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Science fiction western has a realistic feel with no aliens or unrealistic sound effects and Sean Connery is good as the man of the law. It was clearly inspired by the grim setting of the major box office success "Alien" and while the pace is slow as syrup I like the old-fashioned style of the film.

Fun short that tell the history of rats through computer effects and hand drawn animation. It has cute small touches and I love the company disclaimer at the end.

The Ups: Hilarious slapstick humor that takes it's inspiration back to the old cartoons with Donald Duck or the Looney Tunes with a simple idea - what problems can happen when a magician use his magic hat and a rabbit? Apparently almost everything. I laughed a lot and the animation is as always from Pixar topnotch. Possibly one of Pixar's best shorts. This is hard to hate.

While Burn-E looks great and is a likeable robot this short needs to be seen after (or before) "Wall-E" in order to fill in the blanks and appreciate what really happened and somehow it feels like deleted scenes for the original film but cut as it was deemed unimportant.

The Ups: Beautifully blend of cuteness, wacky characters and a great realised idea that easily makes this one of the better ones in the Pixar canon. It also has one of the most loveable Pixar duoes yet with a stork and a cloud.

The Ups: It has some fun visual gags, but the story is so-so. It doesn't feel self-contained and is more for the hardcore Pixar fans than to those uninitiated. It probably also doesn't help that I have seen the film this character is based upon.

While this short has an interesting hand-drawn animated style compared to other Pixar works it also feels a lot cheaper and jokes are weak. Give maybe more depth to small supporting characters for fans but this one felt really unimportant.

Making a short about day and night seem like a cute idea - doesn't it? It ends up heavy on the message "be tolerant to those that are different" and could just as well have been about a colored and a white dude tackling racism. Both the animation style and story seem taken from an old 1960s short. Is this really meant as a homage or is it just Pixar being lazy for once?

A beautiful charming film about a trio of cleaners that wipe away small and big stars on the moon. It contain no dialogue but has a huge poetic feel and a warm atmosphere. Beautifully designed and detailed. One of my favorite shorts from Pixar.

Small cute short with our friends from Toy Story with appearance from Barbie and Ken, but this short feels uninspired and forced.

Short movie with Mater from "Cars", who is not funny or interesting enough as an independent leading character. This one feel obviously made to introduce the spin-off film "Planes" and was a kind-of pilot to his own TV-series as well. Didn't like it at all.

Toy Story short that makes fun of all those useless small toys that one find in chocolate eggs and fast food restaurants that you want to throw away even after opening the packaging. The "mistaken identity and evil doubles" idea could have some good gags in it, but this shortie is so interested in dialogue that it stops the entire story when it should just take fun with concept and have as many gags as possible.

The best haunted car movie that has been produced. It has a simple yet effective story about a tragic young villain and the evil entity of metal that preys on him. Good rock'n roll music add to the fun while Kelly Preston steals scene in her tiny role and Alexandra Paul do her best screen role. John Carpenter give a competent directed film, but it would have been nice to see how and why the car preys on the driver and it is hard to take the concept itself very serious.

One of the more realistic and better scripted spider attack movies out there. It teases only a few times with it but luckily it never really ever places kids in any annoying "they are in extreme dangerous" situations and instead the film focuses on a phobic father and it all feels a lot more refreshing because of it. John Goodman steals scenes as an exterminator. Characters are actually well-written in this film and not all of them "deserve to die" as are usual the case with these "monster" films. It will only scare people with a spider-phobia though.

Great homage to old style 1950s science fiction that is sweetened with solid political commentary and an exciting paranoid atmosphere about hidden messages in daily life that no people can see but we are controlled by. It actually feels more believable today even if it is an "alien invasion" film as it could as easily be about capitalistic powers. Roddy Piper do probably the best acting I have ever seen from an ex-wrestler and the long dirty knuckle fight he has with Keith David seem to go on forever and is very good. A fantastic film from John Carpenter that needs to be seen by a huge crowd as it feels even more potent today.

It is impossible to hate the image of a singing man-eating plant from space. A great musical update of the lowbudget cult movie which is filled with catchy songs. Steve Martin does one of his greatest roles as "I am your (sadistic) dentist" and Rick Morranis has never been a better leading man than here. It is even possible to watch a happy ending or the more darker "director's cut" where everyone dies.

