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Chicago Franchise Episode Timeline

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1. Chicago Fire

1x01 - Pilot

Members of the Chicago Firehouse 51 are shaken after the loss of firefighter Andy Darden. Truck leader Matthew Casey and Rescue Squad leader Kelly Severide blame each other for Darden's death. However, they have to overcome the frictions when another colleague, Christopher Herrmann, is gravely injured. Meanwhile, Paramedic Gabriela Dawson performs a risky procedure in the field, in order to save a little girl's life; Casey goes through a rough patch with his fiancée Hallie; and the new candidate, Peter Mills, reports for duty.
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2. Chicago Fire

1x02 - Mon Amour

Severide is hiding a serious shoulder injury sustained in the fire that killed Andy Darden and grapples with his guilt as he fights to rescue a construction worker trapped in a building collapse. Adding to the burden, Darden's wife Heather turns on Severide at the annual firefighters' barbecue, blaming him for her husband's death. A call is made to an accident site at Hancock Tower, where two teenagers are pinned in a vehicle trapped beneath the falling debris of a broken window washer's cart. Meanwhile, Casey and Hallie work to figure out their future together.
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3. Chicago Fire

1x03 - Professional Courtesy

The firemen respond to a T-bone car accident that leaves a kid paralyzed. The drunk driver that caused the accident is the son of Det. Voight, a dirty cop who wants to cover it all up. However, Casey is determined to expose the truth, despite Voight's threats. Severide finds out what is causing his increasing arm pain; he also hooks up with Nicki and gets caught by her father. Also, Peter decides to quit his side job at his family's restaurant, but his mother is not happy with this career choice.
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4. Chicago Fire

1x04 - One Minute

A homeless man dies in a warehouse fire. Peter Mills might have saved him if he had another minute, but Chief Boden had called everyone outside, as the building was about to explode. Boden knows he did the right thing, but the victim's brother threatens to sue the city. Meanwhile, Det. Voight goes to the next level in his attempt to intimidate Casey; Kelly finds it suspicious that an old lady has been having several accidental fires lately; and Leslie learns some surprising news about an old girlfriend.
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5. Chicago Fire

1x05 - Hanging On

Kelly's arm problem worsens and he turns to an ex for help, as she happens to be a pharmaceutical rep. Gabriela risks suspension after hitting a patient's friend. Meanwhile, she bonds with Peter over food. Herrmann becomes involved in a pyramid marketing scheme. Also, Matt gets tired of Voight's harassment and decides to fight back, even though both Hallie and Chief Boden warn him not to do anything stupid.
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6. Chicago Fire

1x06 - Rear View Mirror

Between a meth lab explosion, a gang shooting, a turkey fire and a 10-car pile-up, the firehouse is very busy on Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Chief Boden wants to help a damaged kid, Otis starts a podcast, Leslie's ex-girlfriend pays her a visit, Matt and Hallie have another talk about their future, and Severide risks getting in big trouble when the Chief orders everyone to take a drug test.
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7. Chicago Fire

1x07 - Two Families

After seeing the remains of a victim crushed by a train, Peter is shocked and considers leaving the station. Gabriela attracts her superiors' wrath again, when she accuses a mother of poisoning her daughter. Kelly's addiction to painkillers spirals down, Leslie is confronted by Clarice's husband, and Mouch is very unfriendly to some Canadian visitors.
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8. Chicago Fire

1x08 - Leaving the Station

After seeing the remains of a victim crushed by a train, Peter is shocked and considers leaving the station. Gabriela attracts her superiors' wrath again, when she accuses a mother of poisoning her daughter. Kelly's addiction to painkillers spirals down, Leslie is confronted by Clarice's husband, and Mouch is very unfriendly to some Canadian visitors.
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9. Chicago Fire

1x09 - It Ain't Easy

After inhaling magnesium shavings at a fire, Vargas gets a severe pulmonary injury, forcing him to retire from his job. Chief Boden fears that 14-year-old Ernie is behind several recent dumpster fires. Cruz's attempt to get his little brother out of a gang backfires. On a lighter note, Gabriela asks Matt to come over and repair her window, while Severide receives a dinner invitation from Renée, a very attractive woman that he saved from a car accident.
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10. Chicago Fire

1x10 - Merry Christmas, Etc.

