since the people that are "taken over" already are "mindless". Luckily, we do get to see Gabrielle Anwar at her prime looking absolutely gorgeous and her delicious scene in the bathtub is enough to make this film a favorite to any young man in heat. Without a doubt Abel Ferrara's most mainstream and accessible movie.

Somehow this film seems twenty years too early for it's audience as it tackles a story about terrorists appearing in the U.S. Evil himself, Rutger Hauer meets face-to-face with a bearded Sylvester Stallone who never has looked more believable and weary in a film doing his first cop portrait on film. Realistic, gritty action where even bystanders can get killed resulted in heavy censoring, but it is still a fantastic underrated film that feels more believable today than when it first appeared. This film deserves to be rediscovered and all lost and cut footage should be reinstated as this film will only become even better by it.

The ultimate "end of the millennium" virtual reality action movie. Angela Bassett is a badass heroine who saves the day. I remember especially the camera work in this one which was revolutionary at the time and the P.O.V. sex scene with Juliette Lewis was steamy at the time. Kathryn Bigelow made her name as the first lady of action movie directing with this film (with a little help by then husband James Cameron, who wrote the story)

Well this is really a different-in-tone sequel. Hero Popeye Doyle is filled up with heroin and we see half of the movie him having addiction withdrawal and trying to get back on his feet. His revenge and final confrontation with the bad guy is immensely satisfying at the end.

Few films has ever managed to believably present a family birthday celebration documentary-style (with hand-held cameras and low-fi resolution footage), but it can be hard to take the plot seriously since it is more impressive and dramatic than ten seasons of a normal soap opera, but the acting is so spotless and intense that it sells this premise completely. That not a single family member can leave this celebration from hell makes absorbing stuff.

The film title doesn't really say the truth as it is more about a "psychopath" and his girlfriend terrorzing three people. It is a nailbiting low-budget feature with excellent cinematography as the two killers hold the poor trio hostage. The acting do go over-the-top several times, but it is hard not to be entertained by it.

At the height of the 1970s Japanese "pinky violence" movies came this masterpiece which is a perfect introduction for newcomers to the genre as it deliver the best cinematography, the strongest action and the most gorgeous women including Swedish bombshell Christina Lindberg. Fast edits and blood-spurting action makes this never a boring feature even if the dialogue leaves a lot to be desired. It is an insane comic book movie with a nude revenge-bent Asian woman sword fighting through blood and body parts. The final battle is what inspired Tarantino's "Kill Bill, vol.1" climatic battle. An embarrassing comic figure who has to check his ass by smelling it because he is afraid it has been destroyed is beyond belief.

This is a horror witch "documentary" that tells about how Satanic forces have manipulated women in all ages. It recreates 15th and 16th century inquisition trials and tell about witch torture (showing scientifically how the equipment for getting out the witch's confession works). It also have a surprising scene where nuns going insane in a monastery, people kissing Satan's ass, have nude women offering themselves to the Devil and even a depiction of hell itself. It is no wonder to learn that it was banned for decades in several countries as it is still an effective movie and it is even more surprising that it was made in Scandinavia at the time. A terrible re-cut sound version was released in 1969 with writer William Burroughs narrating which lacks the power of the original.

It is practically impossible to hate cute Helen Slater with a mini skirt even when the film has the most stupid script ever put in a superhero movie. It was possibly written to target teenage girls, but do they actually feel they can relate to this story? It is about Supergirl and a evil gypsy woman (a wasted Faye Dunaway) who fight over a man. Jimmy Olsen appears so that the film has some connection to the Christopher Reeve "Superman" movies, but with the exception of that and that there is mention that the two superpeople are related there is not much more to find. The pace is agonizing slow but it doesn't build up to something epic. Peter O'Toole is okay in a brief role, but the supporting cast either overact or is simply terrible to watch. This is only a stupid film which is a shame because if the producers had made this as a true "Superman" movie instead we would have had a superhero who do the same cool criminal fighting stuff but looks sexy and cute at the same time.

No it is not a film about a prostitute working the streets. It is instead a typical 1980s feminist comedy product of it's time telling about how a young woman has to fight against old work prejudice, sex pressure from a gorgeous man colleague and fighting rivaling women at work (a wicked witch Sigourney Weaver who steals her best ideas and is the best one in the film) in order to get upwards on the working ladder. It probably feels just as relevant for women today but will they think Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin are hunks like young women did in the 1980s? Melanie Griffith never had a huger hit in the leading role, but she has never had the class and greatness of her mother, Tippi Hedren. I would rather have seen Joan Cusack (who play her friend in the film) as the lead to be honest.

Few directors would even dare touch a film about people that get sexually aroused by seeing car crashes. One of them are David Cronenberg who as made sexy art out of even the worst tissue scars to make them look like vaginas. In a way he is perfect for the film as he has already made films about cars before ("Fast Company") and strange sexual behavior ("all his films"). This is not a movie for everyone for sure, but I found myself absorbed by the acting, beautiful cinematography and the intense sex scenes.

If there was any doubt that Billy should have his last name (In-Zane) than you should see him as a psycho in this Australian trapped-on-a-boat with Billy thriller. Nicole Kidman was still a gorgeous redhead here and the excellent Sam Neill is her husband. It is a tense little film that deliver what it should.

