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Added by amanda on 16 Dec 2011 06:38
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Favorite lyricists

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Average listal rating (273 ratings) 6.6 IMDB Rating 0
Incubus//Brandon Boyd

Imagine your brain as a
canister filled with ink
yeah, now think of your body
as the pen where the ink resides
Fuse the two; KAPOW!
What are you now?
You're the human magic marker,
won't you please surprise my eyes?

It's in your nature,
you can paint whatever picture
you like no matter what
Ted Koppel says on channel 4 tonight
So modify this third rock from the sun
by painting myriads of pictures
with the colors of one

I'm sick of painting in black and white
my pen is dry, now I'm uptight
So sick of limiting myself
to fit your definition

Picture the scene, where whatever you thought,
would, in the blink of an eye,
manifest and become illustrated
You'd be sure man that every
line drawn reflected a life that you loved
not an existence that you hated

So, must we demonstrate that
we can't get it straight?
We've painted a picture,
now we're drowning in paint
Lets figure out what the fuck it's about
before the picture we painted
chews us up and spits us out
amanda's rating:
The Matches//Shawn Harris

Wrap you up in a coat of cobwebs
tactile little heart of tacks
the more you lick, the more I chap
You've a head like a postcard rack

So try this trick and spin it
spin again, my Surfer Rosa
all the while the world is whirling
the morning tilts closer

Your eyelids keep secrets
Your eyelids keep secrets
My soft and deep
while you sleep
no, no, secrets

Blowing bubbles with nicotine gum
kiss me below the seatbelt light
on the roof with a toothpick flag
Take your broken wings and learn to sigh

In the half-life of balloons
we will measure how our hair's grown
we lie curled like question marks
drifting off on pheromones
amanda's rating:
Average listal rating (63 ratings) 5.5 IMDB Rating 0
311//Nick Hexum//SA Martinez

Listen to the drummer just listen to the strings
Listen to the DJ just rappin and things
Once I get a message from you I get all edgy
My minds racing but my you know not ready uh
For you
Baby all our dreams trickle through

We are back in your teenage bedroom
Salvador Dali honeymoon
For you
It’s like
you and me on Plymouth Rock
Embarking on a journey that I never thought

would happen to me so effortlessly
sparks flying, your laughter is a symphony
What a little moonlight can do
Soon the summer sun is on you
All the while we don’t hear the news

or feel blue
On the scales of desire your absence weighs
more than someone else’s presence
I wanna kiss reason goodbye today
I wanna show its purple essence
On your lips baby it’ll fade away

return your natural iridescence
On the scales of desire your absence weighs
more than someone else’s presence
You make me feel uncalm and I think I like it
Make me think of a song that I could not write yet
Melodies create themselves I’m just a conduit

You make my heart accelerate and I’m on to it
For you baby there’s so much that I will do
to be near the sweetness on you
Funny everything seems so new
when with you
amanda's rating:
The Spill Canvas//Nick Thomas

I see a sense of wonder deep inside your eyes
As we're sparkling and twirling in the twilight
And after three long years, I think that we both need this
So we seal the deal in the parking lot with a kiss

And in case you were wondering, you are like a sunset to me
You're all kinds of beautiful as you end my day
And you sweetly retire as stars chase you away

I'd collapse to the grass, with your notes ringing in my head
Let the rain fill my mouth, and in a couple hours I'll be dead
But all the while my lips are whistling our tune
But the beauty lies in how you will revive me soon
amanda's rating:
Average listal rating (66 ratings) 6.9 IMDB Rating 0
Brand New//Jesse Lacey

The time has come for colds and overcoats
We're quiet on the ride
we're all just waiting to get home
Another week away, my greatest fear
I need the smell of summer
I need its noises in my ears
If looks could really kill
then my profession would be staring
Please know we do this cause we care
and not for the thrill
Collect calls to home
to tell them that I realize
that everyone who lives will someday die
and die alone.