An Internal Affairs investigation is launched when a woman accuses the firemen of stealing a diamond necklace from her home during a kitchen fire. The lead investigator is an old foe of Casey's. The Chief interrogates Shay and Dawson about some narcotics that went missing from the ambulance. Joe Cruz is faced with a big moral dilemma while trying to get his little brother out of a gang. Gabriela asks Matt out on a date, and things heat up between Kelly and Renée.
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11. Chicago Fire

1x11 - God Has Spoken

Eaten up by his guilt over Flaco’s death in the fire, Cruz goes to Casey to confess. While Shay recovers from a head injury sustained in the ambulance crash, Severide asks Dawson for her help in dealing with his own injury. Casey is caught in the middle of a family conflict between his mother, Nancy---imprisoned for killing his abusive father but now facing possible parole---and his sister, Christie, who rejects their mother over it. Elsewhere, Herrmann finds a business deal hard to stomach. Meanwhile, things get spicy between Dawson and Mills.
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12. Chicago Fire

1x12 - Under the Knife

Gabriela struggles between her crush on Matt and her budding romance with Peter. Kelly comes clean to the Chief about his arm; he also learns that the surgery's consequences might be even more severe than he'd thought. Casey's mother asks him to speak up for her at the upcoming parole hearing. Meanwhile, the calls of the day include a plane crash and a van full of illegal immigrants that were left to die.

Casey sees his mom in prison.
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13. Chicago Fire

1x13 - Warm and Dead

After learning that an experimental surgery could significantly reduce his recovery time, Kelly starts having second thoughts about his decision to move to Madrid with Renée, and he asks his dad for advice. Matt speaks for his mother at the hearing. Chief Boden tries to save Ernie, the damaged kid, but it might be too late. Otis is sent to fill in for someone at another firehouse. Peter brings a puppy at the station. Also, Clarice comes back in Leslie's life.
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14. Chicago Fire

1x14 - A Little Taste

Severide returns to the firehouse and discovers he has an only too-familiar past with Eric Whaley, the Lieutenant who was brought into the firehouse to help during Kelly's absence---Whaley's sister is Severide's former fiancee. Dawson lets Shay in on her secret. Newly-paroled Nancy Casey moves in with her son, causing further issues between Casey and his sister. Meanwhile, a bad batch of heroin on the streets has Boden and the team scrambling while Dawson's detective brother Antonio is determined to stop it no matter what cost. Clarice and Shay find they have a new problem to overcome, involving Clarice's pregnancy.
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15. Chicago Fire

1x15 - Nazdarovya!

Dawson attempts to help her brother Antonio unravel the details of his drugs-and-gang investigation, and goes behind his back in turning to an unlikely source for assistance---which could impact her friendship with Casey. Casey and Nancy struggle with their new relationship. Having learned the truth about Severide's breakup with his sister Renee, Eric Whaley convinces Severide to try to find her. Herrmann and Otis learn some hard truths about their "silent partner" in the bar. Casey and Christie struggle over their mother, leading Casey to confront Nancy about his father's death.
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16. Chicago Fire

1x16 - Viral

The anguish that haunts Cruz over his previous actions boils over, as he puts himself and his fellow firefighters in jeopardy. Casey and his sister Christie try to solve their issues with Nancy and each other. Meanwhile, Severide confronts Renee Whaley---who's now working in a strip club. The squad gains new perspective after assisting the bomb squad on an extremely dangerous call. Shay's attempt to prove herself a good mother to Clarice's baby is compromised when a homeless man hits her with a possibly-tainted needle.
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17. Chicago Fire