The inspirational intent of this biographic picture is far better than the liberties that with the story and Ben Kingsley do his signature role that any other performance will be compared to. Epic movie where one clearly see that Richard Attenborough has been inspired by David Lean's films. It is a tiny bit on the long side for my taste and I felt that Gandhi is treated as a God with no personal flaws and seemingly "political" correct in everything he does which I find to be a problematic portrait since if he was that perfect it was strange he managed to get himself shot by an enemy.

Horror based upon a short story by Stephen King where the director managed to draw out a 10 page short story into a feature film (and countless sequels) as it should only last five minutes. It is a rather flat direction with terrible acting and a laughable "scary" monster. Seeing kids with scythes is probably the most eerie shot of the film, but it is hard to care for the stupid characters who seemingly put themselves countless times in danger for no apparent reason. Only for King fans who need to see everything.

Western epic about Wyatt Earp should have been fantastic but the film feels overlong and Kevin Costner has a very monotonous appearance. Better is the supporting cast that I found to be excellent. While the story reeks of over-familiarity I ended up feeling that the film has gotten a much worse reputation than it deserve.

Vietnam war film that at least respect the 'other side' and not treat the Vietnamese as people without a plan or strategy but as equal soldiers. Mel Gibson bark orders well with blood over his face, but there is not much new that is said about the war or brutality of it and the scenes about the waiting and grieving wives and children back in the U.S. only end up making the film stop in it's tracks.

Three hot young women showing off their booty and boobs in gratifying clothes - Drew Barrymore end up being the highlight for me in racing clothes, but this film is no much brighter or deeper than a Playboy calendar shoot. The film is fast paced and edited like a MTV-music video and drown in wire-jumping action sequences and unrealistic fight sequences.

The Ups: Sequel continues to deliver a sexy photo shoot of three women that seem happy they don't need to do any serious acting. Demi Moore appear as the villain of the piece and try to outshine them with her own set of exploitative scenes. Bernie Mac replaces Bill Murray as Bogsley - maybe someone hired him for having the same initials as Bill as the two actors have nothing else in common? Even worse than the first film.

A film that finally show better that the Civil War wasn't just fought between white males on each side. It also dare show that there were internal problems between the different ethnic groups in the North as well and that even colored people was against freeing the slaves. Maybe the biggest fault is that this important story is told through a white man's eye for a long duration of the film and that he is played by a in-experienced looking Matthew Broderick. Poetic direction, violent battle sequences and a strong human drama help makes this a good view but I would rather have seen Cary Elwes more or even better as the lead. It was also the first true movie that made notice of Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman and they were in the same film!!!

The Ups: Science fiction that tries to be meaningful and deep and actually mean something but Barry Levinson's direction feel unfocused and he seem confused what he really wants to tell with the film that is based upon a novel by Michael Crichton about the discovery of an unidentified object underwater. Dustin Hoffman has been quoted as saying the film was incomplete and I have to join him in saying that his point is correct. Crucial moments feels edited out and effects look unfinished. Dustin Hoffman also have an extreme over-the-top moment with some sea serpents.

Denzel Washington shines in a Academy Award winning role about a corrupt cop with his own set of rules, but I hate the film's climax that feel like Hollywood moral police demanding that the anti-hero cop is put to justice. Ethan Hawke tries his best to save this ending by doing his role as sympathetically and good as he can under the circumstances, but I felt he failed.

Tony Scott manage to make much out of this conspiracy paranoia thriller by having a tremendous cast helping him out, fast editing and loud music in a production worthy of the Jerry Bruckheimer production stamp. Gene Hackman steals the film in a heroic role as an expert on surveillance. The story has become scary reality now as people are controlled a lot more due to the happenings of 9/11. Most of the action consist of Will Smith running from one scene to another from the bad guys.

There is enough now of these gimmick films where Van Damme play dual roles ain't it - is he so cheap an actor that producers pay him for the price of one role while he act for two? Or is he so self-absorbed of himself that he needs to do every role? When do we get a film where he does everything? The hooker scene is one of the best comedic unrealistic scenes I have ever seen in an action-thriller. Luckily, Michael Rooker has a seldom good guy role which I liked to see him in and there is some intense scenes, especially the first scenes. Van Damme is also pretty believable as a killer with his dead, flat acting as if he lacks any soul and the film would have been much better had he only played that role and Rooker had tried to stop him.