"Twisted Sister" Dee Snider is so unlikeable as a serial killer with tattoos over both face and body that it is hard to describe it. He is a sick bastard that traps young girls and sew their mouths shut and deserve any hate that he gets from vigilante Robert Englund who wants to kick and punch him to death. Sadly, the movie is about one of the victim's father as well, who has even less charisma than Snider. This was a love project for Dee who even wrote it, but

Only because "Some Like It Hot" is classified as best comedy of all time we get a lot of these shitty cross-dressing comedies and this one put these "men dressed as women" in a sex-comedy at a college. Someone probably thought they could become the ultimate sex comedy as long as one put "men in women's clothes" like in "Some Like It Hot". Instead it is only one of the most embarrasing and annoying movies I have seen. Some lovely young tits is the only nice thing to say about this film.

Nostalgic Norwegian comedy with the most beloved comedian of them all, Leif Juster who is like a funny grandfather to all Norwegians. It is a comedic detective story about a mystery disappearance with a few music numbers that helped a lot on the mood for the occupied Norwegians during WW2. Sadly the time has not been too nice to the film and there is gags that are too repetitive and the editing is floppy. Luckily, the film hangs a lot on the charm and the harmlessness of it all and is one of the better black and white comedies that has been made in Norway's black and white period.

Hong Kong starlet Maggie Cheung (playing herself) come to France to play in a remake of the old silent "Les Vampires" I was happy to know that one doesn't need to have seen that film to appreciate the coolness of a film which mixes genres like crazy and is also a meta-film as it is more about "behind the scenes" drama and has some comments about film and France itself. Maggie Cheung also is fantastically in this film as she is filmed as a Goddess and is bloody fantastic in a tight catsuit while there are a lot of homages and comments that I found interesting related to film and France generally. It could have been even tighter written and directed I guess, but in the end I guess you either hate it or leave it.

This is the first true dinosaur movie and Arthur Conan Doyle's original short story (that is the basis for this one) inspired every dinosaur movie and book that followed since including the "Jurassic Park" and "King Kong" craze. It is a very Jules Verne-like story about explorers finding a pocket in our world where there still exists pre-historic animals. The dinosaurs were recreated by using stop-motion animation (which also was a first in film) and are excellent for it's time and makes this film become a fun entertaining silent gem.

It is not a film that is directly connected to the original "Caligula" movie, but it is clearly inspired by it and tries to surpass it with perversity and insane tasteless moments. It is a soup of scenes that tries to surpass anything else that has been seen in a movie about the Roman Empire's leader to this point. If you like to see scenes of cut tongues, a woman pleasuring a horse, baby killings, a man spit on a spear like a pig through his anus, sex with a dwarf, detailed XXX-scenes where "virgins" get raped by dildoes and trained into doing an old-fashioned blowjob. A movie that is hard to like even if leading actress Laura Gemser is a beautiful woman. It is so over-the-top brutal and "evil" that one almost must experience it.

Sadly no one remembered the cool radio show that his was based upon with the great cackling, laughing voice of Orson Welles so it became a flop in 1994. It is sad because this is a underrated superhero action period piece that deserves to be seen by a larger audience. It is about playboy Lamont Cranston (Alec Baldwin) who can "cloud men's minds". Sexy Penelope Ann Miller looks gorgeous in 1920s fashion dresses and play the psychic Margo Lane. The supporting cast is also a fun gallery of "who's who" but the main villain Khan (John Lone) disappoints and seemingly have an atom bomb twenty years before anyone else for some kind of reason. The effects were cool at the time and the art decorations fantastic and it made me want to see the serials from 1940s as well. "Batman" fans should get a kick out of this character as the figure was a major inspiration for the creation of that superhero as well.

Wow! This silent/art movie is rich of fantasy, adventure, childhood memories and repressed sexuality. Filmed with some extreme close-ups and refreshing unique scenes and edited in a modern way this is a film that I easily cherished and I could not keep my eyes off it. I like when film directors dare to be different and have a unique vision with something to tell. There is also an alternate version where the film is narrated by Isabella Rossellini, but that version is inferior to the silent one.

The 1980s were Jess Franco films clearly starting to lose both it's entertainment value and it's inventiveness as the director was clearly starting to become more like a robot spitting out his low-budget movies at an even faster rate than normal recycling former glories with less money and passion. The problem with this film is that it could probably have worked as a short film, but this ended up being an agonizing long watch. It is all about an American couple (where one is Lina Romay in a blonde wig) going to an island meeting a sex-hungry voodoo princess, but what Franco sees as erotic or interesting is clearly only for him to know here as this film lumps away like the two human dog slaves that the voodoo princess drags along with her through the sand beaches of Gran Canaria.

Holy shit would have been a better title. What the hell went wrong with this film? At the core is an interesting concept about a deprogrammer (Harvey Keitel) who is going to help a family that fears that their youngest daughter (Kate Winslet) has been trapped by an Indian cult. At first we get some pretty good scenes with "conflicts of interest" between the two opposing sides as the deprogrammer faces a woman who is strongly religious and believe that she is on the right path. There is an excellent fever dream of Winslet as a Goddess that is memorable, but turning this battle into an intense erotic dream and the film into a romantic one was a big mistake as it is hard to see any chemistry between the two. It feels more like the much older Keitel tries to take advantage of the young Winslet trying to play along with her obsession at first and the film started to drag, annoy and bore the hell out of me when it turned out he was actually becoming more and more pathetic.

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