1x17 - Better to Lie

Old emotional wounds are opened when Lieutenant Severide’s father Benny comes to town and clashes with Chief Boden over the death of their former colleague Henry Mills. Peter Mills talks a distraught driver who caused an accident out of suicide. Shay's breakup with Clarice doesn't stop her from wanting a child of her own. Herrmann, Otis and Dawson get to the bottom of a mystery about their bar. At a fireman's charity ball, Dawson and Mills announce themselves as a couple, while Casey attends with Andy Darden's widow Heather as his date for the evening. Boden and Benny Severide argue outside the ballroom over Henry Mills's death---unaware that Dawson happens to be nearby and overhears that Boden and Henry's wife had an affair that prompted Henry's reckless action at the fire that killed him.
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18. Chicago Fire

1x18 - Fireworks

With tensions still running high between Chief Boden and Benny Severide, things boil over when Mills confronts Benny about the fire that killed his father---and punches Benny after Benny insults him. Meanwhile, Severide, Casey and Benny uncover the truth behind two mysterious diner fires that only seem to be union intimidation tactics at first. Shay takes a new direction with her plan to have a baby. Heather Darden surprises Casey by inviting herself to make him dinner and share a movie with him for an evening.
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19. Chicago Fire

1x19 - A Coffin That Small

Tragedy strikes when a rescue attempt at a tenement building proves unsuccessful, leaving the men and women of firehouse 51 affected by the loss of the victim. Severide’s decision to put Mills on the fast track to move from Truck to Squad doesn’t sit well with some of the others. Tension arises between Severide and Casey when Severide thinks Heather slept with him---unaware that Casey rejected the idea out of respect for Andy's memory. Shay and Dawson are forced to deal with a junkie’s crazy behaviour while on a call. Shay considers a different way to have a family, involving Severide. Meanwhile, the team draws the ire of local drug dealers who threaten the peace and safety of the neighbourhood and firehouse---and shoot at the firehouse. A fireman's sparsely-attended funeral prompts Herrmann to try reconnecting with his own family.
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20. Chicago Fire

1x20 - Ambition

Mills finds himself the target of resentment from some colleagues when Severide supports his desire to join Squad. Mills also thinks Casey's resentment ties to his relationship with Dawson. Tara, a paramedic candidate, joins Dawson and Shay on the job for a few shifts. Meanwhile, Shay comes to the aid of Cindy Herrmann, who suffers from pregnancy complications while her husband Christopher is out of town. Elsewhere, Dawson and Casey draw closer as the grand opening of Molly’s draws near. Casey is surprised by former fiancee Hallie.
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21. Chicago Fire

1x21 - Retaliation Hit

Detective Voight returns, looking to collect on the favour that Dawson owes him for helping her brother, Antonio. Tara accuses Severide of sexual harassment. Meanwhile, Casey falls back into old patterns in his personal life, reuniting with Hallie---and facing corrupt detective Voight's release from prison. Dawson, Herrmann and Otis become the proud owners of a real neighborhood bar as Molly's prepares for its grand opening.
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22. Chicago Fire

1x22 - Leaders Lead

A frustrated Severide discovers Tara once forced an advertising executive---now working as a copy service manager---out of his high-powered career on a trumped=up harassment charge. Mills and Dawson face personal challenges involving a secret about Mills's mother---Dawson finally reveals what she knows about his mother, his father, and Boden. After Severide confronts Tara with her old deception, Tara resigns her job and leaves town. Casey and Hallie continue happily reunited until a fire at the medical clinic where she now works erupts. Meanwhile, the squad is called to the scene of a harrowing apartment building collapse.
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23. Chicago Fire

1x23 - Let Her Go (PD backdoor pilot)

Hallie's unexpected death in the clinic fire forces Casey to team up with the police Intelligence Unit, now run by Voight, who doesn’t appear to have changed his crooked ways after his stint in prison. Shay’s excitement at the prospect of becoming a parent grows, while Mills and Dawson face some personal challenges. Casey, Antonio, and Voight discover and chase the arsonist who set the fire that killed Hallie onto a Chicago elevated rapid transit train. Meanwhile, the house comes together to support the opening of Molly’s.