As anyone who has taken too much alcohol can confirm the stories you tell the day after are much more interesting than actually being on the party - and that's why it is also funnier to see this comedic story being revealed step by step than getting everything shown at once in the face. Everything that happens in Las Vegas stay in Vegas, but this crazy party deserved to be told to the masses as it contain everything from a surprising tiger snatching to the more expected "marriage with an unknown woman" plot. Still, one of the few modern comedies where I actually laughed - a lot.

Sequel that feels forced and the more good-natured jokes of the first one that into something so disturbingly dark and bleak this time around. The film also takes too long to build up and could easily have managed to go through the entire film in half the time as we all know there has to be a "blackout"-moment to get things going. I still like the "wolf pack" but there seem to be a thought here that "more damage and pain" will make this one funnier, which it sadly doesn't and the surprises are only rewrites of what happened in the original which disappoints.

The traditional story structure of the first two is changed for a bigger-than-life mobster heist story as there was no way the gang could do another film just like the two first ones. Sadly, the movie is so fowl-mouthed and most cast members seems dropped for an entry that seem more suited for a spin-off film project with Zach Galifianakis and Ken Jeong who the entire film spins around. The last hour also drags out and I started dreaming for some alcohol myself so that I would the next day have a hangover and forget the events of this film instead.

A great thoughtful premise about who creates a hero and who becomes one - and if they are all created by circumstances or by fate? Excellent philosophical things that Clint Eastwood dare to rip into, especially the story about the Native American Ira is gripping.

A poetic, emotional and bleak Japanese story as Eastwood does the masterpiece of showing the war battle Iwo Jima from two sides (the first being "Flags of Our Fathers"). I applaud Eastwood for giving the Japanese soldiers a voice in the U.S. as his name have make this story available for a bigger audience. The characters that tell this side of the story are gripping and the action in this film is intense.

The definitive full circle from Cronenberg where he finally gets to say all he wants about "twisted body parts", "confusing hallucinationary plots" and "wicked sex" in a film giving me flashbacks to "Videodrome" but also have some comments about video games in general. Hell, it could even be a kind-of sequel to "Videodrome". I love this absurd playful and wild movie full of actors and actresses I like and the film have an intelligence and thought to it seriously lacking in most films of this type.

What happens to the world when people starts reading and just believe what they see on T.V. and only start to follow the government. The parallels with real life regimes are too close for comfort which also was the meaning of the book by legend Ray Bradbury. It is sadly Francois Truffaut's only English-speaking film, but he deliver a wonderful novel to life here and Julie Christie is great in a dual-role.

Pure comic book science fiction-action with a lot of bloody and gory deaths, CGI giant bugs, wild crazy dialogue, over-the-top characters, intense steamy sex and cult actors and actresses in top form. I even like it's open ending. A misunderstood movie full of black humor and WW2-type propaganda films are huge highlights. Paul Verhoeven did a fantastic job with this one.

A sequel that is bigger, funnier, more over-the-top and have a better supporting cast than the original (any film with both John Glover, Robert Picardo and Christopher Lee in roles is worth a visit). It also has more varied and interesting Gremlins and fanastic cameos by Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. The murder of film critic Leonard Maltin slamming the original film getting killed by the Gremlins for it is the best scene of self-parody I have ever seen in a film. Why this was a box office failure I have never understood.

Sylvester Stallone is misplaced here and doesn't work in a more passive role as a man who kill off people with self-made bombs as the film would have been a lot better with him doing gunfights or neck-breaking giving Sly a reason for being in the film. Worth seeing for the bad guys who ham it up together - not every movie has both James Woods, Eric Roberts and Rob Steiger as villains. Sharon Stone looks great but sadly is only here for unsexy slow-motion sex with Sly.

The Ups: Sweet playful fictive story about what could have lead Shakespeare into writing "Romeo and Juliet" and his later epics. The film has a poetic quality to it and a love for the theater that is lovely to behold and the story is inspired. It also manage to make the romantic comedy genre watchable after decades of repeating itself to death as it doesn't go into the same stereotype traps as it's fellow films as this one tries at least to be a little more ambitious than most films. I guess it demands some love for the Bard's writings but I'm uncertain if Gwyneth Paltrow was the right person for the role as her disguise as a man doesn't fool anyone.