And we won't let you in
Though we're down and out
No we won't let you in
You win, you win, you win

I wrote more postcards than hooks
I read more maps than books
Feel like every chance to leave
is another chance I should have took
Every minute is a mile
I've never felt so hollow
I'm an old abandoned church with broken pews
and empty aisles
My secrets for a buck
Watch me as I cut myself wide open
on this stage. Yes, I am paid
to spill my guts. I won't see home till spring
Oh, I would kill for the Atlantic
but I am paid to make girls panic
while I sing
amanda's rating:
Gatsby's American Dream//Bobby Darling//Nic Newsham//Kirk Huffman

As we creep along
The beat from our wings keeps us humming
To the buzz of our hive's requiem
This comb will rot away
Our queen is filled with eggs
And thats just the worker instinctively feeding me

So if these beasts wants something sweet some may go down after the sting
We've raped the nectar from patches deep
'Cause if it tastes like honey then it must be sweet

We're working hard one hundred and fifty-four
Trips to shit out just a few teaspoons
Of our delicious excrement

So sing along to our queens five year epilogue
For the end of her breeding days
All the shit that we ate
'Cause if it tastes like honey then it must be sweet

Don't you mind the fact you're not breathing?
Just keep feeding the ones we'll be needing
amanda's rating:
Alkaline Trio//Matt Skiba

In the shadows where the heads hang low
You hear voices as the wind blows, asking "can't you see?"
Reminding you to breathe
It's only time before it catches up to you and all your broken luck
I found a better way to get even with my memory

In the darkness where the angels cry
Give us water, give us back our eyes
Our bed's this concrete floor, and it's all we have left to live for
A day we'll never face
We're only second-handed, sick, and lonely
Fighting back the tears and every urge to Van Gogh both our ears

That said, we've had enough
Please turn that fucking radio off
Ain't nothing on the air waving the despair we feel
amanda's rating:
Average listal rating (3 ratings) 7.3 IMDB Rating 0
Midtown//Gabe Saporta

Is it me, is it true
every word I utter a lie
gives life this conversation, it dies
the hope that's in your eyes
is it worthless, yeah so are

you've been dreaming,
I've been screaming
I wake up with nothing
but false salvation
lost translation
I leave you with nothing at all....

Is it me, is it true
every word I utter a lie
gives life this conversation, it dies
the hope that's in your eyes
is it worthless, yeah so are

you've been dreaming,
I've been screaming
I wake up with nothing
but false salvation
lost translation
I leave you with nothing at all....

Sex is old, old and boring
when you're feeling nothing,
something's gotta make you feel

Well, I listen to you
but your words don't make a sound
and if nothing is true
we can build our own world
amanda's rating:
Death Cab for Cutie//The Postal Service//Ben Gibbard

You may tire of me as our December sun is setting
because I'm not who I used to be
No longer easy on the eyes
but these wrinkles masterfully disguise
The youthful boy below who turned your way and saw
Something he was not looking for:
both a beginning and an end
But now he lives inside someone he does not recognize
When he catches his reflection on accident

On the back of a motor bike
With your arms outstretched trying to take flight
Leaving everything behind
But even at our swiftest speed
we couldn't break from the concrete
In the city where we still reside.
And I have learned that
even landlocked lovers yearn
for the sea like navy men
Cause now we say goodnight from our own separate sides
Like brothers on a hotel bed
amanda's rating:
Motion City Soundtrack//Justin Pierre

I got the message long before you said you knew
There was no chance of us at all
With no velocity and empty-headed hard and far-too-long
I spent two years alone with you
Just when I thought I had forgotten
You came back soft without a sound

You said we were an accident
With accidents you’ll never know what could have been
So we were an accident
You’ll always be my favorite one

You hit the road and left me an ocean
I can't swim in the silence of your skin-skin please let me in
Side the times we never had right
Inside two years alone with you

We could have been
We could have been again
Instead of accidental running always running
why can’t you believe
We could have been
We could have been again

Long winded promises of future company
Up close the sound remains the same
Without the reign of terror over every momentary change
We are exactly as before
amanda's rating:
Average listal rating (27 ratings) 5.3 IMDB Rating 0
Eve 6//Max Collins

Sleeping through the evening
singing dreams inside my head
I'm heading out
I've got some ends who say they care
and they just might
I'll run away with you
if things don't go as planned
Planning big could be a gamble
I've already rolled the dice

I spit and stutter stuff and clutter
worries in my worried corner
Just untrusted
Sometimes brilliant busted thoughts
Think I'll stay for a while
I'm intrigued and I'm
Red as a newborn, white as a corpse

I promise not to try not to fuck with your mind
I promise not to mind if you go your way and I go mine
I promise not to lie if I'm looking you straight in the eye
I promise not to try not to let you down

I am elated
I am all smiles and dated
in my man-bites-dog town
with a Spanish name
I'm all bone
I'm two tone
Red as a newborn, white as a corpse
Paul McCartney//The Beatles

Maybe I'm amazed at the way you love me all the time
And maybe I'm afraid of the way I love you
Maybe I'm amazed at the way you pulled me out of time
And hung me on a line
Maybe I'm amazed at the way I really need you
amanda's rating:
Bright Eyes//Conor Oberst