This episode serves as the backdoor pilot for Chicago P.D.
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24. Chicago Fire

1x24 - A Hell of a Ride

When a call comes in from the Cook County jail, the squad steps into a volatile predicament and are tasked with trying to defuse an escalating situation. Shay remains hopeful about her baby dreams and Hermann’s wife Cindy goes into labor with their fifth child. Meanwhile, Mills and Dawson face key decisions in their personal lives while Mills faces one involving his career. Mouch has a happy first in-person meeting with his months-long online Japanese love. Casey can finally grieve over Hallie---and receives unexpected private comfort.
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25. Chicago Fire

2x01 - A Problem House

Severide finds himself being targeted by a dangerous arsonist, after building fires turn up the same incendiary device known to be the arsonist's typical weapon. Firehouse 51 takes on new blood and new rules to avoid shuttering its doors due to budget cuts. Casey finds himself with new responsibilities after Heather Darden asks his help with her sons, the older of whom struggles deeper after his father's death. Heather's night out with her girlfriends ends with Heather in a drunk driving accident that injures her friend seriously.
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26. Chicago Fire

2x02 - Prove It

Casey needs to get involved deeper with Heather's sons now that she's been jailed for drunk driving, and he tells the boys only that their mother went on a trip. Severide goes in pursuit of the arsonist after another close call---and, after his first suspect is disproven, he notices a particular pattern to the fires. The state official in charge of searching for budget cuts in the fire department enlists a mole in Firehouse 51, a firefighter transferred to 51 after his house was closed. Fearful of arbitrary budget-cutting, and suspicious of the candidate for the union presidency, Mouch decides to run for the position. When Heather's friend dies of her accident injuries, Heather faces vehicular manslaughter and takes a fateful plea bargain before Casey can talk to her again.
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27. Chicago Fire

2x03 - Defcon 1

As Molly's bar continues to struggle, Mouch gets a campaign assist from a friend of Dawson's. Severide tries to find proof that Kevin Hadley, one of his former men on Squad 3, was the arsonist. Dawson makes an unexpected move.
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28. Chicago Fire

2x04 - A Nuisance Call

A routine call becomes the suicide of a diabetic acquaintance of Shay's, causing a rift between her and Dawson. The men of 51 are on alert for a mole in the firehouse. Meanwhile, Severide goes stealth in his pursuit of Hadley. Dawson gets some shocking news about one of Arthur's henchmen Jay.
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29. Chicago Fire

2x05 - A Power Move

Pressure is on Boden to resign from the firehouse. The mole is revealed and the men form a plan to run him out of the house. Arthur the thug continues to cause trouble at Molly's, while Dawson struggles letting Jay---whom she now knows is an undercover cop trying to bring Arthur down---do his job.
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30. Chicago Fire

2x06 - Joyriding

Severide gets an unexpected visitor---a half-sister, Katie, working as a chef---and troublesome news about his father. His day goes from bad to worse after his morning jog turns into a rescue when he sees a boy trapped in an excavator. Mouch and fellow union presidential candidate Greg Sullivan participate in a debate that threatens to be come nasty. Arthur comes to harass Dawson at Molly's again. Concurrently, rival bar Game Day down the street is also in peril and fingers point to Molly's. Boden's alarm over the missing Severide is matched only by his continuing feud with McLeod.
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31. Chicago Fire

2x07 - No Regrets

McLeod threatens to break Boden and Firehouse 51 after Boden refuses to sign the forced retirement agreement. The men are called to a train which derailed into a factory. McLeod's budget cuts mean that they are stretched to their limits dealing with a flaming propane tank and multiple victims. After Mouch's campaign manager Isabella tells Casey she'll reach out to state contacts on Heather's behalf, Heather is released from prison early and makes a life-changing decision.
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32. Chicago Fire

2x08 - Rhymes with Shout

After helping her sons reconcile to their father's death at last, Casey says an emotional good-bye to Heather and the boys, who are moving to Florida to start over. Still weary over her dispute with Dawson, Shay also struggles with a new, overly sensitive, too-talkative paramedic. Severide tries befriending his newly-discovered half sister Katie. Cruz takes his relationship with Zoya one step further as her visa is due to expire. Isabella seems entering a relationship with Mills and spring for his tuxedo to escort her to a political dinner. Otis and Severide return to their apartment after their shift and discovers it's been ransacked, especially Shay's room. Casey rethinks his feelings for Dawson.
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34. Chicago Fire