With gorgeous cinematography, a huge person gallery and an absorbing story of smaller stories that is intertwined and interrelated to each other. This is one unique Polish fantasy movie and a masterpiece I want to revisit now and again.

The infiltration of weddings so that one take advantage of bridesmaids looking for love is an inspired idea, but of course Hollywood doesn't dare go all-in and the male characters redeems themselves by love and a wedding. Dashing Jane Seymour and dangerous Christopher Walken are the in-laws. Anna Friel is one of the women that gets hitched and to be honest if you get Friel on your arm then you settle down.

Mixes the two most popular genres of late 1930s - short animated slapstick films with the hardcore film noir crime ones. It ends up being a wild, cool, funny technical flawless blend of live action movie and animation and a kind-of final song for many of those classic golden age animated characters that probably never will see a new entry or hand-drawn like this again. The film is nothing short of a miracle (sadly only lacking Popeye and Felix the Cat!).

Gripping and devastating story based on true events. Excellent acting, especially Liam Neeson as Oscar Schindler (in his breakthrough role) and Ralph Finnes as the evil Nazi. Great black and white cinematography that really show every detail to their fullest with Spielberg delivering one of his most personal films. Only one fatal flaw with the true life story of Schindler's list is not touched on: the controversial fact that numerous rich Jews bought themselves into the list so that Jews with no founds perished in their place. It would have been powerful to have seen this addressed, but maybe it was too hard doing that subplot justice in this biopic?

Based upon one of Stephen King's most nail-biting and un-compromising thrillers about a rabid-influenced and very hungry dog that starts attacking a small family who is trapped in a over-heated car. As a small boy I was actually attacked myself by a St. Bernard making me never trust dogs again so I can relate to the terror of a St. Bernard that usually look cute and chubby, but I can never trust 'em. Dee Wallace also makes the most out of the role of a mother in peril with her son. Better editing and a faster direction would have done wonders to the horrific nature of the film, but somehow I'm thankful that the film did not keep the ending of the book that is among the most sad and depressing I have read.

How is it remotely possible for mr. Love to fall for the most annoying, winy witch in New York? Even worse there is no truth or believably in the romantic scenes between Will Smith and Eva Mendes and all their scenes drag on. Then it is better to see Kevin James in what his possibly his best cinematic outing as a man hopeless in love trying to bed the gorgeous Amber Valletta.

A great Brian dePalma movie that makes sound as important as the visual images. Travolta does one of his more engaging and memorable roles as a sound recordist while the diabolical and crazy John Lithgow steal scenes here. A devastating ending and brutal climax add to the power of the film.

This film has all the qualities that make a classic western good: a cool title song, a gripping source story taken from a story by Elmore Leonard, Glenn Ford delivering excellent work in an nontraditional role as a villain and good action. No wonder the film had to be remade 50 years later.

A better than usual remake that manage to keep itself true to the original source material and go through many of the same themes in deeper detail. Christian Bale and Russell Crowe is a good duo too but the ending is less effective that sadly go for crowd pleasing moments but don't feel as humanly true as the original.

An okay mildly entertaining entry in Wesley Snipes' action resumé, going the predictable "Die Hard on a Plane" route. A better cast than usual help but the airplane security shown on this film is hilariously dated now.

The entire first half of the movie where the recruits are drilled for Vietnam action by the hard R.Lee Ermey is fantastic and the best part of the film. Vincent D'Onofrio is transformed from a dim-witted and nice big boy to a brainwashed killer with mental problems. The second film go the traditional war movie route but also show how war criminality is easy when one is scared and trapped in the middle of it with weapons that kill. Anti-war messages has not been more definitive than in this film and Kubrick deliver another powerful film blended with many old rock classics.

Christopher Walken and Robert deNiro play Russian roulette against each other while at gunpoint is a tense cinematic moment as you see two friends and soldiers forced to face each other. Before we get that far we have a fantastic story that start off with a wedding but end up in a devastatingly bleak and dark place as characters has to cope with war and the aftereffects of it. The entire cast of Hollywood stars do some of their best work in their entire careers. Michael Cimino's masterpiece who should have gotten the chance to do many more films than he did.

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