You follow the footsteps echoes leading down a hall to a room
There is music playing tiny bells with moving parts
Here the shadows make things ugly, an effect quite undesirable
The bold and yellow daylight grows like ivy across the wall
And it bounces off of the painted porcelain, tiny dancing doll
Her body spins, as she pirouettes again, the world suddenly seems small
On an off white, subtle morning you stretch your legs in the front seat
And the road has made a vacuum where our voices used to be
And you lay your head onto my shoulder, pour like water over me
So if I just exist for the next ten minutes of this drive that would be fine
And all these trees that line this curb would be rejoicing and alive
Soon all the joy that pours from everything makes fountains of your eyes
Because you finally understand the movement of a hand waving good-bye
amanda's rating:
Something Corporate//Andrew McMahon//Jack's Mannequin

Shake down you make me break for goodness sake
I think I'm on the edge
Of something new with you
Shout out, don't drown the sound, I'll drown you out
You'll never scream so loud
As I want to scream with you

Standing there with your smile blinding your eyes
From seeing my face as I'm dying
To figure out a girl
And then she drifts so far away I'm on her coast
So maybe I should stay
And map around your world

So don't say "These currents are still killing me"
And you can't explain
But the wind went and pulled me into the hurricane
Into the hurricane

Stand up don't make a sound, your ears might bleed
There are sweet fluorescent enemies
That live inside of me
And the world moves faster than I knew
Not fast enough to not creep up on you
And the space we put between

So pull me under your weather patterns
Your cold fronts and the rain don't matter
Because a sun burns what I needed
amanda's rating:
Average listal rating (1000 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 0
Nirvana//Kurt Cobain

One baby to another says
I'm lucky to have met you
I don't care what you think
Unless it is about me
It is now my duty to completely drain you
A travel through a tube
And end up in your infection

Chew your meat for you
Pass it back and forth
In a passionate kiss
From my mouth to yours
I like you

With eyes so dialated,
I've become your pupil
You've taught me everything
Without a poison apple
The water is so yellow, I'm a healthy student
Indebted and so grateful
Vacuum out the fluids
amanda's rating:
Average listal rating (4 ratings) 6.5 IMDB Rating 0
Rx Bandits//Matt Embree

Look who’s got a new nose
Plastic lips and fake tits
Ever tasted silicon?
I’ve got scars on my eyes

Look who is the best dressed
Oh my gosh the worst hair
Who designed that mink coat?
I’ve got stars in my eyes

Guess who’s got a new car?
Bet she dates a rockstar
I wanna make a million
I’ve got lies in my mouth

Eyeshadow and glitter gold
Diamond rings and lip syncs
Anything material
I’ve got scars on my eyes

Baby, you know if you’re not beautiful
Just cover it up
With make-up kits and perforated scalpel seams
We’ll do you right up
I’m so obsessed with looking like celebrities
Make myself throw up
But it’s all right cause one day
I know I’ll be fine like everyone else

Music played to advertise
Logo shirts and hair styles
Chop and cut monopolize
I’ve got scars in my mouth
Worship to the cash cow
Nod your head now take a bow
Faking grins and cleft chins
I’ve got stars in my eyes

Hey, little darling
I’ll sell you the definition
If you follow me through
Pages and channels of deceit
where everyone is perfect
And nobody grows old
Your bliss in the ignorance of images
'Cause beautiful is what they’re selling...
...I've got scars on my eyes

It's not how you feel, it's only how you look!
amanda's rating:
Average listal rating (6 ratings) 7.3 IMDB Rating 0
Say Anything//Max Bemis

I watch my yellow cat invade my red cat in the yard
The feline war has raged for years so I assume it’d be too hard
for me to drive my foot between them. I would never risk the scratch
just to prove to one or both of them a cat is just a cat

Again, I watch my cousin Greg watch MTV inside his home
He makes fun of the Hip-hop videos from the couch he rides alone
Snug in the cushion of his cackling he forgets his looming doubts
He has relied on this for years; you will not yank the carpet out

No, no. These are my friends
This is who they have been for always
These are my days. This is how they stay
Hey, hey

Okay, check this out

I watch this dude each night, same table, who creates and crumples up
His eyes are wide from sipping endlessly his endless coffee cup
He feeds me quotes, that lonely goat. I watch him grazing by himself
I will not stop him when he rambles; I’m becoming one myself

Lou is bugged and shot up with drugs. He sweats this bird he hardly knows
All that he wants is to see someone he respects without their clothes
so like some hybrid mother/lover she’d soothe and heal his wounds
and kiss them dying ears so softly that the reaper stops to swoon
amanda's rating:

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