2x10 - Not Like This

With 51 on the verge of closing, the community rallies in protest; Casey, Mouch and Severide each do their part in a last ditch attempt to stop the closure while Boden gets some help from an unlikely person. Dawson gets some career-changing news: she's been accepted as a firefighter candidate. The men of 51 come together when they nearly lose one of their own at a massive apartment fire and Clarke becomes a suspect in the murder of his wife's former lover. Much strong-arms union president Sullivan into going to bat for 51---made easier when Sullivan's shaky personal life unexpectedly makes headlines.
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35. Chicago Fire

2x11 - Shoved In My Face

Casey returns to the firehouse after nearly being killed in the apartment fire but experiences spells of double vision. Shay meets her new partner, Allison, who takes to everyone in 51 except Shay, whose lifestyle unnerves her. Dawson starts her training at the Fire Academy. Severide starts his temporary teaching job at the Academy and has misgivings about a particularly eager candidate. Molly's continues on shaky ground. Clarke continues refusing to talk to police about the murder of his wife's lover---even after the murder weapon turns out to resemble a weapon Clarke owns from his days as a Marine.
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36. Chicago PD

1x01 - Stepping Stone

Sergeant Hank Voight of the elite Intelligence Unit at Police District 21 and his team of detectives investigate the brutal slayings by an assassin who is linked to a group of Colombian drug dealers. During a raid, the team discover a young member of the gang. The boy, D'Anthony, refuses to give up much information, but Voight gives him his card. Later, Voight receives a call from a bruised D'Anthony, who gives up the name "Pulpo" in exchange for protection. With this lead, the team finds an address. Veteran undercover Detective Alvin Olinsky recruits Officer Adam Ruzek from the Police Academy, having worked with his father years before. They head to the address. Detectives Antonio Dawson and Julie 'Jules' Willhite (Melissa Sagemiller) head inside first, unaware of any threat. During this time, the others learn "Pulpo" may be inside. Trying to warn Willhite and Dawson is no use, as Jules is shot. After the suspect is in custody, Antonio's young son, Diego, is abducted.
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37. Chicago Fire

2x12 - Out with a Bang

Casey tries to convince everyone, and himself, at the firehouse that he is alright. Meanwhile Shay is being targeted by lawyers asking about witnessing her friend Darryl's suicide. Boden helps out a citizen, Donna, with a neglectful landlord---and Donna surprises him by flirtatiously giving him a cooked cover dish as thanks. Dawson must overcome her claustrophobia and having seen a fellow candidate---Rebecca Jones, the daughter of a deputy district fire chief---cheat on a test. Mills makes the squad but quickly finds himself in hot water with a reporter. Otis bonds with Severide's half-sister Katie over board games.
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38. Chicago PD

1x02 - Wrong Side of the Bars

When Antonio's son Diego's kidnappers demand the release of the drug lord, "Pulpo", the Intelligence Unit uses all its resources to find the boy. This includes going through the unit's array of old files. Detective Jay Halstead discovers fellow Detective Erin Lindsay's file and her past, including her relationship with Voight. Antonio considers making a deal with the kidnappers, but backs out. He tracks down an old informant who offers him news on where Diego was held. With this, the team raids a motel and arrests one of the kidnappers. With the blessing of Antonio's wife, Laura, to do what is necessary to get their son back, Voight and Antonio use excessive force to get the info they need from the kidnapper. They are led to Chicago Union Station, where the team splits up. A dumped mobile is found first by tech expert Sheldon Jin. Erin then finds Diego about to board the bus with the other kidnapper and, at the last minute, gets on board. When the kidnapper is trapped on board he tries to use Diego as leverage to escape, but Ruzek drives another bus into the vehicle, forces the kidnapper to let go of the boy. Antonio kills the kidnapper as Erin catches Diego. The cops later attend Detective Willhite's funeral.
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39. Chicago Fire

2x13 - Tonight's the Night

During a frigid, cold night in Chicago, Firehouse 51 responds to a car accident when a blackout occurs and leaves an entire district without electricity or power. The men are swamped when locals flock to firehouse seeking a warm place during the blackout. Clarke gets caught up in a looting and held at gunpoint while getting supplies at a store and Boden has to deal with unwelcome guests at the firehouse---even as a romance with Donna continues. Severide breaks up a nasty confrontation among the firehouse guests. Casey struggles with memory loss and headaches. Severide's sister Katie goes missing. Herrmann, Dawson and Otis continue to debate on future plans for Molly's.
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41. Chicago Fire

2x14 - Virgin Skin

Severide continues his search for Katie---who's been kidnapped by associates of the thug he threw out of the firehouse during the blackout---and turns to Chicago police for help. Casey begins bleeding in his ear and the doctor's diagnosis could potentially end his career. Firehouse 51 gets a call about a person crushing his hand in a conveyor belt. Severide takes matters into his own hands to find Katie. Rafferty is sued by a victim claiming his religious beliefs trump her effort to save his life. Shay gets an unexpected tip from a pair of professional hockey players. The men find a way to repay a young victim who had supported them when 51 was nearly closed down.
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42. Chicago PD

1x04 - Now Is Always Temporary

The Intelligence Unit handles an intense hostage situation when an artist takes a call girl at gunpoint before taking his own life. The call girl tells Erin about a prostitute named Nadia Decotis who reveals the location of another dead body, in exchange for a hit. They learn the artist helped make counterfeit money and track down the counterfeiters with the help of a Secret Service Agent who is a friend of Voight's. Erin pursues more information from Nadia, until Nadia becomes sober. With all the information and Nadia now sober, she keeps her promise, driving the call girl to a street, where on one side there is a dealer dealing drugs and on the other there is a clinic that will help her get clean. Erin gives her her card, telling her this is something she must decide for herself. As she drives away, Erin stops and begins to break down, shedding more light on her history. Meanwhile, Officers Kevin Atwater and Kim Burgess are assigned to convince a hoarder to clean her house or face charges. When their first attempt fails, Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt reprimands Burgess and Atwater for being too soft, and demands they go back to the house. When they go back, Atwater and Burgess discover a child being held captive. Olinsky learns that his daughter, Lexi, was holding a handful of joints for her boyfriend. Lexi is at first hurt by her father getting the truth out of her boyfriend, but the pair soon make up with a backyard father-daughter dance. Halstead reveals his reasons why he holds a grudge against the father and son he accosted before. The son, Lonnie Rodiger, molested and killed a kid who was the brother of Halstead's high school girlfriend, but got off when Lonnie's father, Phil, perjured his son's alibi. Voight's son Justin gets into a bar fight and the problems between father and son worsen.
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43. Chicago Fire

2x15 - Keep Your Mouth Shut

Firehouse 51 gets a call of a person stuck in a donation bin. Having failed at the Fire Academy, Dawson returns to Ambulance 61. But her fellow candidate Rebecca Jones is 51's new candidate. Casey and his crew are frustrated with Rebecca. Severide gets some unwelcome news about Vince Keeler, the man who orchestrated Katie's kidnapping. Fearing his past relationship mistakes will ruin his new relationship after a sad telephone call with his former stepson, Boden reluctantly breaks off with Donna. Mouch learns Boden's secretary Connie can be his worst enemy or his best friend.
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45. Chicago Fire

2x16 - A Rocket Blasting Off

Severide and Otis are among the 51 members questioned about the disappearance of Katie's kidnappers, with Severide now a possible suspect. Dawson considers reapplying to the academy. Meanwhile, Hermann wants to get a vasectomy as an anniversary gift for his wife, much to his colleagues' horror. Casey and Boden are ordered by Rebecca's father, the Deputy District Chief, to force her to transfer to a desk job.
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